Tall Quotes 2002

Jennifer wrote (November 12th 2002):

I think this is a wonderful site. I am a really tall girl. As a freshman in high school I was the tallest girl in the school. It wasn't too bad, I got used to it. It's kind of fun to be tall, I have a few tall female friends and they are great, we have so much fun together. I've recently started dating a guy that's shorter than i am. He's great. I didn't think I could be attracted to a shorter guy but he's wonderful and it really is such an easy thing to overlook. I'm glad I'm not so hung up about height because if I were I really would have missed out on a great guy. Your site is encouraging and it makes me proud to be tall. After I sign off line i just want to go and put on a pair of high heels! Thanks!

Tess wrote (November 11th 2002):

Hi Joerg, I came across your website by accident. I'm not really tall (5'6) but my husband is shorter than me (5'2). We've been married for 8 years and I have never been conscious of my husband being shorter than I even when we're in public. He says it's the same with him. He told me this story which may be of interest to you and other women with shorter husbands or boyfriends. One day we (my husband and I) were waiting to take the elevator in a shopping mall when he found himself face to face with a well-dressed guy (business suit) with an attractive woman on his arm. What struck him was that the woman was almost a head taller than the guy and she was leaning against him (he had his body sideways to her), very relaxed, with her arms wrapped languidly around the his shoulders. The woman was also absently pecking at top of the guy's ear (an obvious display of affection) although she had her eyes on the contents of the shop window behind the guy. My husband thought: "What a lucky g! uy." It was only when the elevator door opened that my husband realized he was in fact looking at our own reflection on the highly-polished stainless steel doors of the elevator. Then he realized the "lucky" guy was him. I only remembered the incident hazily when he told me about it later. More power to you and your website! Tess

Ariane wrote (November 4th 2002):

I think sites like this one are great! I can relate to soooo much of what the women have said about people asking how tall you are and whether you play basket ball and all that crap. I've decided to answer the "How tall are you?" with "Taller than you"; the "Wow you're tall" with "Really? Oh my god you're right! I didn't notice before you kindly pointed it out to me!"; and the "Do you play basketball?" with "Do you play miniature golf?" Another good story I heard was when someone asked a tall person how the weather was "up there" they responded by taking a mouthful of water, spitting it at the person and saying "It's raining like hell!" I was 6' tall at age 12 and grew about one inch after that. I had to put up with even more crap back then like every boy running from me at school dances and comments like "Here comes the tree!" and "CN tower" and so on. People can be so cruel to each other.

Thank god I found a wonderful guy and we've been married now for seven years. He happens to be 5' 6". He is my soulmate and I wouldn't want anyone else. Interestingly enough, before I met him I always insisted that I would never date a man who was shorter than me. Here's a link to another good site which is all about tall women and shorter men: http://www.tallerwomenshortermen.com/

Tamara wrote (August 19th 2002):

Hi my name is Tamara and i'm 5'11 i love my height and i wish i was taller. but what is with the comments? here are a few i have had the misfortune to hear."your the kind of woman i like...like to climb that is","you know you really should model", "how is the air up there","did your parents feed you fertilizer?""do you play basket ball","let me guess, the truck is yours" i have met many women taller than me,perhaps its because i am above the average height for a woman, but i dont see the big deal.

Diana wrote (July 3rd 2002):

Im 26 and 6'3". I've never met another girl as tall as me so it's nice to know there are lots of girls over 6'. Like all of you, I have been approached by strangers many times who are compelled to tell me I'm so tall etc. I find it strange that they do that, it's like they think they're the first one to discover my height, people are odd in that way. I'd like to know what drives them to do it. To the girls who say they wear heels, I love them but they're inconvenient to wear, getting through door ways etc. Here in Australia - my height causes a lot of attention - not always wanted so I'm not keen to emphasise it too much although I am proud to be tall. I have found people assume many things about me, a good one is that I am powerful.This especially helps in work situations. When I was younger, I was always worried about my height,people assumed I was older and always expected me to be more mature, I would have liked to be treated like more of a kid. I liked what some of you said about short men, being more inteligent etc and not relying on their height for confidence - it will help me in seeking future partners. I have just ended a nine year relationship - height was never an issue, my partner thought my tallness was special (he was shorter than me). A good article to boost confidence for tall girls can be found at this address http://www.extratall.co.uk/news_biggest_worry_for_tall_girls_is_.htm Cheers

Holly wrote (May 25th 2002):

I've been tall my whole life and it was hardly suprising when my mum is 5ft11 and my dad is 6ft8. I am the tallest in our family with the exception of my uncle who is 6ft5 and of course my dad who towers over me like I do with the rest of my family and friends. I didn't use to like being tall but as I have gotten older people are starting to respect me and encourage me to make a carreer out of my height. I have almost beaten (although I may have by now) the Guinness World record for the longest female legs and seen as though I'm only 16 it is a great achievement. A lot of people at my school that I have just left think it's great me being as tall as I am and they all envy me and my long legs. There are also a handful of mainly lads that think I'm an inconvenience but I just say that they are jealous and they daren't say anything to my face as my height intimidates them. I have done some modelling but it became too expensive (believe it or not as I was meant to be the one that got paid) I'm now looking for another modelling agency that will take me on but it's proving difficult as most of them think that I'm too tall. I bet you've never heard that in the modelling world ???????? I am just an ordinary human being and can do the same things that other people do, just because I have an extra few couple of inches on my arms and legs doesn't mean it changes my species, have some other tallies out there thought that about the way people look at you and treat you because I have. I have horses and that's my main hobby, most people think that my horse must be massive but any hosey people out there my horse is only 14.2 hh which isnt very big and I take him everywhere and we've won many competitions. I am so glad that i was told about this website as it has been so much help to me and I love it. It's the main base for tall people all over the world and I now realise that there are many other tall people out there with a lot of people being taller than me. Stand up tall and enjoy your height at least you get noticed and can see what's going on at the front of a queue (ha ha ha) I LOVE BEING TALL AND I HOPE NOTHING CHANGES IT. To all the other tall teenagers out there: Be happy and if you are being bullied talk to someone and if anyone wants to get in touch with me - just email Joerg and ask him to forward your email to me.

Dara wrote (January 24th 2002):

I'm 30 and 6 feet tall.  Have been this height since I can remember.  My sister is the same height as well.  You would not believe the comments we get when we're together!  Everything from "what did ya'll two eat to grow so tall" to..."oh my gosh...there's two of em". I love it when people fuss at me for wearing heels.  I just say that I'm not going to not wear cool shoes just because everyone else is too short! Just have fun with it or you'll make yourself miserable.  AND Gap.com has EXTRA LONG JEANS!!!!!!!!!!!


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