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Willow Shoes


Large size women's shoes in up to size 14

Willow Shoes is a great kiwi success story of one woman with long feet, a tragically empty shoe rack and a long list of awful shoe shopping stories to tell who decided to change shoe shopping for NZ women with long feet forever!

Over a decade on, Georgie's wardrobe is full to the the brim with shoes, boots, heels, colour, flats, sandals, suede, leather, funky styles...its insane! Willow Shoes is New Zealands leading specialist in womens shoes size 10+ and a favourite retail and online destination for so many women all over NZ and from around the world with stores in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch. We hold the most extensive and fashionable range of shoes for long sizes anywhere in NZ and even Australia we are told!

Willow Shoes first operated in a dining room and visited customers on its well loved "shoe tours" where we met hundreds of customers and grew our understanding of long feet and styles that suit taller and larger women. We also shared the same shoe shopping stories that drove us all to despair and even tears or laughter!

Everyone at Willow Shoes has a real passion for our shoes because they all have long feet too. We really know our products and understand what we are talking about, making you feel totally at ease about your feet and being in our stores.

Willow Shoes is focussed on continually searching the world for the best selection of shoes in longer sizes to suit our customers. We have challenged old fashioned views about long feet and we are winning. We believe in quality products and great customer service and will do anything to help you - just ask. If you see a style somewhere that you love - tell us about it and we'll see what we can do.

We make online shopping easy and risk free - we still give refunds, we do layby, and you can talk to a real person who has long feet and get some genuine advice about your purchase if you need it.

At Willow Shoes we want every woman to feel great about herself and love the shoes she buys from us.

Maybe you already have a great pair of shoes from one of our stores and perhaps also had the ultimate experience of a 'shorter friend' being envious of your new shoes.

Our shoes are available through our stores and on our website.

We welcome you to Willow Shoes and encourage you to JOIN our database and LIKE US on Facebook so you can keep up with the latest trends, the styles arriving in store and those all important SALES!

All the girls at Willow Shoes

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