Tall Quotes 2001

Emma wrote (November 18th 2001):

I'm seventeen and 6'1".... I've always been so self conscious because of that. It really knocks your confidence when total strangers feel compelled to stare at you in the street and remark on how tall you are. I get a lot of name-calling too, from younger kids, and that really hurts. What right do they have to shout abuse at me like that, just because I'm taller than I'm "supposed" to be? I get told a lot that I should be a model too- yes it's a compliment, I'm flattered, but doesn't it annoy you that because you're tall that's the only thing people think you can do? I'm not just a face and a pair of legs! I'm a mind, and a personality, and a sense of humour. Sometimes I feel like all that gets overlooked because everyone is so busy telling me how tall I am.. like I don't already KNOW! ;)

I feel a lot better about my height than I did a year ago, but sometimes I just wish I could be smaller. I've only ever dated one guy, and he was the same height as me.... shorter guys don't seem to be interested, I guess because they're intimidated or something. Not being able to find a guy because of my height knocks my confidence a lot, but pages like this bring it back!

I really admire everyone on here, for having the self-confidence that hopefully I'm on the way to finding. Thanks for this site, and all the others out there, and especially thanks to Julie who posted this further down the page- "When someone asks me "Do you play basketball?" I reply with "No, do you play miniature golf?" - I have to remember that one! ;)

Jennifer wrote (October 21st 2001):

Hi! I am 6'3". I prefer taller men. I have been married to a shorter one though. I am very proud of my height, wearing heels is a part of my everday life. I am always asked, why do you wear heels. Because I can! and I leave it at that. I have tried modeling. I think i am too tall for that. I work for a telephone company in the eng. dept.. There i am measured on work, not height. Love every min of it. But I must say on a professional level; My height has given me a boost of some sort. Height has always been generalized with power. Power is not associated with love. Good luck with all that have not found love. Jennifer

Christine wrote (August 11th 2001)

I was browsing the internet, looking for some pages on clothing for tall women when I stumbled across your page. I thought it was kinda unique, so I took a look. I am 6'6" myself and rarely find men - not to mention women - who are even close to my height. It took me a while to become confindent with my height but I found that I could use it to play basketball and that helped to make me a much more confident person. I have been dating a guy who is about 5'9", maybe 5'10"... but that's pushing it. I think I would prefer a taller guy but he is the kindest, sweetest man I have ever met. It bothers me that I almost overlooked him b/c of his height. But now we have been together for almost a year and a half... and I couldn't be happier. Anyways, I kinda laughed when you talked about your friends who are 6'2" and less. I guess being in the basketball world, that's the norm. To me, that isn't that tall. But, I have to admit when I saw that girl who is 7'2" (she plays in the WNBA), I said, I want to be friends with her!! I just think it would be cool to hang around someone who is taller than me, and female of course. Well, I have to go...just wanted to let you know that you site is great!!

Angel wrote (July 15th 2001):

I think your website is cool and it shows that there are tons of tall women around. My guy loves the fact that I am taller than him and loves a taller woman. He finds it very cool. I think more men should view tall women with the same respect and not be intimidated. Short guys Rule. (P.S.: I am 6'2", my guy is 5'7"!) 0:-)


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