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Kate, UK on BBC News Talking Point - Tall men: does size matter?:

I had a boyfriend who was at least a head shorter than me and while I did not care in the least, he was massively insecure about it. Obviously some women will prefer men to be taller than themselves, but everybody likes different things. The most important thing is for the man concerned to be happy within himself. When that hurdle has been overcome, everything else will fall into place.

Rolly Akinkugbe, England on BBC News Talking Point - Tall men: does size matter?:

Being a lady myself at 6'1, I would naturally prefer a guy at least 3 inches taller than myself, although it does a lot of women tend to prefer tall guys who seem much 'nicer' and 'acceptable', and stand out more. That is not to say that is the only criteria we look for in a guy, but it is very important. I have nothing against short guys, or rather guys shorter than myself, as they all perform the same 'functions' I guess, tall or short. The tall ones are more appealing and women always seek some sort of strong-towering protector. But I guess if the worse came to worst and love was really indeed blind, I wouldn't mind he had to stand on a stool, when the priest goes; 'you may now kiss the bride'!!!!!!!

Brooke Llewellyn, United States on BBC News Talking Point - Tall men: does size matter?:

Honey, Size DOES matter. I am SICK to DEATH of dating short men. NO more! Ugh, haven't they heard of bone banks, hello!? Just get a little bone implant in the old leg bone and maybe some personality as well. Short men are annoying. The only good thing is that if they look young enough, you can get them into a movie using a child's ticket!

Now she isn't a happy person, is she?

Barb, Canada on BBC News Talking Point - Tall men: does size matter?:

I have always been attracted to tall, slim men. Unfortunately, this does not mean that they are nice people. The attraction soon disappears if you find out they are a jerk. Yes being taller makes men look more attractive, but they still have to be a nice person to keep anyone attracted to them for any length of time. So all you tall guys, don't think you have it made, because a shorter, decent, honest, guy will win every time when it comes to a long term relationship.

Sally Hargreaves, England on BBC News Talking Point - Tall men: does size matter?:

I have recently fallen in love for the first time with a wonderful man who is an inch shorter then me and even more so when I wear heels. Guys you have nothing to worry about, the right women probably won't even notice.

Dee, USA on BBC News Talking Point - Tall men: does size matter?:

I'm a 6'2" woman and am engaged to a man who is much shorter than I. When I fell in love with him, it was his intelligence, wit and sensitivity that made him attractive not his height. We get along great, I consider him fit, attractive and a turn on. While I'm sure we will get plenty of stares, we are secure in ourselves and our relationship and do not find this to be a problem.

Angie, Brit in USA on BBC News Talking Point - Tall men: does size matter?:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! However, I think most women prefer a man who is taller than them. If she is 4' 11", probably a 5' 2" guy will suffice. Obviously, a tall man who is a prat doesn't have an advantage over a shorter man with good qualities. Short men shouldn't be intimidated because I have many tall friends who like short men. Unfortunately, really tall women don't have a lot of choice! At 5' 10" tall I have never actually dated anyone shorter than me; now that I am hitched to a bloke of 6' 4" all I can do is wonder what I missed out on.

RDV, Italy on BBC News Talking Point - Tall men: does size matter?:

I am 6 foot myself but I don't actively look for men that are my height or taller. In fact I think that really tall men (over 6 foot 4) are rather ungainly. However the majority of men have a real problem with my height (which is usually increased because I like to wear heels). Funnily enough now that I live in Italy, where the men are on average much shorter than in England, I find that men make much less of an issue about my height!! I think a lot of it has to do with how self-assured the man is.

Alexis wrote (in another guestbook):

Great, hello all! My name is Lexi and I am 19 years old and 6'2" tall. I have only ever met one woman taller than me (she was 6'2.5" tall). I have been this tall since I was 12 years old - believe it or not. I have found many dificulties in being tall in my life but ultimately it has been great. I am married to a man who is 5'7" tall and am loving every moment. It confuses me to see all of you tall women out there ignoring shorter men. I think that that is very selfish and stereotypical of you. We are all people - no matter how tall (or short) we are. I'm sure that we all got our share of negativity throughout our lives for being tall - and by discounting shorter people for friends and lovers we are doing exactly what has been done to us. I was the same way for a while when looking for relationships until I met my soulmate. All of a sudden the clouds lifted and I realized that it didn't really matter who was taller than who. Anyway - enough of the preachy stuff. I just want to say that I love being tall and all of the challenges that it has brought me. I have learned so much and have a long way to go. 

Janice (6'0") wrote:

I think what you have done with your page is great for us big girls..very clever... I wanted to share with you that when I was in grade, middle and high school I was very conscious of my height... However when I reached high school I was blessed to meet my gym-teacher who herself was no more than 5 feet... An elegant black lady who somehow managed to make me believe that my height was my greatest asset.. and get this - she even made me believe that she was envious of my stature... Imagine that.. my gym teacher, wife of a Colonel (who also taught the boys gym class), thought I was special... you can't imagine what that did to my ego...

Gloria wrote (in another guestbook):

I keep reading about tall women who won't date guys who are shorter, surely women are smarter than this. I'm 6'3" and if I automatically rule out guys under that height, it doesn't leave many options. I have learned that a man who is not intimidated by a taller woman is generally a very secure person. (O.K., maybe some have an over-active tall chick fetish-there are probably worse things) In case you haven't noticed, really secure men aren't very easy to find. I'm guessing that if someone has problems relating to another person solely due to their height, that person is not comfortable with themself!

Sybil wrote:

How nice of you to feel confident enough in yourself to appreciate tall, larger women? We ARE beautiful! And we have lots of love to give! Some men are actually missing out because they limit themselves. Oh well........ Maybe one day, I can meet a nice, confident man (locally) like yourself.

Tricia (6'1") wrote:

You don't have to be the same height to see eye to eye.

Mel wrote:

It's wonderful being tall but even more wonderful being admired. I think that I have found one of my favorite web sites, this site has everything that a tall woman would ever need. Being 6'3" I enjoy being tall and I want to say "Thank you" to the special person that designed this site, definitely a "Special" Person in my book..... :-)

Christina wrote:

I was 6'0" in 7th grade! It is hard to be the tallest, but keep your head high and have confidence in yourself. I am 6'4" now at 20 and I love being tall. Short people that will tease you only do it out of jealousy. Many short girls wish they were taller, but they are not going to admit to it! Think of yourself as being honored to be tall enough to reach things on the top shelf and still be able to reach the floor. Height is beauty!!! Just think, the taller you are, the more food you can eat without gaining weight!! :) If you want to be more "popular" play a sport, and everyone will love you. And only play a sport that you like, don't play just because you are tall!

Julie wrote:

Thanks for your email! I like your website, and forwarded it to another tall woman I know. I want to explore the links when I have more time, but thought I would tell you my favorite comeback to the question I always get asked, even though it might not translate to German very well :)

When someone asks me "Do you play basketball?" I reply with "No, do you play miniature golf?" :)

Tayah wrote:

It took me a long time to get comfortable with my height. All of the insecurity I developed from my height was no doubt caused by boys who made stupid remarks about my height simply because I intimidated them. However, being young, I had no idea that their comments stemmed from their own insecurities. I actually began to feel as if something was wrong or abnormal about me because I was so much taller than all of the other girls. Boy have I grown (no pun intended) and learned a lot since then.

Don't get me wrong I still experience men who are very intimidated by my height--(the strangest thing about this being most of it comes from men who are much taller than I am--go figure)--only now, it doesn't bother me a bit. The way I have chosen to look at it is if there are men out there who are so whimpy and insecure with themselves that a woman with height scares the heck out of them, I am very happy that these types do not approach me. Believe me, I can definitely live without that type!

Cameo wrote:

I  like being tall, othertimes I don't - I hate it when people ask me if I play basketball. It is like all tall people are supposed to be basketball players and supposed to be good at ALL sports. I can say from experience that I'm not good at most sports and I don't (!) play basketball. To me it is very insulting for someone to ask me that. The first thing I say when someone asks me "How tall are you?" is "I'm 6'4"and NO I don't play basketball."

I normally don't wear heels but today I bought my 1st pair with platforms and I love them. I love the extra height!!!! :)

Missy wrote:

Hi! Thank you so much for your website address! It's really neat! I am very proud of my height like some of the other women!  I find you look more confident and people notice you more when you have better posture. I have dated shorter men before, but for me I sometimes feel uncomfortable. I have a lot of friends who are shorter than me. That doesn't bother me. I love being with taller men because I feel safe when I am with them. They don't look down at me all. My personality doesn't allow that!  I would like to keep in touch!!   Thanks again for that website! I am sure that it will come in handy!! (I am about 6'1")

Meara wrote:

Being tall is great!
Hey, I am 16 years old, 6'1'' and I don't have a problem with shorter men, it's just that it seems kinda odd, and no one that I know who is short wants to go out with a tall girl!! But I tell people that I can see and reach things that they can't and I love it. They can't reach the peanutbutter on the top shelf without a chair, I can. I say: "Just hold your head up high and let them say things. Intimidate them, they will respect you in time. Power to being tall - tall rocks

Susan wrote:

Thanks you so much for referring me to your website!  It is just beautiful!!!!!!  I can't tell you how perfect the timing was in receiving your e-mail.  I had just returned from a "date", meeting someone who responded to my personal ad.  This guy was all flirty and fun on the phone, and asked me my measurements.  I'm a 6' tall, size 18/20 woman, who enjoys my height and my body size, but have a hard time describing myself to others.  I told him that asking for my measurements before he decided if he wanted to meet me was like me asking his penis size!  Then I was optimistic enough (or stupid enough) to meet him anyway.  I should know that if someone has an issue, and asks me "how overweight are you", they are not open enough for me to meet them. Anyway, the guy was all flirty on the phone, but then at dinner he had practically nothing to say to me.  It wasn't a total loss, I had a good Italian dinner, he was pretty cute to look at during dinner, and kinda funny, and I got home early enough to read a good book and eat some chocolates!!

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate someone like you who is open about what you prefer.  You made me rethink my personal ad, about putting "tall" in the description of the type of man I'm looking for.  Maybe I'm shortchanging myself!  (Get it? - har har)  This guy was 6"9", but I think I was just too much woman for him!

Sally wrote:

This was the most interesting site I have found so far !! I am 6'1" and often go out with shorter men ... though it does sometimes bother me. This has nothing to do with them but my own self-esteem. I have met some great men but have not had a relationship purely because of height. I just hope I can get over it and be like some of the women I have read about here. I have met a great man who is a lot shorter ... and it's me that has the problem with it! So thank you for you site, it has helped, just how much only time will tell.

Ashley wrote:

I need to extend my gratitude to you. Your page is the greatest tribute to tall women I've ever seen. I wish there were more men like you out there. I enjoyed all of it. You're a great man. Thanks again. Ashley (6'2")

Cassandra Rose wrote:

I am 6'3" and have been since I was 14. Now I am 17.....I think that everyone needs to stand tall. It doesn't matter how tall you actually are. The girls who stoop over need to get some confidence. Think - "Tall is pretty"....not "Tall is bad" I was, and still am, taller than all my girlfriends, and I have probably heard every tall joke in the book, but I don't let it get to me. I am the starting center for basketball, and I can see over the crowd in our school hallways. There is a positive for everthing, you just need to think about it.

"Tall" wrote:

All I can say is - WOW! You have quite a website and your strong and genuine interest in tall women is unusual, yet refreshing! Thanks for sending me the link to your website. The links to other "Tall" sites is extremely helpful. Good luck to you!

Marcia wrote:

6'3" tall and loving every minute of it. My boyfriend is 6'1" and he worships the ground I walk on and vice versa. Loved your site. Hats off to shorter men!

Suzanne wrote:

I strongly believe that it takes a genuine man with enough pride and self respect to love a taller woman. Myself being 6'2", I tend to intimidate men. I would like to commend you for being accepting of others who are different. Too bad there aren't more men like you around. ;)

Cindy wrote:

Very interesting ... It almost sounds like you are doing a dissertation on relationships based on height. You hit the nail on the head w/many points you made. I found your web-page very interesting! Thanks! Cindy 6' tall

Geri wrote:

Joerg, I throughly enjoyed reading your web site on tall women. It made me feel beautiful. I used to hate my height, but I don't anymore. I stand as tall as I can. I'm sure it took you a long time to create your web site and it was very intiguing. Thank you for sharing it with me.

Margo wrote:

... I decided to check out your web site about tall women. Very interesting. You said some things I never thought about before. I was married to one of those kind of men who hated looking me in the eye or even having to look up to me (if I wore shoes with any heel). Needless to say, his insecurities made me totally insecure with my height and I vowed to NEVER date a man shorter than me again. Thanks for your site - it has made me realize that one apple may not necessarily spoil the whole barrel. You are quite good looking. Good luck with your TALL women friends. I'd consider it a privilege to correspond with you as a pen pal.

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