Tall Quotes 2007b

Jeannette wrote (August 31st 2007)

I'm 6'1". I never expected to be this tall. My dad is 5'10" and my mom is 5'6". My brother is 5'10" like my dad. I was 5'5" at age 13 and then I started a growth spurt and outgrew everyone. In addition to that I've grown fond of high heels and I own several pairs. I stand about 6'5" in my highest pair and I feel like a giant over my family and my boyfriend who is 6'1" too. It took a bit getting used to. It was awkward at first being taller than everyone but now I like it. I think tall women should look on the brighter side and see the advantages of being tall. Most short women are jealous of us and would love to be our height. And there are plenty of guys who don't mind dating taller women!

Patricia wrote (August 31st 2007)

Ok, I'm back. Yesterday I got really upset. I went online and came across this question asking who was the tallest girl youve ever seen? And this one person posted "in catholic school there was this tall *** girl - she was like 5'3", her name was Patricia. Def a giant in our school". I didn't think it was me but then her name sounded familiar and that was my height when I went to a catholic school...

Carol wrote (August 29th 2007)

To Patricia: You are so sweet. I know exactly what you are going through. I took a growth height one summer in jr hi. I was more bothered by the mean things the kids said then being tall myself. I had long beautiful legs and the girls were just jealous... I am 5'10" and I got a leading part in a musical called Lil Abner. I played Moombeam McSwine, a singing, acting and dancing part I never forgot. One day back-stage one of the dorky guys in the play said that they felt bad in jr hi that they used to call me an Amazon. I was so crushed I walked home crying all the way home, they did not know they had made me cry. Well, anyway... I was 17 then and now I am 53, and boy, I sure wish we had a web-site like this. We didn't even have computers or the internet then. So Patricia: just keep posting and tell us some situations and we can all help you get thru getting hurt by ignorant people. Hugs from Carol

Simona wrote (August 29th 2007)

Hello! I'm from Serbia too... I'm 6'0" tall like Sandra... But I feel really good... I sometimes wear heels. I also sometimes feel insecure about my height but when I look at myself in the mirror I feel great. And when I see men on street checking me out I feel great. And Patricia, don't worry... Those people are just jealous, believe me! Ever since 1st grade I was very tall and there were always people who were making fun of my height... And of course, you can become a model if you want - way easier than all these jealous girls!!! Trust me... Kiss

Patricia wrote (August 28th 2007)

Okay, in the height box it only said that shortest was 5'10 so I'll go with that... My real height is 5'9" and the thing is, I'm only 11. I try to embrace my height and sometimes I feel good about it until someone happens to say "Hey, King Kong!". That problem got so bad that I had to switch to a school that had 6th grade in a middle school. I felt better since at least I wasn't the tallest one but I've always been tall. I remember when I was in 3rd grade I was 5'3. I was always taller than most of the teachers. I'm proud of my height but I just dont understand why people have to make fun of me.

Diane wrote (August 28th 2007)

I'm 45 and 6ft tall. I also hated it in HS, but my mom who was 5'8" always told me I would be glad when I got older. She was right, I love being tall and woudn't change that for anything. Tall women look sooo much better in their clothing than short women. And I think men in general prefer tall women. My husband is the same height as me... works great!!

Hannelore wrote (August 28th 2007)

Hi tall girls/women out there! I'm an 18year old 6ft tall girl from Belgium and I started checking out tall women websites for a few years now, since I realised I was quite tall... Anyway, this is my favorite tall-site of all! Sometimes when I feel bad about my height (which used to happen pretty frequently), I need to read these quotes to boost my confidence a bit, and it helps! I just wanted to thank all of you for helping me through some tough times. I've always been the tallest girl in high school, which made me very uncomfortable about my 6ft (or 1m83) so I used to be amazed by how many women here, who were a lot taller than me, were proud of their height. Tanks to you I can finally say "I'm proud too!!". I'm not scared to wear heels anymore, I realised my boyfriend doesn't HAVE to be taller than me, but most of all, being tall didn't kill me, so it made me stronger! I'm proud of who I am, and if someone else doesn't like it, that's his problem! Thank you!!

Joerg says: Great, I'm pleased to hear it!

Jewel wrote (August 27th 2007)

Wow Christine, take a chill pill! It's ok to say 5'12". It's just a humerous joke cause it gets people confused for a lil while! That's its intended purpose. I dont think it makes people sound ashamed! When u can joke it shows you're not that sensitive. If ur ashamed of your height u don't wear heels at all which I do, cause I have just one rule for wearing heels: LOOK IMMACULATE

Joerg says: I believe every (tall) woman who's confident has got her own way of reacting. You should say whatever works for you as long as it makes you feel better.

Sandra wrote (August 26th 2007)

Hi there... I'm 17 years old and I live in Serbia. While I was younger I loved my height (I was always the tallest girl in class), but when I wanted to wear heels everyone was like: "Are you crazy? You are too tall!!!" I played volleyball for 3 years and I stopped because I was scared that I would keep growing. When I found tallwomen.org I was so happy. Before I used to think:"I'm too tall" - especially when I'm around shorter people (by that I mean 5'6" and shorter). I still sometimes feel bad about my height and because of that I don't have confidence...

Joerg says: You probably don't know that some of the most attractive tall ladies come from Serbia. My good "old" friend Branka is 6'6", Danijela Utvic (Basketball player and Tall Woman of the Month for October 2007) is 6'5".

Christine wrote (August 26th 2007)

Hi again gals :)

I just want to add my 2 cents worth :> For some reason, and granted, this is just MY opinion, I DISLIKE it STRONGLY when a woman of 6 feet says that she's 5'12", to me that seems she's ashamed of her height and trying to "appear" shorter, and we SHOULD NOT be ashamed! God made us tall, dunno why He did, but He did, and I dunno why tall people are a minority (but we are); Well, apparently not in some parts of the world. I'm Canadian, and here it's not too common... Anyhoo, LOL... please don't say 5'12", say 6 feet! Man, that bothers me!!!! But then again that's me :> Think about it! It makes a woman sound ashamed and we're here to support each other. And, yeah to the girls that are 5 foot 10, you're really not that tall. Maybe 25 years ago it was considered super tall for a woman, but NOT today! I know... I'm in my early 40's and the whole height issue regarding tall women has changed DRAMATICALLY in 25 years! Most of the women on this site seem around my height - 6 feet plus - which is cool :> Blessings, Christine (who's 6'2") :>

Jheri wrote (August 25th 2007)

I was asked by another tall lady where I get my jeans. I had to confess that the ones I was wearing were cheating because they were custom. I do have real problems trying to buy from the rack because most of my height is leg.

I found this in my notes from a few months ago. I have an old roommate from my NYC days who is pretty short who has as much trouble getting jeans that fit as I do. She is a little less of a tomboy than me and would save up to go into some of the custom clothing makers. A few months ago she sent a letter and I finally found it.

I don't know how good this place is, but she is pretty reliable - has anyone had any experience?

Joerg says: Because the email from your friend is pretty long I'm not going to quote all of it. She's referring to www.makeyourownjeans.com - it's a company listed on the Clothes USA page and comes recommended. I've been in touch with the owner and he's working hard to provide a good service.

Sade wrote (August 25th 2007)

Hello everyone. This is my first time on here and I think it's great. I love my height except when it's time to wear heels. I love heels but when i wear them I feel like a giant. I ask people all the time but most of them were short. (So it really does not count) - I would like to hear from some women with a little height. I try to just ignore the stares of ignorant people, but I want to hear what some of you think.

Jewel wrote (August 25th 2007)

MORE COMEBACKS? Try, "I was supposed to be twins". If people ask you do you play basketball say "No, im lazy and I smoke" or if they say how tall r u say "I am 5ft 12inches". tee hee:)

Jheri wrote (August 25th 2007)

On comebacks... I gave up on trying to come up with snappy things. Most people just aren't used to seeing tallish women, so I try to take it as a complement and return one.

So if I hear ... my god you're tall... I might answer ... "Hey, thanks! And I really love your suit."

I've had some very nice conversations with people I would not have otherwise met and a few that have led to good friendships. Sure there are some jerks who say nasty things, but I think more people are just startled and don't know what to say.

Sara wrote (August 25th 2007)

I just wanted to give a hug to all the young ladies still fitting into their height. I am 29 years old and was 6' by age 12 (I'm 6'2" now). Being tall is a beautiful thing. It just takes some getting used to in this non-tall friendly world.

Susan wrote (August 24th 2007)

I feel compelled to respond to Laycie's comment. I appreciate your comments and perspective as far as your thoughts on why you ask the height of tall women. However, like I said before not everyone's motive is the same. I have encountered some well-meaning people and I handle that accordingly. I can appreciate that some people are just curious and don't mean any malice. There are some people who do not have just curiosity, but, I believe are insecure about themselves or whatever their issues are and want to test the waters to see how a tall woman feels about herself. Unfortunately, just like there are some people who are hateful enough to make fun at people who have disabilities. Speaking only for myself, I handle each situation differently. If someone were being complimentary of course I would not be put off. Again, if someone were being a jerk then more than likely I would say something.

Jewel wrote (August 24th 2007)

Carol - some comebacks?

"God stretched me out when I was a baby".


P.S.: Guess you can't argue with what God has done cause it's always good :) !

Laycie wrote (August 24th 2007)

This site is full of feelings from the perspective of the tall woman who always gets asked how tall she is. Well, have you ever wondered what REALLY goes through the minds of those people who ask you your height? I am one of those people. And I will tell you exactly why I used to ask tall women all the time, "How tall are you?"

The more I reflect on this, the more I realize I did this pretty often, beginning in college. I can't speak for why men ask women their height. I can only speak for myself. I am just a hair under 5'8", and I've always wanted to be taller. So when I'd see a woman who is taller than me (which is not the norm, since 5'8" is taller than most women), I'd invariably ask how tall she is - but only if we were already chatting or I already somehow knew her. I'd never just go up to strangers. I did not ask for heights to be mean or to offend them. This was akin to asking a woman where she got a great-looking pair of earrings, or where she got her hair done, or where she got her outfit from. Even if a woman seemed to be only two inches taller than me, I'd ask. I did this out of sheer envy. If the woman was close to my height, like 5'9" or 5'10", I'd ask also because I'd first estimate her height, and make a visual note of how tall she appeared. Then, if it turned out she was only one or two inches taller than me, I'd realize that, hey, if she looks tall, and she's only one or two inches taller than me, then I MYSELF must look tall, too! I'd want that confirmation.

Other women I've asked were usually 5'11", and some six feet and over. None ever reacted as though they were offended, except for just one (I found out later she was 6'1"). Another woman responded, "I'm six feet and I love it!" I always have followed up my question with something like, "You are so lucky! I wish I had your height!" Sometimes they'd say, "No you don't!" Then I'd tell them why I did. I've run into quite a few tall women through my volleyball playing. The tallest one I ever asked (not a volleyball player, but... well, okay, I confess, she was a complete stranger, but we were in line for something), was 6'5"! I complimented her after she answered. So when someone, at least a woman, asks you your height, it IS a compliment. I'd never go up to a fat person and ask how much they weigh, because I don't want to be fat. This is a poor comparison. I'd never ask a short girl how short she is, because heaven forbid, I'd never want to be short.

My message is: Stop being so $#%$ overly sensitive. So what if someone comments on your height. How many of you, yourselves, have NEVER commented on someone's physical appearance, be it skin tone, hair color, shape of eyebrows, fingernails, shoulders, whatever ??? Nobody on this board is perfect. I wonder how many of the women here, who despise their height, would be changed instantly if they got in a car wreck and had to use a wheel-chair.

P.S.: Joerg, I had to put in 5'10" in the "Your Height" box to allow the site to accept my posting.

Joerg says: There is no 5'8" or 5'9" in the "height box" because the target audience is women who are 5'10" and over. I have decided to use your quotes though because you make a few good points.

Carol wrote (August 23rd 2007)

Hi guys, it's Carol again. I love to read this web-site so much, I was wondering if some of you could give some phases that you have used as a comeback when someone asks you how tall you are or the great saying gee you are tall, as if I dont know that already. If I could have some good comebacks that would not sound mean, I am so sensitive that even a mention of my height can somewhat ruin my day. I know it sounds lame, but I need some good comebacks that can help me feel better about these comments and then help me feel more like the tall beautiful girl I am. I am 5'10" and I do feel good about being how I am. Thanks so much! Hugs, Carol

Joerg says: There is sort of a "comebacks page" admittedly it is somewhat hidden away though.

Jewel wrote (August 22nd 2007)

Dear Joerg, I am considered tall at 6'0", and even then, I have never looked at it like I am weird or something. Sure, some people will look at me but usually they are not so tall people in the first place. I kind of lament girls who are like 5'10" - 6'0" feeling terrible about themselves! If only they knew how gorgeous they are.

I tell you Joerg, on a given day at work, I will get my hair done, do my make up, dress in my lil outfits and put my heels on. And when I walk through town, I have this attitude that says "better get out of my way". It's attractive, when a woman is tall, looks beautiful and confident.

The only reason I won't wear heels sometimes is on a day like this: I am just feeling "blurrghh" and I don't really wanna talk to everybody a lot. Maybe just a bit, I wanna keep in my own corner.

Bottom line: at 5'0" - 6'0" a woman sticks out. I have seen women this height dressed up - and it's made me want this bad. I really want these gurls to take a breather. Cause when you look attractive, you feel attractive, and you become attractive - to others.

Girls do what you can to feel good. paint your nails. you are beautiful. ok?

Joerg says: Hear, hear... I'm not going to argue with that!

Kyra wrote (August 22nd 2007)

I'm sorry, maybe it's just me but I find it rather offensive when people think all I can do as a tall woman is model and play basketball! (The fact I love playing basketball has got nothing to do with it!). You wouldn't go up to a short person and say "WOW, you must love pot-holeing!" or something.... I know it sounds bitter and I'm not. I love every inch of my height! I'm the only 6ft1 18yr old I know!! It just annoys me when I tell people I'm about to do a degree and they say "Well, it's alright for u. U can pay ur student fees by modeling". EXCUSE ME! But maybe I'll just get a job like everyone else on my course. All I'm saying is: There's more to me than my height like there's more to everyone on here! I wish people would recognise my other gifts not just the vertical one! xx

Joerg says: Being tall helps being successful though so why not embrace it?

Lea wrote (August 21st 2007)

If someone comes up to you and says something about you're height or tells you you're soo tall... take it like a compliment cause nobody would go to a small person and comment about her height... that would just be mean!... The most important thing is the confidence. If you just stand up straight you'll own the place!

Carol wrote (August 20th 2007)

I am so glad I found this website. I have stuggled with the comments on how tall I am at 5'10". It's been tough. I don't feel tall but when it is pointed out to me now that I am 53 I feel so uncool again... like I felt at age 15. Kids were cruel then. Thanks, guys for being there, so glad to talk to other gals who are going through the same thing, being supportive makes all the difference to me. Thanks! Carol

Alley wrote (August 15th 2007)

I am 25, 6'0", about 200 lbs and I LOVE it. I have always wanted to date a man taller than me, but when I did it never worked out. Here I am dating a guy that is 5'8 1/2" and he is wonderful. So I don't see anything wrong with dating someone shorter than you. It's their personality and the way they make u feel that should matter the most.

Emma wrote (August 14th 2007)

I think some people here are a little over-sensitive about their height. I'm 5'10" but don't see myself as that tall. Sure I was one of the taller girls at school but I'll see hundreds of girls around my height on any saturday afternoon trip to the mall. All stores seem to have clothes that fit OK, and I can count on the fingers of one hand the times that people have mentioned my height. I can understand the problems when you're 6ft plus, but not really below this. Anyway just my 2c....

Daniela wrote (August 14th 2007)

Hey, I was trying to find soem long pants online and came across this website - it's interesting to read all the other girls comments. I know exactly how they feel - now at 30 - I love being tall. Thank God!

Stephanie wrote (August 12th 2007)

Hi, I'm 6'2 and only 16. I'm always one of the tallest people in class. I always hear about how tall I am from the girls but the guys usually don't say anything to me about my height, maybe they like it, I don't know. The last couple years I wasn't satisfied with my height, I always wanted to be a few inches shorter so I wouldn't stand out in the crowd. But now I couldn't care less. Being tall is beautiful and a gift. So be proud to be tall!

Katie wrote (August 10th 2007)

It's me again. I guess you're right, Joerg. I am among the shortest women in here. I shouldn't be complaining. I do like being tall sometimes. It makes me feel sexy and unique.

To Danielle:

Hey, did you go to that "Pete Newell's Basketball Camp For Tall Women" this summer in Oregon City? Sorry, but there was a girl there who was 6'4", 14, and her name was Danielle. Just curious. Was that you?

Wow. Now I know I really shouldn't be complaining now that I know of a girl who is younger than me and 6'4"! Wow! I think extreme height is awsome! I have recently learned to accept, embrace, and love my height. Anyone who makes fun of tall, sexy, confident women is just plain JEALOUS!!


Joerg says: There you go... that's kind of attitude I was referring to. You're tall enough to rule but not tall enough to hit your head on the door-frame. I think you can consider yourself very lucky because you're getting the best of both worlds. By the way: Danielle is from the UK so it probably wasn't her at the Basketball Camp for Tall Women.

Katie wrote (August 9th 2007)

My whole life, I have been tall. Sometimes I feel insecure, sometimes I feel confident and sexy. I usually feel confident though because I always seem to get attention and get comments on how gorgeous I am, and how I have a cute butt, before comments on height. I am 15 years old, 5'10", blonde, green eyes, tannish skin-tone, and extremely athletic (but I have a slender build - not muscular). It seems like I can't get through one single day without at least one person commenting on how tall I am! That gets annoying after a while!

I also have a reputation at my school for being very smart and following the rules (which I do). I have a 4.0 . I have a tall family, but not extremely tall (and I have a lot of people in my family). But what sucks, is that I am the tallest of the girls in my family. I am very close to my girl cousins, but I sometimes get jealous of how petite they are! They are like 5'6" or 5'4". My mom and dad are tall. Mom: 5'11, Dad: 6'3". My mom has 3 brothers and my dad has one sister. My mom is the only girl in her family, and she was the tallest child (except for my uncle Tony, who is like 6'2" or 6'3")!!! It's not fair! Why did she have to be the tall one?! I have 10 cousins altogether, and my brother Jacob (18yrs. old and 6'4") and I are by FAR the tallest out of all of them!

Joerg says: It's the same old story... You may only be 15 but you're very much among the shortest girls on here. I will never understand why a woman who's 5'10" complains about her height while a lady who is, say, 6'4" or 6'5", loves it. Maybe you want to be average? On here you're well below average. Think about it!

While I'm at it: I plan on visiting Sandy Allen when I'm in the US in October / November. In case anyone wants to send her a card get in touch with me. I will make sure she gets it.

Jheri wrote (August 7th 2007)

To Danielle:

How true. I took a look through their online catalogs and would peg the youngest stuff at closer to 20, but there isn't much there.

The problem is volume. There is no way a clothing manufacturer can get the required volume to justify a size. I went through the same thing and, shudder, had an aunt who was an excellent seamstress with really old fashioned tastes. She would make wonderfully crafted things for me that were - well - twenty years out of date.

The trick is to customize things. If you can sew all the better. Look around in the magazines and racks at what you really like and see if you can find trends that might go back. Maybe the way some old jeans fit 10, the color of a shirt, things like that. Get out the scissors, throw things together - just be creative.

I model for a living and some of the designers will tell you that a great place to trendspot in among new models showing up in NYC, Paris etc. They are usually from really small towns and didn't have enough money to have custom clothing made. Most of them are a bit too tall for rack clothing (although nothing like my 6'3 or your 6'4 plus) and they started their own designs.

Someone has to start trends and it isn't the designers (they are followers - trust me :-) Find some friends who are really interested in this and put together things together.

I'm not terribly stylish, but remember finding some really tight old jeans that were way too short in a thrift store when I was about 15. I turned them into shorts, put some cute pockets on them, built my own belt out of old leather and chain from a hardware store and had all of the girls my age (and older) asking where I bought them. I also had more than a few disasters, but it was a lot of fun.

Remember - thrift stores can be your friend :-)

Here are a few more hints (These might be out of date - they probably are, but they give a place to start):
  • You can make a denim miniskirt by finding some very high waisted jeans from the 80s (goodwill or other places will have these for almost nothing. I used to buy them for 50 cents each). Buy them a couple of sizes too big. Don't worry about the legs being the right length. Get some chalk and mark a very straight line across them just *above* the crotch. Cut on the line -- a mini! you can now customize it to your heart's content.
  • You can make distressed jean by ripping open seams with a seam ripper. Open up the inside leg & crotch seam. Now seam-rip the seam starting at the bottom of the fly, going down to the front hem. Depending on the thickness of the denim, either lay the curved seam over the other side and sew or fold the curved seam under to form a straight seam and sew. If needed, trim shorter for an even final hem.
  • Cut off the waistband on your jeans. Seam-rip the belt loops first.
  • Go to a hardware store and find stuff to make belts, belt loops etc with. Tall gals look great with lots of metal.
  • You can "age" denim dramatically with a cheese grater. It pretty much destroys it for cheese or carrots, but it works pretty well.

I just built my iPod shuffle into a belt buckle. It looks like it belongs there.

I'm really thin and never had boobs (still) there are things you can do that will get attention to things other than your height. I found some old model rocket nose cones that were about 2" wide and as long. duct tape and my AA bra gave a different effect under a somewhat loose top (you wouldn't do this with anything tight:-)

If you need crazy ideas just write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - he will forward your email to me.

P.S.: Danielle - I've walked things for major designers you've probably heard of that had lots of stuff from hardware stories and hobby shops in them. Use your imagination!! Tall is a wonderful canvas to paint on.

Haddy wrote (August 7th 2007)

I just had to add this quote:

"There comes a time when you have to stand up and shout: This is me damn it! I look the way I look, think the way I think, feel the way I feel, love the way I love! I am a whole complex package. Take me... or leave me. Accept me - or walk away! Do not try to make me feel like less of a person, just because I don't fit your idea of who I should be and don't try to change me to fit your mold. If I need to change.

When you are strong enough to love yourself 100%, good and bad - you will be amazed at the opportunities that life presents you."

"Stacey Charter"

Danielle wrote (August 6th 2007)

Hi there. I am 6ft 4 and 14 years old, and I am still growing. I find it very difficult to find modern clothes that 14 year old people wear. I have gone to shops like Dorothy PerkinsTop Shop and NEXT and although they have a Miss Tall section, it's definetely for ages 30 plus.

Joerg says: I always thought TopShop catered for the young(er) generation. Hm.

Beatrice wrote (August 4th 2007)

Hello, my name is Beatrice Bofia and I am 6'7". I mean it's a great feeling to be tall and beautiful as well. When I was a little girl it was so uncomfortable because I was the tallest kid in my school. So imagine how students would look at me during break!!!!! I didn't hate that but it was so uncomfortable to be the only tall girl around, I got teased all the time. However having a twin sister who is (just) one inch shorter than me felt so great. Always walking together me and my twin sister Suzy are used to answer a lot of question in the street. I mean the only time I regret being tall is when I go shopping for jeans and shoes. U can imagine how difficult it is to find a size 13-14. Playing basketball make it easier to take advantage of this gift (height) God gave me.

Elizabeth wrote (July 29 2007)

Growing up I always felt self-conscious about my height. I thought I was monsterous even though I have been always been very trim and fit. I wanted to be like the small 'dainty' girls. I would try to look shorter by wearing flats, stand with one leg out- basically stooping. I even became unhealthily skinny so I wouldn't weigh more than my friends. But for the past 5 years (I am 30 now) or so, I have begun to embrace my height after realizing that I can't make myself shorter and most of that it is beautiful. Now I stand tall and even wear heels often, which I would never have dreamt of doing before. I hated my big feet but now I wear all the latest fashions and don't care - some shoe makers are now making great shoes in bigger sizes (look for Sacco Shoes in NYC - very fashionable well-made shoes). It's empowering to know that many people would love to be as tall as I am and also find me attractive partly because of my height. I have been asked many times if I am a model and get envious comments for women who think I look better in clothes and am elegant. Self-confidence is very attractive at any height! Dancing is an amazing way to gain confidence about your body. Since I began to take modern and jazz dance lessons a few years, I have been very happy with with my body: my height, my curves, my strength. When I have a tall daughter, I will encourage her to dance so she gains the self-confidence I never had as a young adult. I also wish I had had such supportive resources growing up like this website. Thank you for helping me reinforce the realization that I am a beautiful tall woman something I will never try to negate or hide again!

Jheri wrote (July 27th 2007)

A note to Kati and others:

The "right" weight is another thing women of all heights struggle with. Usually the body mass index is used. If you have a BMI less than 18.5, you're underweight, if more than 25.0, you're overweight (not that the divisions mean much). But women who are muscular can have pretty large BMIs and not look overweight at all.

I have a problem with being very thin. Flat - almost no curves at all. I'm 190cm and 54kg .. so my BMI is 15.0. The problem is I model and some of the EU countries are talking about banning models with BMIs less than 18.5. I don't diet or take other measures to loose weight - I keep trying to gain weight. So I had to get a doctor to examine me and certify that I'm healthy at my height and weight and it is natural for me. He said it was very unlikely that I could gain and keep more than a couple of kg.

But healthy is the right word. I don't do english units very well, but 5'10" and 175 may be perfect for you. The doctor (who specialized in weight issues) says people seem to have weights they regulate to. They can try to eat a lot and gain weight or starve and loose it, but their body will try to push back to its own range.

So the healthy thing is to get comfortable with your own weight. And to ignore things people might say - I get called flag pole and bean pole a lot.

Oh, and just because models tend to be thin, that doesn't mean guys don't like curves. Models exist to sell clothes to women - not to get guys excited. My experience is most guys prefer curves (but fortunately I found one who doesn't mind thin).

Leslie wrote (July 27th 2007)

My Goodness, Ladies... I can not believe that none of you know of Tall Girl... they have amazing fashions for the all tall girls... teens to my mom... they even carry great branded denim... Silver, Mavi, Parasuco, Dish, Neva, Foxy, Buffalo all in 37" inseams, some even a little longer!! Your seach is over - check them out at www.tallgirlshop.com. They have many stores in Canada and the US. Those of you who can't find footwear,they have great brands from size 10-13!!! Have all of you ladies been living under a rock!!! I can't beleive you can't find clothes, I spend all my paychecks at Tall Girl!!! Anyway I'm so glad to have found this site... STAND TALL ALL YOU BEAUTIFUL WOMEN!!!!

I'm 5'10" and feel very tall as I grow older (41). My height did not bother me much when I younger and I grew to love it as I matured. I always felt strong, healtly, and attractive. I have had many dates and relationships. My current husband loves my height very much, he says he loves the attention tall women command when they walk into a room. He is 5'11" by the way. I could not really stand to date men shorter than me. Not to say I have not been attracted to them, but I found I would not go anywhere in public with them (so you know what that leads to...when you stay in all the time :)) Anyway, my point is that now I'm getting older, I find myself very self-conscious about my height. I think it has to do with my weight which at 175, I am at my most heaviest. I feel like a football player. So I don't know what I'm really putting out there to the young and older woman with exceptional height, except that, stay in shape as much as you can. I hope that is not too vanity conscious, its just what I feel for myself. I loved my height when I was thin and now that I am overweight, I want to hide instead of shine.

Joerg says: 175 lbs at 5'10" still sounds rather skinny to me.

Christine wrote (July 25th 2007)


Great attitude!!!!!!! Keep it up :) Cheers :) may you be an inspiration to young (and not so young) tall women everywhere !!!!

Linda wrote (July 25th 2007)

I would like to comment on what Susan said. You are absolutely right about how rude some people can be. You just have to consider the source though. These people are IDIOTS, and they act that way because they themselves are so insecure about their own height. Next time someone says "wow you are tall", put the ball back in their corner and say "is that bad"? I guarantee they will say something positive.

Wannie wrote (July 25th 2007)

I never liked when people just look at me and say "you are tall" like I dont know that, but now I like the height and I really wish that I hadn't spent all these years wishing I was shorter. Now I wish I'd just enjoyed it because the truth is a lot of women would kill to be our height!

Lucy wrote (July 24th 2007)

Sometimes I hate it and I feel so awkward stood all around my friends who are short. And I get SO sick of people constantly commenting... what am I supposed to say back? It's not like I would go up to a fat man and make him stand next to me so we could measure our waists like they make me stand up next to them. And then comment about it and stare. But then sometimes I just think how average I would be without being tall and tall people are elegant and lovely!

Susan wrote (July 23rd 2007)

I want to reply on Linda's comment about people being curious. It is all in the delivery and what is being said. I dont have a problem in general with people being curious, if in fact, that is what it is i.e. someone asking about stats; How tall are your parents, grandparents? What I do have a problem with is rudeness and will confront, if someone is obivious enough. I was brought up to be curious, but, think about what you say before you say it. When people are ignorant enough not to think about the obivious i.e. this person can no more control how tall they are anymore than I could control how short I am. I guess alot of times, it boils down too appreciating the beauty in all shapes, sizes and colors. I get really irritated when people say just relax... Because it is not always about relaxing sometimes ignorance needs to be educated.

P.S.: I am not referring to people geniunely being curious because sometimes I am curious too. I am referring to people just being out and out rude, ignorant and/or insecure.

Linda wrote (July 23rd 2007)

The other day I was getting my nails done and the technician was a really tiny young woman.(from Italy) Without even realizing it, I was asking her the same questions that I sometimes get asked about being tall. I asked her if her mother was tiny like her, and I asked if her sister was small too. I definitely wasn't in any way being mean spirited. I was just curious! So, don't get upset if someone asks you about your height. They are just curious and want to start a conversation! So everyone should lighten up. It's not a big deal! Someone in this forum said it best. When a person sees you walking a big dog, they will comment on how big the dog is. It's just human nature to comment on what is obvious!

Joerg says: You may be right, Linda. I keep noticing tall women (obviously!) and I try not to stare. Am I always successul? To be honest I hope so but I don't know for sure.

Shumani wrote (July 23rd 2007)

I am 20 years, 6'3" and taller than everybody at my home, even my dad. At first I felt so embarrassed but now I am starting to enjoy my tallness, and people around me are starting to accept me for who I am. And it's real cooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Lea wrote (July 22nd 2007)

Hey! It really makes me feel good after reading all your quotes..My real problem is that I LOVE HEELS but I just think I would look scary because I'm 5'11 ...

Joerg says: I don't think you need to worry about wearing heels. Most of the women I know are taller than you and a high percentage of them wear heels.

Katy wrote (July 19th 2007)

Hi!!! My name is Katarina, come from Croatia and I am 17 years old :) I must say I really love this website! I am 5'10'' and I am the tallest one between my female friends. I have always been the tallest girl in the class. At the age at 14- 16 it bothered me so much, cuz all I was hearing was: Oh my gosh, u are so tall! It was so annoying! Guys didn't bother about me being tall, yet they were always saying I have great body :) The ones who "made fun of me" were those REALLY short petite girls. Now when they do it again, I just say: "Shut up or I'll squash you!!!" :) Today I love being tall. It feels so superior. I have so may female friends who wish to be taller. I also became a model. Every single item of clothing they put on me looks fantastic and I get more jobs then other shorter models. Tall woman rock! We are goddesses! Most of my friends are guys and it feels sooo good to be as tall as them. I also asked them if they prefer short or tall girls. 90% of them said they prefer tall ones!!!! Be proud of your gorgeous height! Kisses for all of you

Xaria wrote (July 17th 2007)

Hey, this message is for JHERI: I am intrigued by how you've started marketing yourself for modeling. I was wondering if you could share any tips with me or any advice about getting started. Thanks. I am still self conscious about being tall but am quickly reading the posts and quotes on the websites. You are all truly an inspiration. ;)

Jheri wrote (July 16th 2007)

Someone said "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger..."

I model for a living and had a terrible time for the first few years. Agencies couldn't or wouldn't place me and most of my income came from waiting tables. Then I started marketing myself and talking with potential clients directly. I would tell them that since I get attention on the street, I can help their product get attention.

I still use some non-exclusive agencies for contacts, but most of my work comes from me - my little one person company. Some of the companies like my approach and I've started branching out doing the creative piece and subcontracting photographers. So by sticking with it and making it work, I found something that works specifically for me.

If my height was that of an average model I would have given up. Hearing "you're too tall" six times a day while people still stare lit a fire under me. If there is a moral here, it may be that being what society considers a misfit can make you a lot stronger if you choose to work at it.

Nicole wrote (July 16th 2007)

I am 34 years old and 6'1". I was reading through the comments and found a few things troubling. Regarding the comments of the woman from Switzerland, she was upset about tall models being featured on this site. This site features all different types of women. Some models, some not, many shapes and sizes, but all tall and wonderful. Why is it that some women feel the need to tear apart others as a manifestation of their own insecurities? We should be embracing each other. Let's face it some of us would be considered "model" types and some of us are not, but we all face the same looks, comments and inconveniences of trying to fit into a 5'6" world. That doesn't make us abnormal it makes us unique and since when is unique something to feel self-conscience or ashamed of? Our individuality should be relished and celebrated. A cookie cutter world would be a pretty boring place to live.

Secondly, to all the young girls that are struggling with their height and all that comes with it... hang in there. It can definitely be tough when you are the one that is different from all of your friends, but down the road, you will come to appreciate your height and the strength your struggles have built. I was the tall gangly girl in the back of all of the school photos. I didn't have as many dates in school as my friends, but all of that changed. I met the man who would be my husband when I was 21. He is shorter than me and it doesn't matter. He is a wonderful husband and father. Height has no bearing on the qualities that matter. If you get hung up on a potential partner's height that makes you just like those that look at us like the freak show oddity. Love has no height requirement!

I parlayed my height into a wonderful business. I opened a clothing store exclusively for tall women called Simply Tall. Who knows where I would be now if I wouldn't have had the blessing and occasional curse of being tall. I have two small daughters that I hope will grow to be tall like me. They will undoubtedly face challenges, but that will help them to become strong, confident women and who can ask for more than that?

Joerg says: Definetely a tall success story. Nicole's website Simply Tall is listed on the Clothes USA page, by the way and comes highly recommended.

Angelika wrote (July 15th 2007)

I'm 5'10 and 18 years old. My dad is 5'8 and my mom is 5'4. I'm actually the tallest person in my family. I've pretty much always been the tallest girl in my class, especially when I was younger. I have learned to accept my body the way it is and the way I think I did that is with time. Just lately I have come to accept it to the point where I didn't pay any attention to it. I know where to look for clothes in the stores I like in the mall and shoes aren't a problem for me, since my feet are size 8. After coming across this site though, it has reminded me that I am on the tall end of normal height. I love to wear high shoes to the club though, and I love the way 4 inch heels make my feet look. I am pretty thin, I weigh 120 lbs and I do try to work out a little to keep my body in good condition. I have only dated guys taller than me in the past. It does seem like only they give me attention though. I have a guy co-worker who is about 5'8 and he has commented to me that the reason I have so many problems in love is because the tall guys I date are jerks and I should find a nice guy no matter what height he is, but with the way I look the nice guys are intimidated by me. I used to get the "wow you're tall" comment alot, and the "do u play basketball". I've grown through that phase in my life, and somehow those comments have stopped, yet I am still the same height. I think once I found who I am inside, I gained alot of confidence. Tall confident girls are beautiful. We do stand out, and it is in a good way. Can't really get that much shorter anyways haha no matter how hard one may try.

Rebecca wrote (July 13th 2007)

I've just read the author of this site's home page; his interest in promoting the idea that tall women should stop rejecting shorter men on the grounds of their height and his constant assertions that tall men prefer short women is dishonest and self serving. Tall boys who are hung up about their own height will sometimes only chase short girls but secure tall men will not prefer short women just because they are short, they will choose women according to how attracted they are to them regardless of height as they have their pick - sorry jorge; blame men for this as it is a product of western male culture and facts such as the taller the man the more successful he is in the work place etc mean tall men have an advantage in their quest for alpha male status. Tall women do not enjoy quite the same advantages in our culture that tall men do but neither do short /average height women and I don't think it is healthy to encourage tall women to believe that they are at a disadvantage sexually just because they are tall.

Joerg says: You seem to know more about me than I do. Where did you get that "alpha male status" crap from? A biology book or a "progressive" school / college in the UK? I was hoping we had climbed down from the trees and were looking at each other on a different, more intimate level. I might have been wrong. Where did I ever "constantly assert" that all tall men generally prefer short girls? And when did I state that being a tall woman means you've got a sexual disadvantage? I can only speak for myself but the women I know are sexy as hell and generally have a fulfilled sex-life (as far as I'm aware). Oh, I forgot... you're one of these women / girls who are 5'11" and desperately need an "alpha male" to show them the ropes. You sound like you're about 18 and should therefore not try to lecture someone who's old enough to be your daddy!

Sorry, ladies but even I get pissed off sometimes.

Claire wrote (July 13th 2007)

I'm 6 feet tall, and care far too much about what people think of it! All my friends I talk to who are shorter than me complain they want to be taller, sure I get a few nasty comments but everyone has something about them that will be commented on. I was at a a party once and my male friend started making fun of me going on about me being a giant. At first it upset me but then I overheard him calling my 5 foot 5 friend a midget! You can never be right no matter what your height is... to top it off I ended up with him at the end of the night. What was that about height being a turn-off :P

Vicky wrote (July 12th 2007)

I'm 6'1, and 19 years old. It was only when I was around 16 that I gained confidence in my height. I like to stand tall, but I'm still learning to fully 'love' it.

Rebecca wrote (July 12th 2007)

Hi, I'm 37 and have never seen my height as anything other than part of who I am. I was called the usual names by boys in my teens which I think was actually quite good for me as I had to develop quite a thick skin. A few of my shorter friends have told me that as far as men are concerned I am lucky that I don't attract the 'protecters' as they are often treat women with less respect. Studies have shown that the best chance of a lasting relationship is where the man and woman are of similar heights so I have taken from that that I am actually very lucky, my partner is my height and we have been together for 15 years. I have finally realised that since my teens the sex that has made me feel somehow inadequate because of my height has been female; my partner tells me that only insecure men will object to it and that really has been my experience. I have met women who blame their height on their failure to attract men, but these women have always been at least 3 inches shorter than me (I am 5ft11)and as they tell me how hard it is for them I just think yeah yeah you are so tall thats obviously what it is. I'm not sure why they tell me. As to why it is that women of around 5'10", 5'11" are the more likely to be hung up about their height, I think this is because we are at the extreme end of 'normal' and maybe it is easier to feel out and proudabout some aspect of our physical selves when there is just no getting away from it?

Leonor wrote (July 10th 2007)

High heels you said? Easy: I wear them with skirts and sexy dresses, and walk like I own the place. Guys? They drool.

Joerg says: As long as they don't put any undue pressure on your feet / ankles heels are fine (yes, they look very sexy and it's great to see women in high heels). Just don't wear them if you have problems with your feet. It's not worth it.

Susana wrote (July 9th 2007)

I'm 5'11" and love heels! In fact, I don't really feel comfortable in outfits without them, unless we're talking flip-flops. My favorite casual work outfit is black jeans, wedge heels, and a classic blouse.

When I was younger, I was very self-conscious about my height. But after high school, that changed.

There are always going to be people -- including total strangers -- who have strong opinions about other people's heights. But that is their business. Like others have said, do what's comfortable.

Bravo to the tall girls out there, stand tall! :)

Louise wrote (July 7th 2007)

Girls, do not let one day go by not liking yourself. Time is too precious! The older you get, the faster time passes, and it's scary. We cannot afford to let one day, or even one hour, go by during which we are not content with ourselves. Don't focus on your physical attributes... instead, focus on the calm within you and the beauty of nature. Those are two things that no one can take away from us! We all need some constants in our lives. As for being uncomfortable with heels, or shorter guys, or whatever... just go with your gut. If something's uncomfortable for you, avoid it. Do what feels right; just don't overanalyze it, and you'll be fine. Hope everyone has a beautiful summer!

Candice wrote (July 5th 2007)

I am 5'11 and I wear 3" wedge heels all the time. Who cares. People comment on my height everyday of my life regardless of whether I wear heels or not. Screw people. If you want to wear them, wear them and smile. You will be braver than most people and there is great freedom in simply not caring :)

Susan wrote (July 5th 2007)


Beverly wrote (July 5th 2007)

When I was in High School, I was teased about being tall and thin being in a small town where everyone were not aware of the world events, I felt somewhat left out but did not know those people were jealous of me even family members, I was cute and they tried to put into my head that I was unattractive. From that I have done some modeling because this was my dream when I was younger. These people were threatening my dreams. To this day I look back at these people and say how could somebody be so mean and evil, when a person want to excel in a dream. The bottom line was - they had no goals to elevate themselves to so they did not like me because of this. So now I am happy with myself and people do find me very attractive even at the age of 56. I'm 5'10", by the way...

Pam wrote (July 5th 2007)

I'm 5'11". Yesterday I bought a pair of beautiful wedges heels were about two and a half inches. Why do I feel I really really want to wear them on the one hand and on the other think will I look like a freak???

Sara wrote (July 3rd 2007)

I love being tall (I'm 6'4")! :)

Joerg says: That's one of the most powerful statements I've ever heard. Can't argue with that! :-)

Alison wrote (July 3rd 2007)

Hi, just wanted to let you know that after many, many phone calls, I have finally managed to get my refund from tallandall.com. I will never use them again: the products were poor quality, and the customer service was atrocious. However, for those people who haven't managed to get their refunds, all I'd say is keep calling (e-mail gets no response). I have literally called more than 10 times, but finally victory! I have NO idea how those people stay in business.

Anyway, thanks for your advice.


Andrea wrote (July 3rd 2007)

I'm 5'11" and I've never felt comfortable with my height because all my friends are barely over 5 feet and and all the guys I've dated are shorter then me. I wanna wear heels but don't want to tower everyone but I've found out that people are jealous of my height and that I like even though I don't always like that... others do!

Ana Lilian wrote (July 2nd 2007)

Hi, I am a Latina amazon and I love it! I really stand out in Puerto Rico, because generally latin women are not tall (think Salma Hayek, Eva Longoria) When I was younger I would usually get teased, but as soon as I matured and filled up in the right places, things began to change. I have a teen daughter who is also a budding Latina amazon, and I make sure she is proud of being tall and beautiful!!! I'm 5'11", by the way.

Gabbie wrote (June 30th 2007)

I am 15 years old and 6'0" tall and damn proud of it.When people comment on how tall I am I take it as a compliment because I am damn cute. Being tall is not a curse, it's a blessing. I like being the center of attention so my height is a good thing. I stand out...

Louise wrote (June 30th 2007)

Thanks, Liz and Christine and all the women on this site who posted similar comments about having shorter partners. My boyfriend is about 3" shortner than me. I'll admit, it does take some getting used to, especially when every man in your past has been taller than you. But it's true, shorter guys seem to have learned to be comfortable with themselves out of necessity, since they don't have the physical 'bigness' to hide behind. It makes sense, then, that shorter men are comfortable with a woman regardless of her physical size: they don't need to prove anything, and they can appreciate our outstanding beauty. Tall men that choose shorter partners are most likely insecure with themselves, so they need the height difference to prove their strength as a person. Sad, but that's human nature when someone's never had a reason to rise above it. We should be thankful when we get genuinely good, confident men who aren't trying to be something they're not. Appreciate your shorte r partner the way he appreciates you. Hope everyone feels as inspired as I do after reading these great comments!

Christine wrote (June 29th 2007)

Right on Liz! That's a very mature attitude to have, (not just with young women like yourself but for EVERY age-group of tall gals). Congrats on finding someone so special :), and he is obviously very cool with tall gals; shows great taste lol :> Funny how that works, sometimes it really seems like tall men aren't that comfortable with very tall women, but short men are...  Go figure. I'm fine with a man a few inches shorter than myself (I'm 6'2") but no more than that. Again I commend that attitude of yours :)

Liz wrote (June 27th 2007)

My boyfriend of nearly 9 months is 5'3". I love him more than anything in the world. We are so happy. For our prom picture, he stood on a box. It was so cute. Point is: "Accept the heights." There's nothing you can do to change it and if you pass up on someone because of their heights, you can and will miss amazing guys and a chance for an amazing relationship. I'm 5'11", by the way.

Sarah wrote (June 21st 2007)

Again 5'9" not 5'10", maybe 5'9 1/2", lol. Well, I think that to get to love your height you need to think of it more positively. I mean why not be like the friend in the group who has the extra inches around the bust - accept you have the extra inches upwards! Think of wearing heels like wearing a padded bra, you are improving yourself by doing so! And my mum always reminds me that she's never known a tall person who hasn't done well in life. We have the advantage of making an instant impression. Also, every tall woman deserves a man who is taller than her even when she wears her highest heels (and I don't mean physically taller) :). Then, surely, tall women will get the men who aren't hung up on insecurities!! I realise 5'9"-ish isn't much on a woman of 6'3" but still I thought I'd post :)

Jheri wrote (June 19th 2007)

I saw Elektra's note...

Such a pretty name! I was about your height at 15 in a very small town in Alberta. I was the tallest kid in my grade - male or female. I think teens are insecure about anything. Some are too fat, some too short, some have bad skin, some are too tall...

The trick, and it was really hard for me, is to just be comfortable with who you are. Easier said than done, you say - and I agree.

One thing that really helped was figuring out that many people, particularly people who are seeing you for the first time, are a bit insecure themselves and don't know what to say. So what blurts out is the same stuff we are all used to. What I do is say something very positive and nice about them. You would be surprised how well this works.

I still compliment whoever comments on my height. I'm 24 now and feel very good about myself.

So try the positive "make people happy" approach and see how it works. Oddly enough I ran into some little people a few years ago. We started talking and they have the same problem - but worse because it is even more difficult for them to fit in. One woman used the positive approach too and said it really worked well with her.

People are just people - when they see something different, they can act stupid without really meaning it.

The other thing is boys. I basically didn't date until last year and that was a mistake. Don't worry about a guy having to be perfect, but think about a date as a learning experience. Some of us think height is very important in a guy, others don't really care (I'm in the later camp - my steady guy is 17 cm shorter than me, but he is an astronomer and makes me laugh and feel very good about myself ... btw ... I asked him out the first time). For casual dates I would make a point to not worry about that and just have fun.

Good luck to you!


Sarah wrote (June 19th 2007)

Great site... such an improvement over the years!! I am 6'7 and love my height, but the ONLY downside used to be looking so hard for pants and nice shoes! Now the world is finally catching up :) and it is also a great way to connect other tall women. I have never had any issues with being tall because I come from quite a vertically blessed family and grew up around learning how to appreciate our height, but it is important for young girls to feel the same way even if they are not around it! My mother's famous quote (and she is only 5'7): "If you've got it, flaunt it". Well done and thanks again for all the info you provide!! Take care, Sarah

Elektra wrote (June 18th 2007)

I am 15 years old and I am 6'2". It is really hard being in high school and knowing that everybody is judging me and whispering, saying "Oh, she's so tall" and after looking at this site it is starting to make me feel better about myself. I used to never want to stand up and I would avoid going into public places because I was so insecure. I still haven't gotten over it and I get crushed and feel like crying everytime someone makes a comment about me height. I don't know why I am having such a hard time getting over the fact that I am really tall. It's just a number, your height and it shouldnt matter. I hope that I can grow out of my insecurities and reading the comments by other women who are so comfortable about their height really helps! Thank you

Hannah wrote (June 18th 2007)

I have a question: "What is the average heritage of tall people?" The question probably can't be answered, but it's worth asking. I'm twelve and 5"11". I got the height from my Dad and Grandma. My Mom is quite short compared to me. My dad isn't that tall, but he is considered tall, he is 6'6", I don't know how tall my Grandma is.

Joerg says: The average height of women who visit this website and write to me is about 6'3".

Sherry wrote (June 16th 2007)

I am 6'4 and although I have my insecurities with my height, I have a husband who compliments me! He is 5'10 and absolutely adores me. He loves it when I wear heels (the odd pair that I can find that fit!) because he likes to see the attention I receive from the public. Then he says, "THAT is my wife".

Because, he is proud of me, I feel more confident in myself, I forget how large my feet are and how long my legs are. It does not matter the height difference in couples, it is how you compliment each other. Feeling comfortable with the one you love is the best feeling in the world!

And for everyone who hears that coment "WOW, you're Tall!" turn to them with a shocked look on your face and then say "WHAT?! I'm tall... I can't believe it... I just thought you were short!" The reaction you will receive is priceless! Of course I need a few drinks in me to pull it off. But it's priceless just the same.

Vicky wrote (June 15th 2007)

I have read some of the postings and wish I could feel the way most of you do about men that are shorter than you are. At 11 going into the 6th grade I was 5'2, came out at 5'6 and by the time I was 12 and going into the 7th grade I was almost 5'8. That made me taller than my dad in his cowboy boots. I eventually hit 5'12 and though because I am almost 48 and have had 4 back surgeries I have lost about an inch in height. I am still uncomfortable dating men that aren't at least my height. I realize that there are many many men out there that are great guys if not Mr. Perfect, I am still uncomfortable dating men shorter than myself.

Sarah wrote (June 9th 2007)

Hello Joerg, my name is Sarah.

I just finished exploring your site and would like to thank you for making a website available for us TALL women!!! I think it is so important for others to know that they are not alone in the daily difficulties and comments that we go through. I am 6'2, my inseam is 44 inches and I weigh 170 lbs.

Comments (and compliments ;) are given to me daily for being so tall. I would like to submit my pictures for your approval for the site to show other young ladies that you CAN be tall, elegant, and proud.

I love your message of "Stand tall and be proud" . It makes me very sad when I see a beautiful tall girl or woman slouching.

We must remember that being tall is a gift, not a curse. With the help of people like you we can show countless other women that they are part of an elite, and elegant group, not something to be ashamed of. Thank you sooooooooooo much Joerg!!!!!

With much and support! 

Joerg says: Thanks a lot, Sarah. I really appreciate your comments and insights. I have taken a radically new approach and decided to put one of your pictures onto the Tall Quotes page. I hope that's alright with you - let me know.

Louise wrote (June 9th 2007)

It occurred to me that instead of looking at ourselves as abnormal, maybe us tall gals should feel like we're the norm, and everyone else is abnormal! Isn't that a cool concept? Imagaine our society as being one in which tall women are the ultimate, most desirable female form, and the shorter women just didn't make the grade! We can't help it that they don't 'measure up' or understand how sweet our world is 'up here', looking down at them. They're in the majority, though, so they manufacture most of the clothes and shoes to fit their shorter selves. We just need to convince manufacturers that it's in their best interest to cater to us tall goddesses, so let's get busy sisters!

P.S.: I just re-read Shelle's comment from January. Love what you said and love your communication style -- funny but right to the point. Made me laugh and feel inspired and confident. How refreshing! I think you should be our poster goddess! (and put your dog in the poster, too!)

Tracy wrote (June 6th 2007)

Hi, I just wanted to say what a great website this is! I can relate to every that was written here. I'm 28 and always have felt awkward about my height. (I'm 5'11'') Sometimes, I think that's all people see. I was 5'10'' when I was 22, but I grew an inch the next year! Weird!

I find that I get more attention from shorter guys than tall guys. That's totally fine with me. I don't care what height a guy is as long as he is a good man. Shorter guys seem more confident when aproaching me (which I love! :). I'm starting to learn to embrace my height more. I'm starting to see that people make comments because they are either jealous or stupid or both! I've started complimenting myself on my awesome legs! It's sounds corny, but it's ten times better than putting myself down! Thanks Joerg for the wonderful website!!! Tracy

Shoshana wrote (June 4th 2007)

This message is for Marie and Katie, especially Katie though. I know you are young but you have to realize - although it is not always easy - your height sets you apart from the rest and you are unique and special. Do not let people decide how you feel about you only you can decide how you are going to feel about yourself. Also bullies can sense when someone is insecure and when someone has confidence. So if you walk with your head high like you dont give a **** (excuse my French, people) will say wow look at that confidence striking tall goddess, but if you walk with your shoulder slouched it not only makes you look even taller and ridiculous it also draws negative people to prey on you because they can see you don't feel good about urself. So stand tall and feel proud of your uniqueness because do you know what 5ft4 is? Average - and trust me being average is ok but being extraordiary is even better. Oh and Katie: I was 5ft9 once in the 5th grade lol so trust me you are not as tall as you think you are and I know when you get older you will appreciate it much more.

Marie: I know it's hard to have people stare at you wherever you go, I have been there my entire life. I was 6ft when I was 12 but what helped me was turning the unwanted stares into a positive thing. You see I look at all these people who stare at me and ask me how tall I am, as my fans in awe of my fabulousness and I know as you get older you will get there to. As far as guys are concerned: they come around as you get older. Remember you want a man that will love you for you and your height is a good way to weed out the losers. I said it once and I will say it again: "A shorter man who has the confidence to approach you is always a keeper because it shows he feels good about himself and he is not gonna try to make you feel bad about you." Stay strong, tall sisters and remember it's not about fitting into other people's ideas about what normal is, it's about excepting your own norm

Susan wrote (June 3rd 2007)

Hi everyone-

I want to address Christine's comments and Krystle's comments in general. First, I can relate to alot of what Christine refers to regarding taunting from other kids about my height. Adolescents being such a fun stage anyway, no matter how confident one is esp. a girl (I grew up in the Chicago, IL) and there were not alot of girls my height until I joined a tall club which was not until I was 21. I don't care how confident one is, even WBA, Lisa Leslie, spoke about what she went through as a preteen through teen. But, I don't pity myself and would not change my height. This is the way the Lord made me. My height is part of who I am. Also, my family supported me while growing up and encouraged sports in general. I dont want to sound like a Pollyanna, but, really we should be supporting each other as much as possible. We all go through different journeys in life i.e. family life differs and life experiences in general are different.

Take care.

Krystle wrote (June 3rd 2007)

Christine, I indeed said this great outlet here attracts tall women who "suffer" with their height. But this is not the same as saying, "100 percent of the women who post here are suffering with their height." Some, like me, post to express love of their height. Please read more carefully my message. This board has also attracted women who relish their height. But so unfortunately, it seems as though the sufferers outnumber the relishers 8 to 1. And the rest are neutral, discussing height preferences for men. It's one thing if you simply wish you were shorter. Gee, I wish my hair was a different color, and I wish my skin was naturally darker. It's okay to wish you looked a little different than what you were born with, and this includes height. It's also okay for women to wish they were taller. HOWEVER... it's a whole new ball game when this wishing becomes an obsession that a woman thinks about constantly, to the point where she is depressed, walks with bent knees, threatens to permanently ruin her posture by always slouching, cries about it, hides from people, etc. This signals a psychological problem, not just a mere preference for a changed physical trait. And it isn't just the teens on this board who are like this. Many of these sufferers are adults.

Joerg, you made an interesting point not too long ago, that the most bitter, depressed women/teens are only "on the fringe" of being tall (5-10 and 5-11). I don't know where these women/teens live, but where I live (Colorado), there are hoards of women this size; they don't stand out at all. I think there are more tall women out there than you "sufferers" all realize, but you are so consumed with self-criticism, that you don't even notice that there are many others out there just like you.

Joerg says: That's why I've come up with the "Famous Tall Ladies", the "Tallest Known Living Women" and, more recently, the "Tall Woman of the Month" features. It does seem to me that the taller a woman is the more at peace she is with herself. Maybe you have to really stand out in order to appreciate it. I don't know. I wish I did. I keep saying "Look at 6'9" Caro from Berlin and see how she's taken her height into her stride even though she's still only 20 herself." Caro's making it work for her and that's why I say: "Good luck to her!"

Louise wrote (June 3rd 2007)

To those of us who do struggle on a daily basis with being taller than the majority of females around us, I have a couple of helpful hints: 1) Take a good look at all the people around you whenever you're out in public. It's amazing how broad the range of height and size differences is in the human body! Tall woman and men who tower over the much shorter, sometimes tiny, specimens! Sometimes I think it would have been so much easier if humans had all been created cookie-cutter fashion, with all men pretty much the same height and all women very close in height. But that's not the way it is, so all we can do is accept our vast differences in size and height. 2) When it comes to struggling with what other people think of you: I, too, receive comments about how tall I am, and I'll admit, it does get tiring. But then I realize that these individuals simply haven't been around tall people very much, so to them we are different. (Especially for Katie:) When you think about y our discomfort with your height, those thoughts start multiplying and eventually take up all the space in your think tank! The only cure is to STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. Easier said than done? Not really. All you have to do is THINK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE. The minute those bad thoughts crop up, think about something that makes you happy: your pet, a hobby, a favorite place to go. Better yet, DO something that you enjoy: play with your pet, walk to your favorite park, listen to music you love (or at least hum it to yourself!). You can only have one thought at a time, so if it's a positive one, there's no room for the negative one to sneak in! And to Christine who was upset by what Krystle said, all of us are simply voicing our opinions. We are not cookie-cutter replicas of each other, so we DO have a wide range of opinions and communication styles. You can certainly agree or disagree with someone's opinion, and like or dislike her way of expressing it (blunt or sugar-coated), bu t you don't have to let it affect you. Switch your thoughts to something positive and throw that last negative snapshot in the dumpster!

Christine wrote (June 2nd 2007)

Hi all, this will be short; hopefully lol. I probably shouldn't have said very heavy people don't get rude comments made about them, ignorant and thoughtless comments are made all the time. But Krystle, remember some of us are more sensitive than others, and I certainly didn't grow up with a lot of tall girls, (the vast majority were between 5 feet and 5 feet four), so yeah, it was tough. Maybe you were encouraged by your family about your height, which is also a big plus; and you were fortunate. I'm just asking you to please have some sensitivity to others. Great if you didn't have a lot of pain about your height, lucky you! As for the heels things, some of us very tall gals would like to able to walk under a doorway without having to duck, if you don't mind that, good for you. You said that this board attracts "suffering women" well you visited this site, and posted, so what does that say? We are all entitled to our own opinions, but again, please, have some sensitivity. I for one, had a very tough time growing up very tall, and if you didn't, count your blessings. We should all count our blessings more :> This site should be about caring, sharing, encouraging and loving, not berating people for their different viewpoints or feelings. Take care all :)

Joerg says: I do agree that a lot of tall women have issues with themselves for no good reason whatsoever. As a matter of fact I believe most people have issues with themselves but only a few hate themselves because of it. I must say I don't understand why a healthy 15 year old who is, say, 5'10" should lack confidence or hate her height but that's what teenagers are all about, I suppose. I think Krystle makes a few good points but I'm not sure bluntness helps when you're dealing with young people.

Krystle wrote (June 2nd 2007)

I have to take issue with a recent poster to this board (as well as many others) who point out that nobody would ever dream of asking a fat person about their weight, commenting about someone's being overweight or heavy, or making rude remarks to the face of a fat person. Where on earth did you ever get the idea that fat people don't get comments and questions right to their face? They get it all the time! Ask a fat adult, who was fat through their school years, if they were "tortured" and ridiculed. A lot will say it was pure hell. Have you read message boards by fat people? Well into adult hood, they suffer cruelty, discrimmination, mean comments, etc. I also take offense at Charisse here, who clearly implies that EVERY tall lady has been "tortured." I have never, ever been riduculed or given a hard time because of my height. Yes, I get asked how tall I am. (6-1) But I hardly consider this to be torture or ridicule. It's like someone asking me if the long thin braid on the side of my head is my real hair or an extension. It's just a question! Get over it. I also grew up with a lot of tall girls and I never witnessed anyone mistreat them, ever. I have a suspicion that this board attracts the women whose personalities invite ridicule, and they are far more apt to post messages here than the tall women who did NOT endure "torture" and "suffering." I'd like to think that only 2 percent of tall women are in this suffering boat, but this board attracts them like crazy and this creates the illustion that most tall women are miserable, self-conscious lost souls who slouch with shame. "Courage" to wear heels? You've gotta be joking. I wear the things all the time. How dare I let strangers dictate to me what kind of shoes I should wear? With all the women out there letting their huge boobs hang out, with tattooes on their big bellies and faces, and pierced foreheads and wild hair, who the heck's gonna be looking at my shoes? When I went rock climbing for the first time was when I needed courage. The "torture" ultimately is created by the victim herself. You can choose to go through life throwing a pity party for yourself, which will attract all the bullies and rude people. They are always on the hunt for people like you. They stay clear of the tall women who love their height. My oh my, from the way some of the women here talk, you'd think that being six feet was as bad as having AIDS or something. And to Katie, you are headed for disaster and need some professional help. I'm sorry for being blunt, but you sound on the verge of suicide over what...being an inch and a half taller than your sister, whose height you'd like to have? A whopping inch and a half! With all the 250 and 300 pound women out there, how can you feel too big? Do you realize how many famous actresses are TALLER than you? Jordin Sparks would tower over you. You are hardly too tall, compared to the rest of us here, including some other 13 and 14 year olds here who are over six feet! Good Lord, I will pray for you all.

Charisse wrote (June 2nd 2007)

This is for Marie and Melanie:

Being content with your height should not have to come from guy’s approval or from the shoes that you wear. It takes courage to stand up to a boy and show him that you are better than snide remarks. It takes courage to wear heels. But no matter how many boys come up to you or let you know that they would rather date someone shorter…honey!!!! It’s not you….it’s THEM!!!! First of all, you are dealing with boys that haven’t yet discovered who THEY are! They have yet to learn about being themselves, much less know the first clue about how to be men. They don’t have a clue as to who they are and until they have been exposed to the outside world, it’s a whole different ball game. They are still young and immature and believe it or not. And they are out there and are receiving enough rejections from those of their height selection, they will realize that tall women are stronger than they give us credit and that we know how to give it as well as take it.

But the bottom line is that yes it’s hard and if you were to read all of our testimonies, you can clearly understand, every last single one of us have been tortured in our own way. We have faced hardships on levels that even you would not even comprehend. All because we were born to be something that we were predestined to be. And a lot of all the aggravation that shorter persons express stems from emulations and jealousy. How many men wish to God right now that they were their favorite athlete for ex. Lebron James or Kobe Bryant? Not just because of their skills, but because of their height! For men, it’s reversed physcology. The taller you are, the better you are. To each it’s own, but there is nothing like it.

Most often times, people are people and you can’t waste your time wondering if such and such will like me or approve of me b/c of my height. People are going to think what they are going to think regardless. You just have to simply change your point of view. Change the way that you see yourselves. Know that all of us before this wonderful website were created; we had to use ourselves as support. But I love the fact that from teenagers and grown women…we can come together to encourage, enlighten, and fortify anyone that needs it. That���s what we are here for. To reinvigorate each other. There’s no need to look for surgery to reduce your height… and then, if you think about it. What are the risks involved?

We are all here for you!!! We can do our best to answer your questions and offer all the support that the two of you need. We can’t promise that your height will be reduced, but we can certainly try to help you through your difficult times. We know what you are going through and we want to make your road a little bit easier. Besides, take a good look at some of the world’s tallest women. They are all beautiful in their own right.

Stay strong and know that we are here for you.

Christine wrote (June 1st 2007)

Hi Gals :> This is my second time posting a quote here, and I just wanted to comment about how the "ignorant" people always make comments about us very tall women, and they don't make them about very short people, very heavy people, people with bad skin, etc. etc... have you ever thought that MAYBE they think that being tall isn't such a bad thing, and that it's not "insensitive" to comment on it? I'm trying to put a positive spin on it, because it's good to encourage each other, and I want to encourage my fellow tall "sisters". Of course we have feelings, but sometimes I think "certain" people forget that; they think "She's big and tall it won't bother her", but again a lot are ignorant, but not all people are. There are some good people out there :)

Yeah getting clothes and shoes can be a "B***h" but it's wayyy better than it used to be. I remember when I was about 18, and I had to dress like I was 50!!! So, that's part of my venting; at least tall girls today can get fashionable clothing (a lbeit it's expensive) but who said life was fair?!? The shoes they had "back in the day" were really ugly too; no wonder us tall gals had insecurities. So young tall girls, be lucky your tall now, and not a 6 foot tall girl in 1979 like I was, THAT was hard! To end on a positive note though :) I'm now 42, and many people think I'm 10-12 years younger! :):> When I was younger everyone thought I was older, but hey it's very cool when many think I'm much younger than I am :>, it's like some things have balanced out in a way. Wow, I've said a lot lol... but hey, we can encourage each other and Joerg I think it's awesome that you're into very tall women :>. In fact, I've had shorter men stick up for me, when taller men (several inches taller than me) have said something ignorant! I was at the subway and this very tall man said "Look at how tall that girl is", and the much shorter man said "Yeah, but look at how pretty she is"; maybe I should look closer at shorter men, in fact in my past relationships (most of the men were a bi! t shorte r than me) but it worked out better than the 6'6" guy I dated briefly. So, maybe height doesn't really matter all that much afterall. As long as the two of you are into each other, who cares what others think? I better take my own advice eh? Yes, I'm Canadian :>. My last boyfriend was 5'10" though, so I'm a bit more comfortable with shorter men than I used to be.

Take care gals, and remember you are NOT alone! xxx

Katie wrote (June 1st 2007)

Hiya! I am 14 and 5 ft 9" or 10" I think and I am not happy about my height. I know I am not as tall as most of the women on here but I still slouch all the time when I walk and am really self-conscious about my height. All my friends are around 5'5"ish and shorter and I hate how much I am jealous of them for it. I feel no matter what they do they can't look stupid because they're normal and they can go up to boys and have a cuddle and look cute and pretty and NORMAL. Some of my friends take the piss because I bend my knees a bit when I walk, and I know it's a joke but I cant help it. I've tried standing up straight but I hate it, I feel like a freak. My sister's 5'8" and I would happy to be that height. Tall but ok. But I am 5ft 9" and a half ish and I am worried how tall I'm gonna get and whether I will get taller. Both my mum and sister stopped when they were around my age. This brings hope but I am still so worried and paranoid and think about it NON STOP and I am sick and tired of not being myself because I don't want to be noticed because of my height.

I also get the questions to :@ and would like to know how I can help myself and when do girls normally stop growing?

Thank you and I think this site is great and "Go!" all you tall women out there!!! xXkatieXx

Jewel wrote (May 31st 2007)

Joerg, I was touched by Holly's story and she is just a little baby as well. It's just that I could feel her spirit coming out of that letter, her gentleness and youngness. My heart went out to her cause she is just a baby and wants to be like everybody else. She wants to fit in. I wanted you to pass the message on that she is beautiful and that she is going to be successful and marry a beautiful husband and is no less cause she God made her that way. She is has a strong spirit and because of this she will succeed. I'm 6'0", by the way.

Hattie wrote (May 30th 2007)

Hi people, I hope all you fellow tall girls are OK! Stand together, we are even stronger together.

However, clothes, shoes and 'heightism' is a pain in the neck. No matter how proud you are of your height these things never seem to change. Why is it that once you go over a size 7/8 shoe in the UK you have to pay a lot more, or all the shoes are gawky/ugly/too high or boring and 'long' sizes in jeans etc are actually not 'long' at all! I'm only 6ft here, and I have to de-hem or alter a lot of trousers, and because of having a longer body tops are slightly tricky too. So why is this STILL happening? The world is getting taller, women especially, and if in the fashion world height is desirable why don't they make the clothes in those sizes, for the SAME price, why should we have to pay more because we aren't average :s It's not fair, is it?

2nd thing, heightism, as people have already said, I don't comment on peoples colour, sexual orientation or facial features, it's rude and I don't want to be at the recieving end of it either. If i did do that I would probably get told off, beaten up or dealt with, but how come I can get teased and questioned (and pinched, to see if i could feel things) and no one sticks up for me. People seem to think that tall women have no feelings, this is simply not true.

Anyway, despite this, and what everyone else thinks, you are all beautiful, learn to love it, because it wont change - but we are exceptional - be proud.


Krystle wrote (May 28th 2007)

I stand 6'1" and am a young adult, and I gotta tell ya, I absolutely LOOOOVE it! In a world where men still try to dominate, control and abuse women, my height is a deterrent. No man can look down on me, and they don't even bother trying to intimidate me. I wear two inch heels (comfy shoes) as much as possible so that even the really tall guys see me as their equal, someone not to be pushed around! Grrrr! No, really, I'm a nice person, but in a society where women left and right get raped or beaten, sometimes ya just gotta be tough, or look it, anyways. If I was just a measely average height, I don't know how I'd come across as someone you better not mess with. One time I lived in a noisy apartment complex and some people across the way were really loud late at night. I had no idea what they looked like. I donned my two-inchers and strutted over there and knocked on the door. Now, if I was some little 5'4" body, they'd just laugh me off. But a guy answered and looked UP at me with a hung-open mouth. I stood as tall as possible and requested they lower their 2 AM pounding music, and he sure obliged! My height kind of gives me free reign to just go up to people and set them straight, because I know they won't pick a fight with me. I mean, like if someone is being rude, I say something. Or if a man is slapping around his girlfriend, I just go up to him and tell him to knock it off. He's 5'10", 5'11" or even six even; what's he going to do, try to knock me down? Or some woman beating on her child, acting tough. I go over to her and order her to stop. She's shorter than me by a whole head. She doesn't give me any flak. So tall ladies, stop acting like you have the plague. It's the shorties out there who have to work extra extra hard to get some respect and influence people. If being tall is such a bad thing, it sure didn't stop Jordin Sparks from winning American Idol -- the girl's gotta be a good six feet or more, wears huge heels, towers over all the men on the show, and she won anyways!

Joerg says: You bring up some very interesting points. I try to tell my lady friends that sometimes it's good to be intimidating (you can learn to switch it on and off). If someone decides to threaten you kick him in the b**** - they're much easier for you to reach.

Linda wrote (May 28th 2007)

Hi everyone,

I regularly shop on the internet through www.tallwomen.org and I have discovered that one particular site is taking money from customers without sending out their goods. I am advising everyone to not shop at www.tallandall.com and if you do so make sure you phone up and not order over the internet. I ordered a top from their site, received a call a week later saying that it was sold out and that I could have an exchange or a refund, I asked for a refund and a month later I still have not received my money. I have called and emailed and no one has replied or called back, this is unacceptable behaviour and they need to be stopped.

To all the tall women out there be safe and aware of sites like this!!! 
*Linda 6ft 1*

Joerg says: Because of the high number of complaints I have removed tallandall.com from the Clothes International page. Any comments are welcome!

Jheri wrote (May 27th 2007)

Just a little note for Marie:

Being a teen can be really tough if you are tall. I was the tallest kid, boy or girl, in my grade and guys wouldn't touch me. What helped me was when my aunt helped modify some stylish clothes (I was really thin too, so getting anything to fit was hard). And I got involved in some school activities. The drama club really helped because you were around the same people all of the time and you could make friends, even some guys.

One thing that helps me still (I'm 23) is when someone makes a dumb crack about my height, I realize they are probably nervous about the situation, so I give them a good positive compliment. LIke "you're so beautiful" or "I love your hair"... anything, but it has to be positive.

Try asking some guys out. Believe me - most girls, it doesn't matter what height, are really insecure. It takes quite a bit and you may get rejected, but try it. And don't worry about certain types of guys. Consider it just getting to know guys in general. You'll be surprised.

good luck! Jheri

Myisha wrote (May 25th 2007)

First off, I want to thank Joerg for this wonderful and well-designed site. I first discovered it while searching for tall clothes. Thankfully, clothing selection is better nowadays, but I'd love to open a tall specialty store that specializes in longer versions of trendy teen/young adult clothes. When I was groing up, I HATED the 'tall' clothes. What 16 year old wants to wear pleated-front slacks and turtlenecks?

Like a lot of women here, I was uncomfortable with my height for a good chunk of my life. No, I hated it. I've always been tall for my age. As a kid, I was expected to act mature, when actually, I was just a kid in a taller body. I'll never forget this one. I'd been wanting a Barbie Car (you know, the ride-on power wheels kind) for months. Finally I got one for Christmas, but I was gutted to find out that my legs were too long to fit in it properly. It had to be returned! My 7th birthday was ruined because I wasn't allowed to play in the "ball pit" at the various kid places, even though I was young enough (they'd imposed height restrictions, probably to keep older kids out).

Growing up, I thought it was neat and funny that I was taller than most kids, and I was actually a little arrogant about it! I don't think I became insecure about my height until one day, when I was 12, my dad jokingly said "you're tall, and look at how big your hands are! People are going to wonder if you're a man!" I don't think he meant any harm, but this made me start to think that more height = less femininity.

Highschool pretty much squashed and arrogance that I had left. I was interested in guys, but most of them seemed to like my short friends. I'd hear countless times, "you're pretty, but you're too tall with it... who's your friend?" I think that's one reason why a lot of taller women may overlook shorter guys, because they seem to dish out the cruelest comments. I was called lots of nasty names, like "bigfoot", "slinky", "the big show..." and I dared not wear anything green, lest I be dubbed the dreaded "jolly green giant." I still don't buy green giant food products to this day LOL.

I felt like Lurch standing next to my short friends, and I longed to be a cute little pixie like they were. I'd even looked into getting surgery to be shorter. I was miserable and depressed, with no self esteem. I was tired of being ignored by guys, tired of being harassed for no reason... but then, I graduated! Seriously, there is life beyond high school. I want to warn the younger girls out there though - being tall might attract older men, but don't make the mistake of trying to date someone who's much older simply because he's more 'mature' than guys your age. A guy in his mid-20's doesn't want anything deep and meaningful with a highschooler. I made that mistake, and I wish I hadn't. You just get your feelings hurt in the end.

I didn't instantly start liking my height after school, it was a gradual thing. But now I love being tall! I think my favorite part is standing out, which is ironic, because it used to be the thing I liked least. I also like when people come at me with those "classic" comments. I didn't know how to reply before, but now I have tons of snappy comebacks - it's fun! I wear the highest heels I can find, just to add to the effect. What's more, I'm engaged to a wonderful, caring man who loves everything about me. Granted, he's 6'5, but we met over the internet, and looking at his pictures, I thought he was around 5'10. I was so in love with his personality that I didn't care about his height. I was pretty surprised when we first met though!

One more thing I want to say. I'm 21, 6'2 1/2, and it took years before I learned to fully appreciate being tall. Everyone experiences height love in their own time. So, when I see a tall woman who slouches or slumps, I don't scold her or bellow "STAND TALL." People, I know you mean well, but it doesn't help. I always found it condescending, especially coming from a shorter person. If you want to do something, give her a smile, or say something nice. Simple kindness goes a long way.

Marie wrote (May 25th 2007)

I am 16 and 6'4". I am tired of people always staring at me in malls and everything. I can never go out without people making rude comments, laughing, gasping or staring at me. I cannot handle it. It is so discouraging and as much as everyone tells me to embrace my hegiht and love the attention, I can't.

Even in school I feel completely out of place, because my height always comes into account... and none of the tall guys want to date the school's "TALL GIRL".

Susan wrote (May 25th 2007)

Hey Christine, I can relate I am 6'2" 1/2 and 39 years old. Alot of what I went through trying to find stylish clothes and shoes, etc. was pretty difficult. It seems like it got considerably better around the late 80's as far as mail order and better resources in general. I was the tallest in my schools period until about sophmore year of high school. That is when the boys began growing. But, really because I did not really embrace my height until out of college. I thought you know, I am pretty special. (not to sound vain) But, I have a great personality, sense of humor, intelligent, down to earth, and attractive. But, basically, you need to love yourself and be at peace.

Take care

Dawniece wrote (May 21st 2007)

Hey Ladies! Firstly, I want to thank Joerg for this fabulous website. I wish I would have stumbled upon it in middle school.

So my story is similar to most of the ladies' here. But I have to thank my grandfather for preaching the importance of standing up, being proud, and letting 'em look. By the time I was in third grade I realized that I was taller than average, but it was amusing. I enjoyed the fact that I could wear my grandma's shoes, and that my third grade teacher had to look up to me. Even the whole "leave her alone b/c she can kick your butt" thing worked in my favor for a while. (I was the oldest child to a family of sisters, so I was the protector).

My height only started becoming a problem around fifth grade. I was a talented softball player (pitcher and 1st base), but the league I played for wanted me to play with kids 2-3yrs. older because of my size. My mother didn't agree and neither did I, so I stopped playing. Then, it was really nerve racking in middle school b/c I was taller than everyone, so boys weren't interested. Older men would come onto me because I was 5'10 at 14, but it was confusing. (Like some of the other ladies stated, people expect you to be more mature just because you are tall). I didn't play basketball, but everyone asked me, and then when I finally attempted to in 8th grade, I made a fool of myself b/c they automatically put me on the good squad due to my height (but I had no fundamentals).

Anyway, to cut a long story short. Older people told me to be proud of my height. But my peers saw it as a point of ridicule, or antagonism (though I was one of the nicest people). I was called green giant, grasshopper, lanky, amazon, giant, etc. I'm sure the fact that I couldn't find properly fitting clothes, my hairstyle was too old for me, and I wore huge glasses made me an even easier target. But I was fine by high school. People still commented on my height, but it didn't phase me. I worked, so I made it a point to buy my own clothes and read the latest magazines for current trends. I even started dating, I found guys near or at my height (6'0) at the time. But shorter guys were interested too, my mother already told me that I would have no problems, she told me that in her experience, lots of men love taller women (she is 5'10). The only self conscious issue I was dealing with was my weight. I was thin looking at 165lbs and 6'0, but my basketball friends were only a couple inche s shorter than me at a super small 130lbs (it took me forever to realize that 1. black girls are built differently, and 2. I had a natural athletic build). I either wanted the scale to weigh in that size, or I wanted the beautiful curves my momma had.

I just graduated from college, and I am completely confident in myself. After gaining weight my freshman year, exercise finally let it even out, and I am sportin' the curves (I get it from my momma). I stopped growing at statuesque 6'1 1/2, but I love to throw on my fire engine red pumps, because I love me and so do others when they see me strut my stuff proudly. I am over dating men taller than me (that never worked out), and I am happy with my boyfriend of over a year who is only 6'0. When other people ask me my height or make comments, I just flash them a grin, say "yea, and I love it", and keep on going. My grandpa was right, as long I stand tall and be proud, people wont help but stare...in admiration :) God is Good!

Marie wrote (May 19th 2007)

What's up y'all. Like Kaycee I am also 16yr in the 9th grade but I am not the tallest girl. I swear I used to be short. In the 5th grade I used to tease the boys because they were short - I was only 5 feet. And there would other girls who were taller than me and I used to be like "Whoa!" but so now I am 5'10. You see my school friends are different from my home friends. At school I have two friends - Taylor and Jazmyne - we are all the same height and wear the same size shoe. But my home friends are short - no taller 5'5. All I know is that in 2002 my family was going on a trip to Daytona Beach, Florida and I was 5'3. When we came back and school started I was going to the sixth grade I was 5'5. When school ended I was 5'7. 7th grade I stayed at 5'7. My family and I thought I wasn't going to grow anymore. So 8th grade I entered at 5'7 and ended at 5'8. I started summer at 5'8 ended at 5'9. 9th grade 5'9 about to end at 5'10. Now I wonder what will this year bring. Sometimes boys think it's hot that I'm tall cause I guess they're into long-legs. It's funny how - when I was 5'7 - I was going out with a guy named Joe, he was 16 and I was 14. He was taller than me. Then when I reached 5'9 we broke up because I was taller than him and it hurt me so bad. That was when I got really uncomfortable with my height. I have pretty feet and legs and all I want to do is wear sandals with heels. My sister is 26 and is my height. She is so confident. My short friends always gets the guys and the "Ay, baby u so fine" and I get the "Damn, she's tall. She's cute but I like short girls"

Laura wrote (May 19th 2007)

Hi. I am 6'1" and 20 years old. I am in one of my best friend's wedding in two days and the guy I am walking with is 5'9". However, I really wanted to wear heels. So I am. I bought a pair of 2" heels to wear. I am not going to let my height keep me from wearing heels and feeling good about myself. God made me tall for a reason and I am going to embrace that and you should too!!

Jheri wrote (May 19th 2007)

To Ula: I also tried tallandall. About a year ago and I lost my money too.

To several of the others. I'm taller than 6'2"... I'm 190 cm on a good hair day. I used to be hung up on only dating taller guys, but had some very bad experiences. My current guy is quite a bit shorter than I am and the fact that it doesn't bother him is just great. We do get attention in public, but neither of us care. He makes me laugh, is kind and gives amazing kisses. So I'm very happy.

So I can get a better selection of guys by not caring about height as much as I did. If I could only get a better selection of clothes! The list here is good, but I would love to walk into a store and walk out with something really new and cute that fits.

Christine wrote (May 19th 2007)

Good site. Young tall girls are lucky this site exists!! At 6'2" obviously, I can relate to a lot of what you girls go through. I'm 42, and when I was young, there were virtually no really tall women, today I see tall young women and I think it's great! In fact, I was bugged so much about my height, I was sure I had "giantism" (I went to a doctor, my bones had stopped growing) and she said that I was completely normal, and my height was genetic (my mom is 5'10 1/2" my dad 6'4" and my "little" brother; he's 40 lol, and 6'5". True, it will always be harder for taller women, than men, but God did make us tall, and hey let's face it, supermodels are not 5'0", and being tall is trendy these days :>. I've heard everything in the book, including "are you a model?" and that's a compliment :>. Be proud girls, and be happy there's this forum. Stand tall and be proud... God Bless u all...

Louise wrote (May 17th 2007)

To Kira: Consider yourself blessed to have met a man who's not afraid of dating a woman taller than him. It's so interesting how average height or shorter men can appreciate the beauty of tall women, unlike many of their tall male counterparts! My boyfriend is shorter than me and, while it's been somewhat of an adjustment for me, he doesn't care in the least. Never sacrifice a potentially sweet relationship because of something silly like height difference. If you're attracted to him, go on a date. And please let us know how it turns out!

Melanie wrote (May 17th 2007)

Hi everyone. Firstly I just want to say I think this site's great. I'm 6ft tall and aged 18. I HATE it. I was looking on Google to find surgeons that can make me smaller. I hate being taller then guys and love wearing heels which I can't all that often'. I wish I could stand tall and be proud just like you girls xxxxx

Suzanne wrote (May 15th 2007)

This message is for Sophia in the UK especially, but for all other tall girls and women. I have been 6'1" since I was 14, and always had pants that were slightly too short for me until gap came out with their online extra long sizes (which fit me perfectly!!). I always get asked whether I played basketball in high school, and when I say no, they ask if I played volleyball. I am now 25. Believe me, you grow into your height. There is nothing better you can do for your self confidence than walking around with great posture. Nobody likes seeing a tall girl look like she wants to hide her height. Several people told me that when I was 14, and I have done it ever since. I love my height, and I look great. I (like you, Sophia) am pretty thin. It's not lanky. It's beautiful, and it only gets more beautiful with age. Guys will stop teasing you. As you get older, guys become more comfortable with you and your height. I hope nothing more for anyone than to be comfortable wi th their height! Tall women are beautiful, and there is nothing un-feminine about us!

Shoshana wrote (May 15th 2007)

Well, Kira - I feel like you should give this guy a chance. It's not like you are marrying him, and speaking as someone who has a boyfriend who is shorter - I am 6ft2 or 6ft3 depending on the shoe and my boyfriend is 6ft even - you should never let society decide who you are going to date only. You should have that power. I agree it's all about preference and if you prefer a taller man because you are more attrated to them that is one thing but if you are saying no to him based on what other people will say, well, that's something to think about. In closing I never dated a guy shorter then me until now and what attracted me to my boyfriend was that he had more confidence and self assurance then all the tall men I have dated and didn't care what anyone had to say. So I say you give the date a try, you never know how it might end up... Good luck

Kira wrote (May 14th 2007)

I am 6 feet tall in my bare feet and a guy who is only 5'8" asked me out recently. He is extremely confident and told me that he actually prefers taller women. I am proud of my height and wear heels, but have never dated a guy shorter than me and I am unsure about saying yes. Does anyone have any advice?

Aimee wrote (May 14th 2007)

Hey all! I'm 15 and 6'3". Like all of you I get tired of getting asked the same questions... "How tall are you?", "What sports do you play?", "How tall are your parents?". I am one of those tall girls who refuses to date shorter men... I mean kudos to those of you that do but it's a personal thing. I have dated many guys that are taller than me and they don't seem to mind. But I'm wondering if I'm in my weight zone. I mean my whole life I have been told "you're so skinny" - but I know I'm skinny but it's hard to compare weight with your friend who's 5'8" and weighs 116... But I do put my height to good use - I play volleyball and would just like to ask: Where do us tall girls find jeans? I have to order mine but any suggestions?

Joerg says: Start with Alloy (click the banner which is near the top of this page). You haven't checked out the Clothes USA page yet, have you?

Ula wrote (May 14th 2007)

Hi everyone... first of all I would like to say to the girls who say that they are 5'10 and say they are really tall and can't find clothes and stuff like that.. what am I supposed to say?! I am 18 and 6'5 and every day I start to like my height but at times it is hard... also the second thing is did anyone buy from Tallandall.com?? Because I believe they are people that will scam you. I bought something there and after 2 months they did not send me anything, but they did take my money though!!!

Emily wrote (May 13th 2007)

Tall people have a lot of problems. Some have to mentally grow up along with their height. That kind of thing can cause depression. I know it did with me. When you're 5'8 and 11 years old, everyone looks at you like you're supposed to be the "older, more respectable" one. I had a lot of problems like that. I couldn't act like a kid when I looked like a young adult. I don't even really know where I'm going with this... I'm just kinda telling you the outline of my story. Anyway. People still call me "sasquatch" and "ogre" because I'm tall.. and that pisses me off. Expecially since most of the people who do that are short. I thought they were jealous, but I guess it is really weird to be so taller than average teens... boys included. Which is more problems. But yeah. Most tall girls aren't as educated as they look, and can turn to older guys as a substitute for peers their own age, and this can cause problems. I just want girls to know that... because I don't want bad things to happen to them. 'Kay?

Jennifer wrote (May 12th 2007)

Girls out there stay strong you are beautiful, God didn't make everyone the same so realize how special and important you are to him and to others out there going through a whole lot worse.

Natosha wrote (May 7th 2007)

So I was walking to get some dinner and passed some black guys. One of them said, "I like short girls, not tall" and I was enraged at this!! I looked back and gave them a dirty look but I was literally seething inside. I was on the brink of yelling back "I like white guys, not black," but I refrained. Why is it that I keep getting this? Why are people so ridiculous? And it always seems to be they make these rude comments when they're in a group. They won't say it when alone because they're cowards. So how am I supposed to love myself, supposed to be grateful for my height and all that junk when I get these asshole comments? How come I can't walk around saying "You're ugly" or "You're fat" or whatever just like people feel free to say that I am tall. It is so frustrating!! I did nothing but walk by. Minding my OWN BUSINESS. It is terrible that I cannot expect this from others.

Joerg says: It's always good to keep a cool head and not be rude as well. Being rude as well just makes you angry and probably even less self-confident.

Susan wrote (May 6th 2007)

Hi, everyone!

Just to reiterate, on the "short man's envy" if you ask someone that is into psychology the book term for that is "Napoleonic complex" - and I have used it from time to time. Not that often, but, when someone was getting out of hand. Sometimes it really bugs, when people dont think before they speak... As I have said before, the Lord, made us in all sizes, shapes, colors, etc. This world would be a very boring place if we were all the same...

Take care - Susan

Joerg says: I'd call it "Dwarf Syndrome"... As most of you know I'm 5'8" and enjoy it. I don't think I'd treat you ladies differently if I were even shorter. Here's virtually grinning up to you - as always!

Kaycee wrote (May 5th 2007)

I am a 16yr old girl in grade nine (and 5'11"). Let me tell ya, I've been bugged constantly through elementary school, Junior High School, so I hope next year in High School will be better. It hurts alot when other teens call me names like "beast", and - omg - the famous question/comment, "you're so tall" and "why"??. It's like, well, um, how do I put this cause my dad's 6'4, I couldn't give a hoot about what anyone says about my height! I'll be loud and proud about it! Yep, I was on the senior girls basketball team at my school this year, I had a blast! I ride horses, they're big horses too! LOL. Being the tallest girl in the class for so many years is hard, but hell I got 3 more years of school to go and a whole lifetime of love, laughter and height to overcome, so bring it on!! Oh, yes - I'm sixteen and have never dated a guy. I always thought it was because of my height, but you know I think guys are ckicken shit of gurlz with height and confidence!! So here's to all the tall girls in the world, STAND TALL!!

K.T. wrote (May 3rd 2007)

Height is a gift. So in counting your blessing tall ladies, be sure to acknowledge how your height has open doors for you. You are turning heads and setting new standards for the upcoming tall girls. Remember live for today and plan for tomorrow. KT (6ft 3inches) in VA.

Sophia wrote (May 3rd 2007)

I'm 17, 6ft1 and I hate it. It seems to me that people in the USA seem to accept taller girls than they do here in the UK, because I have been stared at and told by total strangers "gosh aren't you tall". It's hard to permanently say "yeah I know" and grin moronically in an apolagetic manner when really I want to say "Holy s*** really? I hadn't noticed thanks for pointing that out you have enriched my life." Or when people ask "How come you're so tall?" - "Oh I don't know" again grinning moronically in apology when I want to say "Why the hell are you so short?" or "Oh I don't know... maybe it's because I accidentally ate a magic bean one day and grew in manner of beanstalk". I guess I shouldn't complain because I am fairly slender, a UK size 10-12 which is a USA size 6-8 (I think) and my legs are rather lovely (apart from the top 4 inches or my thighs) but I do have a serious confidence issue and always feel bigger than people who are the same dress size only 7 inches shorter. Even when people say "I wish I was as tall as you" all I can think is "No you really don't". I hate it that people stare and I hate it even more when guys say "God you're so tall... hey wait, I think you're even taller than me!" Even my male friends who are taller than me comment!! One guy who is 6ft5 is always telling me how lanky I am! I know that people are only joking and when people tell me I'm tall they don't mean it as an insult, but hearing it day in, day out is tiring and wearies the soul. Although being tall means you can be elegant (well at least if you're not as clumsy as I am) I long to be small and considered "cute" or at least 5ft10 so I can still be tall but not what is considered here as "giant" or "lanky" or "freak". Looking at this website has helped me a bit, but I still can't accept myself as I am and don't think I will ever be happy with my height. I'm sure there are other girls who can relate.

Keep up the good work Joerg, nice to know there is somebody on our side! x

Katie wrote (May 2nd 2007)

To Bethany: My name is Katie and I just turned fifteen. I am 6'0". I am pretty proud of my height. At least when I am with girls or playing basketball. I feel like it makes me stand out when I am with my beautiful friends. But I have had the same experiences with guys. We live in a world where the guys are supposed to be taller. And although that will never change, we can just accept ourselves as different. I have dated guys shorter that me, and although it didnt bother them, it bothered me. But if you act confidently nobody will ever say anything about it to you. You will always have the guys that think you're beastie or too big, but if they go that much on your height, you're better off without them. There are many couples today Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and Adrianne and her husband Christopher off of "My Fair Brady". And a tip for your guy: they makes shoes that make guys taller. You could accidentally leave an article about it on your desk. Also flats are a great and very in right now. So if you act like it's no big deal, then other people will think that too. B

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