Large size women's shoes in up to UK size 12.

Here is the story of a woman called Cathie Paver, and her search for the perfect shoe. Like many women, Cathie found shopping for shoes difficult because she could never find stylish shoes that would actually fit her. So in 1971 York based Pavers Shoes was founded.

Cathie decided to start selling her own shoes... they would be the most comfortable, stylish shoes available. Over 40 years of passion has gone into this simple aim.

Since that time, Pavers Shoes has gone on to become one of the UK’s leading comfort footwear specialists and is now an established multi-channel retailer. As well as having over 100 outlets throughout the UK and Eire, they have invested heavily in catalogues and the internet in order to better serve their customers. Now you too can buy easily from the comfort of your own home.

Pavers have established a reputation for providing high quality, comfortable, stylish footwear at great prices, and over 150yrs of collective footwear passion goes into selecting shoes at Pavers.

Pavers are passionate about comfort and their customers are number one. Expert buyers go that extra mile to bring that walking on air feeling. Their shoes are worn by millions of happy customers, who return to them time and time again for the excellent service which is all part of the ‘Pavers Experience’!

The superb range of Pavers footwear and other top brands ensures they always have the styles to make feet look great. A vast selection of sizes and width fittings ranging from D to EEEE is also available.

Pavers have huge stocks of top quality branded comfort footwear, including the revolutionary Italian comfort brand Fly Flot. You’ll be amazed from the moment you slip your feet into a pair of Fly Flots. The superb fit and sheer comfort they provide is due to a special anatomic foot bed which moulds to your foot. If you suffer from painful feet, spend lots of time standing or just want footwear that gives you more than great style, then you’ll love Fly Flot.

Pavers Shoes prides itself on offering footwear to all customers, from those with the most elegant feet to those with the most awkward.

Pavers Shoes’ dedicated customer services department are always ready to answer your calls and offer help in any way they can. Whether you shop in store, online or through their catalogues, the Pavers team is always there to help.

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I have been looking on the Pavers website for larger sized shoes and they only go up to a size 43 which is equivalent to a 9. Very few styles in this size.
Thanks for the comment. I will consider removing their entry.
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