Tall Quotes 2004

Jackie wrote (December 7th 2004)

Hi there! My name is Jackie, and I am 37, and 6 feet. I hated it when I was in HS because I was also very thin, being called Beanpole, Dem bones, etc. But now, I LIKE being different than anyone else. Men think you are different, exotic even, especially if you have a pretty face and hold yourself upright. Slouching only makes you look insecure, plus it makes your back hurt. If a man has a problem with your height, that is HIS problem! My man is 6'2, and I like being associated with women like Gisele and other models. Why want to be 5'4 like everyone else?? Stand out as a tall beauty!!! I do!!! Take care of yourself because you DO stand out. Take care, and enjoy it!

Vanessa wrote (December 6th 2004)

I am 6'2" tall and I love every inch of it! I used to get annoyed at people's comments about my height but I've grown up and grew out of the stage of being defensive ... it's not my problem they are JEALOUS! HAHA

Denise wrote (November 29th 2004)

I was trying to find the Tallgirl site and this site came up. So I started to read and I find what you (Joerg) and these other tall women say interesting. I am a tall woman 6'1 and I am a thick woman also I am a 13/14. I have never quite got used to being this height and I have been tall since 6th grade ... what I do find interesting is that you said TALL WOMEN LIKE SHORT MEN!!! That is my biggest thing I don't date short men ... so I guess that is why I am still single I am so picky I wear heels so I am always 6'3 or 6'4 ... but like you also said I am not secure with myself and how tall I am and the size I am i feel like I intimidate alot of men. I wish that I could just accept my size and be happy with it but I can't. HELP!!! Denise

Chris wrote (November 17th 2004)

I was surfing the web looking for some new clothes and found your site - talk about awesome!

I'm 33 and 6' 1 1/2" tall... and yes, I'll claim that extra half inch!  Like lots of tall women, I didn't really like being "different" in high school (and if I NEVER get asked "Do you play basketball?" again it will be too soon), but then I realized that a lot of it is in the way you carry yourself.  My mother (who was tall in her day at 5'10") used to tell me not to slouch, because that actually only made my height MORE noticable.  If you've seen the second "Spider-Man" movie and saw the thing, tall, Russian girl who has a crush on Peter, you might notice that the way she slumps makes her look even more gangly.

So stand tall!  =)

For the record, my fiance' is 5'10" and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Plus it's an excuse to not wear heels,

Chris in Texas

Tabitha wrote (October 21st 2004)

My name is Tabitha Chambers. I am 6'6" tall and am proud of it. I remember in elementary school when children would tease me and call me all sorts of mean names because of my height. I took it all in stride because I knew within the depths of my heart that God blessed me with this height for a reason. I want to thank all the positive role models that have been placed in my life over the years who encouraged me to walk tall and to keep my head held high.

Sally wrote (September 21st 2004)

Hi everyone! I am 34 and 6 feet tall and after 20 years (more or less) of being this tall, I have gotten used to it. I used to be very insecure about it and my first boyfriend, who was a few inches shorter and who had real issues with it, made me feel even more insecure (a sense of power on his part). My own mother who is 6 feet tall as well is very insecure (even though she pretends otherwise). She has even said in the past that tall people should not have childern. Not a huge surprise that I was insecure myself. I learned early on how to turn around negative comments and see that they were coming from insecure people who assume that you are too (as you should be for being tall....right?) and try to use that against you. For every negative comment I used to receive, I would get one about how elegant I am and how much people admire my height. THOSE are the ones to pay attention to. And eventually the negative comments have stop coming. I think that is because I have learned to appreciate the positive ones and really appreciate my height and therefore become more secure with myself. I have a 7 year old daughter who will be tall and I am going to do my best to make sure she loves it. My husband is my height but he slouches so I am actually taller :-) He is always telling me to buy some high heels so I can be even taller! HA! What a catch! Everyone is insecure about SOMETHING, if we tall women were shorter we would find something else to worry about! Long legs rock, and Joerg, so do you!

Tamisha wrote (September 20th 2004)

I just would like to say that I LOVE your website! You make me feel so good about myself. When I was young, I would pray to God to shrink me. When I grew past my older brother when I was in High School, I thought my life was over. Your website makes me feel like I am not alone; I love it! I also want to add that I wouldn't even give any consideration to a man that was shorter than me.Because of this, I have missed out on a lot of great men. I have only been with men who are taller than me and they have all ended up treating me like yesterdays trash. Because of your page, I think I will give short a chance!

Benetta wrote (September 19th 2004)

I'm 14 and im 5'10". People always make stupid comments like damn look at that tall ass girl and look at shaq little sister. That hurts my feelings sometimes, plus it is really hard to find a tall boyfriend all the short boys seem to be interested and the tall boys dont. I have just learned to deal with it maybe i have a purpose for being tall like modeling or basketball and at first it bothered me but now when people say damn look at that tall ass girl or something equally as stupid I just laugh and say i know right!!!

Lynne wrote (July 23rd 2004)

I came across this site when I was depressed, and wondering if there were any other tall girls like me. I'm 18, and 5'11. I am told that i am very beautiful all the time, but I get comments about my height just as often. This site showed me that there are many other women who are not the typical 5'4, and that it is O.K.. I am truly touched by the appreciation expressed for tall women. Thank you for the inspiration!!

Emma wrote (July 2nd 2004)

I just stumbled across this page by accident, and I remembered coming here a few years ago and being so encouraged from everything I had read.

Well, I'm 20 now - still 6'1, and I love it. I can walk down the street without feeling that I have to slouch to seem smaller. I'm currently single, but now when guys point out my height I take it as a compliment. People still stare at me on the street, but now I stare back and I feel proud that I'm different. It took me a long time to get to this point, but I'm happy being tall and I wouldn't change it for the world now.

Thank you Joerg, for the inspiration.

Sarah wrote (June 23rd 2004)

I was actually searching the net for information on surgery to make myself shorter (I am 6ft 2 1/2 ins). But after finding your site I realised that I wasn't as freakish as I imagined myself to be, and knowing there are so many places that do sell clothes and shoes for girls my size is a real confidence booster. You are right the problem isn't with our height, it is society and it's treatment of those who don't fit the 'norm', thank you for making this site you have done something very very worthwhile here.

Marianna wrote (April 25th 2004)

Hey everyone! Thanks soooo much for creating this site!! I just like to say I absolutely love my height!!! Everyone out there with height hang-ups should think to yourself: 'short girls wear heels to be taller and more appealing, whereas us tall girls can be on the beach and still be tall!!' I'm 5'11 and only 16 and I've never really had bad comments madetowards my height, and i always loved being taller than the boys when i was in school! Tall is beautiful, tall is associated with models, and theres always the shorter girls saying how insecure they feel when all they ever see is tall girls in magazines etc! We don't need plastic surgery to become taller which a lot of people resolve to!! So be proud, stand tall because you are all gorgeous! xxxmarianna England

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