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Hey Jorge,

Been a while. A long while. I feel like "chatting". Firstly Jorge, I have been meaning to say this for the longest while but finally garnered up the courage to ask this.

Why did you change your site?! Yikes! Its just not the same. And I preferred that hectically pink well defined layout you had back in the day. I feel better. Please don't take offence. I just find this one slightly cumbersome to the point were its taking me forever to visit your page. How do you even reply to my comments?

With that said. Let me post my real reason.

Its about heels. I love them Jorge. And you know what I learnt, as a tall lady you just have to prepare yourself for the stares, comments and looks. Its gonna come.

But I feel overall, that when I wear heels, I am loved, respected, admired, taken seriously (like a beauty icon or something) and the men clumber all over you to get things done.

You just feel prettier and a work outfit is just not one without them shoes. Originally my limit used to be 3 inches. I am 5.11 and 1/5 but say 6.00 cause I start off the day at 6ft then go down to that at day end.

Now my limit is about 5 inches. I just feel right in those types of shoes Jorgey.

Like I said I feel like talking. I have a sweetheart or the love of my life whatever. This one day, ok he works in a 5 Star Hotel in a top department.

This one day, my plan was just to "attack" him since I went to bed the night before. So I wore a blood red tight dress, with a blood red jacket, makeup all done up (I probably might wear this tomorrow you know) and a 5 inch nude heel.

Then I took him a sandwich. I delivered it myself. I was so shy, but it was a work that needed to be done. And I gave it to him Jorgey. In my 5 inches. Ok, for some reason I tend to or let me say guys in the 5.9 - 5.11 range are the ones that seem to ask me out. Don't know why. But he is yes about 5.10 and a half to 5.11 and a half. Definitely not 6ft.

So there you go. I felt feminine, powerful and all. Whenever I get married Jorgey. And I honestly don't know when that will be, I don't wanna marry a cheapo or idiot or womaniser you know. I am holding out for a quality man. Pretty much like my sweetheart except I don't know Jorgey - we are too up and down. But oh how do I crave him. Anyways, like I said, if that happens and I pray it does, I will have no choice but to be the feminine minx that I am.

Heels, perfume, hair done up, jewellery, tight dress with correct colour hugging my curves. I almost always think about my pink fluffy puffy dress made out of furthers, a cherry blossom colour, with a gorgeous 6 inch. A black louboutin with a pin straight heel. Hair all done up and jelled backwards. Perfect yet minimalistic makeup.

And just catwalking down town. I love to do that when I feel 100% that I look good. And for some reason no one dares bothers me.

I get rich good looking admirers instead. Oh Jorgey, its so nice to chat to you sometimes.

My future husband just has to know that I am the middle of the centre. The centre of the centre. His little minx. His chocolate fondant. His purring cat. His object of affection that he can spoil and treat right. Allowing her to be first in everything. I knows that that's how I am gonna get married.

No cheapos for me. I believe that even if its with my sweetheart, he will treat me right once we cross that bridge. And I will let you know.

As a tall woman, self esteem is everything. Never feel that you have to give your body to a man before he loves you. Its the other way round. He must love you first and demonstrate this. My current beau, if I can call him that - him and I have kept ourselves pure. I know its a challenge but theres a special glue there between us that over time tends to demonstrate a type of relationship were we never really get out of each others lives. I pray the day we are together its proper and the way God wants it.

I want him for life not just part time. I am prepared to put in the work I need to right now to make this a reality later on. Its hard but worth it.

My standards are so high maybe that's why it takes folk like us a little time to catch that right one. And I know he will come. Your knight in shinning armour is sometimes closer than you think. Its not the looks but his heart and commitment towards you.

Cool 545 characters left lol!

Take care.

Thank you Joerg for putting this up. Have a great day! :-)
And the comments or reply options are user friendly :lol:
I don't know about anyone else, but I hate ankle pants and refuse to buy them. I think it's probably PTSD from my younger days (I'm 74) when I was unable to buy pants long enough and was forced to look like a fool in high-water pants (6'1/2" with a 36" inseam).
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