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Raqui is a writer, poet, speaker, activist and much more (i.e. LargeinCharge)

They say you should never judge a book by its cover. I truly feel that the same goes for a person. You can never observe one moment in a persons life, and believe that is all they are. There are many pages to a book and many pages to a person, pages where they write their history. They create their book of life by the actions they take and the deeds that they do. The experiences and challenges they go through set a mold and it is the person who decides what form the mold will take.

My name is Raqui and I am known to many people in life and across the internet for many different reasons. For every person who thinks they know what I am about, this site is going to surprise you. I am about to introduce you to another page in the book of Raqui. Through these pages you will find out the many Dimensions that make me the woman I am today and the woman I will become tomorrow. These are my pages in the book of my life.

There is nothing in my life that I regret, I have never done anything that I am ashamed of. So I am laying it on the line and giving all those who are interested in working with me the real story behind my persona and what I have done through out my years to advance into the person I am today.

I hope you enjoy your journey into the world of Raqui.

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