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Lindsay's Fundraiser

This is the true account of Lindsay Kay Hayward, accredited by Guinness World Record as being the Tallest Actress In A Leading Role, standing 6'8 1/4" a title previously held by Brigitte Nielsen.

I'm currently suffering a neuromuscular disease on top of congenital severe spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease, as well as a few other things.

Please, just donate what you can. I have to fix my truck, get new all-season tires, pay medical bills, prescriptions, housing bills, etc. $5, $20, $100, etc please just share and donate. Let's get me healthy again.

I have a set of disorders that cause me severe pain and further testing is required. I've had three emergency back surgeries/operations this year. My L4 is about to give out and when it does, we are looking at fusion, which my S1 and L5 already did to themselves. That's always the last option.

I have made my living in sports entertainment as an oddity. I have showcased women 6'6" and over dealing with daily adversity and rocking it. I have proven tall women and teens are more than just a stereotype. I have had the same message since I started- take what makes you unique and OWN IT. That energy doesn't stop just because I can't physically throw a car or person around a wrestling ring anymore.

For an entire year, I've been in and out of hospitals. That in itself has made me and my family pretty miserable. The pain has been so terrible, like being stabbed and electrocuted all at once in my right hip, thigh, leg and groin, rectum and back. Doctors do not know why I get these spasms. I might have to consider alternative medical care.

My mom has been my knight in shining armor through this, able to care for Liam while I heal and my boyfriend had to care for me 24/7 when I came home from the hospital the last time, unable to walk, yet again. It was and has been literal Hell for me only this time, I've got a loyal man.

I've destroyed my body for sports entertainment and I've relied on my physical ability while you all cheered me on, even with acting. I have much work to do if I'm to toss people around ever again. At least have the capability.

Naturally, I've created a life and persona around my physical capability, the gift I never took for granted, my favorite attribute. Super-strength. Don't possess that quality anymore. The last time I picked up my toddler son seems like forever ago and he's just 41 lbs, 4'2," just turned 3.

I'm a mother now and I'd like to be afforded the opportunity to athletically connect with my son, I've been waiting for this my entire life and it feels as if my back has taken that away from me. Donate so I can enroll Liam in league and preschool.

I need financial stability and help- I'm unfortunately unable to work. Please donate as much or as little as you can. Find some holiday cheer in your hearts.

Every donation over $100 has the option to receive an autographed thank you picture from me either digitally or via snail mail, your choice.

Thank you for stopping by. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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