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Would you like to become a part of the Tallwomen.org Family? Here's your chance.

Ever since the redesign of tallwomen.org the focus has finally shifted.

I would like this website to concentrate more on women's shoes in large sizes and women's clothing with extra long sleeves and inseams I would like to add a few more articles which are supposed to reflect your experiences when it comes to shopping for clothes and shoes.

What are your favourite shoe companies? What are your favourite clothing companies? What is your shopping experience like when you go to the store? Or do you mainly shop online because the stores don't have anything in your size?

I have provided a lot of the content in the past (probably more mediocre that I would have hoped) but now the time has come to give you, the ladies, more room to express your views and opinions. After all I'm not a a very convincing tall woman!

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# Susan 2014-07-01 06:32
Absolutely, if you make them, they will come...

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