Tall Quotes 2007a

Shoshana wrote (April 30th 2007)

Well, Susan, I live in NYC actually, and I had a chance to ask my co-worker why she seems to be so fascinated with my height and she was shocked that I asked her in the first place. Her response was that she wasn't trying to offend me and would actually like to be taller herself. I call it "short man's envy syndrome". In all honesty I like being tall and I have learned that once you accept yourself everyone else accepts you. If you feel bad about yourself and focus on your height in a negative way then everyone else will focus on it... and since I'm not shrinking and my height is here to stay, I embrace it. Thanks for your comment, Susan.

Joerg says: You may wanna call it "Short woman's envy syndrome"... I don't envy you for your height as I'm happy with my 5'8" but I'm mightily pleased that you're as tall as you are. You go, girl!

Sian wrote (April 29th 2007)

Thanks Joerg. I think it's great what you do here. You're such a cool guy! Yeah, I think if you are real tall then I guess you totally have to accept it. When you're kinda on the verge or in between, it's like you're close to both and want to be one or the other if you know what I mean! Anyone know where I can buy some confidence? U see, I'm easy at pretending I have confidence but those who really know me, know I haven't tho x

Sian wrote (April 28th 2007)

I'm really coming to hate my height. I'm 5 foot ten, and I'd never put heels on. I'm self-conscious as it is! I think guys are intimidated by tall women, and most real tall men want a really short woman. I always see that. Guys who are like 6 foot 4 with a girl of 5 foot 4 ! They don't seem to want to go for tall women. I just wish I could chop my legs off half the time to be honest. Sorry I can't be more positive, but it's honestly how I feel. I starve myself half the time to be skinny because I couldn't handle being 'big' as well as being tall. I'm a size 8 (American 4 ) and I still feel massive. I think I'll always feel massive because of my height. I thought havin' a nose job would also make me feel better, and it hasn't! I just wish I could be the same as everyone else and not stand out. I don't wanna stand out. I really hate it. I dont think I'll ever be happy :(

Joerg says: I don't want to be devil's advocate here but this proves to me that women who are on the fringe of being "tall" seem to have a much harder time than women who are really tall (6'4" and above). I wonder why that is... I've always found that a lot of 5'10" or 5'11" women consider me to be too short whereas I've been around several ladies who were 6'3", 6'4", 6'5" and even 6'7" and they thought I was "tall enough" for them. Weird? It probably is. I think you need to work on the deeper lying issues, Sian. You seem to lack confidence big time and dating a tall guy won't help you feel better. You need to start appreciating yourself and your body more... as soon as possible!

Susan wrote (April 27th 2007)

Hi all - especially Shoshana

I wanted to put my two cents in in the co-worker making the "you're really tall" comment. Actually, the last time I heard 5'6" was the average height in the USA(not sure where you live). So, you were correct she is really short. Why she felt the need to point out that you are tall is another issue. What does she think that maybe you didn't know that you are tall? Anyway, I will get off my soap box.

Take care

Susan wrote (April 22nd 2007)

Hi all - especially Kate

First, my take on your situation, you are in that awkward time, not you specifically, but, many times boys at that age dont know who they are let alone who or what they want. It is really comical, but, as soon as you graduate from high school usually the guys start growing up and appreciating beauty of all sizes. I went through the same thing in high school I had crushes, but, the guys were not interested. Men approached me, but, at 14-18 was not interested in a guy 20's and up.

Second, you think guys think you sister is more attractive, but, it probably is a case that they are less intimidated by her(nothing against your sister). I have heard that time and time again.

Third, in general my take on people that act like idiots in trying to make us feel bad about being tall. It is all about insecurity, for whatever reason. Instead of getting to know a person for who they are inside-the outside is judged as whatever and those people that act with ignorance could miss out on meeting a great person.

Take care

Shoshana wrote (April 22nd 2007)

Growing up I was always the tallest in school and at home my dad is 5ft11 and my mom is 5ft7. I was 6ft in 8 grade and now that I am 26 I'm 6ft3. I swear I grew after 23, I think I'm done now. I can honestly say that it has taken me years to get comfortable with my height. Recently one of my associates at work was walking next to me and was like "Shoshana, you are so tall" and I looked at her - she is 5ft3 and about 250 pounds - and responded "No, you are just short" and she got offended and replied "No, I'm average". It was then that I realized that she was self-conscious about her own height and I felt even better about my height than before. So now more then ever before I walk with my head up high and remember ladies there is nothing wrong with dating a man shorter than u. My boyfriend is 6ft0 allegedly and I love him to death. He has often told me that if I were short I would just be a regular pretty girl but my height sets me apart from all the rest! So ladies: don't let the man of your dreams pass you by because you are living for other people.

Leslie wrote (April 22nd 2007)

Hi, my name is Leslie, I'm 6'1'', and im working on my confidence. I'm so glad I found this site. I agree with all of the quotes above! It's really hard to find a guy when you're really tall. I feel uncomfortable dating guys that are shorter than me because I feel like I'm the guy! LOL! At times I even take crap from taller guys because I'm afraid he might be my only chance of getting a guy. Well, if anyone out there is doing the same, trust me it's not worth it. Guys are like a good pair of shoes, it would be nice to have them but it's not necessary!

Much love to all!

Sandy wrote (April 22nd 2007)

I don't understand why tall women complain and feel uncomfortable about their height. It's not like it's the end of the world. Face it - that's the way God made you and you have no control over how tall you will be so just accept it and be optimistic. It may be a little hard to find clothes and shoes that fit but there are many advantages to being tall also. I'm 5'11" and 16 y/o. My boyfriend is 5'7". I was 5'6" when we met but I grew 5 inches during the last two years and I'm not complaining. In fact I like my height and so does my boyfriend. He even likes the idea of me wearing high-heels or platform shoes. And who knows I may even grow taller. I'm only 16.

Salon wrote (April 21st 2007)

Hi, I love your page I am a 6'3" African American female, even though I did a runway show and was married 1 time it is soooo hard to meet guys. It's like pulling teeth. I am aware some guys find me intimadating but gimme a break. I haven't had a decent guy approach me for a date in over a year what's up with that? I you have any advice please let me know thanks, Salon

Mimi wrote (April 21st 2007)

I really like this message board! I am 5'11, 31 yrs old and still find it difficult to be comfortable in my own skin. I finally have found a place where I can get nice length jeans and pants (Victoria's Secret, 36") but cute shirts, skirts and dresses are a different story. Anyone have any ideas of where I can find nice clothing for a leggy and arm lengthy person in the U.S.?

Charisse wrote (April 21st 2007)

This is a message to Kate:
Honey, most often times, shorter women must wear heels to gain height... or at least to reach the height close to yours that you have naturally. Do you know how many women if you ask them, they would tell you that they would not mind being tall if for one moment. We possess power that shorter women will never understand. Your sister is merely expressing envy...pure unfiltered envy!!!! Warning.... Tall women that wear heels will be notice much quicker than most in the room!!! What you need to do is not worry or concentrate on you sister's comments about your height. Your sister will be your sister and that's that. Remember, she has to wear heels to be tall and to be noticed. You on the other hand have multiple choices. You have options. You are beautiful no matter what anyone says and that includes family. As long as you feel good about yourself and you are comfortable in your skin, then everyone else is going to have to play catch up. Keep y our head up, dearheart. After while, you will be fighting the men off with a stick!!!! I know!!!! I've been there...!!!!

This is for Susan:
You are most welcome. I just feel like it's time for us to take a stand and be noticed for the beauties that we are!!!! We are geninue and the world just need to wake up and realize that we exist!!!! And we are not going anywhere!!!! Thanks for the vote of confidence!!

Madeline wrote (April 19th 2007)

Being tall can be hard sometimes. You get comments and looks but you also get attention and not the bad kind. Carry yourself well and keep your poise - I've learned this. Dont hunch because you are showing that you are uncomfortable with yourself. Hold your head high. Be proud. Im 13 and struggle with being 6'0" tall because I am already a very unique outgoing person and dont want to be entirely different. And being taller than guys is also a struggle just remember they want your height and they are the ones who feel self-conscious. EMBRACE YOUR Height.

Liz wrote (April 19th 2007)

I am 13 years old and am six feet. When I'm in public people first look at my face then my feet to see if I'm wearing tall shoes. I'm also taller than the guys in my class, but when we play basketball they wish they could reach the basket as well as me.

Kate wrote (April 19th 2007)

Hi, tall people! After reading everyone's messages I do feel a bit better about my height - I thought I was alone in the world. I still can't help feeling like I stick out like a sore thumb. I'm 15 yrs old and 6ft. I am very pretty as I've been scouted numerous times to be a model but I've never, ever had a boyfriend. I guess I come across as intimidating! I wish I could shrink to get a boyfriend! My older sister (she's 20) is a lot shorter than me and guys find her so much sexier. She is comfortable in her gorgeous body and teases me about my height. Help!

Joerg says: If your sister were a real (older) sister she'd support you, not make fun of you. Maybe she's jealous and if she's not she's going to be very soon. Remember who keeps who on the toes and who has to wear heels in order to look tall. A lot of short women would kill to be in your shoes.

Susan wrote (April 19th 2007)

YEAH for Charisse!!! Thank you!!! Love it, love it, love it!!! You are absolutely right!!! That is right, it is a gift and we should embrace it.

Thank you and love ya...

Becca wrote (April 18th 2007)

In comparison to most of you I am a "small" person, I stand at about 5ft 10, however I am only 14. To all you gorgeous girls I just want to say that I'm bigger than most people and I envy you, so think how envious really small people are of you. ALWAYS use your height to your advantage and always be confident you are GORGEOUS. The average height in the UK is around 5ft4 at the moment so yes there will be people who tease you but remember there are always comebacks, and besides you can do anything a small person can (even be a jockey!) and do a lot more too! I would love to be at least 5"11 so I am really hoping that I grow some more. I often wear 6 inch+ heels so I can clear well over 6ft! I really make some heads turn! and if people make any snide comments I just turn to friends and say "Hey, can u hear a noise a bit like a mouse squeaking? Strange, it's coming from right near the floor!"

Stand up straight for yourself and all the other tall girls out there to try and give them co nfidence too. Yes, I will agree the only difficulty when you are a teen is boys will be smaller than you, however they grow when there 16-17 so you can always go for an older model! And remember never to forget that there will be some tall guys at your age (and that they make the best rugby players!). I find lots of people think I'm taller (and thinner) than I am because I'm quite slim with long legs, and because of this I'm often called anorexic even though I'm a largish size 8 and eat 3 good meals a day! Don't worry about it - they obviously have a inferiority complex if they can't stand you looking good! STAND UP STRAIGHT, DONT BE AFRAID TO WEAR HEELS AND MAKE THOSE SHORTIES GREEN WITH JEALOUSY! xxx

Kirsty wrote (April 17th 2007)

Hiya, it's the Scottish one again. This is for Rebecca: Long Tall Sally is really good, you can get a catalogue, but there are loads of stores around the UK. They also do a nice range of shoes in sizes 7-11. Dorothy Perkins and Top Shop have a tall range as well, but I haven't been in for ages, I think their leg lengths are about 36" - slightly too long for me. Happy shopping!!!

Charisse wrote (April 16th 2007)


"I'm an individual. I'm into individuality. Can't nobody be me. Can't nobody be you." Rachel Ferrell

We are unique individuals that were blessed to be given this package to prove that we are special and here is our way of demonstrating our power!!

United, we can make the world take noticed that you don't have to be any where between 5'0" to 5'9" to be glamorous!!!! I'd figured that we were created to bring spice and variety to this world!!!!!

I stand at 6'0" without heels, but trust me ladies. When the time comes for it… I do not hesitate to go into my closet to retrieve my heels, put those bad boys on and make it my duty and business to sashay!!!! Most often times I have had shorter women ask me why I wear them given that I am already tall. I simply reply, "I am a lady and I love to look like it… not just act like it. And since that requires heels, then so be it." It took years for me to get to this point in my life where I can truly say that I am proud to be tall and I will not hesitate to proclaim it!!! Everywhere I go, whenever I see a tall young woman that looks as though she is having a struggle dealing with her height or her weight….I let them know that no matter what anyone that stands underneath one’s nose says that may not have anything constructively encouraging to say….I would let them know….you are beautifully and wonderfully made to stand out….to let the world know that beauty may be in the eye of the beholder… and it may be skin deep… but your height only defines your beauty!!!!! Embrace it!!!!

So my message to all of the tall women in the world… open up your closets!!!! Find a dress or and outfit that will compliment the best of what you already have, find those heels (being either flats or higher), and celebrate your height to the fullest degree!!!! Strut like you have it going on!!!! Because you do have it going on!!!!

Now if the fashion world can do their part in starting or continuing to create looks in both clothing and shoes that will complete the look, not the package, then we would finally be vindicated. But let everyday be a day to celebrate your height!!! You wear it well!!!

We are all gorgeous!!!! Let’s stand up and let’s be proud of who we are!!!!!


With warmest regards from one tall woman to another,

Rebecca wrote (April 16th 2007)

Hey, I didnt even know tall women chat forums existed! I'm six foot three and live in the UK. Most of the time I don't mind being tall... It's just when people make comments all the time it's like you're ugly but you don't hear me complaining! Have you guys got any clothing/ shoe tips? I found out that New Look now does tall which is fab! Cheers guys x

P.S.: This to Summer... I'm 16. When I was your age I was about your height and I think I've stopped growing now. People always make comments like "What do you do... live in a grow bag?", but you just have to be comfortable with yourself. I knwo it's taken ages not to care what people think and everyone has their off days when it gets to them... you have to be happy to be you... at least you're not small so people don't overlook you. Keep smiling :)

Katrinah wrote (April 15th 2007)

Hey everyone how are we today? I just wanted to comment on your site along with every other woman :) It's really awesome to know that there's other women out there that enjoy being tall like myself. I'm 18 and im 6'2. I have 6 other siblings in my family and I just happen to be the tallest out of the other 3 girls :P It's really great when we have family photos :D Everyone tends to spot me first hehe. I think it's really nice when I go out to a club (which is a usual thing :D) I ALWAYS wear heels, so I probably end up being around 6'3-6'4, it's fantastic!!! I get alot of people look at me in the clubs and all I do is smile at them, the majority of the time they all wish they were as tall as me hehe :-) I have to say that lately in EVERY SINGLE club I go to, at least 3 ladies will ask me if I'm a model! It's hilarious (because im not :-P) So all you women out there who are uncomfortable with your height, please don't be :) It's such a beautiful blessing, so be proud and stand tall! If people stare or comment in a rude manner, they are only doing it because they're jealous :P So do what I do and smile at them :-D It shows that you have feelings too.

Thanx heaps and have a gorgeous day!


Kirsty wrote (April 12th 2007)

Hi all, I'm 6ft Scottish lass and I used to HATE my height too. Everyone else in my family is a "normal" height: my mum is only 5ft tall! My family are great and I'd have been fine had it not been for the comments of strangers or cruel peers. I've had it all: "is that a boy or a girl?", "Is it cold up there?" (ha ha), "Did they put you in a grow bag?". Often these came from short people and especially little men - jealousy?? Anyway, my turning point came when I became a primary school teacher and little kids said things like "Miss, are you a giant?". The thing is they don't mean it in a nasty way, they may genuinely never have seen a lady as tall as their daddy. I found it quite cute. That made me realise that some of the adults who make similar comments are not being intentionally mean. They may just be interested. Ever since then I don't care what anyone else thinks and funnily enough there have been far fewer negative comments. I think it's because I feel confident and stand up straight. I have a fantastic boyfriend who is a bit shorter than me (something I would've felt much more self-concious about in the past) and I actually BELIEVE people when they tell me how great I look. So my message is: have confidence in yourself (not just your looks, but everything) and other people will be drawn to you. It's TRUE!

Leanne wrote (April 11th 2007)

Hi! This is to Summer: I can totally relate to what you are saying. I feel exactly the same. The difference with me is that I'm 17 but 6'3". I do sometimes feel bad about myself but u will learn to live with it. And don't worry, the guy situation will sort itself - you have yet to grow up into a woman and when you do you will be fighting the men off. Trust me.

Summer wrote (April 5th 2007)

I am only 13 and 6'1". I don't care about the now. The question is "What is the age I am going to stop growing?" or "How tall am I going to be?". I hate how tall I am I can't date guys cuz they're top short. I don't want to be the person to bend down to kiss a guy. Sometimes tall can be good cuz I stand out. I just have to find me some tall friends and live life to the fullest because I am tall and I will always be tall till the day I die.

Joerg says: I'm not quite sure if you should worry about the "day that you die"... You're still a baby and you've got plenty of time to learn how to make your height work for you.

Natosha wrote (April 2nd 2007)

I’m shocked at all the responses! I didn’t know how many, if any, would respond. Now I feel like I don’t deserve all the feedback. My intention was not to get people to feel sorry for me; I only wanted to see if anyone could relate to my situation and what I’ve been through. My aunt, as well as a few other people, has told me the very same things: God created us all the way we are for reason and that we’re beautiful no matter what others say. I don’t know why it won’t just stick in my head. I have seen quite a few counselors over the years, kept journals and talked about what I’m going through, but nothing has worked. Sometimes I think I’m just too lazy to make the effort to change what’s going on in my head. Apparently, most of you did not grow up in an unstable environment. Of course that has impacted me and still does to this day. I think I also give up too soon. If I use some positive affirmation or read some positive self-help books and no change happens quickly, I throw in the towel. I realize my height isn’t the issue but it sure can make it seem worse! Louise, I will try your affirmation. I’m going to print it out and tape it to my mirror. Sometimes I really think something is just wrong in my head because I hear you all so accepting of your bodies and I’m thinking “what’s wrong with me, why can’t I have that?” I’d like to walk around feeling good in my own flesh, not worrying about what others are thinking or saying as I walk by. I want to go into shoe stores or clothing shops and find what fits without getting frustrated and leaving. Thank you all so much for your responses. Too bad I’m not surrounded by all of you in my daily life where I can experience some kind of relief for being around females my size.

Jaemi, when you said I’d be just as miserable if I were average height that really stuck out to me! I never even thought about that and I am so sure that would be true.

Debbie wrote (April 2nd 2007)

When I was younger, I was insecure about my height and everything else. So were all my friends who were short! I am 6'3" and I didn't stop growing until I was 25. I learned that if I felt uncomfortable in my skin, people felt sorry for me, but if I walked with confidence (often in high heels), I was envied. I dated men of all heights and never went long without a boyfriend. However, I married a man that is 6'8" and I look forward to seeing our two kids become towering leaders!

Candice wrote (March 31st 2007)

I can completely related to Natosha. I am 25 and 6ft and have been in the work place for a couple of years now and although it is hard to find work clothes that are cute, like the others girls, it is possible. Try Express and Tall Etc. Usually I find ways to mix and match things to make them work. I too often wonder why I am sooo tall and why it seems everyone else is soo short. But then I think... you know what... we are what we are, and I think that what we all want is for others to just accept us as we are and get over it!! We live in a society that glamorizes the tall models yet ostracizes the tall women in their day to day lives... weird. Maybe everyone is just jealous... they should be!! Hold your heads up high girls!!

Louise wrote (March 31st 2007)

My heart goes out to Natosha. I understand how you feel, but let me say this... First of all, don't beat yourself up for feeling the way you do. Your feelings are real. If you didn't have feelings, you'd be a robot! Now comes the fun part... you CAN change the way you feel about yourself, but it does take time. One simple thing you can do each day can start you on the road to recovery: look in a full length mirror and say "I love me" (as you're looking right at yourself); "everything about me is wonderfully unique; there is no other person exactly like me, and that makes me VERY special. I love these long arms that can reach high things, I love these feet that have carried this beautiful body around, I love these legs that support my beautiful torso." Do this EVERY day. It may be hard at first, but it will become easier and easier. Let me know the results! Now as for finding clothes and shoes that fit, it is very difficult, which makes no sense to me, considering the tall (6 ft.+) rail thin models that where all this stuff we're supposed to want to buy! Guess it will be up to us tall women to open up shops that cater to our beautiful selves! I'm 5'10", by the way.

Velma wrote (March 30th 2007)

Hey everyone, this is Velma. I am 5'10". When I was younger, I noticed that I was gettin taller and taller, and I hated it, but now that I am older, I really enjoy it. I like the fact that I stand out more than others do and I get alot of attention.

Janice wrote (March 28th 2007)

I'm 5'11" and have pretty much enjoyed being taller than most. Okay, finding pants that are long enough is a chore, but I love the fact that I stand out. My husband is 4" shorter then me and keeps telling me he will dump me for a taller woman (no, I don't believe him). Actually, I have some fond memories from being tall!

When people telll me I'm really tall, I just look at them liek they haven't a clue. Sometimes I just smile and say I didn't realize I was tall.

I like to think of myself as statuesque... (BTW, I'm 50 years old, and no, I never played basket ball. So much height wasted)

Terri wrote (March 28th 2007)

This is a great site! I want women who aren't comfortable with being tall to remember that EVERY woman in the world has at least ONE thing they would change about themselves. I say height is a blessing. I am 6 ft tall, 44 years old and FAR from skinny. I am still an attractive, interesting woman that people notice, probably more so because I am confident in myself and at peace with my height. My 5'7" husband adores me and there is no self-consciousness when we are out in public. I feel that if someone wants to comment about how 'strange' we look together, at least they are leaving someone else alone for a minute! The only person's opinion that can hurt you is your own!

Jaemi wrote (March 28th 2007)

Natosha's post is heart-wrenching. It's obvious that height is the least of your problems, Natosha. Your problems stem from the alcoholic, chaotic childhood you said you suffered through. If you grew up in my home, you would have grown up to love yourself and everything about your body. I suggest counseling to find out what's really eating at you. It's too easy to blame all your sadness and hopelessness on extra-long legs. It goes much deeper than that. It's from parents who didn't make you feel valued. You refer to yourself as a freak and frankenstein and monster. This doesn't come from being six inches taller than the AVERAGE woman. It comes from growing up in an alcoholic, chaotic environment. You'd be just as miserable if you were average height. Please seek counseling or a support group for adults who grew up in abusive, loveless homes. You will accept your height only after you learn to like yourself. I'm 6'0", by the way...

Laura wrote (March 28th 2007)

Hello, my name is Laura, I'm 6'1". This is in response to the message by Natosha. God has made each one of us tall for a reason. I used to think of myself as someone who stuck out like a sore thumb. I know it's hard to accept being tall when everyone else around you is short. I went through that as well. However, I have now realized that God has made each and every person unique and we are all beautiful in God's eyes no matter what the world tries to tell us. God has created us and each and every time we beat down on ourselves He cries because He has made a wonderful creation. Try not to let the lies of the rest of the world beat you down. Stand tall - you were made to be tall for a reason. I hope this helps all you girls out. God Bless!!

Tia wrote (March 27th 2007)

My name is Tia. I'm only 13 and I'm already 5'9". I'm taller than everybody in my skool (exept for some of the guys). I hate being tall and that's why I'm writing this. I hate being tall but I still have friends and people that care about me and so "Ya, no worries about being tall."

Erin wrote (March 25th 2007)

I am single and 5'11, and I must say I have had better relationships and I am more physically attracted to shorter, muscular men. I dont try to hide my height, I often wear 3 inch, heals and creative ensembles to accentuate it (i.e., vertically striped tights, shorter skirts), I also keep my hair short to draw attention to my long neck. In my case I have found short guys, like between 5'7 and 5'9, to be much more forthcoming and genuine - I find that sexy

Natosha wrote (March 25th 2007)

Where in the world do I begin? I’m 24 years old and 5'11". I hate it! I’ve been tall all my life and people were more than happy to remind me. I’ve been teased about it. I hear comments like "Is that a guy or a girl?", "Damn, she’s tall.", "Why are you so tall?" and "Frankenstein". It has beaten my self-esteem into the ground. I don't think I've ever had self-esteem really. I grew up in a chaotic alcoholic home where there was no support and then had to go to school and out in public where others looked at me like I was some kind of monster. To say the least, I've taken on that mentality. I have a few people in my life that tell me to be proud that I'm tall but I don't feel proud. It has done nothing but cause me so much pain. I don't understand how to accept it. How do you accept something that others have put down for so many years, something that has made others not know what gender you are? I have long legs, long arms and big feet. I wear 11 ½ in women's shoes and half the time they don't fit me right. Size 12 can be too big. I truly feel like a freak and I don’t know how to get passed that. I've wanted to stay hidden. I don't want people to know I'm there because the words they say often send me into a mad rage in my head. I don't know how to respond but just keep walking and cry about it when I am alone. It isn't about feeling sorry for myself, it's about not knowing how to like the skin/body I am in. Sorry this is so long, but I hope that most of you know how this feels. I'm surrounded by short girls and looking for cute clothes is just a nightmare. It's funny how they have a petite section in stores but no tall section. Anyway, does anyone know what I can do? I'm skinny as well. Size A breasts and no butt to speak off. I'm just a stick with semi-wide hips. This world can be so unforgiving but I can't do anything about my height. My 5'9 boyfriend loves it but I don't. I just do not know what to do with myself anymore. It's either figure out how to love myself or continue down this road of absolute misery. To make matters worse, I'm about to graduate college and need some dressier work clothes. I'm already beyond frustrated trying to find some dressy shoes. I just give up at the first sign of no success. I think I'll stop with that. I could go on forever seriously. Help!

Shanshisha wrote (March 23rd 2007)

Umm, hey. Well I noticed that I was tall in fifth grade when we got the class pics back. And I thought WOW I'm a little taller than everyone. Then in highschool I used to try and hide anything that would draw attention to me. So I dressed like a boy. Then I got over it in 11th grade when everyone loved the fact that I was tall, considering my school is not that tall. So I wear 6" heels if I want.

I want to be taller but doesn't look like that is happening but I love it anyway

Michele wrote (March 23rd 2007)

Hi Joerg,

I have just finished reading this message board for the first time. I am 38 years old and 6'2", and how I wish I would have had something like this for support as I was growing up! It was very hard for me as a teenager and even throughout most of my twenties. Aside from being very tall, I was also underweight, even though I ate day and night like a pig. It was just my metabolism to be long and skinny. People used to be so rude! I can remember getting introduced to someone new and they would just blurt out, "Oh my God, you're so tall! You're so skinny!" I would just respond by saying, "And its nice to meet you too." and act like they greeted me as they should have. I can remember having a lot of rough times gowing up. Being made fun of on a daily basis can really wreck havoc on one's self esteem. All my friends starting dating and going through the normal phases of life, but not me. Young guys are usually very insecure about tall girls, or girls being taller than they. I hated it. I felt like a freak looking through a glass wall at what 'normal' life should be like. EVERY little thing offended me, right down to some well-meaner asking me how tall I was. I so longed to move through society anonymously! Fast foward to my late twenties and I gave birth to twins, which somehow caused my body to go through a kind of 'second puberty'. I gained weight, and finally filled out into womanly proportions. Suddenly I was being told I was 'hot' by men every which way I turned. I didn't know what to do w/ this 180 degree turn around in how men related to me, but I learned quick. I also learned that my height was an attribute. That people remembered me after meeting me only once. That strangers who made comments regarding my height were not always trying to make fun of me, but mostly were fascinated or acting out of admiration, or merely trying to strike up a conversation. Anyway, fast foward to present day. I have a wonderful relationship with a man 3 inches shorter than myself. It has never phased me once. I guess being tall has also subconsciously taught me to think outside the box, and not to be bound by societal conventions. For this open-mindedness I am very grateful. Life is much more exciting that way. Actually, I have never really felt comfortable being with a man taller than me. My height or shorter ok, but not taller... I am used to being the 'big' one, and when I am not it throws off my sense of reality, hah! Now I am finally at a point where I have completely accepted myself, and could not picture my life any other way. I have twin daughters who are 9 years old and are VERY tall for their age. (Their dad was 6'3", my dad is 6'5"). But luckily for them, there is so much more out there for them than there ever was for me, ie clothing availability, great web pages like this one and just people being taller and more informed as a whole. Plus they have a mother with all kinds of great advice and experiences to guide them through life. Power to all you amazons, young & old! God has chosen a special path for you through life. Embrace it with all you have, for you have insight and experience only someone of your stature is privy to. Good Luck!

Katy wrote (March 21st 2007)

Hi everyone! My name is Katy, I'm 6'1" and from Mexico! Can u believe that! It's more usual maybe for u guys to live in a country where u can find clothes and shoes for your size and maybe even when u are tall there are many tall men there also, here since I was a kid I was called names and always bothered but then I became the star of the basketball team and known for that. I visited many places and made a lot of friends. Now I'm about to get married with a guy who's shorter than me and even when people look at you weird I'm very happy. XoXo to all and have a great day

Nancy wrote (March 15th 2007)

Hi everyone! I am 6'2" and have been tall all of my life. My whole family is tall. My father always made sure that my tallness was an asset from a very early age. I never had boy issues in school or man issues as an adult. 95% of comments were positive and I had fun with them. My height was always an ice breaker because people want to talk to you about it and it is a great way to make new friends. When I was a teenager, my parents sent me a "charm school" so that I could learn "the confidence of height" that I would need in life. I did some modeling and I participated in the Miss Tall Florida Pageant when I was in college. I sought out and joined the Miami Skyliners Club. I strongly suggest these Clubs to the beautifully tall women of this site. There is probably a Club in every State now.

Don't worry about wearing heels. The higher the heel, the more I love them. You just cannot imagine what it feels like to walk through the door at a restaurant, a wedding, a party, anywhere when you are tall and wearing 4" heels. The attention you get is amazing! I have a Sister-In-Law who is about 5'4" and it bothers her so much when I walk in and all of the eyes are on me. It drives her crazy. The family went to a wedding one time and she got so upset that she started to cry. I think she has other problems than height.

I have dated both TALL men and shorter men. I never really gave it much thought as it did'nt really have anything to do with anything. As long as the both of you are confidant, it really just doesn't matter, does it?

When I was younger, I did have some problems finding shoes in my size but now it is alot different. I can find shoes almost anywhere. And the same goes for clothes. There are so many stores and websites carrying the longer lengths now, it is a non-issue.

I really just want to express to everyone that tallness is such an asset. A beautiful asset at that. There is nothing better than a "long, cool, woman." You just need confidance. Feel beautiful and you are beautiful. Stand up straight and TALL...shoulders back...head held high. Embrace it! Flaunt it! Just remember, when you get those stares and comments, it comes from people who are envious and lack their own self-confidence. They feel like they are invisible when they are in your presence.

Andrea wrote (March 14th 2007)

I'm currently 13 and 1/2 years old, 5'10" and luvin it even though I'm the tallest gurl at my school. My friend, the second tallest gurl, she currently stands at 5'9". Even though my mother is 5'4" I look identical to her. They always asked us if we were sisters. People at my school are always asking me why I dont play basketball -  it gets on my nerves sumtimes. I love my height and I'm proud about it even though when I wear heels I look about 6 feet.

Amanda wrote (March 9th 2007)

Hey guys!!

Oh my gosh... I honestly never knew that there were other women like like me who had the same thoughts and feelings as I do about being tall!! I only recently learned that guys dig long legs. I have a 36" inside leg and finding jeans and trousers to fit is an absolute nightmare. But after reading some of these quotes, I think i might finally start learning to love them!

Susan added (March 4th 2007)

Hi Everyone,

I loved Madaleine's and Paula's comments. To the women/girls that have not come to terms in loving themselves. Stop it!!! There is nothing wrong with being tall. I reached my full height of 6'2" at 13 yrs of age and yes it was not easy, but, I started getting involved in sports basketball, volleyball and softball. The sports helped alot. This might seem like a strange comparision, but, I was watching a program on TLC called "Little People Big World" and it is a series about a married couple that are both "little people" and really put alot in perspective. It showed their struggles, but, how they both said they would not change anything about their appearance if given a choice. I thought more power to them!!! With all their medical problems, they have four healthy children and live on a huge farm in Oregon, which was beautiful and for the most part really enjoyed their lives. Both the wife and husband talked about the teasing, prejudice they endured while growing up and even as adults. I thought after watching the program it just refortified my happiness on being who I am, etc. I am healthy, my family is healthy. Really, dont let other people make you feel bad because of their hang ups. They need to get over it!!! As far as the clothes, there are some really good mail order places that I deal with on a regular basis. I have a 36" inseam and I really dont have a problem. I usually can not just walk into a store and buy off the rack for pants. Eddie Bauer, Lands' End, JCPenney, Lane Bryant, Roamans, Inc. (all carry various lengths in talls)

Hope that helps

Susan wrote (March 4th 2007)

I enjoy this message board. I need to briefly address Shelle's comment on being rude. I will only speak for myself. I am a very friendly person and it takes me a long time before I get really upset. Unfortunately, there are some people that need to be called out when making ignorant comments i.e. the minature golf or horse jockey. There has been a time or two when I have used that type of a comment. The way the scenario goes is that usually the individual will get a bugged look on his/her face, but, usually will not say something like that to me again (at least not too my face). I dont have a problem if someone is curious about whatever if it is appropriate and most people know what falls in the realm of appropriateness. Basically, would you want that comment directed at you? I have a little girl that is in Kindergarten, who will be somewhere between 6'2"-6'5" -she loves to dress in girly girl outfits i.e. dresses, skirts, etc. Which could change, but, I have gotten comments from people asking her how come she is not in school when she goes to half-day kinder. My point is I am going to do everything possible to instill self pride and to stand up for herself. Her personality is that she is very friendly, but, she has a strong sense of self. I will do whatever I can to keep that in her. Because from my experience there are some really great people out there, but, there are some not so great people out there. Sometimes, those comments need to be addressed head on.

Take care.

Claire wrote (March 4th 2007)

I'm 5'10 and hate it. I was never the tallest in my class, always normal height until I was in year 10 when I began to grow. My mum is only 5'0 which always upsets me because I feel that I should be smaller to. I also feel so ashamed of wearing heels. What should I do?

Madaleine wrote (March 4th 2007)

So I'm 5'10 and I'm 20. I HATED it for so so so long. I never wore pretty shoes. I never bought heels. Kust stuck to the reliable flats. I'm the tallest of all my friends and I stand out like a sore thumb. However I've just met some great girls who are my height and taller and they have finally talked me into wearing heels and now I LOVE them. I can't get enough. With the heels I'm about 6ft tall and loving it. I look tall and slender and stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. I can't believe I wore flats for so long!

So go for it girls. Tall is beautiful.

Paula wrote (March 3rd 2007)

Hello to all my long legged sisters! I am 27 and stand 6'0 feet tall. When asked how tall I am I usually say 72 inches (it keeps them guessing). I do get tired of the sexual comments but I usually just use sarcasm and say you couldn’t handle this amazon woman. Ladies keep your heads up and always walk tall. I watched a show recently and it said that the average height of a Dutch women is 6’0 feet. I would love to go for a visit. They have adjusted their doors, countertops, etc…How great what that be? Anyway, for those of you that have a hard time finding clothes I have had luck with some of these online stores. Tall Etc., J. Crew, Saks, Victoria’s Secret, etc… They all have 34 inch inseams and up and once you buy they are always sending you a coupon. Good Luck to all of you!

Hannah wrote (February 28th 2007)

I'm 5'11" and always the tallest in my class. I mean it's not that bad but when I look down I see the tops of people's heads. By the way I'm only twelve. It's good being tall because u r usually skinny because all your food stretches out.

Soleil wrote (February 21st 2007)

Hi, I'm from Curacao. I thought that I'm the only one but looking at this website I'm not. I was ashamed of being tall but now I like being tall but there are a couple of times I wish not to be tall because the kids like to make coments about it and I don't like that... But now I know they're just jealous! What should I do about finding shoes? Because my foot is big - size 11 or 12!

Jackie wrote (February 21st 2007)

I'm 6'0" and I have a daughter who is 5'11" at age 14 and finding the remarks people say upsetting. I try to ignore them but after reading the funny comebacks I will definetely use some, and hopefully give some confidence back to my daughter. Jackie

Lizz wrote (February 20th 2007)

I'm 6' and for all my life I swore I would never marry a guy shorter than me and I wouldn't even consider dating shorter guys. Lo and behold the most wonderful man in the world came out of nowhere and swept me off my feet - and he is 5'10" (5'11" with shoes). I am ashamed of myself that I was so into guy height - I could have totally lost my chance of being married to my soulmate and having a beautiful baby boy! Sometimes I still feel self conscience when we stand next to each other, but I have gotten to the point of wearing heels around him and standing proud! Now when I see other couples where the guy is shorter I think it's really cute... and kinda hot!! Girls, be proud of your height, God gave it to you for a reason and it is a gift! And try to keep an open mind when it comes to guys - the height of his character is sooo much more important than the height of his body.

Amy wrote (February 18th 2007)

Hi EVERYONE! My name is Amy, I am 6'3", and I am 25 years old. I live in Buffalo, New York and I work in a local hospital. I enjoy reading everyone's blurbs about their height partly because it helps me to realize that I am not the only one that goes through these things. It seems we all have the same problems, from finding clothes to boyfriends. I don't understand how people aren't more open to us because I know we aren't so few and far between. I did not play sports in high school in part to a knee injury and I did not model because my mom wouldn't allow me to do so. I am currently single because I have raised my standards of what I am looking for in a man because short or tall I haven't found a good one so now I am definetely looking for a tall one. Ha ha! Finding clothes has gotten easier for me since I found Tall Girl which has stores in US and Canada. I don't have the shoe problem though because I wear a 9-10. I have a lot of funny stories about being tall and I also have days where I just want to throttle someone for bothering me about my height. I want to thank everyone that reads my message and thank those for leaving messages for me to read.

Pearl wrote (February 18th 2007)

I don't see anything wrong with a tall girl going with a shorter guy. It evens out the genes when you have kids.

Nelly wrote (February 13th 2007)

Hello, Ladies. I am 6'2" and in love with my height. I just learnt about this website recently & know I can't stay away from my computer. At least I know am not the only one. I'm from Kenya and at times people look at me like I'm from planet Mars coz of my height but I also get a lot of compliments. But some just say, "Hey gal, ur tall." I really don't know how I am supposed to respond to that, but you know one thing: I say we tall people are GOD's gift to planet Earth. Men are so jealous. So go gals - it doesn't matter how tall you are. Just have fun

Michelle wrote (February 12th 2007)

I'm 27 and 5'10 1/2 (135lbs). I have struggled with my height for years, and have recently been more aware of it since my fiancé is slightly shorter than me...if he wears his New Balance shoes it gives him a bit of a lift ;-). I tend to wear ballerina flats or sandals; this makes me feel more petite. I want to feel small and petite with him, and I find that the only time I feel this way is when I'm very thin. In some weird way I feel that when I’m thinner, my height is less of a concern to me. But, God forbid I gain any weight, or become pregnant, I'll feel like a whale around him. This has been so upsetting to me that I have even thought about calling off the wedding. The only thing is, this man is the most wonderful man I've ever met. We have everything in common, he’s handsome, fit, very smart...everybody loves him. To give him up for an inch is absolutely absurd. He has no problem with my height, it's all me, and the way I see myself. We could have a wonderful life together, but I'm scared that I will have bouts of resentment and frustration b/c he is a little bit shorter than me. He recently told me that he's scared he will lose me b/c he's not tall enough for me. I feel terrible about the way I've been acting towards him lately. Does anybody have any suggestions about how I can overcome these feelings?

Joerg says: I still find it strange that most women who are 5'10" or 5'11" have problems dating a guy who's an inch or so shorter while a lot of women who are 6'6" or 6'7" don't mind if the man is a head shorter than them. Maybe someone can clear that up for me...

Kelsey wrote (February 5th 2007)

Hi, I'm so happy I'm not alone. It sure feels like it. I am 13 and 6'3 and do lots of sports. I love it!! But it is hard because only older guys like me. And I get alot of crap! I made the varsity volleyball and basketball team and people said it was because of my heigth. I hope I learn to love my height!

Joerg says: You go, girl!

Anna wrote (February 4th 2007)

It is really hard being so tall for me because I am Indian and do not know a SINGLE indian girl that is taller than me. Even worse, I am taller than most Indian boys... the perennial joke is, "Where are you going to find a boy tall enough?" continually irks me, but at least now I have a few comebacks to that comment :)

Karen wrote (February 2nd 2007)

I always get comments you are so, tall. I love wearing shoes with heels I think they are sexy. My boyfriend is 5'8". He says he doesn't mind what I wear as long as I'm happy. Sometimes I feel funny but, I think why do I have to wear flat shoes to make other people happy. I love to look sexy and wear dresses with heels. God gave me these legs. I say show them. It's not my fault other people are shorter than me.

Julie wrote (February 1st 2007)

When people ask if I played basketball, I smile and say no I am a race horse jockey. Ir gets a laugh every time and breaks the ice.

Becky wrote (January 30th 2007)

I am 18, 6'6" and I absolutely love being tall! I have played sports my whole life and now that I am in college I love it even more! I have found that even if you feel that you may not date a lot because you are tall - let me just tell you that almost every man I met LOVES TALL WOMEN!!!!

Nathy wrote (January 29th 2007)

Hi, im Alice, I'm 16 years old and Í'm from Dominican Republic. In my country people are normally pretty short, of course you find lots of guys taller than you, but that's not enough. I'm often told how beautiful I am, and skinny, and that I should be a model. But sometimes I'm intimidated by the fact that I'm too tall for this country and God knows I'd give anything to be smaller. Guys are attracted to me, but for just the fact that I'm too tall for them they don't flirt with me! I've always wanted to know if there's an exercise or anything I could do to be smaller? ... I really wish I werent this way!

Whizzy wrote (January 27th 2007)

I just ran across this website for the first time and look forward to reviewing more of it. I'm 6'3" and my husband is 5'10". The height difference was never a factor and still isn't and we've been married for 25 years. I remember one boy when I was 15 that made me walk in the street while he walked on the curb... what a joke! I actually do not feel tall unless I see myself in a picture next to someone shorter. I'm the short one in my family with brothers 6'8" and 6'10". We had friends growing up that would tell their parents they were in the Land of the Giants when they'd ask where they were. A lot of kids will mention how tall I am and I just turn and smile... I'm in no way offended. I get the "did you play basketball" question a lot and only respond with "no, but did you play miniature golf" ONLY if I think they have a sense of humor because I'm only joking with them and we have a good laugh. I used to love wear high heals, before I had heal spurs, because I think flats just make a tall person look taller...just as I think slumping does. The only thing I don't like about being tall is finding clothes at a reasonable price. I sew, but sometimes I just want to buy something and the tall stores are so expensive. I wouldn't trade being tall for anything in the world and I'm actually a little bummed to find out that I'm only average on this website...ha!

Can someone tell me why all the tall clubs around the nation only allow singles (i.e. Towering Texans and Timberline Club)? Sometimes it would just be fun to get together with tall people. They say they are a social club, but I feel like they're just a dating service.

Joerg says: I wasn't aware that these clubs are open to singles only! Interesting...

Lauren wrote (January 27th 2007)

The thing that bothers me the most is that people are so rude about some genetic thing about us. It's not our fault that we are so tall. When I see ugly people it's not like I'm going to go up to them and be like you're really ugly, because its not their fault so why do people think it is okay to make rude comments to tall people because it's not like we chose to be this tall. I'm almost 6'4" and I'm 16 [I've been this tall since I was 13!] and I have a boyfriend thats not even an inch shorter and people in my school are like I can't believe you and Matt and going out because he's shorter then you and could get someone a better height! I'm always like well he chose my not based on my height and likes me for me. I always get the you should model thing, and my reply is always I am too tall. How many 6'4" models do you know? I think people say it because I'm so skinny and they just assume all skinny girls should be models. Well anyways keep your heads up and embrace your height because it's not like you can change it!

Dominique wrote (January 26th 2007)

Hey there. I love this website! I didn't know there were so many women out there who have similar thoughts as me. I'm 6'1". The last guy I dated was 5'10". At first it was kinda odd me being taller than him but unfortunately broke up for other reasons. I'm not dating anyone now but often people think my brother is my boyfriend because we go out together often. I outgrew him. He's 5'9". I often wear heels so I appear even taller. People don't realize we're brother and sister I guess because most women are shorter than their brothers. I'm one of the few exceptions. Despite my height I find that alot of guys don't hesitate to ask me out. There are many out there who actually prefer tall women. I kinda prefer shorter guys myself. Their personalities I find to be more appealing than tall guys. It's as if a person's height can influence their personality.

Shelle wrote (January 26th 2007)

Being tall is no excuse for rudeness. I wonder how many of us are actually ruder than shorter people with their questions and comments. I just got done reading that huge list of come-backs to when people ask about our height. Are any of you actually this obnoxious? I can understand if someone has the nerve to ask, "Do you ever get mistaken for a man?" That's an obnoxious question that deserves a response like, "No, do YOU?"

But hey, when someone just asks your height or says, "Gee, you are tall!" Come on, ladies, lighten up. It's human nature to make a comment about what is very obvious. Do any of you have big dogs? Hasn't anyone ever said, "My, what a big dog you have!" How do you respond? I have a 110-pound dog and all the time people tell me the obvious. Duh, I KNOW the dog is big! Duh! But I'd never be rude to these people any more than I would if they said, "My, you sure are tall!" Same thing with my daughter's curly hair. All the time I get, "Wow, your daughter's hair is so curly!" What kind of obnoxion would I be to be snippy and say, "Gee, you must've taken your smart pills today!"

"Wow, your house is big!" "Hey, your car is so bright red." It's time to grow up, stop sulking like children, and learn to live with comments about the obvious. "Wow, you have such long hair! It must've taken years to grow! How did you get it so long?" WELL GEE, EINSTEIN, My daddy left me out in the rain when I was growing up." People skills, anyone?

Sisters, if you want to leave a real bad impression on people, just continue acting like schnooks when well-meaning folk marvel at your height. I'm six-feet and dang proud, and every time someone comments, I smile and say, "I'm six feet in my bare feet." I get a rush when I walk past a couple of six-two or six-three men and I'm wearing my three-inch heels.

Dunrie wrote (January 21st 2007)


I just wanted to say thanks for an informative and positive resource. I have visited your website many times over the last few years and appreciated the links and stories. I am 6'2" and my husband is maybe 5'10 or 5'11. Before we dated, I was attracted to him but thought he was too short. I really wanted someone to make me feel more "normal". But, he didn't mind at all, and I do think it is related to what you write about self-confidence. I wasn't confident, so I was looking at external things to make me feel OK. He was confident, and so the difference in height made no difference to him. Anyway, now I pick out couples where the woman is taller and I feel a lot of affection for them, even before meeting them.

Anyway, thanks again for a nice site. Best of luck to you.


Leanne wrote (January 18th 2007)

Hello girls, I have been reading these quotes for a few weekz now and they get me thinking that I'm not the only one. I am really tall but really beautiful as well (not being big headed - lol). Some people look at me like I'm a freak but then some men can't take their eyes off me... I really don't know what men think about tall girls... I mean I'm only tall bcoz I have got LONG legs which men love. I have long hair as well which men love 2. As I have got older I am comin 2 terms with my height, sumtymz I still fink "why do I have 2 b different 2 everyone else" but girls, honest, men loooove long legs so keep ur head high and know that u r beautiful... Spk soon. Bye. BTW, I'm 17 years old and 6'1"

Kellie wrote (January 17th 2007)

Hi, my name is Kellie, I'm 5'11". These aren't my quotes but I thought what these cool chicks said was funny! These are the comebacks for all thoes rude comments people make about our height. Enjoy x

Lizi wrote (January 14th 2007)

I'm 6'2 and am seing a collegaue who is 5'1 which looks and sounds ridiculous to everyone but us. At the end of the day we are all the same when we r laying down and he is the sweetest cutest guy I've ever met!! Don't worry about what people say - I get it all the time in my profession as a barmaid "Oh, you're a big girl". It used to annoy me but at the end of the day they are all just jealous that they don't have the presence and statuesque figure that we do!!!

Joerg says: Hear, hear... great attitude. It's your choice who you're dating and it's good that you're not listening to others. Keep going, girl.

Bethany wrote (January 9th 2007)

My name is Bethany and I am merely fifteen years old. I have always been the largest and heightiest person in my school years, but when the summer of '05 struck, the top of my head peaked above 6 foot! I really like this boy, and feel I always will, but height strikes as a problem to me. He is 5'6" and I am 6'1". He comes up to my shoulders, and I can't get the humiliation out of my head; when he reached up for a kiss. I sunk my neck and he stood upon toes, and there was still a difference. Please help me overcome my fear of the small - please! Yours BFGly, Bethany.

Tia wrote (January 3rd 2007)

I am 6'3" and my husband is 5'7" and I love my husband with all that's within me. My husband asked me to be his girl a few years ago, and I had no problem saying yes. It doesn't matter if a woman is taller - all that truly matters is the way you and that person feels. Yes, people are going to look and make comments but that's ok. Most men wish they could have this tall glass of water because I'm good to the last drop.

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