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Jannon's Basics

Height: 6'4 1/2''
Birthdate: April 10th 1982
Location: Southeast USA

How did I deal with being tall when I was young

Well I was such a popular girl in high school. Class president, basketball player and a science geek to boot. I was always taller than everyone... including most guys. After being really self-conscious of being tall, I took it in my stride. My favorite questions/comments are, "How tall are you?", "You must play basketball", "Are your parents tall?", "Do you have a problem getting dates", "Wow, you make me feel short"... I've come up with a million witty remarks to all of them. I think that my personality and disarming nature puts people at ease with me.

Why I love being tall

I love being a tall woman, because its part of my heritage. I come from Spanish and Indian heritage. I'm an Amazon in my own right, a strong woman warrior. My mother and father are both over 6 feet tall. I love my stature because it gives me confidence when I walk into a room. I love my long legs and I love heels.

The type of guys I like

I like men who don't make a huge deal over my height or if we have a height difference. A woman doesn't really like to have obvious things flung in their face. Just because I'm a tall woman and I'm strong that doesn't mean I'm dominant. I've met some "extreme" types - especially online. I like romantic, nice guys who are intelligent and have a lot of common sense.

How do people treat me in public

Well, I am tall, but I have a brother who is 7 feet tall. So when I'm with him, I don't get gawked at as much. But usually in public, I get stared at a lot. I personally think it's rude. I don't stare at people who aren't the norm, so why stare at me. I dislike when parents don't correct their children when they stare. But I loved when I went to a night club and this gentleman said that "There is a phenomenal woman, indeed''. I think that fits me to a T.

Love always,
Your Amazon Princess Jannon