Long Elegant Legs

Long Elegant Legs

Tall women's pants and jeans with up to 36 inch inseams.

Dear Friends

I have exciting news to share. I am delighted to announce that Long Elegant Legs is joining forces with the global leader in tall womenswear, Long Tall Sally.

For over 20 years it’s been my privilege to watch the brand flourish and now is the perfect time to take our business to the next level of tall fashion. By partnering with Long Tall Sally, we can enhance our offer with:

  • an expanded selection with up to 4 times as many styles
  • the opportunity to touch and try (LTS is about to launch its fifth US store and hosts a twice yearly series of pop up shops across major US cities)
  • footwear in sizes 10-15 (LTS offers over 550 styles)
  • 24/7 customer service and free US shipping on clothing orders over $30 (what’s not to love about that?!)
  • direct delivery from the LTS Atlanta warehouse

Long Tall Sally is dedicated to serving tall women and I have the utmost confidence that our brand is in safe hands. I will be working alongside the team to make sure of it! Our full collection will shortly be available on the Long Tall Sally website and, rest assured, you will continue to receive LEL catalogs.

One small point, I would draw your attention to Long Tall Sally’s size guide, which varies, slightly to ours.

Thank you for your patronage throughout the years.

Yours in style,
Tricia Kordalski,
Founder Long Elegant Legs, USA

About Long Elegant Legs

I don’t remember the day of the week or the weather, but I do remember having on pants that were way too short. On this day the idea of Long Elegant Legs was born.

Reaching my adult height of 5’10” in 8th grade, I was always in the back row for pictures, bottom of the pyramid in gym, and, worst of all, had no pants that were long enough. My grandmother taught me to sew, which was a blessing. Together, she and I made most of my wardrobe. As I got older and had less time to sew, I sought out tall specialty clothing stores. While the pants were long enough, and the sleeves on the tops reached my wrists, I found the styles to be downright dowdy. This needed to change!

Together with my husband Ron, I launched Long Elegant Legs in the fall of 1991. We have many customers who have shopped with us since then. Now in our third decade of clothing the tall woman, we pride ourselves on offering exclusive, high quality styles, with a fit meant just for a tall woman. From jeans to body shaping pants, trousers to dresses, and blouses to jackets, we have you covered.

We are Long Elegant Legs. Tall is all we do!
Tricia Kordalski
Founder Long Elegant Legs, USA

Visit the Long Tall Sally website

Love the jeans and pants! Desperately need the option of size 2 though -- PLEASE!!
:sad: very unhappy withe the sizing...,not as stated
You should have special free shipping offers. Now it costs a fortune to ship everything back. Will not use this company again
Miss having the 34" option (well, you throw in a token every now and again, but i used to have lots of options). Now i just don't buy pants from either of you any more - you used to be my go-to for work clothes.
I am very unhappy with your pants for Talls going over to Long Tall Sally's. Their prices are higher, and their sizes are way off the sizes I got with LEL! It's always $8 a pop to return them too, which I can't afford to keep doing. I'm very disappointed with this change. :sad:
I, too, am very unhappy with Long Tall Sally taking over LEL. I ordered some leggings, waited three weeks to receive the order, and then after calling them was told they were out of stock and had no idea when the leggings would be back in stock.The Long Tall Sally leggings don't fit me properly and they're made of cheaper material than LEL.
I ordered most of my clothes from Long Elegant Legs and was happy with my purchases. I now need exercise clothing, and cannot find any on the site. The prices are too high for the new site.
For a few months I've visited the site looking for my favorite items. They aren't there and the alternatives are over priced...not what I want. I've found other websites for what I need, and might not be back.
What other sites are you going to? I'm disappointed with this switch. I need new jeans and don't know where to go.
:sad: The only leggings I've ever found that fit me well were LEL. Now that the company has been sold to Long Tall Sally, they've evidently discontinued my size in their leggings. I waited for months for them to have my size in stock. Finally they got some in. I was allowed to order only one pair because of "limited stock". Three weeks later I still hadn't received my order. When I called Long Tall Sally I was informed that they were out of stock in that item. I'm very sad that LEL was sold to Long Tall Sally. I won't do business with Long Tall Sally ever again.
I thought I was the only one very disappointed with the merging of Long Elegant Legs and Long Tall Sally – I am a larger tall woman, and wear XXL when I can find them, and size 22 to 24 - now I see that Long tall Sally only offers the largest size of 18 to 20, so I guess that means if you're tall you've got to be skinny – it is so limiting to have to shop online anyway, and now I feel there is no where to go – I feel that we've been abandoned, and even tho the clothing from Long tall Sally looks really quite fashionable, unless I lose 40 pounds, I can't even think about ordering anything --most people don't realize how difficult it is to find clothes to wear when you're 6'1" --I can't even imagine how wonderful it would be to be able to shop in a store where your sizes were available and the styles were current – and you could actually try the clothing on before you buy it – it's very depressing to think that there is no other place to buy clothing anymore – it will be difficult for me to order anything from the new company!
I didn't realize that LEL had been bought out. I'm also 6'1" and a size 22. I have found I can find some really classy things at Soft Surroundings but unfortunately their tall sizes only go up to size 18. I tend to buy pants from Jessica London, Woman Within etc and have started to look at department stores with plus size tall pants like JC Penney. What I didn't like about LEL is the fact their clothes were mostly for young women. Being hippy I didn't like having short overly structured jackets and blouses that hit me above the hip. I like tunic tops. Also their shoes only came in one width which were too narrow for me.
I agree 100% with Maryellen,I have been very disappointed since LTS took over Long Elegant legs. I too ordered xxl for most of my tops and dresses and fit was perfect,but I no longer have that luxury,so sad.
I'm sad about LTS and LGL merging it differently is not the same sizing . I ordered two Robes large robes and returned them both . I'm a size 12-14 and ordered a large you could of seriously put 4 of us in one robe . I've never seen anything like that in my life! . I even double checked my order thinking I had made a mistake on my order, but Nope. I have to say, I received great customer service when I return my merchandise. I'm very reluctant to place any other order . So for me, I guess I will have to suck with Eddie Bauer . I truly wish these two company the best of luck on there business endevors.
I hoped this was not true when I first seen it. LEL gave competition to Long Tall Sally and normally for me LEL would win because the quality was better, shipping faster, the price was better especially for sale items. It's really too bad you merged.Don't know where to go now! LEL you will be missed I hope they gave you a lot of money because they have just done away the style.
Terrible move. Everything is always sold out in my size on LTS. Was using alloy apparel, got so excited to see 37" inseam listed for so many items.. but when u go to order is always "out of stock". Maybe it's different for other sizes (im 7). Same problem ordering scrubs. Talls are only 32" or u order from Canada (mobb brand) and only get black or blue. Have all tall women ceased to exist and buy clothing? Is there no longer a market for items unless they fit 60% of the population? It's hard enough to be 6' 2", having to hang out of every item of clothing or swim in a sack with my spindly limbs is just demoralizing.
I have ordered for my daughter from LEL for many years after the local tall shop closed. I found their website inviting and user friendly. I truly liked the quality of LEL clothing. I have been aware of LTS, and disliked their website and their collection, so I never purchased from them. Now I find that the combination website is the nightmare that has always been LTS. I am very sorry for the loss of LEL. The website is so junky, the clothing is a combination of trash and class. What a mess.
I am frustrated every time I go onto your website; clothes are so old looking; prices are extremely high! And you don't have quantity enough to handle the demand for popular items. There are no trendy clothing just the same old drab fashions! If tall people can wear fashionable things where are they in your designers. I am 60 plus and have a hard time finding something very stylish on your website. Upgrade, Update and relate to the fashion for where we are. Just because we are tall does not mean we have to look old without any fire in our dress. Get with the times; get new designers that are fashion conscious. I see the same fashions here over the last 10 years. We desire greater sense of style and fashion.
So disappointed with the merge ... I contacted LTS just last week re ordering the ORIGINAL bodyshaper pants but they said they are not currently available. I did buy a pair from them last year but the fabric was not the same - and one leg was over an inch longer than the other. If anyone knows where to find the original bodyshaper pant with the high waist, please let me know! Thank you.
I'm so disappointed with this new co. also. ... I miss the boot cut jeans so bad. I wrote to LTS when they took over and asked them if they were going to continue the boot cut jeans and they said they were. Well, they lied to me..... They no longer carry them...In fact, they stopped carrying them right away. All they have is skinny jeans... I'm done ordering from them.. If I knew the mfg. of those boot cut jeans I would order directly from them. Please come back LEL!!!!!!
I too have been disappointed since LTS took over. The web site is no longer attractive to visit, it is like shopping in Walmart. I stopped trying to get a pair of jeans that fit after my last order. I took apart my favorite pair of jeans and have been using it as a pattern, and now make my jeans. They fit, the fabric is far superior to anything I see in the store or online. I have had a couple of women ask where I bought my jeans, they are so disappointed when I told them that I made them. Same with tops. At 64, I don't want to wear something stretchy and clinging to my body, I am not in my 20s or 30s. Just the other day, a lady stopped me in Costco and asked where I found such a nice long sleeved blouse. When I told her I made it, she said if figured, that she can't find anything attractive for her age anymore.

Jennifer Meade
Lakeside, CA

"The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well." Ralph Waldo Emerson
I wish LEL would go back to being their own company. This merge is the worst thing that has happened. LTS is not nearly as good of a quality as LEL and most of LEL clothing is always low on stock or not available at all now. Very frustrating for us tall women.
I'm also very unhappy with Long Tall Sally!! Can't even get the leggings I've been getting for over five years! I want my Long Elegant Legs Back!!! They had great quality, sizing was also great. I always new I was getting the best with them. Long Tall Sally doesn't even carry the same legging, AND they're out of almost all their sizes.
Too bad, bad decision to not continue to sell the LEL leggings and clothing.
I am extremely unhappy that I can no longer buy LEL clothing in my size. This clothing has been my staple for years. The fit was perfect and the quality unbelievable.
I have ordered from LTS and wasted my money. The fit us wrong and the quality is not there.
Come back LEL PLEASE!!!
I live on jersey(the u.k. One off the coast of france)
Have had no choice except using LTS.I have had all the same quibbles,even with the postage from U.K.so you have my sympathy,at least I’ve never known any better,so i dont know what you have lost.
You have all my sympathies,as you had comparisons to make.think about your U.K counterparts,who only have long tall sally,so it’s put up or do without.
I reside in Jersey(the one off the coast of France) and mail order,,quality and price have always been a bone of contention.
I wish you'd have more cool jeans, such as those with embroidered patterns down the sides. Your clothes are mostly very plain and not very flattering in my opinion, and there are almost no other places for tall women to shop on line. I need a 36" inseam in size 16, and I've had better luck finding my size at a very low price at Old Navy!
Its 2020 and my LEL Yoga pants and jeans I ordered years ago have finally bitten the dust. I preserved them as long as possible.I did order from LTS...HORRIBLY DISAPPOINTED!!
THEY'VE GONE DOWN THE SAME PATH THAT A WELL KNOWN AMERICAN COMPANY DID YEARS AGO. DITCHING SERVICE TO TALL THICKER WOMEN ...WITH A FEW YEARS OR RATHER EXPERIENCE ON THEM IN FAVOR OF SERVING AND APPEASING MILLENIALS! OR THE SUPER THIN !What a FOOLISH CHOICE! We all need and deserve top service with fashionable styles, sizes and options. The formerly mentioned company is floundering and you seem close behind. There will be a company that seizes the opportunity to service an taller, thicker, and faithful sector of the population . We will find them. But SHAME ON YOU for discarding us. Learn from your mistakes, humble yourselves and bring back the LEL product and original quality we loved and were faithful to!!! We will forgive you!
Have you looked at the Alloy Apparel website, Bethany?
PLEASE COME BACK TO NEW JERSEY AND START AGAIN!!!! Long Tall Sally cannot touch the trend, customer service, quality and variety that you had. I miss being able to get colorful, yet professional clothing. Their return procedures are crazy and I'm tired of looking like an OLD LADY! :sad:
I wish the original LEL brand would come back. They were amazing and their clothing was top notch. LTS is horrible. Very unhappy since LEL was sold to LTS years ago
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