Tall Quotes 2006a

Natalie wrote (June 29th 2006)

Hi, I'm 15 and 5'11". I have always been tall for my age and since I was 11 I've been the tallest female in my family. I have always loved my height because it has given me loads of attention I wouldn't usually get because I'm quite shy. I love being the person people come to for help reaching stuff and lifting stuff, and giving my friends piggy-backs! The only thing I hate about my life is lack of male interest, no-one wants a girl thats taller than them - thats what I've found out anyway - and there is a very limited number of taller guys. Hopefully this will change soon!!

Being tall is great! Hold your head up high and be proud!

xx Natalie xx

Tameka wrote (June 29th 2006)

I am 6'1 1/2, 32 year old African American woman and I wear heels all the time. When I say all the time I mean ALL the time. I wish I could wear 3 inch heels but they kill my back! Comments... I rarely get them but people do stare which rally ticks me off but what can you do? As far as dating is concerned, I have never had any real issues and if there is a man that I am dating who seems to be a bit insecure about my height or me wearing heels, then he is simply dismissed. On to clothes... I am only a 35 inseam so I can find pants to wear with no problem. My problem is cute shoes! I LOVE cute shoes and I do have several pairs but I want more. I wear a size 12 and that can be very difficult!

To the young ladies on the site. Stand up straight, be confident and have fun! Live life to the fullest!

Oh, 2 other things I want to address... I have been 6'1 1/2 since I was in the 7th grade and 12 years old. I grew up in the south and was teased and tormented constantly by adults and children so I know what you young ladies are going through. The only advice I can give is to ignore the comments and appear confident. The more you appear confident the less teasing you will have to go through.

Dating: Many taller women will not give a shorter man the time of day. My question would be to these women is what does a mans height have to do with his intelligence, personality, charm or wit? As I told one of my cousins who is my height and won't date a man under 6'2... you are going to be single for a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time!

Joerg says: I love your comment re. the heels. That's usually the only reason I accept when a tall woman doesn't want to wear high heels. Fact is: They're not good for your feet, legs and back but they do look sexy alright.

Kayla wrote (June 28th 2006)

Hey everyone, just want to say that at age 18 and 5'11 I have finally come to accept my height because I know that it's something that I simply cannot ever change. Ladies, remember that everything happens for a reason and that you were intended to become this height for a reason. Always stand tall with your head up high and be proud of who you are because you are special and unique!! I admit that growing up always being taller than everyone else was the most difficult thing I ever had to face in my life so far, but once you become an adult and the people around you become mature, it's not that bad anymore!

If you believe that people feel weird or uncomfortable around you because of your height, it is ONLY because they are either insecure about themselves, or because YOU show them that you are feeling insecure about your own height and they don't know how to deal with it. That's why it is SOOO important to NEVER show to anyone that you are feeling uncomfortable with your height! If you walk with confidence and don't slouch, you will start to notice that people will not feel weird around you at all because they know that your height doesn't bother you!

Sujatha wrote (June 27th 2006)

Hi all, it is nice to meet you all through this website. I am Sujatha, a 26-year-old Indian. I stand 6' 3" tall and weigh 85 kgs. This website is excellent and I could learn that the tall women all over the World face same types of situation. I will be happy to keep in touch with you all. Have a nice time. Regards, Sujatha.

Frosina wrote (June 27th 2006)

Hi to all the tall girls out there. I'll be 18 in 3 months and I'm 6'0". I'm from Jordan and it's really rare to find tall girl my height over there but Thank God I moved to the U.S.A when I was 14 and was shorter. I grew more during high school, people always commented about my height. Some guys at school used to say some things in a rude way and some people would make it seem as a compliment. A lot of people tell me that I'm beautiful and that my height completes everything in me. I can't deny it... I do think I'm pretty but I'm self-conscious about my weight. I have big breasts (size 38DD) which makes me look even bigger when I'm not really that big. Anyway, I love to wear heals but whenever I wear them I get a lot of comments which make me rethink about wearing them again but I still do - even though sometimes my step-mom and my older tall sis tell me that I shouldn't wear them I still love it. There isn't really any pretty nice fashionable flat shoes that make you feel sexy. Well, I work as a waitress and customers always coment about my height but a lot of guys love it. They always tell me that I'm beautifull and that my height is really nice. Most of the guys I've dated were my height or a little shorter. I would love to date someone taller than me. I think it would really feel good but anyway - height really doesn't matter when it comes to relationships. Anyway, I just wanna say thanks for having this website. I never knew that there are so many tall ladies out there that feel just like I feel. You guys have given me more confidence. Thank you! We can't deny it - we have it all = )

Sandra wrote (June 26th 2006)

I love this site!! I honestly felt so happy when I saw how positive everyone was! I'm a 5'10-6'0 ft tall Hispanic girl (I get different measuring results) and I agree with this one girl Rachel who said that it's adults who tell you that "you should be a model" and it IS hard to fit in at school especially with Hispanics because they're short but kids dont understand as well as adults do that being tall is actually a good thing: I've had some girls come up to me secretly telling me that they wish that they were as tall as me, so it goes to show that we tall females are unique. When I was as young as 9 I honestly thought a lot about suicide because kids were so mean to me and I remember a time when my dad made me feel so good about my height, and I have loved it ever since! I swear if you walk around and act as if being tall doesn't bother you then you WILL see that people's attitudes change about you.

Jane in the UK wrote (June 24th 2006)

I'm 41 and 5'11", and have been this height from the age of 15. Since the age of 16, I have ALWAYS worn heels, except for sport, so usually I'm around 6'2" - 6'3" - and I love it! I have never been teased in an aggressive way about my height - probably because I have always been so proud of it. Of course, I get some jokes from time to time, but I think you can choose to respond to them with grace, dignity, and humour. It's good to be different and not average! I have found that my height has always been an asset. In business, I have always been treated as an equal by both male and female colleagues. I feel that my views are taken more seriously because I'm not a "stereotypical" female. I've been very successful in my career so far. I have had 3 wonderful tall men in my life, and I'm now a single mum. And yes, dating is more difficult if you are looking for a taller man! There have been many instances where I have caught someone's eye in a bar, only to find that they are way too short for me! I have to admit, I do want to date taller men, not shorter!! That said, I'm very happy with my life, and being tall is very much a part of this!! So if there is anyone out there with "growing pains" at school or college, please please don't feel down or upset by your height. Being tall will bring so many benefits as you enter your adult life - just remember to walk tall. Slouching never looks cool!!

Kim wrote (June 23rd 2006)


With my three inch heels (which I'm never caught dead without) I usually stand around 6 feet to 6'1. I've been married three times. I've never had trouble having men around. None of my husbands have ever been taller than me. My present husband is around 5'7" and my first two were 5'9" or so. None of the men I ever dated were tall either.

Don't fret. I have a feeling your problem is confidence. When a tall woman throws her shoulders back and stands proud, her height is an asset. When a woman slouches and wears dowdy flat shoes, she looks self concious and her height becomes a disadvantage.

Don't wait around for tall men either. They do not like tall women. My experience with tall men is that they are very lacking in masculine personality traits. Most of them think all they have to do is be tall to be manly. They are like women with big t*ts. Being big is who they are and tall women don't make them feel big.

So throw back your shoulders. When you stand tall you are statutesque. When you slouch you are awkward. Men don't like awkward.

April wrote (June 21st 2006)

HELLO GODDESSES: I love being tall - 42" legs, bay-beh... I'm a "gothic" musician and a bellydancer and I wear all black to emphasize my height and sleek physique. I love heels but I reserve them for the stage. I like that my tallness gives me an advantage in that men are more likely to take me seriously. I also get automatically/unconsciously chosen as leader a lot, which suits my personality. Some short women seem to feel an irresistable urge to challenge me (do you other tall gals get that? ) but I am quick to put them in their place. I am naturally superior, after all ;) I've sort of grown into my height, as it were...

Leanne wrote (June 19th 2006)

Hi, I'm 14 and 6'2. In grade school my height was not that bad. Don't get me wrong, I was unusually tall but nobody cared in jr high. I got teased sooo bad. People in class would yell out "Shaq" and "Godzilla". I would go into the bathroom stall and cry but now I am a freshman the teasing and comments have only gotten worse but I'll slide on those 4" heels and tower over everyone in the building. I'm still self conscious but it doesn't stop me.

Kat wrote (June 18th 2006)

I know I'm at the "low" end of the chart at 5'10, but I have to comment. I'm 38 years old with a 16 year old daughter who is 5'10 already, and she's gorgeous. As I have learned over the years,you can't beat height as an asset in business and in life in general. It's rare to have a genetic advantage like instant command presence (which you have with height--just need to learn how to use it!) ... no one can overlook you when you're tall, female, and confident ... it's THE magical combination. I have always worn heels, and with this, tend to be at least 6'1 - 6'2, so people always stared. This bothered me until I was about 21, when I realized what an advantage I had. Never wish to be petite. The small girls are a dime a dozen and have to watch every bite of cake! By the way, men like tall women - at least, the kind of men I like do!

Kaylene wrote (June 14th 2006)

Hey gals, I've been reading your quotes and it seems that you all either have or have had a boyfriend. I'm 6 ft tall and I'm really self conscious. I have never had a boyfriend, and at times it feels I will never have one. I have had people in my family say that I am pretty but it doesnt help :~(

Doris wrote (June 14th 2006)

WOW… reading the quotes of all these tall women makes me realize how I relate to it so much. I myself have always been tall; I have a twin sister who looks nothing alike. As babies, we looked very alike but over the years, I grew taller while my sister was average height and to add to it she has straight brown hair, brown eyes and is very slim while I have curly dark blonde hair, which is currently colored to a deep red, green eyes, wear glasses and am slim too. Ever since we started school my sister and I have always been questioned if we were really twins, to this day we still hear it and I still love to see the look on people’s faces when they hear the truth. Since grade 6, I have been a very tall child up to high school when I came to grade eight and was voted the tallest grade eight student. Up to grade 12, I was the tallest girl in the school and I managed to step out of my shell and force myself to wear heels to events we had for grade 12 even though I would tower over ev eryone, even the guys. Up to the age of almost 19, I had never got a real kiss, and I had always thought my height had something to do with it. Maybe I had turned men away because I was so tall. However, in the summer after I graduated I met someone. He took me for me and accepted that I was a tall girl. He had the guts to approach me and this gave me the hope that men were attracted to me. He was 5’8 or 5’9 and height did not bother him or me, he loved the fact that I had long legs and was tall, to him it was as if he was dating a model. After all of this I became a stronger person, accepted the way I was and my height. Now I am proud when I walk the streets, because not many people out there have the height I have and I want to show it off. I want to say that I understand many women and that being tall is something you should be proud of, you stand out of all the people out there and if you were shorter, you would not be any different from the average person. I love that I am proud of my height and the comments I get from it! I, like many tall girls stand out from the rest, and that is something special to me. I too hope to one day have a store for tall girls or women for the current fashions, because growing up for me I had to always tear the bottom of the pants to make them longer. For the fashions I wanted, I could not afford to pay $60-$80 for jeans that had the inseam of 35", which still was not long enough. So I hope to one day own a place of my own and give the tall women and teenagers the fashions they want and would love to wear for an affordable price. I hope my "long story" has inspired many girls and tall girls to believe in themselves and be who they are. Ciao (by the way I am 6'2 and 19 years old)

Lynn wrote (June 13th 2006)

Hello, I am 56 and 6'2" tall. I have enjoyed reading many of the quotes from the women on this web site. I am married to a 6'3" wonderful man who loves my height. We have a grown daughter who is 6'1" and a grown son who is 6'6". The other members of my family are of average height, my mother and father, my brother is my height. I received the comments in school about my height but I was always quiet and shy and never said very much about it. When people would ask my daughter " How's the weather up there?" She would say,"It's raining" and then she would spit! I guess I wouldn't recommend this but I was happy to see that she had a sense of humor about it! My advice is to always be proud of what God has given you! Walk tall with confidence and people will want to talk to you because they like to be in the presence of confident people! Always be gracious to others and know that they are making uncomfortable commments because they lack the confidence in themselves that you display. You have a uniqueness that sets you apart so wear it proudly and enjoy all the wonderful things life has to offer!

Caity wrote (June 13th 2006)

I just turned 20 and I'm 5'11" and expected to turn 6' by 21. I LOVE being tall... most of the time. I'm a middle hitter in volleyball and having 40 inch legs means I can cover a lot more of the court than if I were short! I don't care about wearing heels - I wore 4 and half inches out the other day, my boyfriend who is 5'11.5 didn't like it but it seems to give me instant confidence and it gets a lot of attention - always a good talking point if you can't think of something to say to someone! My advice to anyone who is younger and tall is to really embrace it, you were made like that for a reason and just remember that a lot of Hollywood actresses and most supermodels are this tall. Being tall is considered by so many to be the ideal physique and if you want to play sports or model or do just about anything else,it will definitely be an asset, as long as you learn to love it.

Monique wrote (June 10th 2006)

When I was young I hated my height. I'm 5'10". Now I love it until it's time to wear heels. I still wear them though. We should be able to show off our legs too. Legs always look better in heels. Flats make us look dumpy. The only reason I don't like it is because when I am 6'1" in heels I tower over most people & I'm talkative. When I'm with a group of 5'5" people at that height it makes me feel a little awkward again like middle school. But overall, stand up straight and make sure you hunt for clothes that fit well. Don't settle for just okay clothes. Look at yourself in the mirror standing alone, don't imagine how much taller you are then others - only that you look good on your own. Men will like you and women will envy you, not only because you're tall but because you walk with confidence. No outfit can hide your camouflage, your height so don't ever try to. Make the most of it. You are this height for a reason. You will inspire other tall girls to be proud and you won't even know it. Stand tall girls.

Michelle wrote (June 9th 2006)

I just recently turned 16 and im about to be a junior in High school. Im about 5'10 or 5'11, and one of the tallest, if not the tallest in my grade. I feel like I'm at a point in my life now where I need to solidify my confidence in myself and become comfortable with who I am. Although most of the time I'm okay with being tall, there are those moments when I wish I could just be normal. I mean, I always appear confident to others (I don't want to be one of those girls who hunches down or slumps to try to feel shorter), so I maintain good posture. Finding this site and reading some of the comments left by others has definitly influenced me in a good way, and I will continue working on being comfortable in my own skin. so... THANKS! = )

Francesca wrote (June 8th 2006)

I love, love, love shoes - especially high heels. Being 5'10" I rarely wear any shoes higher than an inch; however, that all changed last night. After seeing all the positive comments, something finally clicked. So, in the spirit of loving and embracing my height, I discarded the usual flats in favor of my highest pair of shoes - a bit over 3" - and I loved every moment of it.

Liz wrote (June 7th 2006)

I love being tall, i even wear heels. But the crazy thing about me is that i LOVE short men like 5'5-5'8. I dont know why but they are just so awesome. I need to invest some more money into flat shoes though lol!!!

Mallory wrote (June 5th 2006)

It's been really hard to be the tall girl in school especially when I was younger and didn't have any self confidence. But now it's way better. I have a really hot boyfriend who is 6'6". He's really sweet. I had to learn that "Hey, why not wear heels to a dance or when going out?. I am not going to get any shorter so why not get these fabulous beautiful shoes... They make me really happy!"

Rachel wrote (June 4th 2006)

Wow, I love the positive vibes of this site, I'm 14 and 6' 1", and I've always been the tall girl. I like that people constantly tell me how beautiful my height is, and that I should be a model, but it's only the adults. At my school I stand out and I find it harder to fit in. I know I will appreciate it when I'm older, but ugh why is it taking so long? I just feel awkward as I tower over people, and to top it off I am a serious violinist so standing and sitting up straight is a constant challenge because I'm so used to unconciously lowering myself to be sensitive to other people's heights. I feel like I hav to hav an extra strong personality or something to make up for my height, I wish I could just learn to embrace it.

Vivienne wrote (June 4th 2006)

This website is absoutely fantastic and I can't thank the creator enough. Tall women need to celebrate their gorgeous height. Too many of use have a complex about being tall, walk proud. People are very jealous of tall people and they ask silly questions like 'oh do you play basketabll', why do you where heels when you are tall already. Ignore their negativity and ignorance. You are blessed with what many people envy and that is height, I say to people 'I am above average' but beautiful, graceful and sexy with it.

The only problem that some of us have is buying clothes. Be creative and dress for your body size and height. We all get disappointed when we see our smaller friends buying pretty clothes but if you look hard enough you can find something similiar, but remember what suits a smaller person doesn't always suit a tall person as out portions are different.

I learned to sew when I was younger and now and design and sew my own clothes. Everybody has a talent in them and we are all blessed with something. I love clothes and create what suits by body. I take care of myself, eat good and workout five (cardio and weights including spinning and circuit classes) times a week but I am now a string bean.

Ladies walk proud, walk tall because you are special and blessed. I'm 6'0", by the way.

Ally wrote (June 2nd 2006)

In response to that comment posted by the lady from Switzerland... This site is nothing but helpful and most of the women on this site can agree that at some point they were made to feel like abnormal beings by other people. I'm not saying that you can't have your opinion but all of the tall women on this site are gorgeous, for the simple reason that they are tall and thus exquisite, graceful and beautiful. In most cases however, due to jealously or whateva they were led to believe otherwise. The only true difference between us tall ladies and those supermodels is that they are comfortable and confident in their height and so it radiates. The only thing us gals are missing is the confidence to realise our beauty and flaunt it. To see a really tall lady who is also confident can really make u stop and stare... not because she's really tall but because she's georgeous. So i completely disagree with that comment and I know others like me do... this site doesnt make me feel abnormal... it makes me feel at home and comfortable to know that they're others out there like me who have the same problems and then I can work to make myself more confident because of it. PS...high heels rock!!!

Joerg says: Thank you!

Rosa wrote (June 2nd 2006)

I'm 6'0' tall and I dont like it very much at the minute. I feel like people are staring at my height all the time, people tell me they would love to be my height but I think to myself Why?? Please give me some edvise on what to do xxx

Emily wrote (June 2nd 2006)

I am 27 years old, around size 6, and 5'10". I guess I'm on the shorter end of being "tall", but I've always loved it! I honestly cannot remember anyone ever saying anything bad about how tall I am. I got teased for being shy. :( I wear heels if I feel like it, and any guy who appears intimidated by my height just makes me laugh at his insecurity. I have dated guys who were 5'8", but prefer them to be very close to my height (not even much taller!). I actually forget how tall I am most of the time too, except when I have to go shopping for pants. They need to make more cute pants with long lengths, not just jeans!

A lady from Switzerland wrote (June 1st 2006)

Hi, well I wish I could say this was a nice webpage. But - how can you even THINK that a tall MODEL could help a normal tall woman gain any confidence? Of course they are successful - because they're GORGEOUS! Most of us are just TALL, not gorgeous... so your site doesn't help at all, sorry. Besides, by making an own page for tall women you make us something like abnormal beings. We're just a bit taller, we don't need an extra page for this. I'm sorry, but no thanks...

Jenni wrote (May 30th 2006)

Hi! I'm 23 and 5'11" and I've really struggled with my height until highschool when I played volleyball. It seemed like the first time I was actually comfortable just being me. People definetely make a lot of comments about us tall girls, my favorite are the women working in the clothing stores... exclaiming "my you are tall!" as if we didn't already know it! I guess I came to this site tonight because I'm dating a guy who is 5'8" and I'm falling in love with him and wondered if I was the only tall girl dating a shorter guy. Clearly I'm not (by the way this website went onto my favorites list!) I've always been attracted to shorter guys and he tells me that he loves my height, that I'm beautiful, and he wants me to wear my heels around him. Just wondering if anyone else in the same situation if you get a lot of comments about it when you are out or anything?

Marie wrote (May 29th 2006)

Hey I'm 6'1" and 24 y/o. Like most of the women on this website, I, too had problems dealing with my height. I was always the tallest girl in my class and taller than most of the boys. I had a hard time getting dates because the boys didn't ask me out. There were a few who asked me out but I didn't like them that much but then in high school I met a guy who was exactly my height. We were both 5'10" but then I grew an extra 3 inches and he remained the same size. He is now my husband. He has absolutely no problem with my height and has helped me to build up my confidence about being a tall woman. Thanks to him I now have the courage to wear heels which I would not have done before. I like the extra height! And my husband has no problem with me towering over him, sometimes by as much as 6 inches in my heels.

Ashley wrote (May 28th 2006)

I'm 6'1 and I really love dating short men... At first I didn't like it but, come on girls there is not a lot of tall men out there. I am dating a guy that is 5'11 and I love every bit of it. It makes me feel like I have power over him as well as he having power over me because I'm so tall and he can handle me. I love that about him! Ladies embrace your height and love who you are. Don't discriminate!! It really doesn't matter because we both the same size when we both lie down! Wink!

Susan wrote (May 27th 2006)

I visit this website from time to time - usually when I'm feeling a bit like my arms and legs are longer than my body can handle!! I am 38 and 5'11" and have been this height since I was 17 yrs old. I got married last year to a wonderful man who is 5'8" and he loves my height and encourages me to stand tall and flaunt it!! He says he makes him look even better to be seen with someone like me - I don't think I've ever had the self-confidence I have now with him. I have read so many of these entries where these young girls (like I was) are feeling so out of place. I can SO relate to what they are feeling, so if I can give you one piece of hope or advice, similar to what so many others have said on this page..... God gave you a gift of height!! Enjoy it, embrace it, be PROUD of it - the people who TRULY love and respect you will do the same. I am a CPA and I find that my height often comes in handy when dealing with men - *grin* - or difficult employees. A very good fri end of mine told me once that tall people were blessed by the angels - they were the closest ones to heaven.

I hope, in some small way, that one of you reads this and it makes you feel more feminine, more empowered, more special - because no matter what - every person has a gift and tall people have the shoulders to carry heavy loads for the ones who can't. :)

Walk tall and be proud!! GIRL POWER! -Tall Blonde and HAPPY

Anne wrote (May 26th 2006)

I'm so glad I found this site. I am 6' and have to admit that I still have issues with my height. People are incredibly insensitive with their comments, and I can never seem to get used to the stares and comments. I am so glad to read so women who love their height. It gives me hope that I can somehow come to terms with it. I won't even tell you how old I am, because quite frankly, I am old enough that I should have come to accept and love it. Can I ask any of you who may have had issues and overcome them how you did it? Was it just telling yourself that you are tall and beautiful until you believed it, or somehow tuning people out? Thanks so much for all the positive comments on being tall here. It makes me feel not so alone. Silly, isn't it? I had a company event today, and once again was the tallest woman there. Sometimes I do just wish I could blend in. Any help would be appreciated!

Tashonda wrote (May 26th 2006)

My God I love this site! I have it bookmarked on my Sidekick! Lol

I'm back again to see how all you tall women are doing! Yes, I'm not as tall as most of you (I'm 5'11") but I am taller than all my friends and co workers so I'm still the main event when I walk into a room most of the time. That's when I remembered a comment made by one of you that said "I will never get used to being tall...or the comments.."

Remember, they are just comments! And can't hurt you! Think about it: as tall women, we KNOW we will be looked at, unlike the countless "average" girls. So make the most of it! Get that ONE (lol) outfit that miraculously fits you perfectly, and have a day out with your best friend(s) or people that make you feel good about yourself. That way, you confidence will boost and as a group, you won't have to worry as much about comments from people to the point where you won't even care! Love your height ladies! Its not freakish, its beatiful! Yeah, clothes are a drag, but there are places to get them! Victoriassecret.com has awesome jeans, lowrise, hirise, you name it, up to 36 inch inseam!!! I have some and a bikini from their site and I'm hooked!

As for shoes, I'm still goin to Payless, lol! Bakers and all the designers still don't consider us as normal yet.....

But love yourselves women! If you get another comment, make one about them! "Wow you're fat/ugly/poor/stupid" is a good one, just kiddin but you get my drift =)

Mohi wrote (May 25th 2006)

Hi there! I'm 6'2" and 24 yrs old, searching for other ladies who are taller than me and wanna share the ideas via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Joerge, can u help me with this?

Joerg says: Well, I'm not sure I can get other tall ladies to write to you but you're on the Quotes Page. That should help, I s'pose.

Samantha wrote (May 24th 2006)

I am 6' tall and my only complaint is that the men are too short!! Also it's incredibly hard to find clothing that fits right, which is important as a business professional. Other than that I love being tall, I wear heels, althought 2-3inch max, and flaunt it. I do however get the comment "wow, you're tall" EVERY SINGLE DAY. I just smile and say "yeah, I am". There is no appropriate response to this! It's like keep your freakish thoughts in your head!! Of course I just take it as a compliment and move on. Because honestly not many people would say, "wow you're fat" or "wow, you're ugly" so the fact that people say this to my face MUST mean it's a compliment! :) My advice, no matter how you look, is to wear it well. Own your height cause it's not going to change - if you feel sexier in heels then wear them!

Joerg says: The men are too short? Contemplate looking down and you may find a gem (and I mean that - even though there are no guarantees, as usual).

Shan wrote (May 23rd 2006)

I like being tall (5'10") because people envy my long pretty legs, but tend to make fun of my big feet and hands. Oh well! I always used to get teased and everyone always called me the black Olive Oil from Popeye. That one always made me laugh because I am tall and skinny just like her.

Tracy wrote (May 23rd 2006)

I am 38 and 5'11". I thought it would be easier to accept my height as I got older but it isn't. I was severly teased as a kid and still have problems as an adult. I have other factors that seem to just add to my height issue like being big boned, having a large frame, being pear shaped and having red hair. My size ranges from size 14 - 16. I guess I am tired of the dumb comments people make and the stares. It is rare to find another women as tall as me and feels awkward to actually talk to someone eye to eye. I am so used to looking down at people and slouching. I was always taller then teachers and kids in my school until Junior/Senior year. I never wear shoes that are more than 1" but admire tall women that have the confidence to do so. The comment I get the most is that "wow, you are a big tall girl". How am I supposed to respond to that? Is that a compliment or put-down? I guess I will never get used to being tall and find it hard to ignore the stares and stu pid comments. I tend to take things to heart. Anyone have the same problem (being tall, big boned, red hair and pear shape)? If so, how do you handle the comments?

Lorka wrote (May 23rd 2006)

Hi, I am 24 y.o. and 6 ft tall. I just love this website! So, I am happily married and yeah, it bothers me sometimes when people stare at me or come up to ask about my hight and etc. I just feel huge sometimes and can't compare myself to anyone. I like tall people, I wish everybody was tall like me.

Ciara wrote (May 21st 2006)

Hi there, yeah I'm 15 and 6ft, which can be annoying, seeing as all of the guys in my area are sooooo short (and the ones that aren't are just complete geeks or whatever). Yeah being tall can be rubbish cuz I cant ever find clothes that fit (however i do use this website www.tallgirls.co.uk which is excellent for clothes and shoes up to size 12 UK) yeah and I hate it that I stick out so much cuz all of my mates are short 5ft3 ers...haha

But anyways, I guess once I get to college it'll be better, guys will have grown up (quite literally) by then...and i wont feel so conspicuous.

Maybe one day i'll lose weight and become a model...hmmm, nah too lazy :D


Cals wrote (May 17th 2006)

Hello, everyone, I'm a 6'0 19-year-old college student.

I feel so sorry for all of you out there who feel bad about being tall... I mean, I've always liked being tall. This may sound cheezy, but it makes me feel unique.

But my super big growth spurt didn't happen until after middle school... I went to orientation my freshman year of HS and was literally 3 inches taller than all of my friends who used to be taller than me! I will never forget their faces!!! It was so funny!

I tried to stay away from wearing flat shoes... for about a year. then I decided that I couldn't stand flats cause they made my big feet look EVEN BIGGER than they already were... plus heels are much cuter.

I think my confidence in my height comes from my grandma (who is also 6'0). She would always tell me how lucky I am to be living in a time where tall women aren't as scarce. She had such a hard time throughout school, and was always offended when someone made remarks about her height. She has the best posture out of everyone I know, too. The thing she tells me most is, "At least there are shoes in your size now! In my day, men's shoes were the only ones big enough!"

The only time when height comments bother me is when they are made by short people complaining that everything is toooo long for them. That's when I go into the whole spiel that there is a petite section at almost every store, and the "tall" sections at stores are usually for "tall" women of, like, 5'9. Uhm, sorry, but 33" inseams are NOT long. I also mention to them how you can always make sleeves or pants SHORTER but you can never make them LONGER.

Other than that, being tall is great. I wouldn't be me without my height.

Diana wrote (May 16th 2006)

Yes I did date a shorter man once! Im five ten and he was about 5 seven, and 5 eight with shoes on! with shoes on I was about 6 feeet! It was weird though, He always said how tall I was. I think he secretley wanted to be tall! It didn't seem to bother him though, Mind you I felt manish around him even if I was wildly attracted to him! He was also 35 and I just turned 19 so that only added to the weirdness of it all, oh well I had fun with him, but that was almost seven years ago! He was my only short boyfriend so far. I guess it really doesn't matter if you're attracted to the man. I have yet to be attracted to anyone as much as I was him!

To Becca, where do you live? Never ever go with an agency that advertises in the newspapers! Get yourself an agent above all things! Bring your parents to all interviews and trust their gut!

Jodi wrote (May 16th 2006)

Hi, I am 34 years young, 6'3. I just love reading all your stories. It takes me back to my high school days when I hated being tall. Just a note to the younger girls, you really will enjoy it more as you get older. Once the boys grow up themselves it does get better. Sometimes it gets annoying when you walk into a room and you feel like every eye is on you and people lean over and whisper. My latest thing is when guys think they are being funny and say "Wow, you are really tall. Did you play basketball?" I mean, c'mon - like we all have not heard that. I simply smile and say yes I did and then I say to them you are really short you must have played miniature golf. It has been working like a charm and its always great to embarrass them in front of their friends. Then they see you have a sense of humor and its all good. Just think if we were average and just blended in how boring would that be. At least we always stand out in the crowd. Keep them shoulders back and stand tall. Embrace being a tall woman.

Becca wrote (May 16th 2006)

I'm 6 feet tall and 16. It is so hard in high school. But it is so great to know that I'm not the only one who feels completely akward at times. I have been approached by my schools basketball coaches which was really embarrassing because I have never been any good at basketball. It can be so tough. I love heels but it can be embarrassing at times to tower over people.

It seems like society as a whole has told tall girls that they are an icon of beauty with sexy long legs and an elegant appearance. And then WHOOSH! back to the real world. You're awkward and out of place.

I like being tall. I was wondering if anyone knows about how to start modeling.

Annie wrote (May 16th 2006)

Hi fellow tall ladies, I was wondering if anyone here has ever dated or married a much shorter man? How did people react? Thanks! P.S.: I'm 6'0"

Wendy wrote (May 15th 2006)

I read a bunch of your quotes... I am a 39 year old female who is 6ft. I had to laugh and remember what it was like back in elementary, middle and high school. No it was not easy,please.. could one more person ask me how tall I was. Ugggh! I thought it would never end. Well to all you young girls out there. DON'T SWEAT IT! Be proud of yourself. Join in things that celebrate your height like dancing and volleyball, basketball, modeling, it will give your a reason for it all. Beleive me boys do not stay small forever. Wait till you get to the later years of college when the boys catch up. Once you are done with school you will never give it a second thought. Yeah you are tall but so, does not matter anymore. the adult world is a whole different place. So hold your head up high,and know it won't mean a thing in the future. People will only judge you on who you are not how tall you are. And besides when you have to start paying for your own stuff you can reach up and get the sale stuff no one else can reach!

Diana wrote (May 15th 2006)

Okay here is my beef... I'm five 10 and jeans with an 36 inch inseam suck! It doesn't look so bad when your standing but when I sit down they rise up and make my already large feet (size10) look even longer. So I have started buying Rock and Republic jeans with a 38 inch inseam, and YEAH they make my legs looks shorter and when I sit down they DO NOT RISE! I know they are pricey (in Alberta they are 250 Dollars) but they are a good investment. I wear mine daily. So don't waste your money on 36 inch inseam crap. I hate looking like a nerd when I sit down, so I bit the bullet and shelled out a small fortune on jeans! Save ya money and buy 38 inch inseams!

Samantha wrote (May 13th 2006)

I've always loved my height. I'm skinny and tall and i pound probably 6 pounds of chocolate a day and never gain a pound.

Earlier this year my first hour class had to go to Hoffman Modeling Agency for a class project and it was probably the only time when i felt really insecure about my height. All the girls in my class were walking down the runway in the current fashions with their cute little smiles and makeup but none of them were even close to my height. Plus they kind of made fun of my since im more of the jeans and tee type of person. But when we became close to leaving, the owner of Hoffman stopped me in my tracks and offered me a contract. It made my day and I could tell everyone in that room hated me.

But the whole point is everyone on the site shouldnt care what others think, God made you this way for a reason. As far as the people who make fun of you, Hello why would anyone make fun of someone who could kill them in one stomp. Remember their just jealous and if you wear self-confidence it will shine through and make you even more beautiful.

Karen wrote (May 12th 2006)

Jolly Green Giant, Amazon... am I not the only one?

I am 19 and 6'2". What a coincidence I found this site tonight! I was stopped in the buffet line today by an elderly man who asked my pardon and said, "I can't help but ask, how tall are you?" After I told him, he continued for a minute or so about how wonderful it was to "have such a beautiful girl as tall as you are." How my (quite debatable!!) beauty was added to by my height. I don't think I ever thought about it that way, and it encouraged my socks off. I thought I'd mention it to you gals -- It's not easy to feel beautiful when you feel abnormal. Seldom do I feel "stunning" or anything of the sort!

The comments of the man in line lead to a conversation with my boyfriend about the comments I'd had in the past about my height. He asked me if they had bothered me. I thought about it for a while... The girl I babysat asking with awe in her eyes if I was a giant, people wondering if I was the mother of my 4'11" - 5'2" friends, the kid leaning out the window of his mom's jeep to point his finger and laugh at me walking with my much shorter friend... Yes -- they hurt, especially to my tender high school heart. (College helps, by the way, people are more impressed by deviation and unique-ness than they were in high school it seems.)

I'd lie if I said I didn't find myself slouching, leaning and shying away from heels. But I know in the non-emotional half (quarter?) of my mind that God made me exactly this way for a purpose. It may not be for basketball or volley ball (much to the dismay of the coaches who stop me at rite-aid to ask if i play!) but I am glad that I am unique, and that I've been blessed enough to spend the last 21 months with a wonderful gentleman who makes me walk on the curb above him =o)

One thing is for sure, I thank God that the extra 5 pounds doesn't show so much when it's spread out so far =o)

So my back hurts when I lean over a counter to work, I get weird stares and can't fit in if i try, but I can tell my soul is growing into my body, slowly but surely. Stand tall, girls, so the world will know we aren't alone =o)

Pouneh wrote (May 11th 2006)

Wow....!!! This site is really interesting for me (I'm 5'10"). First of all, let's face it.... we should be all really proud. This is a good gene we all having and we will be transferring it to other generations!!.. Also the exciting fact for me is to see your opinions. Basically I am a fashion student and I am launching this new range for tall skinny women… It’s an evening-wear range. I saw some of the places like longtallsally.com or Alloy.com that you are interested … but what about evening wear ??! Do u have problems finding them? Which one is your favorite? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - that will be a huge help for me.

Shelley wrote (May 11th 2006)

I always hated being tall (I'm 6'1"). As all my friends are about 5ft6 and I just tower above them when we are hanging out! And also boys over here in England... I swear the boys' average height is like 5ft10 - this is what 4 inches shorter than me and I love heels which r about 3 inches so on a daily basis I am 6ft 4! Sometimes I think men feel intimidated by tall women but we're not scary at all. They all lust over models like Tyra Banks. She's tall but only 5ft 10 or something but still. Anyway, one day I realised being tall has it's gd points. We could be models and all my friends say they wish they were tall like me. However getting trousers to fit my 36inch inside leg is a nightmare!! And skirts becuz an average skirt is a belt on me and have to shop in tall sections n they are still short which means I get horrible looks from other women. Anyway if anyone knows any shops in England that do tall clothes plz let me no bcoz I only know of a few that just fit me xx

Joerg says: Check out the Clothes UK Section if you haven't done that already...

Dominique wrote (May 10th 2006)

I used to hate being tall (I'm 6'1") and one day I woke up and said "I'm not gonna shrink, and the world is not going to get any taller, so I might as well get over it and like it!" Ever since then I have been walking tall and wearing high ass heels.

Chelsea wrote (May 10th 2006)

Hi, I'm chelsea and I am 5'11. I have been this tall since the 7th grade. I am a sophomore now. I have always been self conscious of my height. I have been picked on many times in highschool for being tall. I used to cry because I felt out of place because I wasn't 5'2 like all of the other girls. Not to mention it's so difficult finding pants that fit. But people always tell me how beautiful I am and that I should model. I just have no self-confidence and I know as I get older I will start to appreciate being tall.

Arna wrote (May 8th 2006)

After years of feeling insecure in heels, I have discovered the beauty and elegance shoes bring to an outfit, and have moved through my insecurity and embraced my wonderful, long legs.

Shantrice wrote (May 6th 2006)

I think I'm possibly one of the shortest girls on the page, which makes me feel kind of bad for not liking my height much... some days I swear I feel a foot taller than I was the day before and it gets annoying, because it's really hard to find clothes - especiallly pants ... that will actually fit, especially because I'm built slim ... but I get people all the time saying 'wow i wish i was tall like you' and in the same breath talking about 'u damn tree'. I'm living with what I've got though, this is the body I've got and it's doing what it's supposed to do ... when the 'vertically impaired' people say things to me, I just tell them to drink some milk to help their stunted growth and that clears the problem right up!

Nicole wrote (May 5th 2006)

Hi, I'm Nicole and i'm 16 and 6'2. I've been this tall since 8th grade. I used to be very self conscience about my height, but now in high school I actually kinda like it. I love the attention I get because I'm the tallest one in the room.

Just last weekend I was playing in a basketball tournament and I was standing in a group of people. A lady came up to me and said, "I'm sorry, I don't want to interrupt your conversation, but I just had to tell you how beautiful you are!" It was a little embarrassing with everyone standing there, but it was very flattering.

I can't count the number of people who have told me how luckey I am to be tall. I've finally realized that guys don't matter to me that much at the moment, they aren't confident enough with themselves right now to like taller girls. I figure in college it will get better, so I guess I will stick it out.

I don't wear heals regularly but maybe someday I will. For women looking for tall jeans, there's a store called "the buckle" that sells a 37" inseam and they are actually junior styles.

I just want to say that this site is amazing and just by reading some of the comments today has made me feel much more empowered by being a tall girl than i ever have!

Tera wrote (May 5th 2006)

Well I'm 22 and 6 ft. I must say... I LOVE BEING TALL!!!!! and i feel even sexier in my heels, all though I don't go over 3 inchs high. Love you height ladies. We are exotic and few.. Walk tall for all the rest of us.

Hannah wrote (April 28th 2006)

Hi everyone! I am so glad there is somewhere where everyone is my height and taller!! I am 15, 6ft and get the mick taken out of me all the time by boys but I know they're just jealous!!

Milena wrote (April 27th 2006)

I say that I'm 5'11", but I could very well be 6'0". I'm afraid if I measure myself again, I'll be taller than what I want to be. Heels are my biggest issue right now. I don't mind being tall with slippers on, but I feel watched when I have my favorite 3 inch wedges. I just wish there was a shoe store that made the same cute shoes, but with a shorter heel. It's not fair! I always thought that I'd end up with a man shorter than me that I could never wear heels around. I'd be barefooted for my wedding. UGHH! About a year ago, I met the perfect person. He's 6'5" and absolutely amazing. When he introduced me to his family, I felt so comfortable. His mom is 6'1" and his brother is 6'6". Right now I am the shortest person in the family.

Kayci wrote (April 26th 2006)

Hey people! I'm 6'5" and I'm only 14 years old. I get made fun of a lot. I probably won't ever find true love because no boy wants a tall girl but I have plenty of friends.... I dont really care what people think god has made me this way for a reason.

Joerg says: Give it a few years and you will see that as soon as the boys grow up (and stop being superficial) you'll find plenty of guys who are raring to date you.

Michaela wrote (April 22nd 2006)

Hello everyone. As I'm looking through all these comments, I'm so amazed at how we all go through the same era of embarrassment and awkwardness. At 14 (almost 15) and six foot one, I actually enjoy my height. I do tell everyone that I'm only 6'0" because I'm a model and there is such thing as too tall for modeling. Being tall is probably one of my best assests. It is so funny when all the other girls my age are like "I'm so fat, I weigh 105" or some other small number, and I weigh about 20 lbs. more than 105. So I can get away with weighing more, but still looking skinny or skinnier than the girls. I know I can throw on a sweatshirt and people will still turn their heads as I walk by. Embrace your height and be appreciative of your body. It doesn't matter if you are 4'11" or 6'9" - your body is amazing and at least you can move and walk. Respect yourself! Bye ya'all, Michaela

Tasha wrote (April 22nd 2006)

Heyy girls!!! Okay, well I am 14 years old and I am 6 ft tall :( I always get picked on for it, as I am taller then all the people at my school... just don't let it get to you. Ignore them or laugh with them. Don't get embarrassed - it's SWEET to be tall!!!! Tasha

Getina wrote (April 20th 2006)

Hello ladies... yes, one more tall gal in the house. I am 34 and my height is 5'11". Just like most tall girls, my height was something that I learned to embrace later on in life but it was a struggle geting to that point. I am a lot more excepting of it because hey, its not exactly something I can change. All the tall jokes and comments are things that I have learned to overlook and in time I hope all of you will also. People can be very rude and insensitive at times but on the same note, I do get a lot of compliments as well which helps to make the good out weigh the bad. Self esteem and confidence are things that I constantly have to work at on a daily basis but I honestly and truly believe that it all starts with the individual no matter what the circumstance is. We have to learn to love ourselves from the inside and that will take care of the outside. As long as we love ourselves for who we are, no matter what, the issues of our height will not seem so much as an o bstacle for us. We should never be ashamed or embarrassed of our height because God made us in His image and I know He does not make any mistakes. I had to learn that and it did take time. Please know that you are beautiful,gorgeous and unique just the way you are.......long legs and all. So, stand up straight and tall and even work those heels if you'd like... because if we dont love ourselves then how can others?

Just remember, you are not alone, there are a lot of tall girls feeling the exact same way and this website is a blessing (thanks Joerg) because its a common ground where we can come to for support and develop confidence to go out in the world and feel like we belong without feeling self conscious about our height. The love of my life is 5'8" and he loves me for who I am including my height... to him, my height does not even matter. To each and every tall girl, I say to you... LOVE YOURSELVES... God bless :)

Joerg says: Thank you, Getina... you're welcome. Height shouldn't be a factor but it certainly helps me notice a lady. There are cute short girls out there but I'm still much more attracted to the tall ones myself. Can't help it. I'm glad you're out there, Ladies!

Casey wrote (April 19th 2006)

Hi!... I'm like 6'1" or 6'2"... and I am 14!! I hated being tall... well in a way i still do... everyone in my school asks me how tall I am all the time!... and the shorter guys tend to make mean comments all the time!... but then I get on this site and there's girls taller then me that are my age... and they are going through the same thing!... and all the web sites for pants! Jeez I need those!..lol I think I'm the tallest one in my school even out of the teachers!... Just thought I'd throw that in there haha... Well thanks everyone for making me realize that even though you're super tall and it seems like no one else is going through anything like you... feeling sorry for yourself doesnt make you shorter... lol

>>later <3-*Casey

Madeline wrote (April 18th 2006)

Hi! I'm 15 and 6'1... I think, or I guess HOPE that I've stopped growing. I've read every single entry on this page, but none of them have really reasured me that my height is a good thing. Probably because yes, I play basketball, but my real passion in live is my singing and acting. I love the theatre, and I love performing...but day and night, one thought contantly runs through my head..."I'm I to tall to be on Broadway?" It's hard-If I was just 2 inches shorter, I wouldn't worry-but now I do...all the time.

Jennifer wrote (April 17th 2006)

Hello Big Beautifulssss! I'm 20 yrs and stand a proud 6'2". Just like any other comment I've read nobody really felt comfortable in their skin at a young age with their vertical gift. I too felt isolated being so big - the only thing that got me through it was my dad telling me... It takes a lot of different people to make the World go round. As long as you have the mindset to just "be" you'll have nothing to worry about. In high-school I used my height to my advantage (which every tall person should do) and was recruited by my basketball team, played one season and hated it. I moved on to volleyball and my height (and skills ;)) has luckily paid off and has given me a scholarship to the University of my choice. Stand tall. Shoulders back. And the World is yours...

D.J. wrote (April 16th 2006)

I really wish more men would want a tall women! Why do men want short boying women? Maybe they like children? Maybe they need to big and dominant! I don't get it! I'm about 5 eleven and YES men of all sizes look at me (like they want me) but they never do anything! So annoying, I am not 11 anymore! Note to men...No matter what the womens size we have the same body parts as our child-like competition... those little women!

Joerg says: Try not to sound annoyed, Dear... focus on your strengths and be positive. Most men (me included) like women with a positive attitude.

Shoshana wrote (April 15th 2006)

I love being tall (I'm 5'10"). I am over 30 now, and here is my message for the young girls out there. First of all, "we" as tall girls can eat more and still look great. Secondly, we command respect instantly in the work force. Thirdly, we are not a target for attack when there are so many smaller girls out there. Fourthly, most men who have any spine at all want a tall, strong woman who is beautiful inside and out. (You wouldn't want a guy who likes small girls, because he only wants to feel dominant in their presence.) Last but not least, G-d made you tall, and G-d has a plan for all of us. Be proud of who YOU are and G-d will reward you.

Ellen wrote (April 14th 2006)

I'm 5' 11 1/2" and always was disappointed I couldn't quite claim that extra half inch!! Luckily, I was raised by a mom who was 5' 9" who always told me to be proud of my height. (I always felt badly for my poor sister who is only 5' 7".) Here's my story about men and the heel issue. I used to be married to a guy that was 5' 9" who hated it when I wore high heels. (That Little Napoleon syndrome that some short guys carry around with them.) After I left him, I decided that the shoe test would be important with anyone I wanted to be with in the future. The first time I went out with my current husband (now married for 15 years!), I wore a black mini skirt and tank and showed up at the door with a pair of flats and a pair of stilettos. I asked him which he would rather that I wear. (He's 6' even.) He said, "Wear those heels, babe! I want other guys to look at us when we walk in!" I've loved him ever since. Wear high heels and let everyone else stand back in awe and d rool with envy, girls!!!

Sarah wrote (April 6th 2006)

22 and 6' here girls! My best friend is 6'2" and we rule any dancefloor. I tend to forget how tall I am until I see photos of me with other shorter friends, but who cares? I'm also very thin, but pah, I know what suits me and never wear anything bias cut! I always try to stand tall and straight, as I catch sight of myself in shop windows and realise that stooping only makes you look ashamed and gives you a bad back. Stand tall you stunning ladies!

Candice wrote (April 5th 2006)

Hey All! I am 5'11 and 24 years old and I find that being tall has many perks. Clothes look better on us (when we can find a good fit), we get attention when we enter a room, it's empowering and most importantly people remember us! I do have a question for you all... do you think it makes a difference in regards to your height if you are blonde or brunette? I mean do you think people are nicer to tall blondes than to tall brunettes. From my experience I would say this is true but I am curious what you guys have experienced as tall women. Either way stay tall and gorgeous!! Candice

P.S.: I am a tall brunette :)

Kori wrote (April 1st 2006)

I just want to say it is nice to see there are tall women like me out there. I am 21 and 6'3" I am living in Alaska and finding cloths is something that is hard to do. I have a 37 inch inseam... Be proud and stand tall it is a beautiful thing ladies! (why we attract little men is beyond me) hehe ;) Live life to the fullest tall is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twiga wrote (April 1st 2006)

Hey girls, I am 37 years old and I am 6'4" my husband is 6'8" and we have 3 very tall children (as you can only imagine):> Two girls and a boy. My eldest daughter is 11 and is already 5'8" size 12 shoes and size 0 pants. My middle daughter is more on the average size of the spectrum, yet still taller than most and my son who is only 6, and is already 4'10" tall. I think he is well on his way to being taller than his Dad. When our family goes anywhere, people stop dead in their tracks and literally watch us walk past them; as they whisper things about our height. People can be so rude and cruel. I would never ask someone who was obviously overweight, how much they weighed, so why ask us how tall we are? We are very proud of our height. My husband and I both played college basketball and our children enjoy sports and music. We stand tall and look forward to the day when the scholarships start rolling in. Stand tall girls, be proud of your height, don't ever sell yourself out to fit in. Don't take to heart the cruel whispers you hear from strangers or so called friends. Believe me...I've heard it all! Believe in yourself! Remember you are tall for a reason and when God created you, He also created someone for you. He didn't make a mistake, God doesn't make mistakes. Stand tall in Him. Twiga (meaning: giraffe in Swahili)

Susanne wrote (March 26th 2006)

I am a little over 5'10" and have bought ONLY Men's jeans (36" inseam) my entire life. One time I was @ Sears or one of those Levi's departments and saw a TALL guy walking towards the jeans...I cut him off to get to the jeans first! (Don't worry, I didn't hurt him!) Long legs + determination and understanding the retail layout of the store = I found my 36" inseam Levi's before he did! :)

Hannah wrote (March 25th 2006)

Hey there! I'm 5'10".... and have always been a bit embarrassed of my height, except when compared with my father and "older brother." They help me realize that I'm tall, like my twin sister, for a reason, and God will reveal that purpose to me in His time! I'm totally no basketball star, and my height has kept me from dance, gymnastics, and could impede my running/soccer if I let it, but I won't! Standing Tall in Him, Hannah

Kelly wrote (March 25th 2006)

I'm 35 and 6'1. My 15 yr old daughter is 5'11. Be proud of your height! The comments will come, and they will never stop (I still get "did you know you're really tall?" NO. Really! 35 years and your just telling me this?? Oh My God!) Men don't ask tall girls out because they are intimidated - they love tall women, they are just scared to talk to them. As for heels - wear them! You're already tall, what's another couple inches?? Flaunt what God gave you. Comments from smaller girls are out of pure jealousy - the one thing they could never do - no matter how much money, education, etc, that we can do - is runway modeling. Sorry girls! We've got 1 up on you! So, go with it girls. Stand tall, stand proud. Look down on the little people with the little comments. They are still wishing.. Oh, and the next time someone asks if you play basketball - just answer with "Let's go. $20 buck bet. Wanna play?" They won't ask anymore - and they won't challenge you. Girls - don't slouch - roll the shoulders back - stand tall - and enjoy your own airspace!

Joerg says: Couldn't put it any better myself. I'd just like to add that not all men are intimidated by taller women, most men are though... Thanks, Kelly!

Alexandra wrote (March 24th 2006)

Being 17 and 6'0" is not an easy gig, as many others have said. I've always been tall, and so I can empathise with all of you. But the truth is, although I have my bad days, I love being tall. Sure it helps that at least 75% of my friends are 5'10 or taller (so that I'm not the tallest), but they can't help you all the time. Anyway, being tall means that you can pull off skirts just that little bit better ;). I have my year 12 ball coming up next week, and you know... I actually think I've got the courage to wear heels. :) Thank you tallwomen.org. :)

Joerg says: Thanks, Alexandra... You're welcome and I'm pleased to hear it! :-)

Kristin wrote (March 24th 2006)

Hello, I like all of your stories. But this is my little story: I am 22 and I am 6'4". I am not going to lie but I hate that I am so tall. I have a problem to get a shoes and clothes. Why can't someone make some nice shoes for us tall women...? Doesn't mean that if we have big shoes size that we can wear some ugly shoes. I am tired that people are looking at me all the time and asking the same questions. I want to be myself but I can't. People are saying to me that I am very beautiful and all that, but I don't know why I just don't like myself. I don't know how I can change.

Joerg says: Jeez, Love, there is so much more choice out there today compared to six or seven years ago when I first started the "Website for Tall Women" project on a much lower level. You need to surround yourself with supportive people who love you and who think you're the best. Give it a few more years and you'll see a positive change in your own attitude. You wouldn't be the first woman that happens to!

Juliana wrote (March 22nd 2006)

Hellllo! I'm 16 and a sophomore in highschool and I'm 6'2''.. I love my height because I think being so tall around everyone makes you kinda feel awkward and what not, but it's also made me outgoing.. believe it or not! Be proud of your height! It can get you so many places! And YOU stand out, so there's more of a chance people get to see the real YOU! so you gotta stand up straight and carry your own weight, cause what doesn't kill you only makes you STRONGER!! So listen up, you're tall and fantastic and nobody will mess with you!

Abigail wrote (March 21st 2006)

I'm 5'10.75" and 25 years old. Coming from a tall family, I always joked about wanting to make it to 6'... but I didn't quite get there. Haven't yet taken up some friends' "remedy" of drinking Miracle-Gro, LOL! But seriously, I have always been very thankful God made me tall. Though it can be rather difficult to find clothes that fit (you should see me scanning the lower edge of the skirt racks at thrift stores!), there are many advantages, such as being able to see over a crowd and reach the top shelves in stores/libraries. I like to see the humor in things, too, and especially have fun when posing for pictures with friends that are much shorter. :-D Life is too short and too precious to complain about height - so thank God for making you just as you are! He loves you and planned exactly how tall you needed to be, long before you were even born. Thank Him!

Katie wrote (March 19th 2006)

Hello there, Girlz. I am 17 and I am 6 ft 1 and I am very thin too. I understand how tall girls may feel very down and feel depressed by people's comments towards you. It's not a nice feeling knowing people are looking at you! But as you get older you can more confident with your height. At school I was 6 ft with a low confidence and puppy fat and now I am very slim and have blonde hair and I draw a lot of attention and I think all you girls should be confident. Remember, you can't change your height. We have to live with it XX Walk with pride

Courtney wrote (March 18th 2006)

Hiya all the tall babes out there!! I'm 13 and already 6'1" and I think I've been served all the tall jokes and quotes there is!! But I've learnt to love my height!! I mean sure sometimes you just think omg I wish I could be 5'6" like everyone else! And I know coz I used to think this all the time!! But not anymore I noticed What the hell I get noticed don't I??!! So stuff all the people that say why are you so tall! Coz I used to let that get to me and I didnt feel good about myself. And I hope I get to 6'4" so then I'll stand out and I wont be short and stubby when I grow old! I don't look at it as being tall. I look at it as being statuesque!! Even though the guys my age don't go out with me I get noticed by older ones who are usually more hot! So go tall girls!!

Ana wrote (March 17th 2006)

Hey there, tall girlies!! I'm also a tall girlie and guess where I am now!! JAPAN!!! Haha... ya I guess u can say I stand out a bit for being blonde white and 6 foot, hahaha... Gotta love the "omg she's sooo cool"" comments!!! I love my height!!! and those who are not lovin their height - It's true, ppl wanna be as tall as you. Ppl say to me: "Can you give me your height??" Haha, I'm like NAWW~~~~ You're beautiful, enjoy it while it lasts (that's when you get old and stubby >_<)

Deana wrote (March 17th 2006)

The reason five ten and eleven women hate it is because they are stuck in the middle. A man either wants them really short or really tall, but not in the middle. I don't know why this is. As for Gap.com jeans in Tall, they suck. Their inseam is only 36 inches, fine if all you do is stand and don't wash them (because THEY DO shrink, don't tell me another line of bs). But if you're sitting they rise up and look geeky and too small! Same with jackets, shirts, and shoes. I really wish tall men liked tall women. It's always backwards in that department, look at LARS ULRICH, the metallica drummer, his girlfriends have been taller then him! Not shorter! CONFUSING REALLY!

Ashley wrote (March 15th 2006)

Hi, I am 16 years old and in high school. I am 5'10 and I hate it... but thanks to this website I have come to realize that maybe being tall isn't so bad. At least we stand out amongst other people. Then again it sucks because I cant find jeans, and I constantly get picked on not only for being tall but because my size shoe is 4 ins a half. At times I get depressed about it but then I think to myself short people can't beome the next Miss USA so I let it go. Yet when I go to school people tell me to go back to the zoo giraffe. I wish there was some kind of pill to make me shorter but there isn't so I must deal with this. There was also this one time when I went to practice for a dance rehearsal and the choreogrepher called me shaq. I was offended big time. I wish people knew how tall people felt and just let them be! And "boys" is a whole another issue because all of them are smaller than me. I would just wish that I could get on my tip toes to give my boyfriend a kiss.

Joerg says: I don't want to make light of your pains but I find it curious that it's mostly the girls who are 5'10" or 5'11" who have problems with their height. Those who are extra tall (6'3" and above) seem to handle it a lot better. I wonder why that is...

Michele wrote (March 12th 2006)

To all of you tall divas out there... I say celebrate your beauty for as long as you can. There are so many people who would love to have long or even short legs to stand up on. But because of paralysis or some other physical affliction, these individuals are unable to stand at all.

I am soon to be 36 and I am 6 ft tall. I have 3 beautiful children; two boys and a girl in the middle. My husband is 6ft 3 inches tall. When ever we are out together people compliment how good looking a couple we are. I honestly feel that I am at the best point that I have ever been in my entire life. I too was met with inappropriate comments from boys and girls in high school. These comments and experiences were a tad traumatizing and I went on to feel mediorcre for a period of time well after high school. My husband and I married when we were in our early twenties, and then came the kids and more insecurities as I had gained a total of 90 extra pounds. Do you want to know what is more depressing than a tall girl who lacks self-confidence? ... A tall heavy girl with even less reason to be self-confident.

After my third child, I decided to stop the pity party and I turned my whole world around. I lost 100 pounds, I got a tummy tuck and mastopexy surgeries to undo the effects of pregnancy. And I am now better than I ever was at any point in my entire life. I look younger and my body is beautiful and I finally appreciate what God, hard work and my plastic surgeon have given me. Recently I went out and bought a ton of heels and I enjoy strutting my stuff each time I go out. I am so amazed at the positive feedback that I get with every step that I take. My teenage son's friends tell him that they have a crush on his mom. Women and men alike stop me in public to comment on my attractiveness. And I don't think that I could have ever imagined being as confident as I am right now. More so than the physical attractiveness that comes from being tall (because we do look better in clothes than averaged height women) I think that being tall and proud gives off a magical spell that seems to captivate and mesmerize others.

So again ladies, enjoy your special attribute and feel proud to be the lovely, leggy ladies that you all are. Average is ok, but above average is the icing on the cake!

Tierney wrote (March 10th 2006)

Hiya to all these amazing beautiful tall women... I'm so respectful to all the points and ideas uv given me to make me feel much better about my height. I'm 16 and 6 foot... I've been this tall since i was 14 and I'm not gonna lie and tell u it's been easy cos it hasn't. I'm easily the tallest girl in my year and stand out from the crowd. But that is the key, I stand out and I love that bit. I'm a drama queen and love the attention... theres is one big problem though... guys!!! There are only a handful of guys within 10 miles that are tall enough for me even to consider dating, because I just couldn't date someone smaller than me. It's not right for me. But for now I'm happy being the sexy, confident, leggy brunette that's young, free, single and loving it. Smile and enjoy the attention! xx

Amelia wrote (March 10th 2006)

Hey, yeah I'm 5'11"... adore being tall, wish I was taller - definetely helped in the volleyball years of my life, and turning heads in bars... But I'm totally falling for this guy who is 5'7" except I totally can't get over his height. I wonder if it's realistic to think that I ever will?

Kate wrote (March 9th 2006)

Hi. My name is Kate. I am 6'2" and 44 years old. My husband is 6'11". We have 3 kids. My oldest is a daughter, 13. She's 5'10. Growing up was challenging but I think it made me a better person. I did play basketball, after getting cut from the team 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Then I went to college on a full basketball scholarship and played in Europe for 2 years after that. I do believe it's not the height so much, but how you carry yourself. Stand up straight, smile. People want to talk to you. Sometimes they do say stupid things, but I don't think they are mean spirited. My husband has been uncomfortable with his height at times. I tell him it's an attribute. Use the height thing to your advantage. Being tall now is much easier than when I was a kid. I no longer have to wear men's sized sneakers. I can find size 11. For the young girls out there, take care. It definitely gets better once you're out of high school.

Erin wrote (March 3rd 2006)

I am 5'11" and I have learned to embrace my height over the years. My brother used to call me amazon and things like that. It was OK for him to be tall, but not me, I suppose.

I was taller than most of the guys in my school from 4th grade through graduation from high school. Things that were said kind of got to me, then when I entered high school, I didn't care anymore!! I figured they were jealous (the girls) and the boys were intimidated (which they were). I typically dated guys out of high school, but ended up marrying my high school sweethart who is 2-3 inches shorter than me.

He loves my height and me, and we have been together for 13 years.

Ladies, embrace your height.......be comfortable in your own skin........if you want to wear heels, wear them and make sure they are a brilliant stand out color. Be proud and stand out......why would anyone want to be like everyone else.........be happy, life is very short (no pun intended) and you need to thrive in it for yourself, no one else!!!!

Liz wrote (March 2nd 2006)

I'm 21 years old and am 5"10. I can not even begin to count the women that have approached me, telling me they wished they were my height. Girls, you should embrace your height. Being tall is a gift. It really is. Tall women are beautiful. You can't be a model if you're under 5"10. All the most beautiful models in the world are tall. And the people who have anything negative to say about your height, are people with major insecurity issues. It's not you, it's them. Embrace it and be proud =)

Marie wrote (March 1st 2006)

My name is Marie, I am 6 foot tall. I am in the 10th grade. I love this site, and it makes me feel good about my height. I get compliments all the time, but I still feel insecure. I never wear high heels, even thought I love them to death, and I am always the tallest around my friends. Thank you for making me feel better about my height.

P.S. Is it still ok to wear heels?

Elena wrote (March 1st 2006)

Hi, all you tall sisters there! I'm 41 and 178 cm (5'10). I've never been teased because of my height but heard my part of the comments "oh, you are very tall!" Although it's sometimes boring to hear such comments, I think people do not mean to be unkind. Recently I've learned to answer either "are you envious?" or "I'm not tall but you are short" or something like that. The conversation usually ends in that ;).

What sometimes astonishes me, is that tall (and not so tall) women don't want to date with guys shorter than them. I think that we do not keep company with foots or inches or centimeters but just with persons and that's why I like men with humorous glimpse in the eye. Height is not that interesting thing but the personality.

Shorter guys may feel insecure to approach tall women but I think as they find the personality inside, the height is no more important. If they don't find your personality interesting, they are not worth yourself!

So sisters, keep your head up high and enjoy your life! And last but not least, many thanks to Joerg for this fantastic site!

Amelia wrote (February 27th 2006)

I'm 6'2" and I was constantly called 'Goliath' in middle school. Plus in high school I was always trying to get recruited for the basketball team. REALITY CHECK! Not every tall person has to be good in basketball! But the moral of my story is that I am now in college and I LOVE MY HEIGHT! I have learned that no matter what size you are... you will ALWAYS have fun! I don't hit the ceilings like my short friends think I will and I don't need my boyfriend to be taller than me... (he sure knows how to please me any how) God Bless MY HEIGHT!

Luisa wrote (February 27th 2006)

It's great to read about other tall women! I'm 18 and 6'2" so I've stood out basically everywhere I've gone, particuarly in school. I used to get the occasional taunt from a by-passer, but instead of feeling embarrased, I felt a burst of confidence because I was different to everyone else. The only problem I face is what every one faces too: Argh - clothing!! Very few places offer big sized shoes in Australia, and if they do, the designs aren't very good. That's why most of my shoes are the unisex kind, like sneakers. But apart from that, I LOVE my height - and always have!

Joerg says: For clothing and shoes in Australia go to either the Shoes Section Australia or the Clothes Section Australia

Catherine wrote (February 26th 2006)

How I wish the internet was around when I was a teenager!!! 6 foot at 13, it was hell!!! No decent clothes either! I now find the range at Dorothy Perkins just right for me. Am now 6 foot and a half inch and age 36. I have never felt confortable about my height, it still remains an issue with me, but as i have got older, it does not matter half so much. How I hated school discos when the last smoochy songs came on and all my pretty, petite friends were asked to dance. I stood there, acting like it did not matter, hey, I was fine, but it hurt like hell. To all you teenagers out there struggling with your height, please stand tall, i slouched for many years, it does not work!! It DOES get better, you learn to live in your skin, and the comments (yes, I still get them), well, they do not hurt at all as you get older. I was stopped in the street by a little elderly man and his wife who stopped me and asked how tall I was. I was not offended at all, and smiled and had a conv ersation with them. They thought I was lovely!! So, chin up, and keep coming back to read the comments on this great site, they really help boost your confidence.

Good luck to you all. Catherine

Cassie wrote (February 24th 2006)

Hey, I'm sixteen and six feet tall. I've always been a little down about my height, and I still kind of am. I've always imagined my boyfriend to be way over six feet tall, the guys in my family are very tall (my dad is six foot seven) so I grew up looking up at the men in my life. People have ALWAYS mentioned my height when they meet me, i'm afraid to wear heels! It surpised me a few days ago when a guy asked me out, he's shorter than i am... I'm still getting used to my height, and I think i may still be growing. Reading these posts by other people kind of help :)

Dominika wrote (February 23rd 2006)

Hi ladies! I am 21 years old and 5'10" and I absolutely love my height. I never really felt insecure about it, especially that I used to be a model precisely because I was tall! Think about it in this way, for us there is no such thing as unflattering dresses or trousers that will make our legs look short! Also, short people really struggle to get noticed and trust me, it would be very strange if you felt as though you were all of a sudden invisible. Don't take the attention for granted, cherish it! And ignore all those people who can't get over your height, they should get a life of their own. As for love life, I had never dated a shorter man until I met the love of my life who is 5'7". I find him very beatiful and I think that for the last 3 years we have made a very attractive couple - and a very happy one as well :-). Obviously, it goes beyond the looks, but it is the looks we are talking about here :-). In all honesty, I sometimes do slump, especially when I am with people who are shorter and feel self conscious about their height. I simply don't want to make them feel uncomfortable. The most wonderful thing is my boyfriend telling me that I should straighten up because I have a beautiful body. And he bought me a pair of heels recently! Love and good luck to all of you!

Graci wrote (February 23rd 2006)

Heya, I discovered this site a while back and like using it for confidence, I am sixteen and about 5'11". I have always been taller than everyone else but now I actually have a bf who is taller than me and it's great. My advice to tall women who want the confidence to wear heels (me being one of them). I really enjoy wearing 'kitten heels', that are just half-an-inch or an inch high. They give you that sexy heel wiggle when you walk which is great for confidence but make you an unnoticeable amount taller. Though every tall woman should have the freedom and confidence to wear heels, afterall the most beautiful shoes tend to be the highest! Good luck and best wishes, xxx Graci

Charlene wrote (February 22nd 2006)

Hi, I am Charlene, 25yrs old, my height is 1.84 cm (6'0 1/2") and I live in South Africa. I visit this website frequently and I think it's great. You know most South African people are short or average height, so I don't know of any special shops for tall people. I would like to open a shop for tall people, because there are still tall people (although not many) who really struggle to find clothes, most online stores are based overseas. I believe a few good stores, or even one store for a start would be great for tall people living here in South Africa. Please give me some advice on how I can open this store.

Alys wrote (February 21st 2006)

At 24, I've been tall all my life (currently 6ft1)and the truth is it really makes no difference to me until someone mentions it .... and everyone mentions it :)

As a teen I struggled with being tall, until a very wise (and very gorgeous although short) teacher at my highschool chastised a group of girls for teasing me with words that I always remember "I wouldn't do that girls because one day you will dream of being that tall". And she's right, I may bang my head on signs in shops but my height has meant that I've met some incredible people who just wanted to tell me they love to see tall women. Of course, as a little girl my dad used to make sure I was proud of my height and always stood tall (he was after all 6ft4 himself). Even if you don't have that support, embracing being tall is much more effective than hating it.

Conquer the world, because people will notice you anyway - you may as well give them something constructive to look at!

Katie wrote (February 21st 2006)

Hi I'm 18, I'm 5"11 and love my height! Yes, it does get annoying when short immature ugly men point out my height and make me feel a little self conscious but I just think to myself... "would I date you anyway???" NO! Hehe - tall women out there embrace your height, I was considering buying a pair of flats today, but in the end I didn't because I like putting on those heels at becoming 6"1 makes me feel like a model.

Graziella wrote (February 21st 2006)

I just stumbled across this site a few days ago, and I've really enjoyed reading comments from other tall girls like me! I'm 17 and 5'11" and I'm one of the few tall girls in my school (there really are only 4 or 5 tall girls in my entire highschool). Until the end of last year I was always very self-conscious about my height. I slumped almost all the time so I would seem shorter and fit in better with my friends. What's strange is that all of my closest friends are either 5'2" or 5'3" so it makes me feel even taller. However, during the past year I've been able to accept my height more and more and be more comfortable with who I am. When I was in grade school, people told me it was good to be tall because models are tall. I thought "Sure, models are tall, but I don't look like a model. I just look like a giant." but now that I'm older and I've grown into my body (I'm not sure if that's the best way to put it, but you know what I mean) I think I DO look like a model. I 've never bought myself a pair of heels, and i don't plan wearing heels anytime in the near future, but I think it's great that some women are comfortable enough to wear them even though they're already tall. Near the beginning of the schoolyear I was walking down the hall and I heard a girl say in a rude way "That girl is tall as hell!" I wanted to turn around and tell her  "And you're rude as hell." Some people are really rude about other people's height! I've NEVER teased anyone for being short. And I never even make comments about short people, but almost every time I meet someone new they tell me "Wow, you're tall" as if i haven't noticed that I'm tall. How are people so insensitive? Another problem i have with being tall is that it's really hard to find good pants that are long enough! I don't want to spend a lot on pants, but I always end up spending at least $30. That's not a ton, but I really envy the short girls who can go to the sale racks at places like JC Penney or Kohls and get a pair of sale jeans for $8! That never happens to me! Long jeans don't go on supersales like that :-( - however, when I catch a glimpse of myself in a store window or mirror, I'm usually happy with what I see because I'm long and slender. My friends tell me I'm elegant and I love that.

Chelsea wrote (February 19th 2006)

My name is Chelsea. I'm 5 foot 10 and in 7th grade at the moment. I came onto this page on accident, but I decided to leave a comment anyway. It is hard being this tall, only because all my friends are about a foot shorter and people are always saying comments about how tall I am. Everyone in my immediate family (brother, sister, mom and dad) are over 6'0" and my mom and dad both continued to grow until they were in their mid-twenties. I love being tall though, not because it draws attention to myself, but because it's who I am and it will always be a huge part of me.

Eri wrote (February 16th 2006)

Hi, I'm 17 and 6'0" tall, unfortunately unlike lots of lovely tall girls my legs are not long and elegant, but my back is quite long and so I look dumpy, big and ungainly and I feel very self conscious. I pretend to not care about being tall, but I long to have the confidence to wear heels. I have many pairs as I always buy them to see if I can get the confidence up to wear them out, but I never do. I hate having to wear flats that make me look more dumpy but I cant bring myself to wear heels as I will then tower over my boyfriend insted of being able to hide myself more easily. I often stand in very difficult strenuous positions to make myself appear shorter, which can hurt my legs and hips. I think this website is very inspirational and I plan to maybe go to the corner shop wearing heels now and again to get more confident. I find my height very hard to talk about and think this site is wonderful. Eri thankxXx

Joerg says: Give it a try... It might feel a lot better than you imagine and maybe you'll get that extra confidence that you may be lacking at the moment.

Amy wrote (February 13th 2006)

I have been tall since I was very young. I wil be turning 18 in less than a month, and am less than a quarter inch under six feet tall. I am the tallest girl in my 4A school. People always ask me why I wear heels all the time, if I'm already this tall. My answer is that I enjoy wearing heels. I have a very musular body and especially muscled legs, so wearing heels help me look less masculine, and they just make me feel sexy. So to all the flat wearing tall women out there, go for some sexy shoes, and enjoy the way your legs look. You only live once; why not enjoy your life and not be saying I wish I could have when you get old?

Lora wrote (February 12th 2006)

Hey, I'm 15, 5'10" (and still growing!) and a freshman in high school. I remember hating being so tall throughout middle school, always getting mad because I was taller than all the boys. I'd always get attention for being the tallest person in the entire school since the 6th grade. But when i was in 4th grade all my friends told me to start playing basketball like my Dad who is 6'8" and my sister who was 6'. Since then I have become one of my high schools best post position basketball players and made it onto the JV team. My height has changed my life and I'm now grateful for it. People ask me how old I am thinking I'm around 19. But for all those girls out there who are tall like me, Here's some words of advice: Wear those heels!, they make you look like a model; Try sports! Volleyball, basketball, and Waterpolo are all need tall girls! And appreciate yourself for being the gorgeous self you are!

Kate wrote (February 12th 2006)

Hello, I am 5'10" and all legs. I am 70" tall and my legs are 42 inches. That is over half of me just legs. I used to be insecure about it. I don't feel like that anymore. I wear high heels. I can't wear flat shoes though. I just really don't like them. I love my heels. The only complaint I have about being tall is finding a pair of pants that are long enough. I go try on a pair of pants at Express, that they call "long", and they look like Capris. Does anyone out there have any suggestions about where to gets some cute long pants?

Lorraine wrote (February 9th 2006)

Wow this site is fantastic! I'm 5'11.5-6ft and I must say it's great, Sure it's harder to fit on the bus sometimes and less than desirable when people laugh because you banged your head on the "Mind your head sign" but I do believe height is a gift from God. Most of us didn't ask for it, make the most of it girls it's a beautiful thing. Who's going to notice you among the common sized people? Already you have an outstanding asset. Shrinking pills are not on the market yet so, all you can do now is, WORK IT. My only complaint is damn, when it comes to men, personally I'm looking for guys 6'3'' and above. If I want to wear my highest heels which is by the way a lady thing to do, he's got to still be taller than me. Not complain! Why should I limit myself to all the pancake shoes of the world just to make all the mini-males out there feel better?! But where the hell are these guys hiding? Being that tall you'd think they would be easier to spot. I'm not saying short guys are bad, you can be with who ever you like girls! Another comment about shoes, girls have you noticed that the flat ones look cute on all the lucky small footed shorter girls. But with me, size 8, they make your foot look looooong. Why can't they design really nice ones just for us? It's horrible trying to find your size in the style you like! One particular shop decided to add insult to injury by stocking ladies size 3-7, starting the men's shoes rack at size 8 and continued upwards. I could go on forever but I'll end with a quote "Hold your head up my tall beauty no one can see if you've got dandruff." That was a joke but stand tall and proud girls you're beautiful.

Deborah wrote (February 9th 2006)

Hi all, I just have to say that tall women are the stuff and everyone knows it. I'm 5'10 1/2". And at 35 I have finally become more comfortable wearing heels. I can't tell you how many gorgeous pairs of shoes I have passed up in the past because they had high heels on them. There is nothing like seeing a gorgeous tall woman in heels walking down the street. The confidence that this woman has can stop traffic. Believe that. Being tall is such a wonderful gift. What if we were impaired physically? Maybe in a wheelchair and unable to walk, maybe only 4 feet tall because of a growth deformity, or just short, and as a result we might end up being almost run over in crowds, never standing out because this short/average height makes you blend in with everyone else. Who wants that? I don't! I have had my moments of being teased but I have always gotten as many compliments and stares from men as any other woman. Boyfriends too. And a whole bunch of guys secretly wish they could "drink that tall glass of water" if you know what I mean. But they feel more comfortable and secure with a shorter woman because she doesn't outshine him, or make him feel like less of a man. We don't want men like that. My husband is 5'11 1/2" and when I wear heels I'm taller than him. He could care less and encourages me to wear heels because they look good. It's truly ridiculous that a website like this has to exist as wonderful and inspirational as it is). I think it's unfortunate that all of you tall, gorgeous beings don't understand that it is our uniqueness that makes people stare and comment. We are not like everyone else and it's refreshing to see a tall ray of light walk into one's midst. Tall women are goddessess, pure and simple and we must ALL begin behaving as such. Thank you Joerg for this beautiful site. While I'm sorry that so many young women need it to feel better about who they are, it is a real gem to have until small-minded folks realize the beauty in all people, tall women especially.

Joerg says: Thanks, Deborah! Thankfully more and more tall young girls are confident about themselves and their height. I hope they'll still find the clothes and shoe sections useful though.

Cinti wrote (February 8th 2006)

Hey, I'm 14 (almost 15) and I'm 5'10-5'11. People shorter than me have always teased me for my height, when I never teased them about the shrimps they are. I got onto the basketball and badminton team thanks to my height. I've realized that being tall is an advantage, and we are all very lucky. People look up to us. They just expect us to be confident, and always the leaders. Also it gives you plenty of good and attention. There's just something about it when you walk down the hall and everybody notices you wearing jeans and a skirt first because your so tall and noticeable. I don't know about everyone else but I love it when people look up at me and think, 'wow, shes something'.

Jamie wrote (February 8th 2006)

Hello to all my tall friends in the world! I am 20 and 5'11" and have been made fun of almost my whole life for being so tall and so skinny which made me look even taller! I was 5'10" in 5th grade and remember towering over my teacher. At the middle school and high school dances I never got asked to dance. I remember wishing to be a couple of inches shorter. Now however I am so glad to be my height. I applied for America's next top model and going to a call back in a couple of days! All the most beautiful supermodels in the world are over 5'10"! Face it where hot girls! I love being tall and wear the highest heals I can find! Men love women with long legs! Sexy!!!!

Gabrielle wrote (February 7th 2006)

Hi! My name is Gabrielle. My height is 6'2, possibly 6'3. My height has always been an issue for me. Standing 5'1 by the 2nd grade I've heard all the jokes a thousand times, it seems like. I've learned to use my height to its advantages. Besides the occasional getting thing down from higher places for my shorter counterparts. I have used my height to get a college scholarship for volleyball. I am now a sophomore in college and loving every minute of it. Now if I can only find a man tall enough!! (lol).

Joerg says: There are a lot of cute guys out there who are shorter than you. A lot of men lack the nerve to approach a tall woman like you. The question is: Are you confident enough to go out with someone who's shorter? Just a suggestion. I've learned that keeping an open mind tends to give you more options.

Michaela wrote (February 4th 2006)

I'm only 15, but am half an inch over six foot! Now, alot of people always expect me to be insecure, but hey, I'm a model. My height is one of the best things I have going for me. If I was shorter photographers and designers wouldn't notice me among the world of five ft. ten inch girls. I think that being tall is amazing!

Melissa wrote (February 3rd 2006)

Oh my goodness. I ran across this site when I was looking for some tall lady that would wear high heels. My husband gets upset with me because I’m so self-conscious about my height. I am a 38 year old black woman who is six feet and my husband is 5ft 10. He is also a Baptist minister and it kills me to have to stand up and give remarks or something because it feels like people are looking at me all the time. Oh yea, the remarks that people make but I got enough nerve to put on a pair of boots with heels and a lady said “Girl, what r u doing with those heels on? U r already tall enough.” It hurt bad but I grasp enough strength and I said “Yes, I am. I am closer to God”. She didn’t know what to say but I hate the remarks. But I have read that u all wear heels so I am going to try to not worry about it and put on my heels. Thank u all very much. And the young tall girls: If you haven’t already I would advise you to get checked out by your physician for a genetic disorder that’s called Marfan’s Syndrome. I have it and my son and also my sister and my father.

Ginger wrote (January 28th 2006)

I've been just shy of 6 feet tall since age 13 and there's one thing I have noticed over the years- I have never ever heard a really short woman say "I love being short!" Every single woman I have ever met who was 5'4" or shorter has told me how lucky I am to be so tall and how much they wish they were taller, like me. See? We Amazons are to be envied!

Melissa wrote (January 27th 2006)

Hi Ladies, I am 6'0 and I love my height. I wear heels that are sometimes 3 1/2 inches. I get stares, good stares of course. I have never had a problem with finding a man. Tall girls feel good about yourselves, everybody wants to be tall. Short people can be sicking @ times. Because they have a complex with their height they shouldn't take it out on us. We can't help it that were graceful, elegant and gorgeous. Tall ladies I'am asking you to feel good about yourselves. Remember when people say bad things about you it's not about you it's about them.

Lee-Lee wrote (January 27th 2006)

I'm 23 and am 5'11". I used to hate my height when I was younger but now I absolutely love it. When I go out with shorter friends they always complain that they don't get noticed but that I do (He He!!!) Anyways I feel that being self-conscious as a teen is ok because when you get older and see the respect people give to tall women you will definetely appreciate. Also there are many tall guys out there. However where I live I get alot of tall guys but also shrt guys hitting on me. My ex was 5'9 and there have even been way shorter gus who were seriously trying to date me. So tall ladies - KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!!!!

Katie wrote (January 26th 2006)

You should be proud of your height. I know it's easier said that done (being 6 feet all through junior high and high school wasn't something I would've chosen for myself... at a time when you just want to fit in or fade into the background). Now I realize how awesome it is to be tall. You stand out, you get noticed when you walk in a room (some times that's not fun, like when you run out to the store to pick something up and are wearing sweats & no makeup, and just want to get in and out without being noticed). :) But, remember, being tall is a wonderful thing. If you stand up straight & proud and walk into a room with purpose and an outgoing attitude, people will be staring at you thinking "Wow, there's a beautiful, proud woman. I want to be with her!" If you walk slumped over, you exude a sense of being self-conscious. Then, that's what people will think of you, that you don't like yourself and have low self-esteem. But, if you hold your head up high and exude self- confidence, then that's all that people will see (being tall will just be another part of who you are, not the only thing people notice when they see you). And, remember, tall women are some of the most beautiful women in the world! Models are known for their beauty and elegance and are envied by many. Yet, more often than not, you can't be a model if you're short! :)

Amen wrote (January 23rd 2006)

Hey! I'm 18 and I'm 5"11-6ft. Trust me I've always hated being tall... it was like the worst thing (I thought) could ever happen to me! I mean your out with your short friends and all the guys just brush past you to get a look at them....my problem is that I always fall for guys who are shorter than me, sometimes personality can get in the way! I'm yet to go out with a shorter guy, don't think i will... EMBRACE your height! Its an advantage above the short woman, (who by the way HAVE to look up at us!) Tall woman are automatically perceived as ambitious, confident and able! (we don't even have to say a word!) I learnt this AFTER I'd left school! Just bought my first pair of heels and I'm on my way to the club this saturday, can't wait! World here I come! xx

Sarah wrote (January 22nd 2006)

I am 5'11" or 6'1" with shoes on. I have been told I am attractive and I have a slim build. I always get male attention and I am used to people telling me I am tall.. as if I don't realise it. It is so annoying I could just slap those people round the head! I am a nurse so I am natually caring so wouldn't really want to hurt anyone! I have just walked home from a nightclub and I heard a drunk girl say... "is that a man in drag?" ...the first time I actually wanted to turn round and attack someone for being so horrible!

Lauren wrote (January 21st 2006)

Hey, I'm 16 and I'm 6'2. I don't really like my height because I don't like being stared at alot  and when I go to school I get teased quite alot. But I have enough friends that make me happy so it's alright. I've only had one boyfriend who was 6'4, we didn't really hit it off but when we were together I felt at ease that there was some guy out there that was taller than me. Like there's nothing wrong with going out with short men but I just feel at ease with them taller than me. It's more of a security thing I guess but, yeah. Sometimes I have good days when I like my height, others I dont so yeah. That's my story and to other tall girls out there good luck and don't let it bother you too much!

Joerg says: Don't let it bother you at all! You're not too tall, it's the others who are too short.

Abigail wrote (January 18th 2006)

I am 17 and I am about 5'11" I have always felt insecure about my height. Being tall puts you at the center of attention whether or not you want it! this site truly is great though and looking at the tall celebrities and other women who still wear HEELS...motivates me to embrace my height. Can't change it so love it. Alloy.com sells jeans up to 38" inseam and the prices are fair. Catalog or web orders in the US!

Jenn wrote (January 17th 2006)

Beside some, I am very short. I am a fifteen year old girl who is 5 foot 10. It is a problem, because people in high school call me giant. This guy I like is shorter and he finds it awkward. 5'10 is tall for a teen girl. It's nice to see others who know what it's like and enjoy it

Alli wrote (January 16th 2006)

Hey! My name is Alli and I'm in 8th grade. My height right now is 6'2" and I'm still growing! Of course I play basketball and I'm really good. I mean really good. Anyway I hate when people just come up to me and say "You're tall" like i dont know. It gets soo annoying. Another bad thing is the shoe size. I wear a 12! One of my best friends is only 4'11'' and it's so funny when people think she is my little sister! Anyway, being tall is a gift and a curse but you can't change it so love it!!! (buy pants @ Buckle.com - they are expensive but last long and come in long x-long and xx-long!!!)

Nora wrote (January 12th 2006)

I have always been tall. I hit 6 foot before high school and my most recent measurement was 6'4". I am 18 years old and a freshman in college. I get a ton of attention because of my height and not all of it is good, but most of it is. Although I do wish I could be maybe a couple inches shorter, I would rather be tall than short! Only you can make yourself feel awkward, so just remember you are beautiful and have confidence.

Pauline wrote (January 10th 2006)

From the age of 11 I realised that I was always the tallest of all my classmates, age group and among my friends (I'm 5'11"). Some men thought I was a big girl so they were interested in me and some boys were attracted to me though I was taller than them. So I was called names and teased for not loving them. I'm 26yrs, I was born in Rwanda, a third world country, I never had opportunities because of being tall apart from being noticed by everyone that I passed. I now have a two year old son who is already being mistaken for a four year old. I wish my son to have all the advantages of being tall here in England which is were I'm living at the moment. CIAO

Katherine wrote (January 8th 2006)

I've always been tall and have always been very self concious about my height, by the time I was about 20 I reached 6'2" (188cm)and even now at 40 I've never really learnt to live with it properly, I won't wear heels and always try to go places without being noticed - but saying that after spending years looking for tall men in my native UK I ended up living in Italy (the land of Midgets!) and marrying an Italian guy who's 5'8".... He says it was my height that attracted me to him (can't honestly say it was the same for me though!... sometimes I wish he could be just a few inches taller and occasionally when I catch sight of our reflections in a shop window I realise just what a strange couple we make... but then I just have to look at out gorgeous 13 year old daughter who's already as tall as her Dad and loves every cm of it and wants to be taller than me (!) and I'm as proud as punch!

Courtney wrote (January 7th 2006)

Hi, I'm 13 years old and I'm in the 8th grade. I'm 6'2 and I love being tall because all of the short people at my school have to ask me for help. I also love being tall because on the basketball court everyone is intimidated by me but sometimes being tall isn't so good because I can't find pants long enough in my size! I mostly love it though!

Saskia wrote (January 3rd 2006)

Hi, I am 14 and a freshman at high school. I am 6'3", I play JV basketball and I only got into the sport because people told me to use my height to my advantage. Aside from being tall, I am left-handed. I am sick of people telling me I am so lucky to be tall. I really wish people would let me be me. Just remember that you are better than them, because you don't tease them about their shortness.

Joerg says: If they're too hurtful tease them about their shortness. Give 'em a taste of their own "medicine". Or check out the The Smart Remark Survival Guide.

Tara wrote (January 3rd 2006)

Hi, I am 25 years old and I have always been self-conscious about my height. I am 5'11", but my legs are what's really long. I was always teased in school because my pants weren't long enough, my shirts were too short, Jackets didn't fit right, etc. Now that I am out of school and living in reality I am proud of my height. I get alot of attention (good attention). But from time to time, I still get self-concious - my husband is 6'0" so when we go out my heels make me tower over him. I know I shouldn't let it bother me, and people always tell me that I am so beautiful and exotic looking... but somehow I just feel different. I am not like "normal" people. I am now pregnant and its like starting over in the clothing arena. My dream would be to open a clothing store for tall women... not 34" inseam tall, I am talking about 37" ...AND I WOULD SELL MATERNITY CLOTHES!!

Breanna wrote (January 2nd 2006)

I am 16 and 6'3... not to mention I have a big frame... But everyone tells me I am beautiful and astonishing and when I walk into a room I own it. People are cruel and I have always caught crap about my height. People just don't realize that we are different. We are the super models and sport stars of tomorrow. Oh, to add to my height... I have red hair and green eyes. Haha, much luck and love to all of you!

Katrina wrote (January 2nd 2006)

Hi, I am 16 and in high school. My height is 6'1" and I am very proud of it. Initially I too had problems like at age 11 I was 5'3" and a 14 year old guy who was also 5'3" loved ma a lot. We used to spend a lot of time together but separated after 5 months. Then after 3-4 years we met at high school and he was only 5'4" and I was more than 6'. He was so scared of me and my friends that he would not even come near us be cause he feared we would laugh at him. But I was not rude to him and one day he even asked me out!! I went with him and he insisted that I put on heels. During the date he was only up to my shoulder level. But till now he fears me because he knows that I have a major advantage over him. So all you tall girls,its good to date short boys and so enjoy your life.

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