Tall Quotes 2005a

Teri wrote (June 29th 2005)

What an interesting website!! I wish I had seen something like this when I was 16 or so. I am now 47 years old and 6'2" tall. I love it now, even though I struggle to find long jeans and pants that are affordable. To all the younger girls that are still struggling with their height - just hang in there and try to enjoy being able to see over everyone in a crowd and watching everyone's faces when you stand up from a chair! If you look at it the right way, it really can be rather funny!! I have been married for 25 years to a wonderful man that is 6'6", and we have 3 children - a 20 year old son that is 6'7", a 19 year old daughter that is 6'1" (and doesn't hesitate to wear 3" heels!!), and a 17 year old son that is 6'6". We create quite a stir when we are all out together!! I met my husband because of our height!! His roommate at the time saw me out with some friends, and told me that he had a perfect guy for me! About an hour later, I saw a wonderfully handsome, very tall man walk in, and I knew that he had called him! We were introduced, and the rest is history! Being tall isn't always the easiest thing to deal with, but, once you're comfortable with yourself, it's hard to beat!! For those in the United States - try to think of yourself as a "Long Stemmed American Beauty"!!!!

Ashley wrote (June 26th 2005)

Wow, I can't believe there's a site for tall women - it's so amazing... Although I wouldn't really call myself tall anymore (5'7) I know exactly what you guys are talking about. I have been the exact same height since I was in the fourth grade. That is when you are just finding yourself ... which unfortunatly gave me a very low self esteem. Nicknames like jolly green giant and what not are so hurtful at that age especially when you are looking for acceptance so desperately. However I am stil taller than most guys my age and I love it. I have finally excepted my height and I have never been happier and seeing all these wonderful messages from you great women who are so much taller then me is so inspirational :)

Anna wrote (June 26th 2005)

l came across this site by accident as l was looking for sites that sold trendy clothes for taller women. l am English and am 39 years old. What really strikes me about this site is that being tall seems to produce such similar behaviour from people. l am 6ft and curvy with it, l work in an enviroment where l get to meet people from all over the world and would say that taller women and men are on the increase especially teenagers and all that is down to is diet and genetics. Sometimes when you live in small towns or cities you can feel like a freak when all your friends are regular height and people stare at you as though you ve come from outerspace,but thats because those types of people will never be different and will always look the same as each other. Basically it is height envy. I love to wear heels and have always loved fashion and make up.When people stare which they do often, l know its because l have learned to be confident in my height and it shows in the way l walk, carry my self and from the way l deal with people. Eye contact is one of our best tools. People do treat you differently - most with respect and awe and l would add that most assume your more intelligent and funnier because of our naturally higher view point on life. With regards to men and boys, l've learned that the smaller man is always envious but secretly admires you and the taller man is attracted to a partner of his own height as it's better for his whole posture. So really you are blessed with a natural talent, always try to make the best of yourself and keep a sense of humour.

Kim wrote (June 25th 2005)

My credentials: 24, 6'2" ... I reached the six-foot mark when I was about thirteen and stopped growing around nineteen. Yes, I was shy & insecure while in the process of coming to terms with who I am, mind, body & spirit - but we all go through that, every last one of us! Even the shorter folks.

I'd just like to say to everyone here that when people meet you and remark on your height (innocently in almost all cases!)... it's no defect of THEIR character if YOU take offense. Yes, I used to be offended, too. But at some point you have to come to terms with it and take responsibility for your own responses. And the infamous "Do you play basketball?" is just one of countless examples of a person that's being socially less-than-tactful when caught off guard. She who is without sin, please cast the first stone! :)

As for romance: think about it - do you go out with people to whom you are simply not attracted (for whatever reason)? Nope? Then you have to accept that OTHER PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO AS WELL. If they don't want someone taller than them, that's their perogative. And again, it's no character defect of theirs - it's a preference, just like we all have. And accepting your preferences is, in my opinion, part of accepting who you are.

It's true, there are not many guys taller than us out there. And so many of them seem to prefer shorter women. But think about it, ladies... a tall man knows that tall women have less of a selection (they often, as many people do, assume that we only want a taller man.) He may be wondering if you really care about him for who he is, or if you're just after him for his height. Makes sense to me! Maybe I'm just shallow... :)

In closing, take care of yourselves, and love your fellow man. We're only here for a short time together, and we'd better make the most of it.

Lindsay wrote (June 24th 2005)

Here I was cruising the internet looking for a place that made some jeans long enough to fit my 38" inseam and I stumbled on to a website that covers a topic near and dear to me.....being tall. I'm 26 years old and 6'4" Ive been taller than everybody else my whole life  (except my baby brother who's 6'7"). And a day never passes where I dont hear about how tall I am from somebody. Now I know for most tall people that's probably really annoying and redundant but I look at it this way: If they weren't commenting on me than I wouldn't be something special, if they weren't noticing me then I wouldn't be something beautiful. Fortunately for me growing up my father was a huge support system in my life. He taught me to be strong, he taught me to believe in myself, and most importantly he taught me to love myself. Nobody else will love you until you love yourself. For all of the younger beauties who are still coming into their own I offer you this advice..... Walk tall, throw your shoulders back and your boobs forward; take on the world with your head up and your eyes focused on the prize. To those who have been given a lot, a lot is expected. Never let anyone take away what is rightfully yours...your self esteem. When you get older you will have to beat men off with a stick...promise! (I never thought it would happen but it does!)I've had all the mental battles there is when it comes to being tall, and I promise you that there are alot worse things that could be wrong with you. Men adore you and women are jealous of you....what more could you ask? Hang in there and be proud of what you are.... BEAUTIFUL!

Rosalyn wrote (June 23rd 2005)

Hey, I am a single female from NYC and I am 5'10, 180lbs and I am a size 16. I am proud to say I am on a diet to slim down a little but it is for me. Yes, I am tall and sexy with it!!!! I was intimidated but as I grew older and realized how good I look in heels ... good bye insecurity, hello heels!!!!

Brittany wrote (June 21st 2005)

For all you tall girls out there like me who have the hardest time finding sexy jeans that fit the length of your legs so you can wear 3 inch heels won't have a problem anymore. Go to WWW.TALLCOUTURE.COM and look under there jeans. The Hudson Destroyed supermodel dark denim jeans and regular washed denim come in length 37 and 38. You don't have to put them in the dryer and preserve more length. Just dry them when they are a little damp and you will get that snugh fit. GOOD LUCK!

Added by Joerg: Gap.com, Buckle.com and Alloy.com have jeans with extra-long inseams.

Kati wrote (June 20th 2005)

Hello, I'm Kati from Sweden and 6ft tall. It seems so funny that you complain, because 5'9' - 5'11" is so normal around here! Tall girls are beautiful and men love them. It's never an issue for a man if a woman is taller. They look at the whole thing and what a great couple Tom and Nicole were!!

Elena wrote (June 19th 2005)

Hi, I am 5'11, 26 and living in Los Angeles. It's funny, but guys here regard tiny, petite and short girls as a status symbol. But, I've come to understand that if you like yourself (easier said than done) people will pick up on that and either leave you alone or adore you. I've always allowed men to treat me not just terrible but inhumanely and the worst part is that deep down I always felt I deserved it for being too tall or not pretty enough  until guys started telling me how they were using my insecurities and self esteem issues against me and how much of a turn off my self loathing was. I really hope that after so much pain, I have grown and come to love me. Thank you for so wonderful site. Ciao ELENA

Vanessa wrote (June 18th 2005)

Hey Guys! I live in Germany and just today I found out about this web page. I read a lot of your comments and it really makes me feel better that I'm not the only one who's that tall. By the way I'm 18 and 6 ft tall. I hate it. All of my friends are a lot shorter. They can wear whatever kind of shoes they want and they can have almost every man they want. But what about me? Almost every guy I like is shorter than me. For some boys it isn't a problem but for other ones it is. I'm attracted to tall and short guys, but I only want to have a taller boyfriend, because it makes me feel more comfortable. I dont play any sports and there is no reason to be proud to be so tall. Even though I get the same questions as you guys. Maybe modeling would make me feel better... I never waer any high shoes because that makes me just more uncomfortable. I had only one boyfriend in my life, and he was shorter than me. Everyone is like: Why are you single, you're so pretty, but I guess the reason is because I'm so tall. I have depressions sometimes that make me cry all day.

Well, I just hope it makes u feel better that you are not the only ones in the world, who are so tall. Take care

Kari wrote (June 16th 2005)

I'm 18 and 6'2". Like many of you, I have faced the standard comments "How tall are you?", "Do you play basketball?" "Do you model?" and so on. What really irks me though, is people who just meet me and the first thing they say is "Your so tall". I know!! I wish that shorter people would realise that we KNOW we're tall, and don't need it pointed out.

Anyways, I've always had a love-hate relationship with my height. Theres days that I love it, but there is also days where I feel lonely and hate it. I've used it to my advantages before... basketball, and I did a bit of modelling once upon a time..but it's really hard, especially around all these short tiny girls. So I quit those things, because the pressure placed on me...because of my height. Those are my biggest regrets, esp. quitting basketball...if there are any truly tall girls (now I'm talking 6'+, not 5'9" because 5'9" in my eyes, is the perfect height...not to short, and not to tall) who ever consider quitting something because of their height...I beg of you, reconsider because now I'd give anything to be back playing basketball...and I could have gotten a scholarship to the states...but I gave it all up.

So all in all, be proud of your height! Don't let shorter people get you down...I did, and it changed my life for the worst. xo

Sarah wrote (June 14th 2005)

I just want to encourage all of you to think highly of yourselves. God said that you are fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps 139). Do you realize that a lot of the negative comments are really hidden jealousies and insecurities. People, for some unexplainable reason view tall people as a threat and imagine that they are more competent, athletic and intelligent. That's all it really is. As a tall person you automatically stand out which intimidates those who would love to be noticed more. When you discover that you are blessed and beautiful you will notice how people will celebrate you. So don't be cast down. After all the best encourager is the one staring at you in the mirror! Chin up God loves and He's made lot's of men who love you too!! Sarah

Susan wrote (June 11th 2005)

My advice, after 30 years of being tall.. Wear heels and stand proud - and when a short guy mentions how tall you are, just smile and pat him on the head.

Tessa wrote (June 10th 2005)

I'm 21 now, and I've been 6'1" since i was 16. I just want to say to everyone out there that is in highschool and thinks they're too tall....get over it! Everyone is their most self concious and akward in highschool, so they like to point out differences in others to make themselves feel better. Just think of Tyra Banks. And remember the rude comments come from ppl that are the most insecure. I too have gotten all the "tall" comments: Do you play basketball, you should be a model, wow you're huge, how tall are your parents, do you play volleyball, do you like being tall, amazon, what nationality are you, you're actually well proportioned, you make me feel short, you're a tall glass of water.....the list goes on. It used to annoy me, but now I just laugh it off and say things like: do you play miniature golf?, you have dandruff, it's just hard to fit into cars made for midgits, Oh yeah, and my nationality is Amazonian. lol I love the way I am and wouldn't ever want to be shorter. Don't let others comments get you down. Just be proud of your height and don't let it rule your life. You'll always get more complitments and respect when you exude self confidence.

P.S.: If a boy doesn't want to date you because you're "too tall"....he's not nearly good enough for you. Look for a man that can handle all the beautiful woman that you are. ~tes

Stephanie wrote (June 9th 2005)

Some of you older tall girls (you're not really old but I'm only 15) are really depressing. Embrace your height, I mean I'm noticed a lot more for my sports (volleyball & basketball) than I would be if I was only like 5'7" or something. By the way, I'm 6'2" and I love it!! Most days at least until I look for a guy ahh! :)

Carolyn wrote (June 8th 2005)

I am 36 years old and 5'10" tall. I hate it. I have always been very self-conscious of my height. I am trying to feel good about myself and recently I have started buying shoes that are 1 1/2" to 2" (but I won't go any higher than that). I won't wear skirts because I have skinny legs and skinny long feet and I feel I look silly.

On the other hand, it does stink being tall, but there is nothing we can do about it but accept it and just be glad like another guest said that we are healthy.

Lauren wrote (June 8th 2005)

Hi! I'm sad to admit that I'm about to be 21 and just realized how lucky I am to be tall. I'm 6 feet tall if you ask guys and friends, but honestly I'm 5'11 1/2... lol. They just like to think that I must be taller. I've had such a love hate relationship with my height. I used to be a size 2/4 and was doing modeling in Miami until school became too demanding in Orlando. I honestly dont like modeling. I like to know that I can eat what I want! lol Well anyways guys always put me down for my height. I cannot tell you how many times I've heard" You're too tall to date, a guy wants to feel like the dominant one by being taller than you when you wear your heels". Honestly, I think it's a bunch of crap. It's hard though because I do love my shoes..and I'm quite stubborn and dont want to take them off. Well anyways, I hope that one day a guy can deal with it, especially since I'm really not that tall! But I must say... god bless my height.. us tall girls never have to look up to pretty much anyone:) plus we can pack on more weight and not look as bad as shorter girls.. remember that.. lol

Elisebet wrote (June 5th 2005)

Hey! I'm only a 5'10" American girl (a lot shorter than many of you), but I had always hated being tall, because guys are usually not much taller. I love wearing heels, but when I do...I tower over men! I dated a guy for 2 years that is an inch shorter than I am, and I always slouched next to him and stood on one foot to look shorter. In retrospect, I realize how silly I was. I felt like I looked like an enormous girl -when in reality, he just looked short and scrawny! I never had any reason to be concerned about my height! (if either of us should have been concerned over our heights, it should have been him over his own short height!). Anyway, if you can't be comfortable with your own height with a shorter guy - find a taller guy! They are out there (my boyfriend is a 6'5" Australian basketball player), and he has several other friends that are 6'3"-6'8". I know at least a dozen guys that are 6'3"-7'0". Try to meet some basketball players or guys with Dutch or Scandinavian backgrounds... They are out there--they are more common then we are!

Chelsea wrote (June 3rd 2005)

I am 16 and 6'3". I see that there are a lot of people in here that don't like their height...not only do I like my height, but I LOVE IT! I used to hate it and it took me a while to start loving it. Now I am a volleyball player, and because I am tall I have been being recruited since I was in 9th grade. Soon, I will be playing volleyball at a college on a full scholarship. My mom is 5'5 and my dad is 5'10". My older sister is 5'7". So where did I come from? I am adopted, and my biological mother is 5'10 and father 6'7. In family pictures, I am the tallest by far. I used to hate it, but I realize that it makes me special. I know that sounds lame. Think of it this way, the world sees tall as being a sign of beauty and power. Every time someone asks you how tall you are that are complimenting you. How many other people get noticed in a crowd for having a unique body? I'm not going to lie though, finding a taller boy is hard. Just as some women are attracted to shorter men, and I am only attracted to taller men. But for those of you like me, even when it seems like there are no tall guys out there, it is possible to find one. I just found myself a 6'9 basketball player. I know that my little blurb won't change your outlook. But next time someone says "wow, you're tall", just say thank you. Because it is a gift, and I believe that more often than not people's comments are meant to be compliments.

Jac wrote (June 3rd 2005)

Well, it seems a lot of the messages have put down the height factor. I used to hate it, seeing I am 16 and am 6"2 and still growing. This year i have learned to embrace it. I am so close to dunking and am all star of the volleyball. Im beginning to literally and metaphorically look down at the people that come up to me in the grocery stores and say "Excuse me, Miss, but how tall ARE you?" - they admire us so flaunt it.

Cresta wrote (June 2nd 2005)

Have been reading some of the quotes on here and felt that I had to put my thoughts down. I'm 6ft 2" and my height, although it has brought me some anguish from insensitive people in the past, has involved me with things I would never have done if I had been short and insignificant! I have been in the Spice Girls movie as a glamorous dancer, been on Vanessa (talking about height), Been in full page spread in The Mirror (for long legs of britain). I have been asked to model by a top model company whilst standing giving out leaflets in london (whilst as a student!). Without my height I wouldn't have had half the attention from guys! I have had much success with the opposite sex and, funnily enough, I will only go out with guys who are between 5ft 10 and 6ft 2" and no taller! I'm just not used to guys being taller I suppose lol! I have had a great 20s and now at 32 am having a great 30s! It can be hard sometimes but for the most part life is great!

Sophie wrote (May 31st 2005)

Wow...guys...i know exactly how you feel. I don't get teased or bullied but people mention to me about how tall i am (6'2''....im 15) and the repeditiveness of the comments are annoying...however....i KNOW for a fact i am beautiful! think of all those short girls who want to be like us....buahaha...keep trying girls! this is an awesome website by the way! :)

Lindsay wrote (May 29th 2005)

Hey ladies!! My name is Lindsay, 18 yrs old and I'm 6ft 1in, size 9 shoe, and I think my butt is too big. I love heels I'm a short person in a tall persons body). But you know what? I LOVE MY HEIGHT!!

I'd like to start off by saying something very important: YOUR HEIGHT IS A GIFT!!

You may not believe me right now, but later in life, you will realize that what you have is what you've got to live with, and once you accept yourself, other people will respect you and your confidence. SERIOUSLY.

Ask yourself this: "If I don't see through my small imperfections and realize my true beauty, then who will?"

-Once you realize that NOBODY will respect you until you stand up straight and stop looking at your feet; you will feel better about yourself.

Some ways to increase your confidence include:

  1. Stand up straight- slouching makes you look taller
  2. Don't look at the ground while you walk. Averting your eyes makes you look obviously unsure about yourself.
  3. SMILE :) often. The ultimate in confidence is being able to laugh at yourself. Did some jerk just come up to you and say... "hey, you are soooo tall! i bet you play basketball!!". Instead of getting sad or mad, laugh it off. Say something dumb, like "oh yeah, and my team was top in the nation for underwater basket weaving" and laugh. People will recognize a sense of humor (which is extremely sexy), and recognize confidence (which is a huge turnon).
  4. Look people in the eyes when they are talking to you, no matter where their eyes are located, height wise. Looking at people straight will inflict the animal instinct of respect and authority. When dogs first meet in the wild, they will stare themselves down. The dog that reigns supreme will be highly respected in the pack.
  5. If you don't want to be noticed, don't wear wild hues or funky patterns. If you are wearing crazy leopard print hot pants, and you are very self concious, EVERYONE will look at you, because A.) you will be looking at the ground, and B.) Who really wears crazy leopard print hotpants?

Well, that is my advice for all of you self-concious ladies out there. Now it's time for a confession of my own:

I was the most self concious person on EARTH through middle school! I started laughing at the dumb things I do, and it turned around completely! Now I wear heels, and am about to start a career as a runway model! (after some excersising, of course, hahah.)

Be yourself! enjoy who you are!

Hannah wrote (May 27 2005)

Hello! I am 15 years old girl and 6'1. I totally hate it and it makes me feel horrible. There is so many mean people out there who make fun of me and don't understand what it's like to be tall. I got picked on a lot in middle school, but for now people in my school have accepted me the way I am. Although I am much taller than girls then still guys are not that far from me. Some are even same height and it makes me feel more comfortable. The one thing I enjoy is the looks from guys. Some cute guys really seem to be interested in me, but they never come to talk to me and I'm very shy. Maybe they're afraid of me, cuz I don't have that friendly look and I hardly smile. But that's because I'm very depressed and sad cuz of my height. And if they would come up to me, would it matter anyway, I feel big and unattractive next to them so yeah. I find life very painful and unfair. But this site has helped me a lot and I feel much better now.

Melina wrote (May 27th 2005)

Hi, my name is melina and I am 5'9 - 5'10. I HATE being tall. I feel like a man becuz I am so tall. I am 15 years old and I dont have many friends. I just recently moved in with my dad. I had to start at a new school. anyway, I feel like all girls are shorter then me and it makes me feel abnormal and like I don't belong with them. I would give anything to be 5'3 - I think that's the perfect height. Whenever I meet someone they always say... wow ur really tall. It really bothers me becuz I am very self concius about myself  and my feet are so big! I wear size 11. Lately I have been feeling very sad and insecure and I believe I have depression. I was surfing the net tonite and I decided to look up tall and all of your stories and stuff have made me feel a little better. It's good to know there are lots of tall, confident women out there.

Mary wrote (May 26th 2005)

I'm a tall girlfriend. I've just been searching on the web to try and console myself. I came across a science article about finding love - where it said love is found when the man is 1.09 time the height of his woman. It said the rule breaks down for very tall guys who find love in very short women (thats not much good is it!) and also very tall women who go for very short men. They showed a few 'perfect couples' and a few freaky looking couples too. Now that is not consoling.

Kate wrote (May 26th 2005)

You know when you are at a bar with your friends, and they are casually leaning up against it, you try but its too low down so your back is way arched - doesnt look good, so you try and stand tall instead and be proud.However because all your friends are casually leaning on the bar you poke out like a stick. And then theres girlie secrets, they can all hear them because their ears are all the right height, you ask 'sorry what?' and the secreat loses its intimacy because you were too far away the first time. being tall has an effect on how you feel with other people.

Amy wrote (May 26th 2005)

My boyfriend wants to marry me, he is 1 inch short of perfect. He is my best friend in every way. we chat we laugh, yet an uncomfortable feeling creeps in when we are stood looking into each others eyes, I realise my back is slumped and my neck suddenly feels crooked and things just don't match up. I long to be able to tiptoe, with one leg in the air I love it when i come home from work, I ring the door bell and he is stood on the door step and wish it could be like that always. But even when i am dolled up (in flat sparkly sandles of course)i feel big and masculine. The funny thing is that in the first 3 years we were together i didnt even notice the difference i was so in love - even wearing 2 inch heels. Perhaps its only the past few years when wondering whether he is 'the one' it has truely bothered me. Friends say life is too short to worry about such a small thing, but as many of you will know it is enough to really bring me down. The worse thing is that i probably b ring it up far to often and now because its an issue with me i wonder if ive created an issue with him that he would like a shorter girlfriend who didnt worry about her height. I think of all the other couples who have problems with their relationships and we have none! we get on fantastically..its just this one niggling thing always in the back of my mind. I'm lucky really to have found such a soul mate. I really want to be happy with it, and wonder if the feeling will go away... but its been 6 years...is there anything i can do to make me feel happier with myself?

Gloria wrote (May 25th 2005)

Like most of you I came across this site by accident.

I am 44 and wouldn't wear a heel taller than an inch. I am 5'11 but have felt like a giant and very self-conscious my entire life. My daughter is 5'4 but would always encourage me to wear heels if I liked the shoe. I would rave over a shoe at the mall but wouldn't buy it if the heel were too high.

Her encouragement finally rubbed off. I started wearing 3 inch heels to church 2 years ago and now I've mustered up the courage to wear them to work as well.

I always said I would never date a man shorter than myself. I wouldn't give a shorter man a second look... I was always looking for someone at least 6'3. But guess what? I am currently attracted to someone and he appears to be about 5'7 or 5'8. We just say hello when we see each other but I can tell he's interested also. I just think it's funny that after all these years of failed relationships with taller men, I never gave the short guy a chance. If he ever asks me out on a date I will definitely say YES!

P.S. Yes I know what year it is and it's okay to ask a guy out but that's just not me. (smile)

Alexandra wrote (May 25th 2005)

Hey there, I'm 16, and 6' tall. I'm not finding it as bad as I used to. Most of my friends are tall, and sure, they tease me for being tall, but then again, I tease them for another feature they may have. I realised that hey, my legs are sexy, and dresses always tend to look better. We are tall, we are sexy, we are ROWR! :)

Nikki wrote (May 25th 2005)

Hey everyone im Nnikki.. I'm about 5'10 1/2 and I'm 15. I HATE being tall but that's a bad thing.. I should be grateful.. but I havent found the advantages of being tall.. people always say wow your tall.. ok I know that.. tell me something I dont know... that's like telling me im a girl.. people get REALLY ignorant sometimes I hate it.. they ask why dont u play basketball or something.. just because I'm tall doesnt mean I have to play basketball. I  have 2 tall friends and I feel proud when I walk around the school with them.. 1 is a model and 1 is a basketball player if there is any teens around my height and age that want to talk about their height to me please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. these comments help me a lot.. and so does this site yay!

Kaylen wrote (May 24th 2005)

Im 6'2 and maybe sum... lol and I am the tallest girl in dodds Europe which means outta all the sports I  play, basketball, volleyball and track! And my height has gotten me on those sports. I am 16, and I am finally startin to be ok wit my height. Instead of cowardin when ppl make fun of it, I play along. I dont wear heels, but someday I hope I do.

Laura wrote (May 24th 2005)

Hey, I'm 15, and I'm 5'10. Or 11. I hate it so much. Recently I've been cutting myself over it. I look at all these short girls who look so damn good in everything they wear, I just get so jealous :(. I never wear trousers anymore, because everyone says I look really thin in them and they make my legs look longer. So now I just wear skirts which come down to my ankles. I hate it, because I used to love wearing jeans :(. Now I can't find any long enough, and because my hips are a size 12 whilst my tummy is an 8-10, I have a really weird shaped body and it's very awkward. I have had boyfriends, and been asked out quite a lot. But I just can't say yes because I feel so big and unattractive when I'm with them, because there's not many tall people in my school! I hardly ever even leave my house anymore, cause my height has lowered my self-esteem so much, I can't handle anyone looking at me without being paranoid they're gonna shout ''LANKY LAURA!'' or something. Anyways, if anyone wants to talk to another tall girl ... please add me to MSN This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.... I'll be happy to speak :) thanks! Laura xxxxxxxxxx

Shannon wrote (May 20th 2005)

Hey I'm officially in love with this site it really helped me out! I'm 16, 6'1, and a size 8. I've had literally HUNDREDS of people make tall comments and I used to feel so self-concious about it but recently I started accepting it and I'm so much happier!  While some guys are really weird about girls being taller then them most are cool. I've had boyfriends who were anywhere from 6' to 6'5 and they all thought my height was cool.

Bridget wrote (May 19th 2005)

I'm 16 and 6'0 tall and i am the tallest girl in my grade. Sometimes it really sucks because most of the guys are just as tall or shorter. I really would like a guy to be taller than me, but my whole school is short! I do play basketball and I am a starting center, but thats not all I want to do in life. People exaggerate my height saying, "yea, she's 7 ft tall". "God your really tall." Um....duh! Are you blind, I know that. I hate when people remind me of my height, it bugs me soo much. I haven't had a boyfriend either, so maybe the guys are intimidated to be with a tall girl, that really does suck! But reading these quotes on here really helped. Being tall is beautiful, hopefully I'll come to my senses and realize it soon.

Heidi wrote (May 19th 2005)

Hi. I am 17 years old, and am 6'2 and 3/4 with no socks or shoes on! You know what though, for the first time in my life, I wore heels, and it was to prom! They were only 1 3/4 inch, but they made me 6'4 1/2 inches tall! I got a lot of compliments on my shoes!

Michelle wrote (May 18th 2005)

I am almost 6'2", and I am at the point that I date only men who are at least 2 or 3 inches shorter than I am. Unlike some other women that have written in, I truly love the feeling of "being in control" that I have with a shorter man!

Panklady wrote (May 16th 2005)

Ladies, I have to chuckle at some of these posts because I see so many parallels in each of your posts with regard to my life. Thanks for this website - it's truly refreshing. The heel issue (WEAR THEM PROUDLY), the voluptuousness, dating, etc. I don't think of myself as tall UNTIL I stand next to someone who is not. I'm 5'11 3/4" and am built pretty much like a "brickhouse" (not skinny & not overly fat--THICK). I love busting men out who say that they're 6 feet tall and they only come up to my forehead. Men do lie and not just about their height. *wink* Speaking of (but not really)... don'tcha hate it when they say "we're the same size lying down"? That's some hot-buttery mess, isn't it? LOL I laugh & dismiss them. Ladies, always walk tall & continue to dress like the fierce divas we are. Note: There's more of us than the average chick, be sure to dress accordingly... one size fits MOST, not all. LOL. And guess what, not every tall woman out there desires to play basketball or other sports... so don't try to force us. Take pride in your height... it's a gift!

Molly wrote (May 16th 2005)

I definetely needed to see this website about a year ago! I am sixteen and almost 6'2. While I think it will be a while before I am completely comfortable with it, I like seeing that there are tall women out there who love it.

I began cutting myself because I hate my height so much. I would look at myself in the mirror and would just burst into tears. Most girls at my school are about 5'5 at the tallest, and so walking around there really upset me too. I've never had a boyfriend either, and I often blame it on my height. I'm not really heavy, I'm rather slim and I have natural blonde hair and grey eyes... and really really pale skin. Sounds like quite the package, doesn't it? Well, apparently not, haha. I hope that one day I will be able to look in the mirror and tell myself I love me.

Marye-Ann wrote (May 14th 2005)

Okay, I'm a freshman in high school and I am 5'11... I mean it was way worse in middle school but now that I have a friend that is an inch under me and the guys aren't too far behind I am starting to enjoy it because I really want to be a model... the worst part is trying to find jeans which I never can because I'm soo skinny. I weigh about 115 and I'm 5'11 if I weren't so skinny I would probably enjoy the tallness alot more!!

Abbi wrote (May 14th 2005)

Hey, I am 15 and 5'9 That might not seem like very tall but i am pretty sure i have got a few more inches to go. Being tall up until recently did well suck. My mom is 5'11 and my dad is 6'5 so being tall in my family was just the norm. But while I was in school things got harder. You see I have a twin sister who is just as tall as I am being a twin is hard enough, but being tall and a twin is a down right obsticlae. We used get called things like 

1. The twin towers
2. The Jolly Blonde Giants.

These are just a few of the names that really shot my confidence down to ultra low. Until I had a teacher in the 8th grade who was 6'2 inches and she had blonde hair and blue eyes. She told me something that now that I am in High School really helped me cope. She told me that being a head and shoulders above everyone is is not always a bad thing. We are made just the way that God intended for us to be. And that those people who make fun you for being tall are just not worth your time. Being tall is hard when your young escpecially guys think your older than you actually are and people always expect you to play basketball. But something I dont think they get is just how much I hate getting asked those questions. Thanks for creating a web page that gives girls like me some much needed confidecnce. " the taller you are the closer to god you are" Thanks!

Andi wrote (May 13th 2005)

Six feet tall. I used to be very heavy. Lost the weight. I was slow to figure this one out: Tall and shapely, (very shapely)never understood the overt hostility received from other woman. I think perhaps this is the issue. Not really a knock over beauty by any "stretch" however, it seems no matter what I am wearing, no matter what hostility. My husband, (5'10") now does the return stare, overt glare whatever the female is sending my way. I find something beautiful about every woman I see. But if a woman does not "feel" beautiful, or does not like herself..major issues and it shows. Woman stop frowning. It is aging. A little hair over the lip and guess what the world sees?

Ashley wrote (May 13th 2005)

My name is Ashley, and I am 5'9, that isnt that tall, but I get made fun of all the time. My boyfriend is 6'4 and loves tall women, so if you feel insecure, dont! Models are tall and everyone is beautiful in thier own way. Every short girl says they want to be taller so being tall is a great think. Be happy for who you are and dont let these short people tell you differently!!!

Siera wrote (May 10th 2005)

Wow! I'm so glad I found your site. Reading the quotes, the phrase 'jolly green giant' came to mind. That was a 6th grade nickname. Yeah, school was pretty tough but you know what, now at 21, although it's still rather hard to find guys who summon enough courage to say hello, I love those that do.

Plus comments that I could be a model, don't hurt. That being said: I stumbled across this site while looking for flat dressy shoes to go out with my b/f. I was just bemoaning my height and wow, after reading the above, I feel soo much better.

Thank you!!!

Bree wrote (May 8th 2005)

I am happy to have found this site. I am 43 and 6'2. I have a "tiny" 5'11" fifteen year-old daughter who will really get a kick out of reading all of the helpful insights from all of you! I will share with you some of the things that I have shared with her over the years. Perhaps you may find some of it useful.

When people ask you if you play basketball (whether you do or not) tell them "why no, I'm an Olympic gymnast" and try to keep from laughing when their eyes almost pop out of their sockets! That one gets them everytime!

I told my daughter to always stand up tall. People can be very vocal in their quest for knowledge and they have no idea that it may hurt your feelings. If they are short, they've always wanted to be tall. People always want what they don't have. People will always wonder how tall you would be ESPECIALLY if you stood up straight.

Don't be afraid to wear heels. People will ask you "how tall are you" even when you are in flats. When you are in heels the question seems to get turned around. "You can't be that tall, how tall are you without your heels?" Then you can answer, "You're right, I'm only ---ft tall." A little psychology goes a long way. Of course you will sometimes get those foolish ones that make the embarrassing comments in high school. Just remember, those same idiots will be asking you out in a couple of years when they get their courage up. Then you can decide whether to forgive them or not!

In college I would go out dancing with a girlfriend who is 6'5" tall.(All of you tall women know what I'm about to say!For the younger girls I will prepare you)There are many short men that simply adore dancing with tall women. Is it because their heads just reach our chests? The pick up line is "Hey tall lady, do you like short men?" We heard it so often that I finally got t-shirts made up. The front side "Of course I like short men" and the back side "I ate three for breakfast." We had a blast in our walking billboards!

Don't be a bully but don't let anyone intimidate you. You are as God intended you to be and that is perfect.

Good Luck Amazon Women, and be the first on the dance floor when "Brick House" comes on the sound system!


Katharina wrote (May 8th 2005)

Wow... I really love this site. I actually typed in "tall is beautiful" in Google, because I really needed some confirmation that I was okay, but not only did I find what I needed in here, I also felt kinda short... I'm 18 and 5'9, and as far as I can see, that makes me the shortest one in here... Thank you all so much for the reassurance that I'm beautiful.

Julia wrote (May 6th 2005)

I love being tall now at 45 but at 15 I was typically annoyed I stood out! However clothes and shoes can always be found and with the internet it's now so easy!! Just love yourself for what you are.

Noralee wrote (May 4th 2005)

Hey, thank you for such a great website! I'm 17 (almost 18) and im 6'4 and 3/4 inches. I want everyone to know that they should hold their chins up high, I try to everyday even when it's hard and it keeps me going. Never pay attention to those who snicker or stare, they have no idea what true beauty is. Stay beautiful, ladies!

Chrissy wrote (May 1st 2005)

I have read a lot of the comments from other women, and I agree with almost all of it... Every tall woman has been through the same things in life and heard all of the same questions... and none of us were happy that we were tall in the beginning... but you learn to work with what you have. I'm 6'1 and believe it or not, I forget that I am tall and sometimes people have to remind me, but I enjoy it. I'm happy I'm not like everyone else! But come on girls, clothes are not that hard to find. I live a town that doesn't have a lot of tall women and I have tons of clothes and shoes, cause I know all of us tall people don't have small feet!! Haha, but hey for those younger girls that feel awkward. It does go away. It's ok to feel that way. Just give it time things do get better, besides highschool is the hardest part of life, that's my opinion... Just take pride in who you are...

Antoinette wrote (May 1st 2005)

You guys are really an inspiration to me. I am 5'10" and I hate my height. I am so tired of people and their rude comments about my height. I think I try to over do things because of my height. I won't go outside unless I have certain clothes on and I always wear flats. I really hate my height and it seems like there are no tall women in Baltimore but me (I know this is not true but my self esteem is so low thats how I feel.) Can anyone tell me how to get over this feeling I am really depressed.

Rachel wrote (April 30th 2005)

"TALL IS COOL" - I'm sick of hearing this but hey, it could be worse.

Hannah wrote (April 27th 2005)

Just remember this: 'the lovliest roses have the longest stems'

Vanessa wrote (April 27th 2005)

I'm so sick and tired of reading through these comments and hearing women say they HATE THIS ABOUT THEIR HEIGHT OR THEY HATE THAT ABOUT THEIR HEIGHT... or they can't find clothes etc etc... You can find clothes - you obviously have the internet USE IT!! There are hundreds of sites for tall juniors and tall womens clothes! and STOP HATING YOURSELVES!! You're tall accept it and move on! I'm 6'2" and I hear these 5'10" women saying they are tall and they hate it. Puhlease get over yourselves... life's too short to be so down about one aspect of your life... so you're tall - it could be a hell of a lot worse... You could be sitting in a wheelchair or you could have no legs at all or no feet... be happy you can bitch about buying clothes for those body parts alot of people don't have that opportunity! Being tall is a blessing and a curse... but don't let the comments and the stares get you down. They aren't staying because you are hideous they are staring because you are unusual and unique and being unique is BEAUTIFUL! I've been this tall since I was 12 years old and I know it's not easy believe me, I know... but ignorant people can only bother you if you let them! Stand tall, be proud of what god gave you and be thankful that being tall is your only MAJOR complaint. You could be dying of a terminal illness instead of trying to find a 37" inseam!

Gemma wrote (April 26th 2005)

Hi, I am 17 and so far about 6 foot 1, I had always been bullied when I was younger at school because of my height I lost all my confidence and it destroyed me. I ended up hating myself and left school early, but now as I grow I can honestly say I love my height and wouldn't do anything to change it now. I use it to the best of my advantage. Ok, so yes, it is a serious pain shopping for clothes but you deal with it, you get used to it, all I can say is you are who you are, don't ever let anyone bring you down over your apperance!! P.S.: Did I mention I am currently persuing in finding a career as a plus sized model? I am size 16 and like my size too so I've found the confidence to love myself. I'm just waiting for a reply from a modelling agency. Fingers crossed!!!

Sheneiza wrote (April 25th 2005)

Hi, I'm about 5'9" or 5'10 and I've always hated myself for it. I felt like being tall made me some type of mutant that stood out on top of the normal girls might height. Thanks to your site I realize I'm not alone. There are a lot tall girls out there and just because I'm tall it doesn't make me any less of a person than a person who is of average height.

Sonia wrote (April 25th 2005)

I am 5'9 and my husband is 5'4, we have been together and married in total for 20 years. I am 37 years old, we have two beautiful children, and I am the one with the hang up. I wear flat shoes and he likes to wear flat shoes I am sick of wearing flat shoes and want him to wear higher shoes, I love him very much but so wish he was taller. I think I would be happier with him and my children I know I sound very selfish and shallow, but I wish he was taller then me. It has only started to bug me the last few years, maybe it is peer pressure in a way looking at other people and feeling embarressed that people are looking at us any advice. I just wish people wouldn't comment, its like saying and it's rude "your husband is uglier then you" but I think shorter is worse. Can anyone get any sense into me?

Emily wrote (April 23rd 2005)

I am 14 and 5'9 already and still growing. I was never confident with my height, always thinking that guys would be too scared to come near me. Especially in assemblys I felt less confident. Because I go to an all girls school, when we stand up, I am surrounded by short people and feel like I'm the tallest in the school! But I have now learnt to deal with it and have realised that are guys out there that are tall. I love being tall because I feel more superior than others, just like I'm a god looking down on them.

Sue wrote (April 23rd 2005)

What a delightful discovery - here I was looking for shoes in my size (12N) and I stumbled onto the outpourings from hearts - and hurts - of tall women. I so rarely talk with women my height (I'm 5'11") that I really had no idea my experience was so common. I've been this height since I was 16 - 34 years ago (that adds up to 50 years old). Hearing you all made me realize that I've learned to ignore the "You're really tall, you know that?" remarks - but I do wonder if it ever dawns on the people who say those things how utterly foolish it makes them look. I was never the outgoing, confident (or athletic) type - I just felt like the "jolly green giant" that even my friends called me, and knew it was pretty unattractive to just about everyone. I met and married someone in college who was a lot taller than me - my late husband was 6'5" - and I guess that laid the issue to rest for awhile. I've realized though -- being widowed and single again for many years -- that except for my sons, I am as tall as or taller than most everyone I’m around. 

My two sons are ages 24 and 29, the older and shorter one being 6'5". His "baby brother" is 6'9". When we're together we turn heads, let me tell you! We all really do enjoy being tall - I had to get over my negative feelings about it so I could instill in them that being tall was a good thing. For a long time - and even now sometimes - I felt like I was lying to them, but I know I'm not. Being tall or short or anything - being who God made me to be - is exactly who I want to be. But we've all, my sons and I, also endured - and still do - those unfeeling, thoughtless remarks that people make. Not a SINGLE DAY goes by that my younger son doesn't hear these two questions, one right after another: 

  1. "How tall are you, anyway?" (That's usually preceded by, "Man, you're really tall!" Duh.), then 
  2. Do you play basketball? 

This has gone on 365 days a year for the last 10 years - at 14 he was 6'4" - and it's made me realize the effect those ridiculous questions and comments have on those of us who are unusually tall. He likes basketball, but not to die for - if anything, the questions drove him away from it, because they made him feel like that was the only value you could have if you were a tall guy. He knew he was so much more than that, but no one even wanted to see it. I'm hearing the same thing echoed in what all of us have heard our whole lives - regardless of what anyone meant or didn't mean, what we heard was that we're too tall to be good for anything else. 

The look that the shoe clerk gives me when I ask if a shoe comes in a 12 - that surreptitious glance down at my "freakishly" large feet, followed by an upward sweep that takes in my "gargantuan" height – can still hurt. I'm too tall to shop in that store, to fit in this car, to go with this guy, to sit at this desk, to wear cute clothes or high heels (or cute shoes at all) - the list goes on and on. But you know what I've learned? It really is their problem. I am who I was created to be. If I didn’t choose my height – and of course I didn’t – then I am the person I was meant to be, all 71 inches/180 cm of me, and I've learned to be confident in that. I can reach shelves that no one else can, I can walk faster than anyone else (actually including my 6'9" son), I can see where I’m going in any crowd, I can look anyone in the eye when I need to, and if I have to bend over to do so, that’s fine with me. And I will never be a "little" old lady! 

Ladies, people will take you more seriously as a student, employee, client or co-worker than they will your shorter colleagues – unless you carry yourself like you are ashamed of your height. Standing with your shoulders square does so much for you – you feel better because you get more oxygen into your system, you look better, slimmer, more confident, happier, more energetic – and you feel that way, too. Sometimes you have to act the part even when you don’t feel it – but if you do, the feelings will catch up to the act. And ! when you stand tall, it's way easier for ugly words to roll off you rather than soak in. We have to remember just how ridiculous this all is, that our value should be set by how many inches our chin is from the floor – as if it makes any difference in who we are as people – who we are in our heart, soul, mind and spirit. If my height is a problem for someone else, they’re only making fools of them, not me. I am who I was designed to be, and nothing can change that. So chin up!

Danielle wrote (April 20th 2005)

My best friend is tall and stands at 6'5. She is a fab dancer and singer but gets turned down for roles at school because of her height. I really hate this and you have made her a board of good things about tall people for her birthday. Thanx for the help!!!

Kayleigh wrote (April 18th 2005)

Hey everyone, I just want to say that I am 18 years old and I am 5ft 10 (well at least I think I'm that height). I hate being tall and always have, as I feel awkward. Especially as most of the people around me are shorter than me but theres nothing I can do about my height so I have just learned to get on with it. Reading this website has helped me accept my height and appreciate it so thanks.

Jennifer wrote (April 18th 2005)

I am 5'11" and a rather fit girl, so I get comments like "are you a firefighter?" and "you're the biggest woman I've ever seen". Things like that. It sucks. Even my boyfriend says I'm "big". That's the word I hear often. I used to be proud to be tall, but now I know that if you're not a model or athlete that it is a liability. Finding shoes and finding clothes that fit is just a chore. Everything I buy has to be a large or I don't buy it. I am curvy too, which doesn't help me one bit. I feel like Hulk Hogan in drag.

Ama wrote (April 17th 2005)

Hi everyone, I'm 21 and I'm 5'10. You may think that this is not very tall but I feel like im 6'5. I use to have a big problem with my height but now i've eased down. The problem I do have is that my long term boyfriend (5 years)claims hes 5'12 (I dont believe him) but I look taller than him! I dont wear heels when i'm with him and i still feel insecure. We are getting engaged next year but what shoes am i gonna wear? To tell you the truth, I love him to bits but every time I see him I think to myself why cant he be taller. I feel bad for feeling this way and feel that it is affecting our relationship. p.s I luv this website, its making me feel at home knowing that im not the only girl with a height problem.

Amelia wrote (April 17th 2005)

Hi, Im 18 years old and 5'11 tall. I have always loved my height as it came in very handy for netball. At age 12 I was 5'9 tall and after games people would come up and say "Can I take a measurement of your arms?". I chose to take those things as a compliment. I think the most annoying thing about being on the tall side is that shoes never fit - I have size 12 feet. But apart from that I love it, and I think other tall girls should stand tall and be proud. Tall women have presence, and hey, who do they use in the modelling world? Tallies!

Gwen wrote (April 16th 2005)

I love all your letters it makes me feel good to hear them. I am 33 years old and have a big hang up on my height. I am 5"10 or maybe taller I think I am still growing (lol). I am slender and  don't have a weight problem - I am 135lbs. People say how lucky I am to be tall - they don't understand at all. I am hearing this from people who are like 5'5 and you guys don't know what I'm talkin about! They complain to me about their weight, how they love to be tall and thin. But I say to them you can always lose weight but I am ALWAYS going to be STUCK being TALL! That shuts them up pretty good. I don't think people who are short really grab this concept. I thought at this age I might grow out of it cause I REALLY hated in school but look i am 33 years old and I still hate it with a passion! Everyone in my family and friends think I am crazy but you amazon women (lol) - no i am not!

Electra wrote (April 15th 2005)

Hey, im 5'9 and a 1/4 feet tall at 17 years old and i have always been kinda self-conscious of my height. Growing up i have always been the tallest girl of my class and it really bothered me because i felt like i was different from everybody else. When i came across this site, however, i have never realized that there are so many great women out there that are as tall and taller than me! This site is totally awesome, and has really contributed to my confidence boost and for that i am TRULY thankful. I am actually starting to appreciate and accept my height, and i am so happy. Thank you so much for putting up this site Joerg, you are amazing!! Keep up the good work!

Nichole wrote (April 14th 2005)

Hi my name is Nichole. Being tall never was a problem for me in grade school, because i was kind of a tom boy. When i reached the Jr. High stage I got made fun of and the guys that i used to play with in grade school wouldn't hang out with me. I think because they didn't know how to act around me any more. I am 5'10'' and play basketball and vollyball really good. This guy that i like now is really cute and he has never minded my height. Even though he is about a 1/2 in. shorter. I know that it bugs him a little when we hang out around the guys because they tease him about me dominating him if we ever get in a fight. But to tell you the truth i don't think that i could beat him. He is a wrestler and he's pretty strong. Thanks sooo much for making this website and giving my self esteem a big boost. Tall and lovin it! Nichole

Sugar wrote (April 13th 2005)

I'm 25, female and live in Singapore which is in Asia and stand at 6'. That sounds like quite an achievement to be Asian and taller than most men! Well I have the usual problems I read about here as well, finding a pair of pants to fit me is like winning the lottery! Shoes are almost extinct - I have to go overseas to buy them or wear men's shoes. But the biggest problem I had was finding a guy tall enuff for me. In the end I met my dream guy, he's 5'3" and people always gawk at us walking together. He doesnt mind.

Kate wrote (April 12th 2005)

I think this site is great, being able to read peoples' experiences who are as tall as you makes you feel 'normal' again!!! I'm lucky, I've never been ridiculed because of my height, infact most people are quite amazed and don't believe me when i say that I'm just about 6ft 1! I do find being tall a pain sometimes - finding a boyfriend is so difficult and when you're 15 and all you're friends have one it can be quite tough! But I've learnt to love my height - why worry about it? theres nothing i can do to change it. There are some inconsiderate people out there who do gawp but i just smile and walk away - they're just jealous!!! I just want to say to all the people who read this - be proud of you're height - it's nothing to be ashamed of! Stand up straight with you're head held high!

Emily wrote (April 12th 2005)

I love this site. I'm 14 and 5'11 and still growing, I'm taller than most of the people I know and taller than all the people at my school minus a couple of lads in year eleven.

I have lots of friends but they just don't understand what it's like to walk past someone then hear them say something really cruel about your height. I don't have that much confidence with my height, but this website has helped me to see that I should be proud of my height and not try to hide it.

Zoe wrote (April 12th 2005)

I love this page! I've always been self-conscious about my height. I'm always finding myself looking down when I talk to people. This website tells me to appericiate my height, and think of all the things I'm better at than shorter people. 

  1. Basketball (Because of my height, I made the best basketball team for my school.)
  2. Volleyball (I play intense volleyball, and thanks to my height, I can block the ball easier.) 
  3. Running (the long length of my legs helps me to take bigger steps.) 

Practically all sports are easier if you're tall. What if you don't play sports? Well, modeling is an option. See? Us, tall people can do so much more than short people! I don't know why we don't like it! If you really hate your height, just hang around a really tall person, that's taller than you! Then you have to look up. But choose your friends wisely... Well I love you all, tall people! BYE!

Sarah wrote (April 11th 2005)

Wow. I love this site, I'm 14 and 5' 10 1/2" and I suspect I have another couple inches in me at lest. I always thought I was really tall, and then I came to this website, and I see I'm not really. It has really inspired me, I've started crossing my fingers for 6 feet again. Most my friends at school are pretty short, I have one who's not even 5 feet, and they're great friends and all, but they just don't understand about being tall. Also I'm strong, I throw shot put so I lift some pretty serious weights, and I have been told randomly in the hall by someone I've never met that I look like a guy. It's kinda of annoying, cuz suddenly when I was 12 I got these huge boobs, that I'm still kind of embarassed of. What bothers me most is that they don't sell a single strapless bra big enough at the lingerie section of J.C. Penney's. Erm... not that this really has much to do with height, but just in the general theme of large women. I don't get teased too much to my face, I think people are afraid I'd beat them up... but I know they talk behind my back, which is worse. I wish they'd just tell me to my face and face me like a woman.

Leticia wrote (April 10th 2005)

Hi, I want to thank you for this site, because it made me feel better hearing all these quotes. I'm turning 16 on the 26th of April and live in Belgium, I think I'm a little shorter than 6'0" and I'm rather big too. I've been bullied on from my 6 years till my 12 years, but as I got older it became less. Now, there are some people who some times say these comments to my face and there are a lot who talk behind my back. I've been bullied on every thing they could find. In the first place because I was big, but also because I was tall and because I was not like most children I didn't hid my true self. When I was older I got remarks like" I can see right in your nose." and because most guys where smaller like me some said "when they want to kiss each other he needs to climb a ladder". Then when I was 13 years old I went on a diet and lost 12 kg, by then I already changed my true self from when I was smaller into something that fitted in with the rest, but I still got remarks like 'she's a bear of a woman' saying that is used here mostly for a guy instead of a woman, and this is a guy who's really big and tall. So I started to gain weight again.

Now I know I'm different like other people on lots of things. I've become more secure of myself because of my favourite actor who thinks it's really important to stay true to the real you. Because a lot of things have happened to me the last years I've become more depressed and also in school things aren't going very well, my points are getting worse .I'm know again trying to lose weight and I try to keep my back straight but I'm having troubles with it because I've been trying to hide myself from when I was 6. If anyone knows a trick to help keep my back straight it would be very useful. I have one dream and that's to become an actress, I had doubts on this because I thought that when I was taller than a male actor they wouldn't want you in a movie. But because of this site and all the quotes and information on tall people I've gotten more hope again. I would like to thank you for this!

I never found myself beautiful, and I still don't think I am but I find this is a great site, I found it by accident searching information on acting and actresses. I hope that a lot of tall woman find this site and that it has the same effect on them as it had on me. I think it's also good that tall woman keep wearing high heels, because I think it's stupid that it's expected of tall woman that they won't wear high heels, I can't see why we should not wear them. Thanks, because of this site I finally see things lighting up a bit after all that is happened.

Emily wrote (April 7th 2005)

Hello... As I read this quotes, I realized that there are other women who are the same height as me, or even taller... I'm 17 years old and I'm 5'8 1/2... I always felt upset due to my height, because to be honest, "I don't like been tall".. In high school, I've been teased by many students, and that has made me feel very disappointed.... But you know what?... After reading all these quotes, I realized that I should accept myself the way I am, and enjoy my life.... Thank you for your site Joerg. Love you Emily

Erin wrote (April 7th 2005)

Hi! My name is Erin, i am from Australia, I am 23 and stand just shy of 6'1. I guess I was always destined to be tall, my dad is 6'5. My mum and sister on the other hand are 5'8. My dad lives in a different state and always has so I have always felt (and been) head and shoulders taller than everyone in my family (incuding my step father and his three sons). The feelings you get being a tall female are hard to explain - there are some things that I love about it and just as many that I hate. I hate that I am taller than most men, but I love the ones brave enough to come and talk to me. My ex-boyfriend was 6'7 and when we went places together I could see people poke eachother and say 'look at those two people, they are so tall - like giants!'. I am fairly comfortable in my height and even though I say i don't like it sometimes I think I would hate to be short... There is absolutely no doubt that people notice me when I walk into a room. I always wear high heels and when I d o I sometimes stand at almost 6'4. If I am comfortable in my surroundings and feel confident in how I look, then I feel like a million dollars and enjoy standing out. If you take me out of that environment I am a complete wall flower which is not like me at all. Sometimes, I dont want to stand out, I dont want people to notice me and I don't want to know that people are talking about me.

If I get a good reaction to my height, it just makes me more confident. I was out the other night and a very gorgeous young man walked up to me and said 'how are you tonight my Amazonian princess?' That definitely worked for me!

If I get a bad reaction, I try to brush it off, but if I know someone else is uncomfortable about my height then I inevitably am too. I would say 90% of the people I meet ask me how tall I am or tell me that I am tall. Really? I had never noticed!

I am still not totally comfortable about my height and it really does depend on the situation but I always walk tall and I always wear high heels. Just because I am tall shouldn't mean that I can't be feminine. Sometimes it is a big test for me on the inside, but the biggest lesson I have ever learnt (and I think it is due to my height) is to walk with your head held high and NEVER EVER slouch and people will automatically assume you are a confident person - and confidence is attractive.

I hate making it sound like a burden, but a lot of the time people don't understand how it feels to be an exceptionally tall woman and people close to me, who forget how tall i am, like my family tell me to stop worrying about and get over it. That is easier said than done and they are not the people being criticised or made fun of on a very frequent basis!

I have never left a message on one of these things before, but your site inspired me, Joerg. Thank you, and you are doing a wonderful job... Writing this was very therapeutic actually, I might do another one one day ;)

Cheers, Erin xx

Anita wrote (April 5th 2005)

Hello there. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed perusing your site. It's a nice compliment to women to create a clean "tall" site that we can enjoy w/o the pressure of porn slush popping up to greet us.

As you've no doubt heard, being tall is no picnic in school. Mean things are said, and if you have "gullible" written across your forehead like I did, you believed them. Thus you end up with a tall, painfully shy girl without any real confidence. Is "ugly duckling syndrome" ringing any bells? Fortunately I realized that I had to be something, so I decided to be the best at being tall. I managed to cultivate an altitude-embracing act which worked very well for me. I did not slouch and I wore any heels I could reasonably balance in. The best compliment I ever accepted was "you carry yourself well".

I say "the best compliment I ever accepted", because those hurtful things said to me so long ago do not disappear easily. Being made fun of because you are tall doesn't stop at hurting your feeling in that one aspect: it hurts you to the core because your mind carries it on...now you are tall, stringy, plain, and god-forbid, ugly. I can't accept "you are beautiful", "you should be a model", and the like, because a part of me still does not believe it.

In my small world of experience, and yes, it is a very small world for me, the men that I respond to better are self assured, hard working, honest to a fault and not afraid to approach me. Men without confidence make me self conscious about myself, because, of course, the fault must lie with me, right? (Yeah, that's really how I see it...and I know it's dumb, but that's the truth.)

Self-analysis getting to you yet? I don't really have a point, just want to get something off my chest, and maybe some other tall chick has this same problem that I now have:

Extremely handsome, accomplished men, are terrifying to me. Currently I had been set up by a family friend to go out with his devastatingly handsome, tall, dark, Marine (Special Forces to boot) son who is just back from Iraq. He is my ultimate "no, please go away and let me hide" nightmare, and he is either delusional or near-sighted, because he wants to persue a relationship…with me. yikes.

And I want to deserve him. God how I want to.

So now, while I wait two months before he becomes a civilian again, I'm on a task to boost the old ego a few notches and convince myself that I deserve him. To make a long story longer, that's why I'm searching out your site and others like it to read about tall, pretty-but-sure-as-hell-didn't-used-to-be people and how they got over their own negative self image.

Thanks for creating TallWomen.org.

Kari wrote (March 24th 2005)

I love reading other tall womens comments on this site, it helps me feel so much better! I'm almost 15 years old and I'm 5'9. I've always been the tallest girl in my school and when I was in Grade School I got teased about it all the time. I got called everything from "Granny Long Legs" to "Skyscraper." But now I know that they were just jealous! Now that I'm in High School, the insults about my height have stopped and the guy that I like told me he really liked my long legs! That made me feel great! I have guys talking about how much they love my height all the time and lots of people tell me to model. And all my life I have avoided wearing heels and my favorite black boots because I was afraid it would make me look taller but now, I think I just might wear them! Next time I go to the mall, I'm gonna try on every pair of heels they got! Shopping for jeans is still weird though, because no store has jeans long enough to fit me...but my mom found a great magazine that has lots of l ong jeans, so its no big deal! Thanks soo much!

Patty wrote (March 16th 2005)

My name is Patty. Being 5'9" I always considered myself to be tall until my daughter passed me. She is now 5'11" and only 14. I've had a good laugh reading some of the quotes on your website. The questions short people ask tall people are so funny. The best one I've been asked about my daughter is "How does she like being tall?" I tell then she likes it just fine, especially since she doesn't have a choice but to be tall. Thanks for the website and the encouragement passed on to tall women.

Deeonna wrote (March 12th 2005)

Wow I wasn't going to write but after I saw Deborah's post I had to contribute. I am 6ft tall and I also live in the DC area and I know exactly how you feel. I am always been the tallest kid in class and I'm been this height since I was 14 (I'm 25 now). I understand exactly how you feel I've been tall for so long that it's not a big deal to me. I'm so used to being taller than most people. Now it is harder to find clothes and shoes but it's part of who I am. One thing that I will tell you Deborah is that DC people are short and stupid. I live in the DC area but I'm originally from New York City and I don't anywhere near the amount of attention I get for being tall in DC in New York City. People in DC are a lot shorter and true despite the huge international population in the city they do seem to not be used to seeing tall women. And the funniest part is that I've seen more woman taller than me in DC that I have in New York City. So you're not alone Deborah but if you ever feel down you can always take a weekend trip to New York City where everyone will just assume your a model or socialite. One more thing I thing it would be great if all tall women did this, it brightened my day when it was done to me and I do it every chance a get. If you ever pass by a woman around your height or taller just tell her "I love your height", she'll definitely appreciate it.

Lottie wrote (March 4th 2005)

I was a bit sad reading the quotes from the tall women who visit your site, I have to say. I cannot believe one girl was considering surgery to alter her height! Of course I know being tall can make you feel shy and self conscious (I'm - 6ft and a redhead to go with it!) but it's not a disability. One of my best friends is 4'11", we'd walk around together at Sixth form, her in flats, me in heels and we'd get some funny looks but it's not an insult, it's actually quite amusing! When we go out my friends and I note how long it takes for someone to point out my stature - blokes are oddly keen on telling me I'm tall, as if I've never noticed - and we all have a good laugh at it. I almost got all the way home one night when some little guy ran after me down the street to ask me my height - that's the record - 2.30am! In a club about a month ago someone asked me how tall I am, refused to believe me and demanded to see my shoes! How rude! Would you go up to an obese person and ask how much they weigh, call them a liar and demand to see their clothes labels? Err no, it's bad mannered! I've realised that, when you're tall, you've got to stand proud and enjoy the attention. No one means to do you any harm by noticing your height, they're just interested. Being different is a good thing, it doesn't mean you have to feel like a freak =)

All my best wishes to you and your lovely girlfriend Joerg,

Love Lottie x

Deborah wrote (February 18th 2005)

I just want to say thank you!!!! for this awesome Web site. I am 5'10 1/2" and will be 35 on my next birthday. I relay that fact because at almost 35, I STILL have not gotten to the point where I am comfortable with my height. I think that is so ridiculous, yet the feeling persists. I think it's because, living near D.C., I'm constantly on the subway, where I have to stand quite often, and I am amazed, that even on days when I wear flats, I'm still taller than like, 75% of the men on the train. I don't think 5'10 1/2" is really that tall for a man, yet most of them don't even reach this height. And when I end up standing next to them, I can almost feel their discomfort. Heaven forbid I wear heels! Which I love! Then I'm 6' 0", 6'1", and they're really messed up then. Fortunately I married a super guy who is 5' 11", which means I'm taller than him when I wear heels, but he could care less and doesn't see it as an issue.

I think for me the issue has always been the reaction from other people. While I know some admire my stature, some act like they have never seen a tall woman in their lives, and I KNOW this cannot be the case. These stupid looks stop me from wearing heels and dressing the way I want to dress a lot of the time. I hate how society has been brainwashed to believe that all women have to be "little" to be "normal" or "acceptable." What it really seems to be is that these women don't intimidate others. I know I intimidate. But there's nothing I can do except learn to enjoy it I guess.

Again, I thank you so much for putting this site together. It has lifted me out of plenty of bad moods when I see all the names of these beautiful women who are my height, or even taller. I really appreciate how you work to help taller women appreciate and love themselves. That is awesome. Please keep the site going; I know it has and will continue to help taller girls and women like me who have to deal with an ignorant (or again, intimidated) society that has no clue how to deal with us marvelous creatures.

You rock!!!!

Danae' wrote (January 9th 2005)

Hey, i found your website pretty inspirational. Growing up i was always the tallest girl when it came to everything compared to guys. I still feel in many cases that way to day. I'm 19 and they say supposedly i'm done growing. If this is true i have stopped growing at 5'10. After seeing your webpage i quickly realized i really wasnt that tall and there definatly were more weomen who were the same heigth as me. I'm really impressed with all the research you have done with your additional links to stores. Being tall is getting more common and you have helped make being tall easier. Being tall was never to much of a deal as having huge feet though for me. I opend your home page and like right away you had super cute boots on there and they managed to even get to sizes i can wear, i found it completely amazing. Usually when your tall the cloths you can find are well either really big and baggy or just plain ugly and all your links are pretty much fashionable clothing which ! i would wear. Thanks for taking the time out for women and doing something in dedication to us.

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