Tall Quotes 2013

6'0" Jemma wrote (November 14th 2013)

Always try to wear fantastic shoes! When people see a tall girl they always seems to check out her feet to see if she's got heels on or not.

My best friends are between 5'0" and 5'5" - I still wear heels when I'm with them as I'm going to be taller than them anyway so any inch or three doesn't really matter!!!

I did struggle with the usual being tall insecurities when I was younger (I'm now 32), but now I love it! Us tall ladies don't have to wear tons of makeup or really skimpy clothes to be noticed like other girls do - we can just walk into a room. You can make an entrance without even trying!

You can't change your height so embrace those long legs! Shoulders back, chin up and strut!

5'11 1/2" Jewel wrote (October 22nd 2013)

Joerg, just been doing some reading and really appreciating the fact that humans will generally "reject" or overlook at first anything that's not marginal. I know on this site people struggle with being too tall. Others struggle with being - Too heavy, too dark, too light, too short, too thin. On this basis they feel physically unattractive to the opposite sex. I am proud however, of those who have not let themselves be defined by their height, skin, race, size etc. As you know, I think there is only a "select" 40% of people who do not fall outside the margins of normality as it were. So the rest of the 60% of us who are different are somehow "losers" - I dare say no! Embrace and accept who you are. There are lots of people out there who have one issue or another, just google "I am too short" or "too dark" or whatever. In closing, read this to broaden your horizon, to show you that feeling left out can affect all sorts of people and not just you. Nice day.


6'1 1/2" Catherine wrote (October 17th 2013)

At 34 I should care less about my height right? Wrong. It is a never ending thing day in and day out. Didn't have a boyfriend till I was out of high school (he was 5'7"). I'm guaranteed to NOT be hit on anywhere I go. Why do people feel the need to point out the obvious? Why stare? I don't care if kids do but when grown people do it its just sad. I'm sorry I don't really consider you all that tall if you are 5'10". At least you can still wear cute heals, buy pants at any store, find shoes. Not I! No. I order all my pants online. Lucky me!! Don't come up to me and wish you were tall. You wouldn't last one day in my shoes let alone a lifetime. If there was a surgery to shrink me by 5 inches I would be the first in line! Sorry I'm not the most positive person but it's how I feel.

6'5 1/2" Amanda wrote (October 16th 2013)

Hello! I'm 27, an a proud mother of 2 beautiful boys. My entire life I've had people inform me on how tall I am, or if I played basketball. I found it quite insulting and often have insecure moments, when people only have to comment on my appearance instead of a simple "How are you?". General society likes to keep the same, where as I see us vertically blessed people as someone worth noticing, with the biggest warmest hearts and a beautiful smile for everyone to see :)

5'10" JoAnn wrote (October 6th 2013)

I don't feel tall anymore. I am 65 years old and growing up in Brooklyn, NY in a neighborhood where people tend to be shorter than the average. I felt like a giant. I was always by far the tallest girl and the tallest kid in the class. I did not like being tall as a teenager at all but ever since my twenties I first accepted and then began to like it. I feel powerful when I wear heels. I have no trouble with clothes as my legs are not really that long. However, I am extremely long waisted so one piece bathing suits and jump suits have always been out for me. Also, when I was in my 20s it was nearly impossible to get a size 11 shoe and that is not a problem these days. Every day I always see young women who are taller than me. For years that never happened. I believe that women are getting taller. I am so happy to read these quotes from very young women who are over six feet tall and are proud and comfortable with their height. I believe that young women in general have much stronger self-esteem and confidence than women did in my generation and certainly tall women feel better about their height nowadays.

5'11" Sarah wrote (September 4th 2013)

The famous line I ALWAYS heard growing up was "when you get older you will LOVE your height and flaunt it." Now that I am about to be 23 I still am iffy about my height (.....wearing heels) but I am finally learning to love it! My boyfriend and I go to concerts and seeing over everyone's heads is never a problem, I was in a group interview and I was interviewing next to two people who were shorter than me and I ended up getting the job because they liked my strong and confident presence, we carry weight better than half of the women in this world who are shorter than us! You get the men who are insecure with their masculinity and feel the need to point out that you are taller than the average male in the United States but then I pipe back I'm sorry I make you that insecure that you feel the need to put someone down based on their height just because you're down about being short doesn't mean I have to be about being tall! I am one of four girls and its funny all my other sisters are 5'5"-5'8". We get the usual basketball and volleyball questions and I love to throw people off and say no I am actually a college cheerleader. My BIGGEST inspiration is Kate Middleton she is the poster child of femininity, class, and beauty in our world and she is 5'10"! Only downside to being this tall is finding a dress that is normal length on a shorter person but ends up being wayyyy too short for me. And the next time anyone says "how's the weather up there?" just respond no different than it is for you or anyone else who has said that since third grade.

6'0" Antoinette wrote (August 20th 2013)

I am 18 years old. I hated being the "only tall girl" throughout my school years. I thought I may have been the only one out there that struggled with this problem. It was really hard trying to find a guy that was intimitated about my height. Since I have recently graduated high school I have gained alot of confidence. I found this page through google. I'm actually really happy I did. I can see that I'm not alone out there with my height. Yay to all tall women, don't be ashamed, EMBRACE your height and yourself. Thank you for making pages like this for us tall women.

5'10" Louise wrote (August 17th 2013)

Lisa Leslie, former professional women's basketball player, is 6'5" and beautiful! She was on a recent episode of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" The only person as tall as her was Ryan Stiles, and even he made some "tall" jokes, but she didn't seem bothered at all. She just smiled and did her bit on the show. It was awesome! We should all carry ourselves that way.

5'11" Chrissy wrote (August 12th 2013)

"When are you going to stop growing?" It's the one that has always driven me nuts. I'm in my 30s and I just had somebody ask me that not too long ago. Seriously, you can't find anything else to say. I said uh yeah, I stopped growing about 15 years ago. I said it really dry and it made them stop for a moment. They changed the subject. A classmate had a really good comeback (really tall guys can get it too) this girl asked him "How's the weather up there?". He looked down at her and said "How's the weather down there?" I have a co-worker who is tall too, about an inch shorter than me. We walk everyday at lunch. She told me "you don't know how nice it is to walk with a fellow tall girl". I don't feel like I am towering over anybody. She is in her 60s which goes to show you that you can have your tall girl issues at any age.

5'10" Taylor wrote (July 29th 2013)

To Alicia: As to feeling comfortable in heels... everyone needs a little practice in heels to feel comfortable I think even shorter people do. But one thing that I think helps is to go out to a store to shop where you dont know anyone, and wear heels, gradually you will get to the point where you feel comfortable anywhere in heels... just a suggestion that might help you get to where you want to be.

5'10" Savanna wrote (July 24th 2013)

I love being tall. I love when people ask me how tall I am. I find it hard at times to find jeans and dresses. But I love how I can wear any size in tees and gyms shorts. Ha. The only thing I can't stand about being tall is that my legs look weird. See I'm bow legged and pretty skinny. People trend to make fun of my legs because their bent. But I can't let that get to me! I was made like this in the image of God!

5'10" Sydney wrote (July 19th 2013)

"Are you a basketball player?" Nope, I have the coordination of a baby giraffe. "Oh, well you should be a model!" Just because I'm taller than your son doesn't mean I should be a model -_- People are only worse because I'm 15" and my boyfriend's mom is 4'10".

6'1" Alicia wrote (July 18th 2013)

I'm 24 years old and I used to feel like I was the only tall girl in the world (sarcastically speaking) but I found this paige by googling "tall women with confidence" and since then my confidence level went up a little, but I still want to feel comfortable in heels. I would feel better if I had tall friends also but looking at all these comments has made me feel special and that I'm not alone and that feels I'm still struggling with the whole man issue, but one day I'll meet a man that is not insecure about my height.

6'3 1/2" Shannon wrote (July 10th 2013)

I really like this page on the site because girls are sticking together and helping eachother out which is something you don't see all that often anymore.

I'm from the UK and being just over 6'3" is hard. It's hard trying to fit in when you don't and growing up is hard anyway without being the 'odd-one-out' but peace with who you are comes with age. Not only that, I'm mixed race and ALL clothes in the UK made for 'tall women' are made for tall, skinny white girls. And they class tall women as 5'7" - 6'0". I'm sorry, but when you're 6ft at 12, then talk to me about being 'tall'. I hate women under 5'11" complaining it's hard to find clothes ect. Most tall clothes these days have an inside leg of 33"-34" and sometimes 36"-38", so why are you complaining when my inside leg is 40 and i've had to resort to buying 2 pairs of trousers and cutting the bottom off of one to sew onto the other. Even the bigger sizes are for the shape of a caucasian female. I couldn't find clothes anywhere and when i did i had to fork out well over the odds for something a short girl could find anywhere for less than half the price (anyone else find this??)

I'm now a graduate and hold a BA (hons) in fashion design so I can bring tall women of different cultures and backgrounds fashion that is not only flattering but AFFORDABLE. I mean, you can't buy a pair of tall leggings for much less than £40 and our short gals can buy them in Primark for £5 - What's up with that?!

I'm happy with who I am these days. At 21 I've finally got to the point where people say 'look at her she's massive' or 'oh my god you're so tall' and I even have to think 'oh my god, I am!'. I don't watch for people's reactions anymore or walk with my head down because I don't care what they think (always remember half the people you see in a day when you're out and about you will NEVER see again so who cares what they think. The second you've walked past them you never have to think about them again.). It won't take any of you young girls long to become happy with just who you are and start living life how it should be lived, with smiles on all of your faces :)

6'0" Donna wrote (July 7th 2013)

Being 56 and 6'0" and now 250 pounds I was always odd one out. I was shy and had a hard time being this tall. One of the biggest problems I encountered were men that had a bad attitude with me. It took me a long time to understand why but once I did I enjoyed being tall.

6'0" Jasmine wrote (June 5th 2013)

I think this website is great. It gives tall girls like myself a new perspective about being tall. I use to hate my height because 1. All my friends are 5'7" or shorter and 2. Dating was a pain in the butt, but now I'm loving every inch of me and even though my friends are short (one of my good friends is at least 4'10") they're still very supportive and loving :). Thanks for giving me more reasons to love my height and be proud of it! Tall girls rock! I wouldn't change my height for anything, and neither would my boyfriend ;D.

6'4 1/2" Amanda wrote (May 29th 2013)

I'm 15 and I used to HATE being tall because I basically had it all. The problems every tall girl had when she was young. People being jerks and insensitive and treating me like an outcast because I didn't "fit in". I was even pressured by family and friends to play basketball (typical, right). Now that I've come to realize that being is just a part of me and frankly, I'm grateful I'm tall because I wouldn't be me without it. HERE'S TO ONE MORE YEAR OF GROWING!

Joerg says: That's one of the best I've read so far... considering you are only 15. Keep your head held high, Amanda!

6'1 1/2" Pinky wrote (May 23rd 2013)

I am proud to be a tall woman. I have was told my entire life, "the boys will catch up, they boys will catch up." Guess what? They didn't! I don't really mind so much though. I'm cool with who I am. I'm tall, and I'm fat, and I'm beautiful. That said, it would be nice if I were attractive to men.

6'1" Avril wrote (May 16th 2013)

I have been tall all my life. Once I got through my teenage awkwardness I have loved being tall. I emphasize my height with my clothes, stand up straight and wear look at me colors.

There are downsides, of course. I struggle with clothes just like everyone else, and my dating pool was limited. When I pose for a pic with my girlfriends I am a full head taller than they are.

But I found a plact to shop, learned to show my long legs off around my petite friends, and discovered that the internet makes it easy to find a tall man to date. :)

I have three sons, two are already over 6'3" and they don't mind having my genes, at all. Height is an advantage in sports and business world, for men or women. I hope all of us can learn to appreciate our fantastic statures and show it off.

When you are taller than the crowd, you are going to stick out. So throw on your red lipstick and own it.

5'11" Chloe wrote (May 12th 2013)

Being 12 years old and 5'11" attracts a lot of attention. Although I like being tall, its a pain sometimes. I'm the second tallest in my grade, and I am therefore told I am tall 10+ times per day (like I didn't know already...). Just thought I would share my thoughts on being super tall :)

5'10" Melissa wrote (April 21st 2013)

Whoops. Yesterday at the mall I accidentally hit a girl in the face with my shoulder. THE GREEN JOLLY GIANT STRIKES AGAIN! Mwahahahahahaha

6'3" Jheri wrote (April 18th 2013)

April 18 is High Five Day (there are probably days for everything). My friend Colleen sometimes gives people high fives when she sees them start to look at her, so rather than a stare and a comment she could do without, she gets a smile or a laugh. I tried it here a few years ago and it does make people smile, but I think it works better in the US. She says the trick is look at someone's elbow as you give it. Here is her little video on it :-)


Give it a try and see if it doesn't bring smiles and makes your day.

5'10" Jackie wrote (April 9th 2013)

Thanks so much, Susan for encouraging me, even here some people view being plump as pretty. For example for years I never used to wear a trouser or jeans because whenever I would wear one men (and even some women) would tell me to stop wearing them because I don't have a butt and they are made for people with big behinds, to show them off and that am too tall at 5'8"' to wear a trouser or jean. You can imagine what that did to my self esteem as a teenager back in the 90s.

Then I tried to wear short skirts and I was told that my legs were too long and small so I don't look good in short skirts either. Actually a certain teacher during my last year of primary school (I was fourteen years old at the time) made fun of my long legs in front of the whole school, which made my self esteem go down more.

So as an adult (I am 36 now - yes I made 36 in March) I have learned to embrace what God gave me. In Sudan they are so lucky tall is considered beautiful but unfortunately because of the war many have migrated to Uganda and they are mercilessly being laughed at for being tall.

My daughter who is 8 is also tall for her height and it has started. Recently she asked me what she can do to be short... Can you imagine that? An 8 year old asking to be short because of being ridiculed for her height by adults? Well, I told her she is the most beautiful girl and being tall rocks.

I am glad I went through what I did,because I can be able to help my tall daughter. My advice to the teens who are being asked dumb questions like why are you so tall? Duh! Just ask them why they are so short and make sure you have loads of confidence. You will see, they will start admiring you.

If they ask you why you wear high heels yet you are tall ask them why they wear flat shoes yet they are short. If high heels were meant for short women as they like saying ask them why they don't wear them all the time and wear flat shoes that were meant for tall people. That will do it. They will never ask you dumb questions again and if they do just strut your stuff. I have come to realize that being tall rocks! You look good in everything, you will look good in flat shoes and you will still rock wearing high heels.

6'4" Susan wrote (April 2nd 2013)

This message is for Jackie from Uganda. I have a dear friend from Kenya who believed for years she was ugly because she is slender and shapely and in Kenya, plump women are preferred. It wasn't until she moved to the States that she realized that many, many men find her extremely pretty. In fact, when I would tell men here she once considered herself ugly, they would squeal, "Julia thinks she's UGLY? She's so pretty!". I bet the same is true for your height! If you could immigrate here to the U.S., you would get looks of admiration. And wait, isn't height really valued in parts of Africa, too? I once had a tall grocery store clerk, fresh from the Sudan, I think, or Somalia, walk around me in an admiring circle and say, "Wow, in my tribe you'd be you'd have a 300 cattle bride-price!" I know I feel a lot prettier in the Netherlands, where lots of women look like me, and many are my height. Maybe you just have the right height for the wrong culture!

I remember when I was young, my tall girl cousin and I kept getting criticized for being "too tall". So we started asking people what height we "should" be. The response was always "5'10"- we were both around 6'4"". So I drew out six inches on a piece of paper, we looked at it together, and said: "Should we let that small a distance ruin our lives?" We then burnt the paper and never looked back.

5'11 1/2" Vanesssa wrote (April 1st 2013)

I'm now 32 years and I would just like to say to every girl in her teens that's 5ft 10in and over - its tough being a teen! Even a pimple can seem like the end of the world. Being tall is just something that's a stepping stone to an awesome personality and a well rounded character. Being tall is your blessing! Be happy in it! You'll attract the right kinda attention then, for sure. Some guys don't like bones, some don't like curves. Some like legs, some like smiles, etc etc etc! Stop looking at yourself through every other pair of eyes RIGHT NOW! You have a unique perspective on life - excuse the pun lol. I GUARANTEE you my darling girl, there is nothing worse than a beautiful TALL GIRL / WOMAN who doesn't love herself. Start with loving yourself before you want the world to "love" you. Be there for yourself before expecting a "man" to do it. Be strong, confident, happy! Personally I've never been more confident about my size and believe me I practice what I preach. You're iconic AS YOU ARE - JUST STRUT!!!

5'10 1/2" Dionna wrote (March 31st 2013)

Hey! I'm a 16 year old basketball player, and I am 5'10 1/2". People always come up to me saying "Oh my God, you're tall", "Why are you so tall!" , but after a while I got used to it. It may be hard finding jeans, shoes and ESPECIALLY dresses that don't look so short when they're not, but at the end of the day being tall is so awesome! Embrace the tallness ladies! We STAND OUT! Our legs, our body shape, the way we walk, EVERYTHING! Don't let any one tell you other wise. Tall girls ROCK!

5'10" Louise wrote (March 16th 2013)

I highly recommend Long Elegant Legs for clothing. I have purchased several items from them online. Great styles, quality and truly designed for the tall woman.

5'10" Julie wrote (March 15th 2013)

I used to feel awkward about my height as a teenager. I was 5 ft at ten, 5'5" at twelve, 5'7" at fifteen and now 5'9" at 27. I have come to realise that tallness is an asset for women, in view of the following facts:

  1. Short women (especially those with much taller husbands) have an above-average risk of childbirth complications. Ask any health professional you know, or google-search, for confirmation. Tall women fare better regardless of their partner's height.
  2. Tall women show later in pregnancy because their longer waists can accommodate the baby vertically for a longer period of time before bulging out. This means a better post-natal figure.
  3. High heels damage the legs and other parts of the body over the years. They lead to bigger and more prominent calf muscles. It is therefore an advantage not to need them.
  4. Still on high heels, if tallness is good for men and not for women, men should be the ones wearing heels but the reverse is the case. Short women wear heels to look like us.
  5. Tall height = long legs and long legs are considered sexy on a woman.
  6. Tall women naturally look slimmer than shorter women with the same vital statistics. They can also eat more without putting on weight.
  7. Models and beauty queens have to be tall (at least 5'7"). There is no maximum height.
  8. Long legs enable you to walk and run faster. This enables you to escape from danger and even have an edge when competing for seats in an overcrowded lecture room.

On the issue of finding clothes and shoes that fit, I have discovered that skirts and dresses are a tall woman's best friends. They don't have to reach her ankles and they help to differentiate her from the guys. No woman can be mistaken for a man in a skirt or dress. Also, sandals of the right size are easier to find than covered shoes,which need an extra space in front for easy walking. I buy my shoes in bulk once a year from wholesalers; it is not easy to find bigger sizes with retailers.

5'10" Taylor wrote (March 14th 2013)

To Jewel: Great comments, and so true!

5'11" Jewel wrote (March 13th 2013)

Ladies, it looks like I have to start up a blog on how height is not such a bad thing. I am serious about this.

Catherine Zeta Jones once said that everyone has insecurities, the only thing is you can't let people see this.

I am not saying be a fake, it's only for you to see that everyone - yes even in Hollywood has issues that tend to dominate them all day long if they let it.

Just try and google "I am too short" (in inverted commas so it comes up exactly that way). You will even notice that being too short as from people's experiences is worse than being too tall. No really, think about employability and the projection of power when it comes to high paid jobs.

Also yes, with the sexes it causes issues but not when you look stunning. Looking stunning somehow forgives your height or causes people to overlook your height. Sorry to put it that way. Yes, tall and short guys will both be after you.

Google even "I am too fat", "my nose is too big", "my head is too big", "I hate my teeth", "I am self-conscious" - yadi yadi yada.

85 - 90% of people have an issue. I have however seen an extremely fat guy walking around and living life to the max and not letting things get in his way. Even having "normal" friends. People gravitate to people like these.

The key is, if you are self-conscious due to your weight height or whatever - they all smell it miles off and treat you or tease you accordingly.

Just love and accept yourself.

Not to brag but I have come to a point where I wear heels to work all week and Sunday to church if I feel like. I walk about all in town. I am currently looking to wear 5 inch max to go out etc and to work sometimes. My work average is 3-4 inches weekly.

I think 5 is my maximum though. You are free to have your min. and max. - it's a free world. However, I dont believe in platforms (they give you too much height versus the exact same heel with no platform - this would even land up shorter. Just google this). So I look for thin 5 inches without a platform - now those take mastering to walk in.

I tower over everybody but I don't give a chocolate what anyone thinks. For some reason I can now walk around and no one would even butt an eye. In fact I get guys giving me their numbers. LOL.

This is my world, my look, my heels and I am living it up to the max!!!! Give it a shot - you won't look back.

6'1" Carys wrote (March 11th 2013)

Well, hey girls. I'm 6'1" and 15. I have always struggled with my height, whether it was not being able to wear heels at my school prom, or feeling like the only girl in my year who's going to be single forever. I'm just starting to realise that no matter how tall you are you should wear heels. If you feel like they make you too tall just wear smaller ones and gradually increase. Just think even if you are afraid of the whole boy situation, if you don't mind being with a guy shorter or if you're like me and don't like feeling bigger than my boyfriend. Most tall guys are hot and they only want tall girls. So yeah, be who you are and strut those long legs :D

5'10 1/2" Christal wrote (March 2nd 2013)

Being tall has always been something that I hated about myself. I hated not finding jeans, shoes and my hands are even large. I feel like an alien most times when I'm in a social crowd. Oh, don't let me where a pair of heels, "how tall are you", "you're tall!!". Uh duh, I think I know this, you don't have to say it. I'm not sure how to feel about being tall, but I'm learning to love myself for who I am. I am searching for clothing that will accentuate my tall height as well as my big booty!!! I get a lot of stares but I'm not sure if I want them. Men gawk and women admire but I have to love me and exude my confidence! Tall girls rock!!!

5'11" Deshanta wrote (March 1st 2013)

I have a low self esteem because of my height. Everyday someone asks me "why are you so tall?", "how tall are you?", "you're too tall to be a girl!" and I dont like it because it makes me feel tall girls are ugly or just not wanted. But reading these comments made me feel better about myself because I'm not the only one who thinks that way. I'm going to love my height and my flaws because there's nothing you can do about it but accept it. #TallGirlsRule #LongLegs #StandsOut #BEAUTIFUL

6'0" Katie wrote (February 25th 2013)

I am 21 and I have always hated how tall I am since I'm also chubby. Dealing with height and weight has always been very hard for me. But I am trying now very hard to love my body and to accept it for what it is. This site and all the women involved have been very inspirational.

5'11" Jewel wrote (February 25th 2013)

Ladies: Wear your heels. Although I tend to say I am 6ft (seemed to have shrunk). I strongly believe in wearing heels. Once you wear a high pair for the whole day you will never look back. There is a secret about heel height. It is not what is stated. If it's 4 inch you may only stand 3 inches higher because of the pivoting of your foot. The lower the heel, the more height you will rip from it. Ladies wear your heels. Start low and increase gradually.

6'0" Emily wrote (February 18th 2013)

I am eighteen and I've been tall since the summer before my sophomore year of high school. I grew half a foot in that summer alone. Sometimes I hate my height but there's nothing I can do to change it. I hate when people start a conversation with "you're so tall!" - really? I didn't notice. Something that I've learned is that it doesn't matter if you're tall you can wear heels if you want to. I do, and I always get compliments about not being afraid to wear heels. Tall girls can wear heels.

6'1 1/2" Dani wrote (February 17th 2013)

I am 15 and nearly 6ft 2, up until a year ago my height got me down a lot. I wouldn't want to meet new people because I always got comments about how tall I was, especially because the lack of muscle makes me look particularly lanky. But what I have realized recently is there is nothing you can do about your height, and being a tall girl, what do you have? Long legs, loads of other things that shorter people don't have, so you may as well embrace what you've got because you're stuck how you are. Be confident. I bet you any money you want all your shorter friends are envious of you, all short boys are intimidated by your height and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! If you've got it, then flaunt it!

5'10" Sophie wrote (February 14th 2013)

Hi, I am 5'10" barefoot, 37, 135 pounds. I have always been considered beautiful, strong and have had confidence my whole life. I always was conscious of my height because I come from a family of short women and grew up in an area with predominantly short people. I never wore a heel over 2 inches ever! And I am married to a man that is 5'10" also. Since we have been together, 5 yrs, I wear all flat boots! Never a heel! Why do I care if I'm taller than him? Really bugs me this late in life! Again I know I'm attractive, in great shape, have always been confident and complimented yet I hate hate hate towering over my husband in 2 inch heels! Petty problems I know but being 5'7" would have been great, Mother Nature!

5'11" Trix wrote (February 13th 2013)

To Adrienne: Since the age of 13 I have the same height as now (46). I am taller than the rest of my family even some sisters children. But I recognize some of your problems, I felt the same when I was an teenager. When I was 13 to 15 people my age hadn't had their grow spurth yet, when I had mine already. It was all arms and legs for a while and no figure to speak off. People can be envious of your height, have you thought about that. What worked for me (childish) why are you so short, when people asked about my height. Learn to embrace it, it meant for me power and standing out to be different and not a sheep. And yes I wear heels and I love wearing my own handmade hats.

5'8" Jackie wrote (February 11th 2013)

Hello Joerg, I thank you so much for this website. I am 35 years old and 5'8". I am Ugandan and women here are between 4'0" - 5 6". I have always been considered very tall and have always hated my height. When I was younger (in my teens and early 20s) I used to pray that I would be shorter in the morning. Then I would cry over that. I have always dated shorter guys but felt more comfortable with guys taller than me. But they seem to like short girls more. I was feeling low about my height and I googled something that lead me to your site. I have been blessed by this site, as I read the quotes from other tall women. I felt better. Some of you have so much confidence. Some of you are much taller than me but wear heels. Most of you wear high heels despite of your height which is very good. I used to slouch a lot but recently I am so proud of my height and if someone comments negatively about it I tell them it's not my fault they are short. I am on a dating site so I met this nice guy who came over to visit. He had told me that he was 5'9" but when I met him physically he was shorter than me and I was wearing high heels which even made it worse but I didn't care because I had confidence from reading the quotes on your site. He had a problem with it but since I was confident he got used to it and I don't mind wearing heels when I'm out with him. If he feels bad about my height then he is not worth it. I want a man who wants me for me. Thanks so much, Joerg!

6'0 1/2" Laura wrote (January 16th 2013)

To Adrienne: I'm 19, soon 20, my older sister is 5'4", my mum is 5'6" and I am taller than my dad. I too find the confidence of the other women on here awe inspiring and some what difficult to comprehend, I hit 6ft at your age too and as much as I wish I could offer words that will make it all change, I can't.

We're tall, we won't ever really wear heels, finding a guy is and will always be harder, and we will have down moments where we just feel as if life is unfair, as if we were dealt the bad hand.

How to fix this? Simple, we get over it. Even people bursting with confidence everyday will have moments where they just hate this height, but you know what? There are so many worse things out there. So many birth defects, or life altering accidents, people who actually suffer.

As much as I too try to be confident and have a loud personality , I will still feel down occasionally, so will you and most the people whom ever look at this page; but in all honesty, life could be a lot worse. My words of advice? We are what we are, and it could be so much harder. So on the days where you can't be upbeat, be grateful. x

6'3" Ali wrote (January 12th 2013)

Adrienne: The way you feel now won't last forever! The reason everyone else seems more confident about their height is because they're older. Being 15 sucks and being tall on top of all the other insecurities really doesn't help! I was 6ft2 at 15 and HATED it, used to wish at night that I would wake up 5ft5. My attitude changed drastically when I got older, guys around me were far more grown up (and massively taller) and I started to feel good about it. I'm now 21, 6f3, am the only 'newbie' on my uni's volleyball team because of my natural ability (insaine height), I have been playing for a few month whereas my teammates have been for over 5 years, and I have previously sucked at ALL sports due to lack of coordination and balance - so there are perks!

I also now have the perks of tall guys being interested, singling me out because they love tall women, I get more attention from guys than all of my shorter friends because I stand out. It has become normal for me to have strangers telling me I'm beatuful just because they feel like it - am not saying this to sound arrogant, but people think of a tall woman as beautiful, aspirational! I never get nasty comments anymore, only 'aren't you lovely and tall!' and 'you should be a model!'

After that long essay I now conclude; being a tall teenager is appalling and you will have the piss taken out of you constantly. However, being a tall woman is awesome!

5'10" Taylor wrote (January 9th 2013)

To Adrienne: Try not to always compare yourself to others is one way to gain self-esteem. You will never look short. Try to enjoy yourself the way you are, instead of the way you want to be. That's not attainable so sort of a waste of time. Find something you like about yourself and try to focus more time on that, rather on what you dislike. Try out different styles to see what looks best on your body type. Think of yourself as special because you are. You are not just off the 5'3"'' to 5'7" assembly line... you are different... so focus on how to make yourself a nice different. People do ask about height, true, and can be annoying. You don't have to answer though... say "Personal thing. Hope you dont mind." They get it. LOL.

5'10 1/2" Emily wrote (January 9th 2013)

"Embrace the legs!!!" Keep them toned and looking sexy... Guys will drool all over them. Be around women who are about your same height, you'll feel better about yourself.

I always felt like a giant because my friends were only 5'5" or so. But, later on, I found me some tall girlfriends to hang with and it boosted my confidence. And once that happened, going after the guys felt easy.

I'm not saying the guy has to be shorter or taller than you. Just find someone that makes you comfortable. For me, I only feel comfortable with really tall guys. But on the flip side, I've got a ton of shorter guy friends who could all be my brothers (love them; great friends). Just be with who makes you comfortable.

6'3" Jheri wrote (January 7th 2013)

To Rusti-Lynn: I run a lot and recommend that you have a good thick sole for proper shock absorption. Concentrate on a great fit and a quality sole or you may be looking at an injury. If you are doing sports it really pays to get fitted by someone who knows what they are doing - at least until you can find the right shoe. You might bring up your question at a good store. With running shoes there is a slight difference, but not much.

There are walking shoes that have much thinner soles, but they don't give proper support for athletics. I would only recommend them to a casual walker.

Of course there are the new almost barefoot shoes like Nike Frees, but they are very easy to get injured in unless you can adapt your style to them. I wouldn't recommend them for anything other than light jogging.

I'm not at all bothered by my ASICS :-) I just wish I didn't have to buy three or four pair a year. If you go with a barefoot shoe, you'll be wearing them out even faster.

One of the best athletic shoe sites is Jenny Sanders - she really knows what she is doing. You might try writing her if you are worried about a few millimeters: http://drshoereviews.com

5'11 1/2" Rusti-Lynn wrote (January 6th 2013)

Does anyone know what brand, if any of athletic shoes have thinner than normal soles. I find myself not wanting to work out because athletic shoes tend to add 1 1/2 inches, which puts me over 6'0" and makes me very uncomfortable. Thanks ladies if you have any suggestions. Rusti-Lynn

6'0" Adrienne wrote (January 5th 2013)

I just turned 15 four months ago and I am so tired of my height. If there was one thing I could change about myself, it would be my height. I see the people posting here with so much confidence and I wonder if we live in different worlds. I really hate being as tall as I am.

I'm tired of hearing "You are so tall!" or "Why are you so tall?" every single day of my life.

I have real self esteem issues because of it. I attend an all girls institution so I am mostly around girls the average height. Most guys I know are shorter than me or prefer short girls. I'm really tired of being taller than everyone around me, even my mother, and my 20 year old sister. I'm like almost my father's height. My height is beginning to annoy me. I feel really uncomfortable around other people because I'm always the tallest in the room so I normally try to sit down and I don't even wear heels to church. Sports is not my thing because I'm sorta clumsy but people say I may have a shot at modelling. I really don't know what to do because I really want to get rid of this height. I'm tired of feeling like a giant.

I really came upon this site after googling how to be tall and confident as a girl.

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