Tall Quotes 2003

Topaz wrote (December 26th 2003)

Hiya, I'm Topaz. My best friend is 5'11 and is so self aware of her height. I noticed your page when I was looking for a Christmas present for her (jeans, extra long) so I showed her it right away! It's helped her a lot at feeling not so odd one out and that she's 'short' compared to some! I had to write a reply and say thank you. I'm 5'4 and I get the same stick from the other side - "Shortass", blah blah and I would love to be tall. Mainly because I'd love to be a model and you have to be at least 5'7. There are loads out here who would love to be tall so please don't be like my mate (can't say her name she'd kill me! ;-) ) and let any comments get you down. She'll be visiting this site again and i hope she reads this, she'll know who I am! Bye!

Jennifer wrote (October 10th 2003)

I am in 7th grade and am 5'10. Most of the guys are shorter then me but i do not mind AT ALL! I am very proud of being tall and have been tall since the first day of kindergarten. when people (really short "cute" girls) talk about me like im not there, i sometimes think "Oh my god! Why am I so tall!" but then i think 'hold it hunny! You're tall and no one else here is like u' that's all I need!

Jodi wrote (August 24th 2003)

Hey, my name is Jodi, I'm 14 and am 5'8" and still growing quite fast! I stumbled upon this website by accident and I think it's great, I sometimes worry about my height but recently I've noticed how much it really doesn't matter! I even bought myself some heels for school. Most of my mates are shorter than me all except one and they are all great! Our heights range from about 5' to 5'9" so as you can probably guess, we don't really worry about it. Jokes do pass around and some extremely nasty comments and such, but I simply remember they aint worth no time of mine and just smile at them and say thanks and walk away. I will not stoop to their level! Thank you so much for giving me confidence in myself and helping me to be proud of who I am!!

Daniela wrote (August 22nd 2003)

I'm 15 and 5'8", though it's not as tall as some as the other women on this site...I still experience all the problems that they do. For example: In school, the desks are made for the shorter/average height people, and taller people, have trouble fitting their legs underneath the desktop.

And then there's the comments...the usual: "Do you play basketball?" "No." "You really should." Don't people realize that there's more to playing a sport than height? And the modeling comment...a man down my street always tells me that I should really think about being a model, but the way he says it...is just I don't really know how to say it...perverted?

I'm the tallest girl in my grade, if not my whole school, so therefore, all my friends are shorter than me. They always say the stupid comments that they think don't hurt, but lately I've realized that they really do.

I've dated many guys who are shorter than me, and my (so-called) friends usually have something to say about it. Makes me feel like I should really give up sometimes..but my best friend is a guy and he's about the same height as me and he made me promise to him that I would not give up. I just hope that all tall women have a friend like him.

Your site has really helped me a lot Joerg, I thank you sooo much!

And to all the tall women and teens that are picked on for their height, just remember...you can always step on those little bugs! :-D

Erin wrote (July 29th 2003):

Just wanted to say to all the Tall women out there like myself to be proud and never let the "short" minded people catagorize you just because of your stature. I'm 6ft-3 and it never fails to amaze me how people think you're public property and can say anything they want. The insensitivity at times is unbelievable!

I used to either try and ignore these people or be nice. But not anymore. If I get rudeness I point it out, or give it back!

My husband is 6ft-8 and has his owns stories about how certain things are expected of unually Tall males. For example, other usually shorter "tough" men trying to pick fights with him in bars just because hes the tallest man there.

I'm teaching my two young children, one boy and one girl to be proud of their height. And to be as accepting of others as my husband and I are. Maybe that why my children are so loving and nonjudgemental.

My experience as a tall woman could be written in a book. I've often thought of it. One of my themes would be how ultra-tall women bring out insecurity in men. Security and self confidence is within. Not based on how tall or short you are.

Robbie wrote (February 2nd 2003):

You're a strange little guy. Why must you go through so much psychobabble to justify your insecurity? We are not all the same. Deal with it shorty...

Reply from Joerg (same day):Good to know that you're one in about 500 who thinks that way so I don't actually care what you're saying. Have a great life!
Reply from Robbie (same day):

So your saying that because the (in your words) I am a minority that makes you right? I am only a minority on your wierd web site. Not to scientific. Are you only interested in perception or reality? Did you vote for Bill Clinton? Thank God I'm 6'8" and don't have to fool myself every day into thinking I am someone else.

Another reply from Joerg (same day):The reality is - even if some tall women don't subscribe to my views they still find the collection of links to clothes and other topic-specific information useful. This website is supposed to help tall women who aren't as confident about themselves as you seem to be and, as far as I can gather from the feedback I am getting, it's achieving that goal. Not everyone likes me or the motivation I had when setting up the website but they still use the information I've collected to their advantage or to simply learn about other tall women out there. What you're saying is that if you don't like Rupert Murdoch you're not going to watch Fox, if you don't like Ted Turner you're not going to watch CNN and so on. As I stated above - the website isn't about me ... I just decided I put my views on there as well ... You probably think the web (and women of height) would be better off without it being there? Why do I get the feeling that you're not particularly interested in the self-doubts other tall ladies have? Most women who criticise my contributions don't give a damn about others and even though I'm not a tall woman I try to be constructive... not simply destructive for the sake of it. Cheerio. 
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