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Interview with Michelle Ellis, owner of FatPhRocks and Wingz Fashion arm coverage

In our shopping pursuit for buying clothes we have ALL suffered sheer frustration especially when it comes to sizing and fit. I can see you nodding in agreement. Nothing is worse, having money to spend but can't find anything that fits properly, even end up buying something that you don't really want but you just can't go home empty handed.

Being a tall lady, I use the term "height goddess" and curvy too is even more frustrating than being petite. At least if you are petite you have more choice on the high street and you can even buy standard clothing and have it altered. Tall women know that you can't buy to short trousers and get a tailor to add length or a dress made for industry standard height of 5ft 4 inch will look like a mirco-mini or a tunic which needs to be worn with leggings or skinny jeans to save it looking obscene and risking being arrested for flashing your private parts (by mistake).

I am a lover of stylish beautiful clothing and make at least 95% of my own clothes, mainly because I can never find anything I like, I love stylish beautiful clothes, making my own clothes means they are tailored to my measurements and they fit well. However, I will buy when something catches my eye or even spare no expense and get something made.

About 18 months ago whilst playing around on social media I came across a British company called FatPhRocks, owned by Michelle Ellis that makes and sells clothes for tall plus size ladies.

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