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6'3" Jheri reviews the book "Don't Let Bullies Ruin Your Life" by Uche Belinda Nnoka 

Uche Nnoka is one of us. She's a very tall woman who had to deal with bullying as a teen and then had to deal with low esteem that came from it. She overcame it and has a passion for helping others as well as dealing with bullying when it happens.

Her first book "Don't Let the Bullies Ruin Your Life" has just been published. She begins with her story and how she finally sorted out how to deal with it and the depression it brought and then goes into the problem and how anyone can deal with it.

There are a lot of books on the subject, but her approach is taking matters into your own hands and what to try in different situations. I think it is particularly useful for teens who get conflicting messages, and for those who have had to deal with longer term problems like depression. In particular it should be good for tall women. Some bullying is for no apparent reason, but some is focused on something about you - something like your height. If you keep getting bullied on that, you might come to think something is wrong with you and that can lead to depression. A lot of us manage to get over that and move on, but some don't. And for those who are being bullied it would be nice to give them the tools so they don't internalize it.

I think her advice is very good. The book is short and very readable and it is quite inexpensive as an ebook. You can find it on Amazon and Apple's iBookstore and probably other places. She has just started a site and blog that you can visit at http://www.uchennoka.com

So if you want to support one of us and get some good advice, pick up a copy :-)