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I have decided to endorse Bing for one main reason: has a much better ranking on Bing. I believe Google rewards companies that use AdWords and therefore gives websites that don't a worse ranking. I may be biased, but I believe the Bing search results are better than those of Google (in general).


For example: If you search "tall women" on Bing this website comes up as top result. If you do the same search on Google isn't even in the top ten, which is rather disappointing since it's all about tall women. Try other searches, compare the results (are they of value to you?) and let me know what you think.

Furthermore it's never good when one company has a monopoly (which Google obviously has). Granted, Microsoft isn't a small company, but the Bing search results seem to be less filtered than Google's.


If you are looking for another alternative I can recommend