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Jessica, 6'3"

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm 6'3". I'm currently 34 yrs old. I live in Carson, CA.

I was raised in California. My backround, my mom is Slovak, and my dad is African American. Growing up, I was of course the tallest girl in my class, and I always heard the lil jokes kids would make. I used to really hate being tall, I just felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. I never even wanted to go to the store or even the mall alone, only because I didn't want people looking at me or asking me questions.

But eventually I learned to embrace my height. So now everywhere I go I do get a lot of attention, and its always the same three questions, How tall are you? Do you play basketball? And are you a model? Sometimes I want to just make a shirt that answers all those... LOL. But its entertaining to me now, so I just have fun with it.

Some of my hobbies are drawing, and of course shopping, even though it is hard to find the right fitting clothes. But I buy all my jeans at alloy.com, just in case any of you tall ladies want to know. They have a great selection and they go up to 37 inseam. Just remember: Being tall is not that bad, everyone is different so embrace it :)

Sending you all the best



# Elyse 2014-08-29 21:47
My name is Elyse and I'm a Casting Associate currently casting a new show about tall women - I'd love the opportunity to contact Jessica about the show - please contact me at for more info!
Thanks so much!
# Duane 2015-01-30 20:06
What an incredibly beautiful woman...at any height!
# John 2020-03-01 06:44
Heaven is missing an angel for sure. What a beautiful woman. Blessings Jessica to you and your family.

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