Tall Quotes 2005b

Amy wrote (December 30th 2005)

I'm 14 and I'm 5'11. Most of the time I don't like it but I know when I am older I will be proud of my height. I try not to be embarrassed but it's really hard not to be when you are with a group of people who all average around 5'6. I wish I could be like that height sometimes, but then I know when I am older I will stand out from the crowd. I have 2 major problems with being tall:

  1. I can't wear high heels which is a real shame as they flatter your legs! and
  2. all boys (my age AND older) are short, or at least the tall ones aren't interested in me in the slightest.

It's easy enough for everyone to say 'stand up straight and be proud of your height, most people would die to be as tall as you' but in reality it's a lot more difficult than that. Please could I have any advice? And also, is it true that guys are intimidated by tall women and they prefer shorter ones?

Liz wrote (December 27th 2005)

Hey! I'm 6 feet tall, thin, athletic and 20. My boyfriend is only 5'9"! He loves it though and is always telling me how my "good genes" are going to help his family out. I've always been taller than everyone else (except a member of my family who is 6'11"). I love being tall. To all the younger girls who may feel embarrassed: Never fear, everyone is secretly jealous of your gracious figure!

Kemi wrote (December 24th 2005)

Personally, I find that being tall has extremely affected my life in every sense of the word and I often wonder if my life would have been different if I wasn't so tall. Ironically, I'm only 5"10 1/2 but everywhere I go I get asked how tall I am, the first of the questions being: "How tall are you?", "You must be 6 feet something?" or "Do you play basketball?", "Why don't you model?". The worst thing is that everywhere I go I seem to be the tallest and always get a comment about my height, even in my work place the comments never stop! I used to love wearing heels and dressing up but completely let myself go due to the constant remarks I get about my height. All I wanted to do was be like everyone else and not be noticed.

However, recently, I realised that I didn't want to be like everyone else, it was just too boring! So I went on the internet and found a wonderful shop for tall women in London, UK: longtallsally.com. I went there and was so happy to see other tall ladies even taller than myself shopping there and everything I tried on fitted and looked fabulous on me!

The only problem I'm experiencing at present is to do with wearing heels. I find myself extremely self-conscious when I do wear anything with heels and tend to wear flat shoes only. I'd like to meet other tall women who are confident with themselves and can share their experiences as I know that this will help me.

P.S.: I find that guys rarely approach me, let alone ask me out! I don't know if they find me intimidating or if it's because of my height. I do get loads of compliments, but no one's really asked me out, that I liked.

Suzi wrote (December 23rd 2005)

I am 6 feet tall and I dont have any complaints about my life . I get asked about basketball and modelling et al but I dont think people ask these to irritate us, they are just plain curious. I had my share of nasty comments in my high school but who hasn't. It is a part of every teenager's life and blaming it on height to the brink of paranoia is just ridiculous. And if somebody says something bad I dont think he is worthy of any attention - about this topic of boyfriends: I never saw height as an impediment. I have friends of all heights and they behave just the same way as with others. Yes, boys have always felt a bit awkward to ask me out because they think that I will refuse them because they are short and trust me, boys are very much afraid of rejection. Just try to be nice to them and do that extra bit to show them they are special and their height is no consideration and they will pamper you just like any other girl. And i hope you all will start enjoying life.

Brooke wrote (December 22nd 2005)

Oh wow, I'm soo happy to see that there are other tall women like me out there. It's so nice to hear that other people went through the same thing I did growing up. I'm 15 and 6'3". I always get asked how tall I am, or if I play basketball and volleyball... but I'm glad I don't play those sports. To me it just seems like it's a stereotype that tall girls must play those sports. But I must admit at times it can be tough being this tall but it gets better. It took me a long time to get where I am though, to love the way I am. I use to HATE shopping... especially when it came to pants and shoes. I just eventually gave up. But now I love shopping. I love going to look for pants that will be long enough for me. I love tallgirlshop.com and Alloy.com. Those are my favorite places to shop. Thanks soo much you girls for the inspiration and all. It's soo nice to read that other people are my height too. So thanks again!


Kelsey wrote (December 20th 2005)

Hello All. So, I'm 20 and 6'1". I have not played basketball or volleyball since I was in junior high, but like many of you, I've been asked if I do many times. Throughout grade 9 and 10, I was hounded by gym teachers to play sports, but I was too busy with my other interests. I am obsessed with the performing arts. I dance, act, sing, and play the trombone. Musicals are my passion, but finding roles for a talented, yet extremely tall women like myself is a challenge. I am currently rehearsing for a production of Chicago, which is a show in which it can be an asset to be tall. I feel awkward at times when I have to be lifted while dancing with guys who are smaller than me, but I get over it. For me, performing and dance have been my way of learning to be comfortable with my body. I would strongly recommend that tall women who feel insecure with their height take dance classes, because they help you to carry yourself in a confident way, and to overcome the feeling of over-exposure that many tall girls feel. As far as finding guys, I do feel like the person who posted a few down from me about being told that I'm pretty, and should be a model, etc., and yet not ever being given the time of day by guys. I'd like to know what goes on in their heads when they see me. As far as a recommendation for clothes goes, I would recommend Ricki's, because they have "long" sized dress pants, and I get most of my pants there. I think that it might only be a Canadian store though. I think that learning how to sew is also an asset for any tall person. I think that being tall has affected the person who I am today in a lot of ways. I often try to think about how my life would be different if I hadn't always been tall for my age. It is part of my identity, and it is something that I enjoy and am proud of.

Jenna wrote (December 16th 2005)

Hello! I am only 14 years old, and I am 6 feet tall. Yes, it can be rather awkward at times, especially since I can never find pants the right length (by the way, if you have any clothing store suggestions for tall women, let me know! :P ) but for the most part, I enjoy being tall. I know that one of the first things my father noticed about my mother (who is 5'11) is how striking her hight was. I've never had any mean comments made about my height, but i don't go a single day without, "why are you so tall??" or "do you play basketball?" and it can get rather old, but i always remember that as I grow older, my height will be more of a blessing, and I will be much more grateful for it instead of just feeling different.

Candice wrote (December 15th 2005)

Hey Ladies, your comments are very helpful. I am 5'11 and have been fortunate to find clothes and shoes that actually fit. My problem is with men. People always tell me that I am very pretty and that I should model but men never talk to me. Instead I get the comments of "how big I am" Do any of you get that comment and if so how do you deal with it? Thanks Candice

Brittany wrote (December 11th 2005)

Hi, my name is Brittany and I'm 6'2 and 19 years old with a very athletic build. I wear a size 14 shoe, and about a size 11 pants. It's really hard for me to find clothes, shoes, and even shirts that fit me right. I was feeling down at first, and then I looked up "tall girl quotes" and I came across this website. I was 5'10 when I was in 6th grade and I didnt have any girlfriends, I only hung out with the boys (the only people that accepted me). Well then I fell in love with sports, I worked hard for over 5 years and I am now on a FULL RIDE AT CENTRAL MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY playing volleyball. Girls, I know it can be tough, but the people that say stuff about us, just wish they WERE us, models are tall, athletes are tall -  who wants to be normal anyways. We can look over the crowd of "regulars" and realize that WE are the ones closer to the stars. CHIN UP GIRLS! LOVE YOURSELVES!!!!

Sarah wrote (December 8th 2005)

Hey! I truly know what it is like to be tall. I am 13 and in the 8th grade and I am 6-feet tall and I wear a size 12(mens) shoe. I can never find shoes that are my size in women's. I wear a 14 in women's shoe. I also have A LOT of trouble finding jeans... Oh ya and dont forget finding a boyfriend. I am taller than all of the boys at my school, but that will soon change! I use my height to my advantage. I am the tallest basktball player in my district. I am very proud to be tall. I thank you for having this website. I would probably feel different if I had not found this site. Thanks again!! I hope all the tall girls out there are confident!

Nancy wrote (December 7th 2005)

WHOA! I HAD NO IDEA SO MANY TALL GIRLS EXISTED!!! I didn't know that you girls have all been threw the: ''you should model/u play basket-ball? / how tall are you? / no you're taller/etc...'' Phase. I am 16 and I'm about 5ft 10 and 1/2. Whenever people talk about my height, it doesn't bother me unless it's strangers. I used to hate being tall so much that I'd cry about it. Now I am so confident about my height. I DO hate having to pay more money to get longer pants but PARASUCO & GARAGE have long pants and I love their styles. Besides, we look great on the beach with our long legs. I find some short women (no offense) who have beautiful bodies look like kids with boobs because they are not long and lean like we are! I wear the smallest heels because of guys. I don't want to be taller then them but most guys are tall and besides: everybody knows that a tall man is good :D!!! I have tall friends too but I am the tallest of my friends and to be honest I love the fact that I can wear flats and feel tall and beautiful and not have any pain in my feet. I am a size 9 in shoes but for those who want bigger sizes try going on google.com and entering shoes size: (your number)... Anyhow... Keep smilling and be proud of who u are! Guys who dont ''like tall women'' only say that because they have low self esteem! Who cares if we're 8 ft tall or 1 ft. Every height has its advantages.

Ashley wrote (December 5th 2005)

Hey, I have never written on this website before but I am 16 and I am 6'1 and I have been having a really hard time dealing with my height. People always say really mean things everytime I walk by and they tease me. I guess people think that you can take it when you are a tall girl but I really hate it. I am so sick of being treated differently just because I'm tall - it really shouldn't change anything. People call me giant dinosaur and just guys in general from my school always are mean about it. I don't understand why people can't just accept me and it makes it a lot harder on me when they don't.

Joerg says: I guess you have read all the uplifting quotes from other tall girls / women who have had similar experiences. All I can say is "Don't let these little idiots get you down. You're better than them. Maybe they're just intimidated by you because you kick butt (as they say in the US)... Well, I'm virtually smiling up to you. Stand tall and proud - you'll feel great and sexy very soon. Trust me."

Dominique wrote (December 2nd 2005)

I STAND 5'11, 19 AND THIN. i have had up and down fellings about it. My family has helped me to embrace it as genetics, the media especially modeling has made me embrace it as beauty, and common average people have tried to belittle my stature as a flaw. I have embraced all of the above because I have been geneticlly enhanced with a beautiful trait that is my tall stature and something that a common person knows nothing about or at least won't find out until they meet me. I believe I have a lot of things going for me and my height is simply a plus. Of course, during highschool, peers and anyone else w/insecurities has tried to degrade and alienate me but I never would let them, it only made me stronger.

Carrie wrote (December 1st 2005)

This site is EXCELLENT!! Very helpful to a 6' and still growing 17-year-old. I have never been ashamed of my height-my dad is 6'8" and I'm the tallest in my family after him. Yes, I get the jokes, the comments, the stares.

I sing in a mixed choir where all the girls stand in front of the boys on risers. I feel bad for the boys who have to see the director around me, but that doesn't stop me from putting my heels on for our concerts!

I have some really good, short, cute female friends, and they've told me many times that I get so much more male attention than they ever have.

So thanks for the awesome website, and thank the good Lord for making tall men for us tall women's dating pleasure!!:)

Caty wrote (November 24th 2005)

Hi. I'm 16 years old and about 6 foot 2 inches. When I was younger all the kids would call me a giant or something of that nature. I spent alot of time feeling sorry for myself during those years. However, I learned that people do mature and the name calling pretty much came to a halt. I would just like to say that I love being tall now. I don't wear heels because I fear if I fall it might be a long way down but I all in all im really comfortable with myself. And if you ever need a pair of good long jeans just go to Gap.com. They have tall sizes and they are gorgeous!

Samantha wrote (November 24th 2005)

I am 23 and almost 6'1". I have never posted something on a site before, but I have found all these statements so inspiring and they hit close to home. I was 5'10" at the age of 12. Being tall always makes you different, it makes you stand out, but my mum always told me to walk straight and be proud. Confidence always shines through. It is not easy though. It is not easy with men, or ever with friends at times. I am also overweight, but at the same time, this allowed be to be a plus size model wth a big New York Agency. Just last week I got called fat by a small small man and it hurt me like nothing else. Reading what all you women have posted here has made me feel so much better about myself. Everyone has their moments of doubt and weakness, but finding a forum such as this makes those moments shorter and shorter. Thank you all!!!

Alisha wrote (November 22nd 2005)

Hey.. I'm 19 years old and I'm 6'3. Growing as a child I really wasn't teased that much. I really didn't get teased until middle school. The kids would call me names and laugh. High School wasn't too bad by that time I had done got use to it and it didn't bother me that much. Now as a woman its hard to find clothes and shoes that fit. I'm glad that I found this website. I feel that I could relate to everyone on here. I haven't had trouble finding a boyfriend being that... I guess you can say that some tall people are attracted to tall people. That is not always true in some cases. I just want all the tall teens and women that we are SEXY. Some dudes like women with long legs!! We have alot more for the men to LOVE.. and more for the short people to hate!!! Love yourself, be sexy and Girl you better work it!!!!

Melissa wrote (November 21st 2005)

Hi, beautiful girls! I am 21 years old and 5'11. I hated being tall in middle school, and to make it worse, I weighed maybe 125lbs. I was teased pretty bad. That's o.k. though because men do like taller women (they think they are with a model!). Short women don't like us because our clothes look real nice on us. I love to wear high heels also (I just started to when I was 20). Just be happy to be tall. People envy us!!

Rebekah wrote (November 20th 2005)

Hi, I'm Bex. I'm 17 years old and I'm over 6ft tall. I have a message for the younger teens on this site: Don't worry! I promise you, it will get less of a big deal as the years progress. I used to worry I'd never get a boyfriend (now I do - not that it's the be all and end all of life!) and I simply adore being tall. Many people have said they're jealous of my height!! Stick with it girls! xxox

Kat wrote (November 18th 2005)

Hi! I'm 15 and I'm 6ft2 and 1/2. I used to hate being tall, but now it's great. Yea, A LOT of people comment on my height, but they are usually amazed at how amazing it looks to be so beautifully tall! My family and I went to a pub for lunch and we sat outside. I had to walk through the pub to go and find my Dad and I walked past a group of middle aged people who were blatantly drunk. I heard them laugh at me and whisper stuff like "oooo, she's tall". Anyway, after finding my Dad i walked past the group of people and a short man got up and said "you're huuuge" so I replied "only because you're short". The whole pub were clapping and cheering and I had a big grin on my face. Just remember to enjoy being who you are. It is hard to always be the head sticking out of a crowd, but that means you will always be recognised :D. Where can i can a pair of LADIES Timberlands in a size 9??? P.S. When I find trousers long enough, they're too wide!!!

Taneak wrote (November 18th 2005)

I am 30 years old (6'1)... some days I love being tall but I also have my bad days. The bad days are not as often now that I am older. But I understand the pain of going shopping and not being able to find anything to fit you like you want. Or just having people especially kids look at you like you are an alien. Sometimes I just want to fit into the crowd and not be seen. And of course their is the issue of dating. It's still hard for me to find guys that I do not intimidate. The really tall guys like the shorter women and the shorter guys love the taller women... I am still trying to figure that one out.

Katy wrote (November 18th 2005)

It frustrates me when people think just because you're tall that you're automatically outgoing and funny or something. I think this causes people to feel it's alright to approach tall people with questions or comments. They just think we can take it. After all, the only reason you wouldn't go up to an obese person and tell them they're fat or ask them how much they weighed is because you know they'd be hurt by it. People just need to discover that sometimes asking about OUR physical appearance gets old and it hurts. Ok, and by the way, 5'5'' is the average height, right? So where's all the crap for the 5'2'' people, or the 5'0'' people. It's always us big 6' and over girls who get the comments. MAKES ME MAD!

Melissa wrote (November 17th 2005)

Hi, Ladies - it's me again. This will be my third time writing. I have read some of your quotes. I love the ladies that are proud of their Height. Ladies, I love my height. I am 5'11 1/2. If you round that off I am 6'0. And yes, I do wear heels. I've never had a problem with getting a man. (Maybe a good man) I have had men taller than me and shorter than me. Tall ladies please stand up tall do not slouch, we look better in our clothes. By the way Make sure you dress nice. Look @ all the tall models aren't they gorgeous just to name a few. Tyra BanksNaomi CampbellBrooke ShieldsKimora Lee and there are so many more - I just can't think of their names. I think all the tall ladies should start a club ex. We should encourage one another. I think the girls that are more confident should help the girls that are not so confident. If any of you ladies are interested please email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Shameka wrote (November 17th 2005)

Hello , I am 29 years old and I am 6'4. I wear a size 12 shoe. I know this may sound weird but there are times when I forget just how tall I am. It is only when I see someone who is my height that I get reminded of how tall I really am. I must admit there are times when I wish I would have stopped growing at 5'11 (usually when I'm shopping) and then there are times when I love my height (at concerts or any crowded event). My boyfriend is 6'3 which makes me an inch taller than him and he loves it. I wear heels occasionally and I have to say that it makes you feel sexy when you have on a nice dress with heels. Here are some web sites that may help you when looking for tall clothes and shoes: www.tallandall.com, www.tallgirls.co.uk, www.longtallsally.com, www.designershoes.com, www.tallwomensclothes.com, www.aerosoles.com (up to size 12 shoes) www.ninewest.com (up to size 12 shoes)

I hope some of these web sites will help you especially the ultra tall girls.

Laura wrote (November 17th 2005)

Hello everyone. I am 14 years old and about 6'1". Of course I'm pretty self-conscious about my height, but reading all of your comments helps a lot. One thing that had bugged me a lot was finding clothes that fit well, but I FINALLY found some good sites! www.tallwomensclothes.com is wonderful for everything from shirts to shoes. Alloy.com is where I buy all of my jeans. 37" inseams & very cute too :)

Lauren wrote (November 16th 2005)

I've always been back and center in school pictures. I can't even begin to count how many times my height has been commented on. And I really wish companies would start making pants that were longer. I'm 17 and 6' tall. I love being tall most of the time, like for sports, and also I love being tall because it makes me look taller and thinner. My only problem is that I have a really hard time finding guys, who are my age, who aren't intimidated by my height. A lot of guys at my high school are a significant amount shorter than I am. I'm hoping that next year, at University, the guys will either be taller or more accepting of a slight height difference.

Melissa wrote (November 15th 2005)

Hi, my name is Melissa and I am 5'11 1/2". I am 30 years old. When I was in grade school I was nevered teased about my height - other things but never height. I always loved my height. Tall woman, we look better in our clothes. Stand up tall, don't slouch. Even if you don't have confidence pretend you have it. Make time for yourself, tall woman, remember we stand out. Get your clothes out at night make sure they look right on you. Please, tall girls - wear your heels they look better on us anyway. Remember don't slouch, stand up straight. Look your best!

Gwen wrote (November 14th 2005)

It is so nice to hear all the positive things that people are saying about being tall. I will not deny that it can be a challenge to find clothes that fit the way you want them to, but they are making that more and more possible. I have to think that the industry is finally catching up with the taller members of society. My grandmother always told me and my sister that we needed to stand up and walk proud because we were so beautiful. I am 6'4 and my sister is 6'5 and could not be more happy with our image. There are so many more things in this world for people to worry about, those who make comments or judge have got way too much time on their hands and are more than likely not happy with who they are. GOD made you the way HE wanted you. Be proud of that and stand tall.

Truddie wrote (November 13th 2005)

Wow! I have been feeling pretty down a little lately and self conscious about my body, height, and other things. Reading the testimonials by all these great women and teens who are still growing who have yet to experience things in life I have is unbelievable. I'm 5'11 and an African American female. I am a dark woman so I've been dealing with maybe I'm too dark and definitely too tall. I met a man that I really like that is very confident and we get along so well. He is barely 5'7 and treats me great. I'm 31 and you would think by now I would be over the self esteem bit but unfortunately I'm not. Seeing that there are as many women like myself out there is a big relief. I've always wanted to be a little shorter just a couple of inches is all. I wear heels all the time, I wouldn't dare of wearing flats out with my friends. Definitely a fashion no-no in my book. Thanks to this site here's to walking tall and being proud of it. Thanks for a great site to boost my self esteem!!

Rochelle wrote (November 11th 2005)

HEY, my name is Rochelle. I'm 16 and I'm 6'2! I love it soo much because I get people saying "you should become a model and "do you play basketball". It's so awesome, I reckon all you out there should be proud of your height... think of those short girls that say "I wish I was your height".

Deena wrote (November 10th 2005)

I accidentally found this site & wanted to say a few words to the younger women who are still in the 'I hate my height' phase. I'm 6ft tall barefoot, 130lbs & stopped growing at 15. My nickname in H.S. was Bean as in stringbean. Don't ever let somebody's rude remarks bring you down. The only people, male or female who make jokes are the ones who wish they had what you have! GOD gave you what most people would wish for if they could change one thing about themselves - their height! I've been told this by many women & men alike who have made that wish!

Jacoba wrote (November 10th 2005)

Being tall and having an unusual name was always a double-whammy for me growing up, but it always intrigued people and was a great conversation starter! The best thing about being tall is going anywhere with my family - people stare in wonderment! My brother is 6'8", my dad 6'6", my sister 6'3", my other sister 6'0", my mom 5'9" (who used to be considered tall until we came along!), and I'm 6'1". All of us girls wear heels with pride! Who says you have to wear unfashionable shoes when you're tall??

Jessa wrote (November 9th 2005)

I was working on an essay that I was writing on being tall. Somehow I came across this website. As a matter of fact the person whose quote is directly below mine here on this page, Jane, is a good friend of mine and teammate. I am six foot one and I also have the same feelings about my tallness as Jane. We are both going to play Divison I Volleyball next year and without our size, we probably wouldn't have been recruited. All of the years of being teased in elementary school has finally paid off! Go tall people!!!!!

Jane wrote (November 9th 2005)

I am a whoppin' 6'3" and i have learned to be proud of it. One good thing about being extremely tall is that no one dares mess with me. I was the tallest girl in my school as a freshman! I am recognized wherever I go, and having bright blonde hair doesn't help my situation. People stare at me constantly, but I have learned to kind of like it. And yes, I get a MILLION comments a day, the worst being "Do you know that you're really tall?" I usually look back at them with a surprised expression on my face like I really didn't know, and say, "Really?" The best is when people ask me how tall I am and I reply with "190.5 centimeters." I leave them there doing the math. Once they realize that I deal with my height lightly, they start to treat my height like it is no big deal. I buy jeans at alloy.com, which not only has really cheep jeans, but also extremely long ones. In the end, I am happy for being so tall because I am now going to college on a full ride to play Division I Volleyball and I know that I would not be doing so if I were 5 inches shorter. Sometimes it is fun to take my heels out of the closet and wear them just to see the astonished look on peoples' faces :)

Laura wrote (November 8th 2005)

Wow. It's good to finally find out that there are so many more people that feel the same way as I do. I am 19, 6'2", and am fairly skinny. I have found that my whole life I was ashamed of my height and wanted to change it. However, just recently I have become more and more accepting of my height. I actually bought my first pair of heels this past summer. I have had so many of the usual questions such as "do you model" or "do you play basketball?" And yes, it does get annoying as many of you know. I have never had a boyfriend and I have been told that guys are intimidated by my height. Oh well... that's their loss, not mine. God has an amazing boy in store for me and I just have to wait for God to reveal him to me. Anyways... embrace your height, it is a gift from God. Stand tall. Your height makes you who you are. God Bless.

Heather wrote (November 8th 2005)

I'm 14 and 5'11" and still growing. It is kind of weird being around other people because they are all shorter than me. All guys are shorter than me also. My mom and me have to wash normal sized jeans and we cant dry them, then we have to stretch them. I'm also really skinny and lots of people say that i should be a model. They call me "toothpick" or "don't turn sideways or you'll vanish!", "Tree girl". All those comments get annoying after a while. My mom says that when tall people walk into a room they get noticed very easy, and they walk gracefully, very elegant. My mom is tall also, but I'm taller then her. Warehouse One just came out with LONGER JEANS and im sooooooooooo excited to go and get some.

Suzane wrote (November 6th 2005)

Wut up, girlz... I totally know how all of you feel ... I'm 16 yearz old, Egyptian reppin 5'11 1/2". I always get the occasional "Damn, she's really tall along" with a whole other variety of unique/but hurtful nicknames. This is somethin I already know I mean, dang, I have been 5'11" since the fifth grade. There's days where I hate my height 'n days where I love it... But, hey - I'd rather be tall and slim than short and stumpy any day!! (no offense to small girls)

Twyla wrote (November 6th 2005)

Hi, I am 25 years old and I am 6 feet tall. Like most of you I used to hate my height. Actually, to be completely honest, just these past few months I suddenly developed major confidence and self esteem. I used to cry myself to sleep at night. Now I love my life and love myself so much. What happened? I found God in my life. He has blessed me so much with confidence and I am so grateful. Yesterday I spent $200 for high heeled shoes. No more flats for me!! Whenever I wear flats now I can hardly walk, but when I wear my 3 inches I feel barefoot! Keep your head up, tall chicks, everyone is special in this world (seriously) - don't let other people bother you! Obviously they feel insecure or they wouldn't have to make comments. Secure people don't, do they?

Jennifer wrote (November 6th 2005)

I find it so very frustrating to be tall. (6'5 1/2"!) I have never had a boyfriend and just about every day I get gawked at and called horrible names. I have been publically humilliated so many times I have lost count. I hate to be so negative when evrything I have read here is positive, but very rarely do I have positive experiences where my height is concerned. Most days I would rather just stay inside and avoid it all. I am also a 100lbs overweight, so I feel like a freak of nature (I have been told that I am many times). This web site is the only glimmer of hope I have. I see that other women (even though the average is aprox. 6'1) are happy with themselves. I would love to be happy with myself, but it is hard when daily in some way by men, women and children alike I am made to feel that I am not ok, usually by a look, a stare, a gawk or some comment, innocent or not- and when I get mistaken for a man. I know it's got to get better. Thanks for this site and its positivity!

Becca wrote (November 6th 2005)

Holy crap! I'm so glad I found this site it was kind of a relief when I did. Anyhow I am 5'10 and I have ALWAYS dated the tall 6 ft and above guys who I thought were drop dead georgous! Anyhow recently I have been digging this shorter guy who is probably 5'7. The first thought that came to my head was "No way! He's way too short" but after reading all of this I'm thinking different. The only reason why I couldn't date him (in my eyes) is because he's shorter than me! Again I sound like another vain girl! Ok, so I'm going to overcome my fear and just go with it. I really like him, ya never know it might work out for me. We'll see! Wish me luck!

Aimee wrote (November 5th 2005)

Hey everyone. My name's Aimee and I'm 14 years old and 6'1. I hate my height and reading all of your comments really makes me feel good about growing up and maybe liking my height. Everyone calls me lurch because I'm 6'1 and I weigh 120 pounds. I put my height to good use - I play volleyball and basketball at my highschool.

Sara wrote (November 1st 2005)

Hello, ladies! I am 21 and I am proud of my 6'2'"! There are many things that make my day miserable from time to time (shopping), but... BEING TALL MEANS YOU COULD NEVER BE AN AVERAGE PERSON! How many times people would forget who you are, what is your name... But they will always remember 'that tall girl'... And men would go crazy when you wear high heels - trust me :) There is nothing better than wearing high heels and knee-length skirt! I am not a model-like tall girl, but it is easier to hide some extra weight if you are tall. Ok, there is only a problem when it comes to guys... I kinda do not like smaller guys for being my partners. However, they are my good friends. And they respect me. And this matters.

Orlandrea wrote (October 24th 2005)

Hi ladies, I am 22 years old and I am 6'4" - 6'5". When I was younger I used to get teased a lot because I was different from everyone else. I grew up with 6 brothers so just imagine the tall jokes. Now that I am older I have grown to love my height. It has taken me so many places and allowed me to accomplish so many of my dreams and goals. I am now in college and I do play basketball. My height as well as talent has opened so many doors for me, that now it doesnt bother me when everyone stares and asks questions. I must admit that I have a hard time finding cute clothing that fit me. I am very tall but I wear a size 7/8 so it can be tough finding jeans. If anyone has any tips then please help but other than that remember, God created each and everyone one of us; so no matter if you're tall, short, skinny,thick,or in between, God doesnt make no JUNK!!!!!!!!!!! Continue to love yourselves as well as each other.

Jastrid wrote (October 24th 2005)

Hiya ! My name is Jastrid and I am 6ft1". I stopped growing when I was 11 years old. At one stage I was growing an inch a week which was VERY painful. I felt like a circus freak when the doctors would talk about my "condition" and I didn't particularly like being taller then my junior school teachers, let alone my peers! But now I am at college and feel ok with myself, I get strangers coming up to me and saying how much they wish they were as tall as me!!! One last thing, I had real problems with confidence and self esteem, but DON'T! Stand straight, stand tall and remember that more people think that you're beautiful than you know!!! And longer dresses ALWAYS look better on us don't they girls? 

xxx Jastrid, 16, England

P.S.: I STILL wish I was taller!

www.monsoon.co.uk I find has STUNNING dresses which most of the time fit me. It is not a specialist tall shop but the occasionwear dresses are real head turners! Worth the prices.

Ellen wrote (October 24th 2005)

I love this website. I am 14 years old and 5'10 or maybe even 5'11. I have always hated my height, people always describe me as "the really tall girl". I'm pretty skinny too.. people tell me I look perfect... I don't think so. I wear size nine shoe and size 5 pants and I always have to buy a large in the tops I like because they are too short on me! Even though I'm skinny enough for a small. My mom is 5'9, my dad is 6', my brother is 6'5! I mean I don't usually FEEL tall either until someone points it out to me. It really bothers me when people tell me I'm really tall - I'm like "oh really?" "duh". I mean if I get to 6 feet tall I'm gonna cry but this site is really awesome. I know I'm not alone now. Any tall girlie wanna chat? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so he can forward your emails to me. This site is awesome!!! :)

Melissa wrote (October 24th 2005)

Hi, my Name is Melissa and I am 5'11 1/2" and I love my height. And yes I do wear my heels. People are so rude they ask me question like why do you wear heels. I don't care what people say I am going to wear my heels. I think this web site is great I think all tall woman should get together and compare heights. I think we should encourage one another.

Danna wrote (October 23rd 2005)

This is so neat to have a website of girls I can totally relate to!!! I am 15 and 6'1". Everytime I meet someone for the first time, their first question is the "Do you play basketball?" NO I DON'T PLAY BASKETBALL PEOPLE! But it just irks me so much how people just assume for us tall girls to play basketball. They almost get mad at me for it!! Ahh its annoying. Yeah I also get the all time famous "You're tall" or "Did you know you're tall?" Ummm...DUH. I get that question at least twice a day no kidding. And you know another thing that bugs me? When people don't realize that if you are tall, you weigh more. Like if I ever told a short girl that I weigh 170 lbs, she would be like "NO WAY!!!" and probably think that's a "fat" weight. Short people do not understand this and it makes me so irritated. You all can probably relate. Okay, I am done with venting. But I wouldn't trade my height for the world. I absolutely LOVE it. And it REALLY helps with my spikes in volleyball! :-)

La Tonya wrote (October 17th 2005)

My name is La Tonya. I am 15 yrs old and 6'1 -6'2 ft. tall. It has been really hard for me dealing with my height issues my whole life. Every day I am constantly teased about being "big" - the name calling is constant... everything from gorilla, shaq, godzilla, giant, and even being called ugly. Shorter people really dont understand how this can effect a taller person! Even though I am over six feet I am still very shy and sensitive about my body image and I have never had a boyfriend in my life and i guess I start to say what's wrong with me? Am I ugly...? Even the taller boys turn the other cheek because they want a small, short and thin girlfriend ... everything I'm not. There has not been a day when I wish I was shorter or would just die

Had wrote (October 17th 2005)

Hi! First let me start by saying that I am 6'3" and as many of you, I can relate to the fact that it is hard at times to find pants have long inseams. I just moved from NY to London, and the other day my friend who is very petite took me to a store called TOP SHOP, she wanted to go to the petite section, and she told me that they had a tall section. I am thinking to myself, I know what they are all about at the tall sections (usually their jeans are still too short). But Ladies let me tell you, the tall section at TOP SHOP is tall with capital T, they have inseams up to 38 and they got all kinds of stuff, dress pants everything that you can imagine tall so check out www.topshop.com. For shoes... I am not gonna lie, I love Payless, especially online. They often do have the latest fashions and trends in big sizes: Payless ShoeSource©Friedman's Shoes located in Atlanta is another one, expensive, but they got some nice shoes. Hope that I've been some help. To all the tall ladies out there, we are gorgeous. So be proud!

Danni wrote (October 16th 2005)

Wow, this site is amazing! I always thought I was the only tall woman out there, but now I feel differently because I know there are other women my height who think in the similar way. Well, I'm 21 and 6'1. I think I stopped growing when I was 16. I used to live in Europe and I never really thought much of my height. People sometimes told me how tall I am and stuff like that, but it wasn't a big deal. Then I moved to Canada. My whole life changed. Whenever I went, people stared at me and told me how tall I was. I have to admit that this could be contributed to the fact that my new home had only population of 60.000, but I still didn't understand what's the big deal. One time, this girl started taking pictures of me. It was bizarre. For the longest time, I felt like an outcast just because I was taller than most of the girls. But as I grew older, I started to realize how great it is to be different. And I love it! I even wear high heels. :)

Nicole wrote (October 16th 2005)

Hi everybody. I'm 13 years old and I'm 6 feet 4 inches and the doctors tell me I could grow another foot. I love being tall. Everyone my age and even some older people have to look up just to see my face. It's wonderful. I wish I could be 9 feet tall. I can just imagine walking through the halls of my school and having everyone come up to my waist or lower. Ha.

Rach wrote (October 15th 2005)

I'm 16 and 6'2". For the longest time I always felt that it was bad being tall. But now, I'm so proud of my height, and not a lot of people are tall like me. It's cool that I found this site though because I always thought I was the only tall person out there. Now I know I was wrong. :) I'm glad to see that there are other females out there that go through the same problems I do, like being taller than all the guys and not finding pants long enough. It's good to know I'm not alone.

Jenny wrote (October 13th 2005)

I am 20 yrs. old and 6 foot 2 and I have learned to love it! Like many others I have been asked "Do you play basketball?" I have to reply I did but not anymore. At college I think everyday I get asked to question how's the team going". People definetely can pick us out of a crowd, but learn to like it! People actually notice us! Tall is good, and my 6'4'' boyfriend loves it too!

Eileen wrote (October 10th 2005)

I am 38 years old and 5'10 1/2. Growing up I also hated being tall.  In grammer school I heard all the comments about being tall and skinny. My mother always told me how wonderful it is to be tall and that I should hold my head high and be proud. By the time I was 16 I realized she was right. When you are tall and you walk into a room confidently you stand out in a wonderful way. To top it off I usually where heels. As for all of you out there that won't date men shorter, my first husband was 5'8. My present husband is 5'6 and the man of my dreams. He is also confident and secure otherwise I don't think we would have ever gotten together. To all of you: Stand tall and be proud!!

Star wrote (October 10th 2005)

Wow, I love all these comments. I am 16 and 5'11. I have always been tall ever since like...the 3rd grade. I do get made fun of sometimes, but I have that kind of relationship with alot of people where we just make fun of each other out of fun. They will always be like "Okay Giant!" For some reason it doesnt make me mad anymore, like you know you have your ups and downs. But recently I have been feeling real good about myself, and I have talked to a couple guy friends and some are just intiminated by tall girls. I'm sure you heard that before. And a lot a girls say to me You're so tall and pretty. I mean would you rather be short and fat? Just look at it like it could always be worse. Before I used to be tall thick and ugly lol. Just keep your head up and walk like your proud of being tall. And girls will envy you. And I do play basketball as a matter of fact, I've played on and off. Its an advantage in my school because we dont have to many tall girls, and I automatically make the Varsity basketball team because I'm tall. I dont even have to be good. lol. The guy I also love and is my best friend, is 5'7.  Im still self concience about that. lol. I havent gotten use to it. I want a tall guy but you can't have everything right?

Renee wrote (October 8th 2005)

I'm 25 and 6'0" and have grown to like my height.  I really think it is what makes me special.  My husband is barely 5'10" and I have always been a little self conscience of it but I don't think anyone else thinks anything of it.  In middle and high school people would make rude comments and call me big bird and ask me if I played basketball but I would also recieve comments from strangers who asked me if I was a model.  I still occasionally get a rude comment but the nice compliments out-weigh the rude ones.  For all the girls still in school, just be patient...once you get to college you won't have ANY problem finding a date.  I had both short and tall guys ask me out in college.  Just remember to stand straight and look like you are proud even if you don't feel that way.  There are so many beautiful celebrities that are tall (Tyra Banks, Uma Thurman and Brook Shields just to name a few).  If you have trouble finding long pants, try New York & Company or Lerner's.  They have really long jeans and dress pants. I buy all my clothes there.

Shannon wrote (October 7th 2005)

Hi, I'm 27 and have been 6'2" since 7th grade. When I was growing up, I quickly outstriped my brothers and stood taller than my dad at my sweet 16! I used to beat myself up a lot over my height, especially while in school as I was taller than all of the boy. The "big-bird" remarks and others really hurt... But now all these years later, I'm much more content with my height. I'm blessed with very comforting parents and a great man who loves me. My husband says I'm the most gorgeous woman to have walked to earth, and now-a-days, I'm just inclined to agree with him. :)

Leslie wrote (October 7th 2005)

Hey girls! I was 5'8'' in the 5th grade! Can u beat that? lol.. but now i am 6'1" and 16 years old. I am loving it too! I constantly get comments and looks from the guys, haha. Of course it wasn't always like this. I went through my awkward stages where i had glasses, braces, was very tall for my age, and was just plain awkward. Now, i've definitely developed and grown into my height. So, since most of us here are tall ladies, i was wondering how many times you have all heard the questions, "How tall are you?", or "Do you play basketball?", or "wow, you're really tall"... it would be interesting to see the numbers you'll come up with. In fact, i dont play basketball. I am a devoted volleyball player. :) oh yeah, if you're looking for tall jeans or pants, look at oldnavy.comGap.comMetro Park, or Victoria's Secret catalogs. I hope I was of help to at least one person. BYE! :)

Renee wrote (October 6th 2005)

Came across this site while attempting to find a formal dress for my daughter. She is 6'1" and a few months from her 15th birthday. All my children are tall, but the others are boys. Since she started school my girl has endured the "oh my gosh!!" comments too. It always annoyed me only because they stated it like she was some kind of freak. I, too, taught her to simply say "why thank you" in reply. She has become such a beautiful and confident young lady. Being in high school helps because people are typically taller there. Middle school is hard because most boys haven't reached that all important growth spurt. I was delighted to find this site. Our family enjoys our height.... just wish the women's clothes industry would catch up. Blessings to you.

Vicki wrote (October 6th 2005)

Hi guys! I'm really glad that I found this site! It's so nice to see so many positive tall women out there! I'm 23 and stand proudly at 6ft2, I've been this height since I was 14 and have only finally got used to the staring and comments! It does niggle me when people think they can just come up to me and make comments about my appearance, you know normal "my god you're tall!" I normally just respond with "my god you're tiny!" and see how they like it!! I think it's important that we all learn to love our tallness because we can't ignore it and hide away! I just wish there was a wider variety of clothes and shoes etc... does anyone know of any decent shops in London, u.k. that don't charge the earth for rubbish clothes???

Setsunna wrote (October 6th 2005)

Hi all, its good to know that there are women out there going through the same thing but for me personally it's hard. By the way, I'm about to be 22 Oct 16 and I'm around 5'11" and wear a US size 12 shoe and I do not like having big feet, no matter how well I take care of them and make them look pretty, they are big and I feel so OUT when I see my friends and other women wearing the sandals and sneakers I wanted to buy and can't either because they don't have 'em in 12 or I looked like a skier when I tried them on. I live in Orlando, Florida and I've been here for about 8 years and never met any women in my situation and it gets hard because the girlfriends I have are all average sizes in clothes and shoes... It's great to see a website wear other women like me exist but where are you women in person?.. I love what God has given me but the main gripe I have like some of you is clothes and shoes.... Most stores in my area carry up to size 10 in shoes so I'm stuck shopping at Payless and rarely having what's "in". And jeans go to size 11 and I am a 13 Long (long legs) in jeans so when an easter egg size 13 comes along I get it because I know it will fit despite the fact that the bottoms will be flapping above my ankels drawing even more attention to my feet. I know it's complaining but I love myself bottom line and I would like to know some women in real life going through this so I can shop with them and talk with them about it also because where I am in orlando, it feels like I'm a freak among petite women that where size 7 shoes and size 1 or 2 jeans .... And that is the size of my best friend by the way. I love my friends anyway and I love this site.. Thanks for giving me a place to vent where other people can understand... Love you all!


Caitlin wrote (October 2nd 2005)

Hey, I'm Caitlin. I'm 15.5 years old and I'm 5'9.5 (five-foot nine and a half.) My dad is 6'4 and my mom is 5'8, so I'll probably be about 5'10. I love my height so much! I'm hoping to be a model in about 3 years. Enjoy your height, there's nothing you can do to change it. The taller, the curvier, the sexier. Adios! -- Caitlin

Georgia wrote (September 30th 2005)

Hi there! I am 1,78m (5'10") and I have been dating a guy for the past 3 years who is 5 cm (about 3 inches) shorter than me. It's true I have been very self-conscious about the height difference especially when we walk down the street. We never hold hands, I feel that people are watching us. Unfortunately, I have been brought up this way by my family and this has created this psychological problem. I am now 29 years old. When I first met him, I didn't even consider doing anything with him - we were just friends. But, as fate has it, I got to know him & he is so great. Fun-loving, bright, sensitive, loyal. I have tried to get past MY insecurity (he is really comfortable with our difference & he even enjoys it) but I have my parents TOTALLY against our relationship. Actually, the whole family is really sad that I am with this person. I have been under a lot of pressure and I am now considering breaking up with him (while he's thinking of marriage!!) although I really don't want to. My parents threaten not to come to the wedding (if & when we get married), they don't want to have anything to do with us & INSIST that IF i were to go ahead with this, they PREDICT my marriage would result in divorce anyway (but would also drag a couple of children into this situation) because I would not be able to handle the social pressure & condescending remarks. I don't know what to do. All I know is that my guy does not deserve this kind of behavior from my family, nor my indecisiveness. He should be welcomed with open arms in any family he enters... Any comments to help me out of this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for this website, it helps to know I am not the only one out there.

Maty wrote (September 28th 2005)

Hello, I am from Africa as well, I am 23 and i am 6'2. Wow, I didn't know there were so many tall women out there. Does some good to my heart! :) My biggest problem is finding jeans, or boots, cute boots, with high heels and everything. I wear a size 12 so you guys imagine the trouble I go through, thanks though for the website, hopefully we will be able to share some tips.

Maggie wrote (September 27th 2005)

Hey everyone. I'm Maggie and I'm 15 and 6'0. I'm also still growing. It really doesn't often bother me but only that fact that I am stiff growing does. It's so annoying when people come up to you and say "you're tall", but I usually shoot one back and say "hey, really buddy, I thought I was short". Then they just laugh and you can learn to also. But anyway it still stinks because I can never find cloths, everyone's shorter than me and I'm really lanky. But LOVE LIFE!

Kristy wrote (September 27th 2005)

Hi Ladies! I am 23 and 6'2". I was 6' by the time I reached 6th grade and I have always been tall. My sister (who's 13 mos. younger than I and 5'7") have a picture when I was 4 and she 3 and I am already towering over her! I used to DESPISE my height, but have found several tall friends (does it help that I live in Iowa?!) to share in the tallness. For many years I was the tallest in my district for basketball, but now I notice that more and more women are growing! It's fantasitc! Now I enjoy wearing heels and walking into bars, restaraunts, etc. just to watch people's reactions. Yes, I still get the obnoxious comments, "What, are you like 7 feet tall or something?!" I think what makes life even better is the fact that my best friend is 4'11"! We get stares, but we are amused. (She gets the same crap...imagine if people patted your head all the time!) I am grateful to have a loving mom who has always told me to keep my chin up and back straight! You do the same ladies.

Joanna wrote (September 26th 2005)

I just want to encourage all of the tall women out there who feel frustrated with their stature. I have definitely gone through my ups and downs concerning my height... (I am 6'1"1/2 and will be turning 19 soon) I had no idea there were so many other women out there who deal with this same issue... and for those who get asked "Do you play basketball" you can respond by saying "no, do you play miniature golf." I would advise you to say this as only a joke :) (I haven't used this before, but I read it somewhere and it has always humored me ;) Remember, Jesus has given you this gift - so stand up, roll those shoulders back and let your beautiful light shine.

Khady wrote (September 26th 2005)

I am a tall 30 years young african lady (6'3"). I have been living in the United States for 12 years now. When I was a teenager I was shy and I used to get teased a lot. What bothered me a lot was when people heard my accent they asked me if everybody in my country is that tall!!! Like if i come from a strange alien place... I've been maried for 4 years and my husband is 6'6". We get stared at a lot and quite frankly we don't care. I do wear high heels and one day I kinda bumped into the metro door and it was kinda funny. Everybody stared at me and I looked at them one by one to try to intimidate them so that they would stop the staring. I am also lucky in a way because I wear size 10 shoes which is unsual for my height. I like this website and will be visiting more. I wished it existed when I was a teenager. Thanks for the initiative

Kamilah wrote (September 20th 2005)

I am 15 years old 5 foot 10.5 (still growing) and a size 14 (US 12). I was looking on your web site for clothes and came across this one. From just reading the first comment it made me feel so much better about myself. When I was little I used to get left out of games because I was too tall, but as I have grown up I have slowly but surely learned to accept my height. I have never had a boyfriend but am frequently told that I am pretty. I think a lot of boys (in my school anway) are put off by my height. The tall boys I have known always seem to go for the short girls which always annoys me. Anyway, I just want to say thank you to all the other people who have submitted their quotes - it's nice to hear that other tall people go through the same things that I do!!!

Brandy wrote (September 16th 2005)

Hi all! Wow this site is awesome. I am 32 and 6ft tall. I live in New Mexico or as I like to call it the land of the little people. I hate bathrooms. It's so friggen uncomfortable to have to lean back and bend your legs and huch your shoulders and then HOLD that position while trying to rinse your hair. When my husband and I bought our first house we put a detachable shower head in, but I still have this fantasy of standing under YES UNDER the water. I would really like to take a hot bath without getting in the fetal position. I have heard every stupid comment in the world. My personal favorites are Sasquatch and the Jolly blonde giant. Oh ha ha ha ha. I have had people look behind my desk when I stand up and ask If I am standing on anything. Complete strangers like to comment on my height and then ask me questions about my genetics. I tell them that cigarettes and coffee stunted my growth. And women always always say they wish they were taller, like somehow saying that makes it o'kay to have verbally accosted a complete stranger in a public place. BUT...Everyone offers me the front seat in vehichles (leg room). THat's something.....right? Thank you for this website I laughed everytime I read something I had experienced before, it was nice. Take care everyone and remember you can always whistle that short people song by Randy Newman if you get too discouraged.

Aryn wrote (September 16th 2005)

I'm 16 years old and am currently 5'11" whether or not I'm still growing is debatable. Luckily I've never been seriously made fun of for my height which to me was never a big deal. I understand that 5'11" is tall but compared with some of you girls it's nothing! I am little bit different from the majority because I have always wanted to be taller. Weird huh? For me the biggest problem is shoes. I wear a size 14 women's and 13 men's. Try finding prom shoes in that size! It can be really frustrating when you have to wear men's tennis shoes every day. On the whole I'm extremely proud of my height. Looking around this site makes me realize how extremely lucky we are all! I hope this will make someone's day a little brighter! Always Aryn

Rebel wrote (September 15th 2005)

Helllloooo everybody, good grief I feel like the oldie here but it's ok. I'm 6'1" and I'm 43. I felt like I was the only tall girl in the world when I was in my teens. But we didn't have the lovely internet back then. Nice to meet you all!

Carey wrote (September 14th 2005)

I'm almost 16 and 6'1 and slender. Highschool is uncomfortable, whenever I meet anyone new they say the same thing... a remark about my height. After those remarks over and over again it gets tiring. But I would say that my biggest insecurity is finding a guy to date, I still haven't found anyone and it continually depresses me to see couple in the hallway with the guys being taller. Basically Im going through what, I never realized, many other tall girls go through. Slowly I think I'm dealing and this site has helped imensily. Thanks for all the wonderful advice!

Rachel wrote (September 7th 2005)

I am thirteen years old and 6'1". I feel very awkward especially since I'm taller than all the guys in my middle school. It is very difficult to be this tall, but this height makes me who I am. I am proud to be a tall woman!

Nicola wrote (September 6th 2005)

I'm nicola and I'm 6'3", just about to turn 18 and just coming to terms with the fact that I'M BEAUTIFUL! Being 6"3 isn't a burden, it's a blessing. Sure there are times of desperation when no one makes trousers with a 38" inside leg and just no one seems to understand the 'should I or shouldn't I' high heels situation. But no matter how many unkind comments i have received and will receive, I have learnt to live with them. It's striking to meet someone tall and I suppose we should be glad that it's an acceptable thing to comment on, unlike other body 'issues' which people would avoid talking to you because of. Be proud of who you are, love the looks given by 'shorties' (a term I discovered today!) and when you're sat on that cramped bus sidesaddle or with your legs stuck behind the seat in front, just remember, we're not too tall, the world is jus too small for women and girls like us! Stay beautiful, and NEVER hunch over!

Joyce wrote (September 5th 2005)

Oh my gosh! I totally understand the feeling of being tall. Im a Asian (Spore) and being 5'11" ain't that easy. I really do get loads of stares from people everyday when I board the train. Especially in an Asian country it is so much more prominent to be so tall. But hey, that's what makes me special! :) I used to loathe it but grew to love it. All tall girls out there, embrace this special gift God gave you! Take care God bless :)

Nicole wrote (September 5th 2005)

Thanks for bringing up this website. I am 5'10" and while that may not be as tall as 6'3", I still have trouble meeting men, but I always meet short men. Sometimes I wish I could date taller men. I want that secure feeling, like wearing his clothes or having him carry me. but I can't do that. It can get annoying, especially when the really tall guys date the really short girls.

Angie wrote (September 5th 2005)

Hi girlies! I'm 13 - (I'll be 14 in a few weeks) and I'm 6 feet tall.

Sometimes people call me rude names about my height, but I know that they're just jealous. When someone comes up to you and says "woooow... you're tall..." just smile and say "thank you", because it is a compliment, and if the person didn't think so when they said it, they will after you take it as one!

I'll be going to high school in a few days, and I wanted to say thanks to everyone who posted on this site. It really makes me feel better about my height, and I feel really self-confident now!!! YAY!

love you all!!!!

Jenny wrote (September 4th 2005)

Hey guys, my name is Jenny and I'm 6'6". I live in australia and my height is who i am. I've come to except it and I love it. Soo many people always ask me "do you play basketball" etc and "wow ur really tall". Well, DAAA I'm 6 foot 6 - anyways I think this site is great. Keep it running for us tall people. Jenny xoxo

Catherine wrote (September 4th 2005)

Hi gorgeous tall girls!! I'm 37 now and have been tall since time began!! which was very unusual in those days - I'm now six foot and have been head and shoulders above all my peers my entire life. It has been uncomfortable being different is never easy - but now I realise I'm lucky to be tall. It's what gets me noticed and makes me different. I believe all the shorties now who tell me "I'd love to be tall" who wouldn't! Especially now when finally clothing and shoe manufacturers are beginning to realise we exists and make lovely things for us to wear. tallgirls.co.uk make a T-shirt with "No I DON'T play basketball" on it - and yes I've got one, isn't it funny that shorties can't think of another thing to ask us. I too now allow myself to wear heels, although to be honest I'd rather not - and does anybody else experience what I often do the dreaded everybody else is tiny/short night out - I hate that. Love your height ladies, everybody else does.

Heather wrote (August 31st 2005)

I'm writing from the perspective of a tall (5'11") woman who is 69 years old. The bliss of being tall when you are an "old one" is incredible. I hate it when today's tall--over 6'-- young women look down at me! Just kidding. Had to sew all my own clothes, especially when we lived in Europe. Now when it isn't all that important to me--I buy all of my clothes and am so thankful I don't have to stuff myself into men's jeans. I had a terrific career in basketball and now am writing a book about my adventures. Only tips I can pass on from my many years of height is: dress yourself from the shoes up - your feet will haunt you later if you don't fit them perfectly, never dress to disguise your height (that's impossible) and that being tall separates the men from the boys. My daughter is my height and my grandaughter at 12 is stretching for the stars and playing cool basketball.

Royalty wrote (August 25th 2005)

Finally, a site created just for me! I'm a 6'2" very feminine and attractive African American Fashion Model, Size 10 with a Coke bottle shape (stats: 35-26-40). As a teen, I didn't like being tall because of the constant teasing, hard to find clothes, didn't have friends, the stares and stupid comments from others. I used to slouch to avoid annoying comments and rude stares and would purposely wear too little shoes to make my feet look smaller (I don't recommend doing this, trust me bunions are not cute). NOW at 39, I love my height and I love the skin that I'm in. I wear a size 11 shoe, I own 182 pairs of 3-4 inch heels (all styles) and I let nothing stop me from wearing them. In my experiences with dating, a few of my dates stated that they were intimated with my height combined with brains and beauty, so they chosed not to date me... LOOSERS! I'm extremely confident (not conceited) and I'm happy with the person that I've become. I had a beautiful wedding, my husband is 6'6" and we have a 18 year old son, who is 6'5" and a 13 year old daughter who is 5'7" (we think she's short compared to us). I don't care what people think of me anymore. It's their problem, not mine.... "don't hate on me because I was chosen for this special assignment by the Creator." I've come to realize that it takes a strong women to wear this height and I must say "I wear it very well." I LOVE MY HEIGHT and if I could do it all over again... I WOULDN'T CHANGE IT FOR THE WORLD!!

Marisha wrote (August 25th 2005)

I'm 16 years old and already 5'11"! But I love me height although it does have its disadvantages at times like finding a guy thats taller than you because most of them like the little short girls. When I was younger I often felt embarrassed and ashamed of my height but now I realize my height is beautiful and believe it or not alot of guys love tall chicks!!

Barbara wrote (August 22nd 2005)

Hello, beautiful tall people. I just stumbled upon this web site and read with so much interest all the comments you made about being tall. At my age 54 I should be well and truly used to people commenting on my height but it never ceases to amaze me that strangers think they have a right to make comments to you. When someone says makes a remark to me, usually something like 'God, you are tall' I reply 'your powers of observation are astounding'! which usually shuts them up and makes them look extremely stupid. I really doubt if anyone would think us sane if we went around saying 'God you are ugly, or fat, or thin or whatever'. My lovely Dad who was 6'8" used to tell me to stand up tall and be proud of your height, don't slouch(nothing looks worse)I was 6ft at 14 and I was unusual in those days, but nobody ever forgot me!!! I became a model and my height was only ever an advantage, nobody in this world is perfect even if some people think they are! Be proud of who you are and dont' let the b...... get you down!

Michelle wrote (August 21st 2005)

Yeah, I know exactly where you're coming from everyone. I just turned 15 a month ago and I'm 6 ft. I hate it sooo much - luckily for my grade 9 prom I found a beautiful blue dress that was the perfect length ... but the only jeans I can buy are mavi and their SO expensive and they don't even fit me the way I want! All my friends that are really short say they hate it but I know they love it cause there's all cute and stuff... and even if I did have a pretty face sometimes I feel my height is just soo ugly, but the thing is other girls that are tall - if they look confident it looks gorgeous. But I just don't have that self-confidence. I wish I did... So try your best, girlies and this site helped me lot. I know I'm not the only one with this burden :)

Jamie wrote (August 16th 2005)

I just found this website for the first time and I think it's amazing. I'm 24 years old and 6"2 and in the UK that makes me stand out. Just like some of you have said, I used to be very conscious of it too, however now I embrace it. It is difficult to get jeans and most of all shoes! but you shouldn't let it bother you.... if you want to wear heels DO IT! Go with the "who cares?" attitude. My friends know me as a person not as a "giant" and if others make nasty comments you should pity them, just look at them, smile and walk away.

Love to all the tall girls out there! We are not alone, just read some of these comments and check out some of the websites for clothes, I've just ordered loads!

Dawn wrote (August 16th 2005)

Hi there, this is a great site, Just knowing there are people out there with the same problems as me!! I am 6'1" and wear a size 9 shoe, but most of the size 9's that I find are too wide as I have narrow feet. Why is is that most shops that actually sell a real size 9 (43) only do so in a wide fitting? I am lucky that the Marks & Spencers Per Una range do a long which is 33" but if I want to wear heels, even they are too short! I have always towered my friends and was known as bigbird at school and hated it, but don't mind it now. I used to feel like the odd one out, until I went to a sale at Long Tall Sally and for once in my life, I actually felt short! Some of the Next range of shoes have come up big lately and I have managed to wear a size 8 and the 9 is more like a 10, so this may be of interest to some of you, also if your lucky you may find these in Choice the ex Next shop if you have one near you. I just wish more shops catered for us taller ladies as whilst in London today, my feet were hurting me and I couldn't find any shoes to fit me yet my mother had no trouble finding a size 8 and came home with 3 pairs! If only the shop assistants wouldn't treat us like freaks! Oh well, that's enough moaning from me, your probably thinking by now "doesn't she go on and on etc"!

Remember you maybe tall, and they may say that all good things come in small packages, but then so does poison!!

Be proud of your height, average is so Boring.

Lina wrote (August 16th 2005)

Like all the below comments I can relate. I saw the site and I was like holy moly. I'm 15 and 6'1 ahhhh. I've read the comments about how I should embrace my height. I have been tall since I was born and I was the lanky kid. I get people who say I look like a giraffe and "how's the weather up there", "do u play basketball?" BLAH. I don't wear heels but I never really had to. Now I'm not so lanky and trying to fix my bad posture as I always used to slouch. I stride through malls etc. proud of my height so all those talls girls out there that are 15 or whatever that are tall ingore the short and keep walking.

Steph wrote (August 16th 2005)

Hey, I'm Steph... this is pretty awesome... like I didn't realize how many tall people felt the way I did... this is an awesome site. I'm 15 years old and I'm almost 6 feet tall... it always bothered me because I'm, taller than all my friends and I would always get comments like "Ur a giant" or "Ur a beast", "You're huge" - things that would make me feel like this fat towering monster but I figured that if I stayed athletic and skinny my height would be attractive. I still feel insecure about my height now and then but I  just got invited to Philly to do get checked out by some modeling agencies. I'm real excited and it kinda makes me feel better about my height. Modeling is a great way to feel good about ur height. Feel free to comment me back. I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Amanda wrote (August 15th 2005)

Hello all! I'm 22 years old, and 5'11''. I absolutely LOVE being tall! Clothes always look great on me (although finding the ones that fit just right sometimes proves to be a little difficult) I was always super self concious of my height during school, but all those silly little comments people made don't bother me anymore. I've always been super thin as well, so people always thought that I was fragile and delicate... Hah! Not so! I joined the U.S. Air Force (believe me, basic is no cake walk!)and I couldnt be more proud of myself! Funny... seems like after high school, guys suddenly dont mind that you're taller! Never had a date until after high school... now I've lost count!

Tina wrote (August 12th 2005)

Hello everybody =) I'm from Norway and I am 6'0" . When I read about all the comments many of you have gotten because you're tall I can only say that I have been lucky. Yes, of course people comment it alot. But I have never been called stupid things because of my height. I don't know why, but maybe because I have always been hanging out with the "right" people at school? But whatever, all my girlfriends are short and I am taller than most of the boys. If a guy likes me, I pull away because I am unsecure. I can't count how many times I have been up all night crying over my height.

But now I`m going to try to be proud of my height and if people say something to me about it. Screw them!!!!!!! When I'm out shopping, and I'm taller then everybody else in streets I am going to butt one a smile and be happy. =)

Okay, I know my English is not so good but hopefully you can understand some of it ;)

lots of love

Carolyn wrote (August 11th 2005)

I'm 5'11" and never thought of myself as tall until I entered university. My mother is 6'0", father is 6'5", 'little' (read: younger) sister is 6'2", and 'little' brother is 6'4" and growing! They call me the "little one". I've never been self-conscious about my height, but love it! I sew, so I let out my own hems or add trimmings to pants so they're long enough. Also, Gap.com recently added an 'extra-long' option on pants on their website which feature inseams of 36-38" on jeans, cords, and dress pants.

Cariel wrote (August 10th 2005)

I've had similiar experiences to many of the women here. I've been just over 6ft since I was 16 (now in my early twenties) and even today people ask me almost every day of my life "How tall are you?" "Do you play basketball?" "Do you model?" It's creepy when people you don't know come up and ask you things like that. I wonder if there's a t-shirt somewhere that reads 'I'm not Tall. You're short.' Honestly! The next time someone asks me, I'll ask them: "How tall are you? How much do you weigh? What's your ethnicity? What religion do you practice?"

I don't want to be short. I like my height, but I don't enjoy constantly being asked about it. It also stinks that it's difficult finding trousers long enough and shoes big enough. Why do they make such high-heeled shoes for the larger sizes?

Becky wrote (August 10th 2005)

I am 21 and 6'1" - I have never really had a problem with my height although I do find it slightly wearing when people make constant comments about it... Strangers in the street will stop me and ask how tall I am!! I find it strange that noone would ever ask a really short person " My god! How SHORT are YOU!?!" I guess this just goes to show that people think of height as a positive attribute..Girls, we are fabulous!! Forget those haters (who are generally, it's got to be said, short men who are intimidated by tall women!) and enjoy being different.

Rachel wrote (August 8th 2005)

Hey guys. I'm Rachel. I'm 6'1... and I feel like I'm at some type of AA meeting... hehe. Anyways I just wanted to say that the next time I walk past a group of people and, after several doubletakes, hear "Oh, she's tall!" I think I am going to say "but not deaf!" and give them a pointed stare.

I'm so bad. =)

Alexia wrote (August 6th 2005)

Hi I've always been taller than most of my friends and I Hate it. I have a friend that's 5'2' and acts like she's so cute she constantly talking about how cute shorts girls are and how men love short women. I'm 6'1" so it's a big difference. I know I shouldn't care what she thinks but I hate being tall. I hate when shorter people ask me to get them things down for them because they can't reach. I hate going to clubs and Men are shorter than me. I hate not being able to wear cute high heel shoes because I'll be even taller. I hate being tall help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lakshmi wrote (August 5th 2005)

I stumbled upon this site today.Wow! I never realised there were so many people with the same experiences as me. I'm Malaysian Indian ,32 and 5'11 1/2" which is ,I suppose, highly unusual in Asia. I hated being tall when I was younger.Yes, I received all the usual comments about the weather up there and how I would be a great basketball player. I do not play basketball.Hate it, in fact. I only started appreciating my height after I went to University and started getting to know other students from around the world who really admired me for who I am. I still get comments every now and then,sometimes really annoying ones but i couldn't care less. I'm a doctor,doing my Masters' in Anaesthesia and wear 2 to 3" heels every day and absolutely love my height. It's what makes me special! They're just jealous 'cos they can't be me!

Tynia wrote (August 4th 2005)

Hi, my name is Tynia and I'm 14 soon to be fifteen (Aug. 14th) and I'm 5'10. I LOVE IT!!! Most of the time because I get ALL the attention at the mall and on the streets and whereever I go. I'm no Tyra Banks but I have confidence when I'm in public. Sure I dont like it when people ask me "So do you play b-ball?" or "Why don't you model?" It's annoying, no lie, but I love the idea that people think I can do all these things just because I'm tall. I wear heels to church and outings and banquets but that's it because, well... I'm only 14. LOL - But it's okay to all those peps that think tall is "weird", ITS NOT!! I LOVE IT AND YOU SHOULD TOO!!! Think about it... why would you want to go unnoticed? Not be the center of attention? And not special? That's so boring so be happy and be TALL! LOL - it's a real BLESSING! Well enjoy life and your legz. Cuz I'm a happy black tall princezz and proud of it!!!! LOL

*sM00chEz* Tynia

Kay wrote (August 3rd 2005)

Well I cant begin to explain how much my height controls my life. I am 5ft 10/11, nearly 6 ft, very slim and so sometimes I can appear lanky if I don't wear the right clothes. The thing that gets me the most about my height is other people's comments, such as "do you live in a growth bag?", "you're really tall", "giraffe girl", "eiffel tower" etc. - they are endless. These comments are so hurtful and I think this is the reason why I am so conscious about my height. It is true people do not think before they speak and they really should. Somedays you'll wake up with a smile on your face and go out with a smile until one comment about your height ruins the whole day and brings you down. I know I should rise above these comments but it really is easier said than done. I will never accept my height but at least I can take comfort from others through reading this website and for a few minutes I can be proud of my height.

Jen wrote (August 3rd 2005)

Hello all...I just turned 26 and I am 5'11" and I have been hit with all of the stereotypical remarks...you must be awesome at basketball and I was even told I look like one of those chics that would play softball...so whatever that meant, that guy got slapped with a how's the weather down there... In high school it was really hard, because I never wanted to be the protector, so I never ever dated boys that were shorter than me and if I did it lasted from homeroom until the last bell rang for the day. I have stopped trying to find a man who is decent and over 6 feet...any that I ever did find where just not attractive to me or they were too lanky or just what I like to term as being "off." My current boyfriend is a little over 5'9" but he is stocky and lifts, so most people think that we are the same height. My sister who is 1/2 an inch shorter than I am, is with a man who is a little over 5'6" and thinner & you would never know the difference. I give them so much credit, beca use they walk around affectionate and without a care about what people around them say. Funny thing is the ONLY people who make remarks are single...so in reality what the heck do they know.

I think that the hardest thing that I run into being a tall attractive woman is being taken seriously...I am not one for compliments, and I don't like when men think that I am a body. I don't appreciate being drooled on because I am tall or because I dropped a couple of pounds, I don't dress for attention, I dress for me...I don't flirt with men that I don't know and I don't draw attention to myself in any way...so why is it that men think that when you drop a few pounds or have a slimming shirt on....that you are doing it for them? that you are shouting out to hear how they feel about it? I don't look at men and say hey baby, you on a diet?!?!? hey baby, I like that shirt!!! My new term is "WHY?" I know that I am tall, and I know that I am half decent...I also have a BRAIN...so how do I walk around, content with myself and how I look and remain proud of who I am...when men have such an issue accepting that tall, attractive women can also be smart.

Di wrote (August 2nd 2005)

I am 5'10. I only minded being tall in junior high when the boys were shorter. As a kid I loved looking older. I could get into bars when I was 15! I have always had good posture and people often say that they have seen me somewhere before. That's only because I stand out. I once wore platform shoes and turned down a tall guy to dance with a little guy because he had the guts to ask me. Being taller works in your favour. Someone said to me that I 'look like a somebody'. I haven't had trouble finding clothes for years. I am a slim person so I can wear anything. I get lots of compliments. As for people's comments, most just don't think, admire you or go around making comments about people who use wheelchairs, etc. Forget about it! I know its tough for young girls, but hang in there because when you leave those immature idiots behind you'll love being tall!

Haloe wrote (August 2nd 2005)

Howdy, being tall can be a wonderful thing depending on where you live. I have lived all over the US and being tall has always been good other than when I'm in the northwest. Aside from being a minority I'm also 6'3". I know being tall is a great thing to be, but I am really haveing a hard time seeing that at the moment. Perhaps I will pack up my things and move out of this one horse town, even though I love the mountains I think they are the only thing here that is taller than me. I do love my height. wouldn't have it any other way, but it can get a little lonely up here sometimes.

Kristen wrote (August 1st 2005)

You know what I use to hate being tall (5'11) as well because I was never interested in dating shorter guys and I am taller than most. I felt that way b/c I felt like I would be the one to protect a shorter guy. I know it sounds kind of funny, but oh well... however, I did wait and found a taller guy, that I absolutely adore. But I too have been approached by several people and asked if I play basketball. I mean that's a cool remark to make if you are in that sport, but it's quite annoying when they generalize just because you are tall. So next time someone approaches one of you and says "You're really tall, do you play basketball?" Say back to them "You're really short, do you play miniature golf!?" And add in "Don't ya love the stereotypes?" and then walk away! Trust me that will be the last time they make that remark, trust me I have used it and it works.

Sonya wrote (July 31st 2005)

Hello everyone! I am 6'3 and 24 yrs old. I used to have trouble finding jeans, but there is an answer: Please visit alloy.com - they have inseams up to 38" and a ton of sizes, from 1 to 25. You will love it! (look under 'shop' and 'denim')

Alex wrote (July 30th 2005)

Hey everyone. I'm still in high school, but I have the most wonderful guy ever. He is shorter than me, but who cares. I know a lot of people at our school get a good laugh out of us, but neither one of us cares. Being tall use to bother me, but oddly enough, since we started dating I just don't care. I'm almost 6 foot and he's like 5'6". He's wonderful, and I'm glad I didn't close myself off just because I'm taller than him.

Maiko wrote (July 29th 2005)

I'm 15, and I don't really keep track of my height. All I know is that I am very tall. When I started highschool, I was the tallest in out batch. That remained unchanged until I reached 3rd year highschool. Now, three guys from our batch are taller than me. I am proud of my height. Although it is quite abnormal to be about 6' at the age of 15, it's quite fun. I tower over almost all the people. I see over their heads. The best thing about being tall is that I can reach higher than anybody else. But then there are also some disadvantages to being tall. Like once when I was strolling around the mall then suddenly a guy approched me if I played basketball. I've been through very many encounters like that. I've been interviewed by several cashiers at the counters, sales ladies and sales men, and very many unknown people. But still, I love my height...even if I'm taller than almost all of the guys in our school.

Jess wrote (July 28th 2005)

It's July 28 and I just found this site. I'm 6' and 17. After reading Vanessa's quote who's 6'0" and 18, I almost cried because I relate to you in every way! I also hear that I'm pretty: "why don't you have a boyfriend?". I feel obligated to play basketball b/c of my height even though I'm not that interested. I am a military brat and I never really had a problem with my height until my family was stationed in a small town in AL. I am a senior in high-school and my peers definetely don't think tall is a good thing and I never hear the end of the jokes. Lately my insecurities have been the only thing on my mind. I even start crying because I am getting so ashamed of myself. This site is the exactly what i needed!!! My dad always told me that shame never creates change and after reading this site I finally understand. Although it's going to be a long process. With the help of this site I think I can learn to be proud of the skin I'm in!!!!

Caitlin wrote (July 27th 2005)

Hey I am one of those tall girls that got lucky. I started to model but I gave it up for basketball because I wanted to do something fun in life and in high school... I am 6'3" without shoes and I am 17 but I wear only a 11 shoe! just like the other girl that posted a little bit under me and I am going to get my college paid for to go to a D1 college because I play basketball...all because I am tall and I am good!!! I cant say I get down on my self for being tall because I know that I cant change it and to the people that dont appreciate me for how I am I pay them no attention becaue if I worried about all the people who worried about me enough to talk about me I wouldnt have time for all the good things in my life! I am so glad there are sites like this p.s. my best friend is 6'5" so try seeing us together in public...you cant even count the amount of stares and whispers!!!

Diane wrote (July 26th 2005)

To all you tall ladies who are looking for a man: just keep looking, he will show up! I was single until I was almost 39 - really down, living in a small Southern town and hadn't dated anyone for a long time. One day I met my husband - in the city library of all places! We're dead even in height (both 5'10") and I love that we can exchange clothing, even shoes (I wear a size 12 in womens). It took me about a year before I would wear high heels, but he told me he really loved being with a taller woman. The only thing I dislike about being tall is finding shoes - a size 12 shoe is not easy to find when you live in the sticks. Thank goodness for the internet. Several have said it here and I'll say it again: just wait, you may not appreciate your height now, but you will! Walk with pride, you're in mighty good company.

Heidz wrote (July 22nd 2005)

Hey. I have been so insecure about me height, until I started to play volleyball. I am now being looked at by Div. 1 and Div. 2 colleges!!! I guess being tall can have its advantages. But for those of you that don't play sports, maybe think about joining a pilates or yoga class, which will make your long lanky legs and arms and make them toned and sexy. (I think that those classes really helped me tone up, because I was otherwise very skinny and lanky. I guess I still wish I were shorter, but there could be a lot worse things than being tall. Like........ you could be 4'10 LOL By the way, I'm 6'3 without my shoes on and am 17 years old.

Malisha wrote (July 21st 2005)

Hi, I am 17 years old and I am extremly tall I am not sure how tall I am but I would guess about between 5'11 and 6'0! I have my good and bad days one day I hate the fact that I am tall and then another day I feel strong and beautiful. Your website is an inspiration and comforting to know that I am not alone. So keep it up THANKS!!!!

Emily wrote (July 15th 2005)

Hey! I just found the website and I really like it. I haven't been tall for all of my life. I think Jr. High was the start of it all. I went from being 5'4 in 6th grade to being 5'9 in 7th. The next year in 8th grade I grew to be 6'. I know that I'm not as tall as some on you... but for 8th grade I'd say thats pretty tall. Let me tell you that I absolutely HATED my height. I was taller than all of the guys I liked (Some things never change).I did play basketball, but I lacked coordenation. I felt like I was always letting people down. I decided to just keep playing because I was having fun, and freshman year I suited for varsity at my high school. I am now going into my Sophomore year in highschool, I'm 6'2, and I guess I'm still growing. Don't slouch because you're tall. If anything you should stand taller. And all the short ones that make fun of you are just jealous that they're not as tall as you. Just remember that and never let anyone get you down because of your height. Emily

Rachel wrote (July 15th 2005)

It can be hard to get a good sense of self when tall women examine themselves through the "lense" of short people. I say this because I often get digital pics sent to me taken by friends where I feel all my height insecurities creep up. Please remember tall women, that a good picture of yourself should also be taken by a tall person! Seriously, I think so many tall women are ripped off by being photographed by short people!!!! I say this becase how often do you begin to accept your height and then think you look "bad" in a photograph. For me, my height is intimidating and exciting at the same time. I am 5"10 and usually wear 3inch heels when I go "out" or to work. Tall = sexy....ohhhhhh yes it does.

Michelle wrote (July 14th 2005)

Are any of you aware of how much men like tall women? I can see it being hard in high school but everything seems to be hard in high school. I don't think this site is very helpful. It seems to be making tall stranger than it is. Some people are tall. Some people are short. That is all there is to it. Here is something that might interest you:


Linda wrote (July 13th 2005)

I'm 19 and 6'5. My dad is 6'11 so I was destined to be tall but I'm still learning to deal with it. I own one pair of jeans in a 38" inseam size 12 waist and a couple pair of heels that I've never worn outside my room. I'm a manager at a movie theatre and I can't find one pair of black dress pants, or a bussiness jacket that actually fits so I'm forced to wear skirts everyday. IT SUCKS! I love this website but I wish I could embrace my height like you strong women out there. I will definetely be returning to this website, and hopefully over time I will be able to overcome my self concious issues. Thanks for all your support.

Qiana wrote (July 12th 2005)

Hi everyone, I am a statuesque woman also and I am eager to see and hear from everyone of you. My business partner and I have started a few fashion ventures. We can be reached by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information, our website will be up soon.  We are looking for design houses who outfit the statuesque. I do understand that some women custom make their clothing, but why not have boutiques to shop also.  We are in our late twenties and we LOVE fashion, like all women. So, no more sob stories ladies, lets embrace what God has blessed us with and let us make changes in this "war of clothes". We will be reaching women nationally and internationally. We are not here to bash the designers for not catering to us, we just want to make it known that women are growing taller each generation and we just want the love too. Please feel free to contact us by email anytime, again look out for the website very soon.

Shani wrote (July 12th 2005)

I was raised in the DC-area, and I never really got teased in school about being tall, but I did get teased about being thin. Like some of the posts said, some people don't even realize how hurtful or redundant the comments that they make are. I am 5'10, and everyone in my immediate family are about the same height, but everyone seems to notice my height the most, I guess because I'm a female who happens to be tall as well as thin.

Growing up comments about my height didn't seem to bother me; it was just the comments that people in my extended family made that hurt the most. There are worst things than being tall. I am just grateful for my health, and believe it or not, the older you get, the comments may lessen, but they don't seem to stop.

Just have confidence, because shorter people can be self-conscious about their height too, some short people may wish they were tall (that might be why comments are made to those of us who are taller, in some cases call it "height envy").

Jewel wrote (July 9th 2005)

Hi everybody. It's strange to see how many of you have the same problems as I have. I too have heard all the tall jokes: Being the 1st to know when it rains, being related to a giraffe, tall glass of water, Amazon women. And why do all tall women have to play basketball? You wouldn't want me on a court. I'm 30 now and around 5 ft 10. The only thing I hate is that the cheaper cute jeans are too short. I don't want to pay for 3 inches of pant. I love wearing heels when I'm by myself or with someone taller, but I hate wearing them when I'm with my shorter friends. Over the years, I've grown very fond of my long legs. I realize that I just didn't want to be tall, I wanted to be fine. So, I put on a little weight. I got some hips, and a butt. So, I think I'm fine! :) You can't do anything about your height, but you can accentuate what you have. If you are overweight slim down. IF you are underweight eat a little more. Be proud of who you are........A beatiful woman who was blessed with long legs. And, for all you short people out there....don't keep reminding us that we're tall.

Tammy wrote (July 5th 2005)

Hey, I'm 18 and I'm 5'6". I wish I was taller. All of you women on this site are sooo lucky. Short people want to be tall and tall people want to be short. But tall people should really wanna be tall, because when I look at someone short, I just see a person, but when i see a tall person, I see a bold, gracefull, beautiful woman. Be happy you're tall!!! *Tammy
P.S.: I constantly wear heels so I can be tall like you all!!

Rene wrote (July 5th 2005)

Unbelievable. I cannot believe I stumbled upon this site! I am close to 6'0" and have been that way since 6th grade. Middle school and high school were hell when it came to my height, and some of the very same problems have continued to present themselves even now that I am in college. It wasn't until this past year that I said, "screw it. I like my height". I now allow myself to wear heels. My biggest insecurity had been with guys and being taller than the majority of them. I am slowly learning to embrace my height instead of view it as an outcast trait. I am so glad to see that there are others out there that feel the same way.

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