Tall Quotes 2006b

Kenisha wrote (December 30th 2006)

Hi, everyone! Just wanted to say "Happy New Year" to all the tall ladies out there just to let you know that you have to always keep confident about yourself all the time. I'm 6" flat and have size 12 feet and I grow to absolutely loving it. Shorter people are just out there to intimidate tall women about their height just to make you feel bad about yourself. But tall women look so elegant and nice you just have to know how to embrace it to actually get to love it. I really don't have time to let shorter people get me upset about my height and the same goes to you all. If shorter people are upset with me being this tall that suggests they're carrying a grudge for my height. Well, that's their problem and also Joerg - I'm absolutely loving your site. I hope you and your fiancee have a Happy New Year.

Erin wrote (December 26th 2006)

I'm 19 and 6'1" and have basically accepted my height. I'm over the guy issue because I love super tall guys anyway and I know I'll find one for me! The weird thing is I have small feet for my height, size 7, which look like stubs at the end of long poles! lol... My best friend is 6'0" and we go on hunts for long pants allll the time, but when it comes right down to it, people are always saying our height suits us and that we look great! When I was younger, people used to say rude things but I found that went away as I got older! My dad is 6'7" and he's always being positive about it, saying it's great, and my brother is 6'4" and he's only 16, so at least I'm surrounded by tall people too!! Anyway, point is, accept your height and think of all the good stuff that comes with it!!! You look long and lean, it helps in a lot of sports, modeling... and hey... how many people are going to jump you in the alley if you're huge?? Not very many!! :D:D

Nastassja wrote (December 22nd 2006)

I'm 27, 6ft tall and weigh about 147 lb. I used to get teased when I was younger, but I got over it. I actually love being this tall minus a couple of exceptions. For one, when you walk into a room, you demand everyones attention without demanding it. All eyes will be on you. The women will look at you with envy and the men will look simply out of admiration. There are many men who love tall women but some of them WILL be intimidated by a womans height. I am dating a wonderful man who loves tall women. I am the tallest woman he's dated yet and unfortunately he doesn't like me to wear heels that make me taller than him (he's 6'1, go figure) so Joerg if you have any tips on cute but short heels - say 2 inches, feel free - (I like how I walk in them and how they make my legs look) - I only wear a size 9.5. Another problem is finding pants that are the right length. Regular department stores rarely carry the correct length and I just went through hell trying to find some good tall and reasonably priced gym pants (local ASU book store).

Anyway to the ladies: "Stand tall and confident and walk into the room like you own the place - you will get a lot of admirers that way."

Joerg says: So your man loves tall(er) women but doesn't like them wearing heels? Interesting and strange at the same time. As far as flats are concerned: I'm pretty sure (in fact I know) most of the shoe companies listed on the Shoes USA (and the Shoes International) pages sell shoes with a low heel in your size. Give it a try and let me know if you can't find any.

Chrissy wrote (December 21st 2006)

Hey everyone, I was having a particularly bad day with height issues when I came across this forum! I'm 17 and 6'5, which is, to say the least, pretty tall. lol.

In many ways it's a blessing being tall, (basketball, tennis, netball, you name it - lol) and there's never a dull moment when I'm out shopping and some poor lass can't reach her favourite jumper off the top shelf.

However, the only real issue I've struggled with is boys and clothes and, with boys anyways I wonder if it's my height. I do think a lot of guys are intimidated by my height and the fact that I am taller than them... I've been called so many names it does start to get to you... but honestly, at the end of the day it's not you with the problem - it's others who are low enough to slash out at others for petty differences.

Just posting this to say reading all of your comments has really put me on a high again (hehe..) and that being tall really is a blessing. :)

Aga wrote (December 20th 2006)

I am 6'1", tall enough for a Greek (woman). The problem is one and only FINDING CLOTHES-especially pants and jeans. In Greece there are no shops that are selling clothes for people taller than 1.80cm. Through internet it is a little bit risky, mostly with the different sizes from country to country. It is really sad trying to get dressed, but nothing suits you... I will check all the links from your site, and maybe I will order something.

Joerg says: You are right. Sadly there are no (online) stores for tall women in Greece yet. Hopefully this is going to change in the near future.

Victoria wrote (December 18th 2006)

I live in England and I'm 18 and 6ft2 1/2 inches. I was really happy when I saw these comments and I too got called some horrible things and to tell the truth I never took the shit. I'd say in my primary class of 30 students I fought about 25 of them for dissing my height and at the end of the day I was the funniest and most liked girl. At first I hated being tall but now I don't care cos I love it now. I never played basketball cos I didn't feel that I had to play it nor did I want to model. Instead in Sep I'im going 2 uni to study Law. I also feel that men r sometimes intimidated by my height but for all I care they can stick their heads further up their crummy ass. Luv the height God gave us.

Danna wrote (December 17th 2006)

Hey everyone. I'm 6'2" and 16 years old. Let me tell ya, it's been a total blessing being tall. God's blessed me soo much and used my height in so many ways (volleyball, cough cough). However, the only real issue I've struggled with, being the height that I am, is the boy issue. I haven't had a boyfriend before... and I wonder if it's my height. I do think a lot of guys are intimidated by my height and the fact that I am taller than them, even though I'm the last thing you'll ever consider as intimidating once you get to know me. But then I think if a guy doesn't like me JUST because I'm taller than him, than he is NOT worth my time. I've been called everything, from tree to goliath...but honestly, it's okay because the people who call me those names are just jealous. SO HOLD THOSE SHOULDER'S BACK GIRLS! because everyone wishes they were us.

Krystle wrote (December 16th 2006)

Hi, I'm Krystle and I'm 15 years old and 5'10. I've always had a problem with my height because I felt different and left out from the girls that were like 5'6. There always seems to be a problem with shoes for me because I'm a 12 and wide and that also made me feel a little discouraged. But each day I learn to live with my height and embrace it because you only have one life, so live it to the fullest!

Ashley wrote (December 13th 2006)

I'm Ashley. I'm 5'11" and I guess I like being tall but not really... The main reason I hate it is because my pants are always short and I can't wear heels b/c I always over-power people... I want to find a pair of awesome shoes that aren't just flats for once. My friend jessica has these lace-up shoes that are like converse but they're 5 inch heels. I would love to wear them but I can't... I know I can't change my height but I'd love to have a perfect pair of pants and awesome shoes.

Joerg says: You don't specify your required inseam or your shoe size so it's hard for me to suggest anything.

Kayla wrote (December 12th 2006)

I'm 13 and 6'2". I've always been the tallest and sometimes it can get it the way, but overall I love it and it has given me more convidence. However the scary part is the doctor said that I'm not done growing yet!! I also have size 15 women's shoe and that is really hard, expecally since I have 8th grade graduation this year!

Wish Me Luck! And remember being tall is a good thing and never take it for granted!


Monica wrote (December 10th 2006)

Hi, my name is Monica and I'm really tall for a 14 year old (5'10"). I'm like the tallest of my class... and I am a freshman now in middle-school. Noone really noticed till I started 9th grade. Then ppl at parties were always like "how tall are you?". It really gets to you and worrying if I am going to still grow is always on my mind. It worries me a lot. I just hope that everyone else catches up with me sumtime soon.

Andrea wrote (December 10th 2006)

I'm 5'11 and 21 years old. I've always been insecure about my height and was called some mean things in highschool but it has made me the strong, compassionate, and beautiful person that I am today and I now feel so grateful to be unique. :) It has taught me to not feel sorry for myself for being "different", because what is really important is being healthy, free, and kind=happiness.. Life is so incredible!!! :) Everyone is beautiful in every way! :) !!!

Elizabeth wrote (December 9th 2006)

As a tall woman (6'3.5"), I have experienced a great deal of difficulty in mixed sports. I do fencing, in which training is often mixed, and like earlier in my life, often I am the "standard" that men feel they must beat - it is quite common to have most of the guys in a club cheering on whoever is fencing me to "not let the side down" - which to me is idiotic because at tournaments I fence only women - but this is similar to mixed PE classes of high school where even if guys didn't win, at least they "beat Elizabeth" - of course, when fencing young girls in the club, who may be 5'3" and size 4 it is often implied that I am a "bully" or "taking unfair advantage" because I do physically loom over them (I always take excessive care). I get along fine with all the women, it is just the guys who seem to have such a strong reaction - sometimes getting very angry, sometimes with me, if they can't win against me. I really don't understand why my height is such a personal challenge to them and though I am often bruised, injuried or even cut or bleeding due to thier attacks - it is assumed because of my size that I can "take it" while if any of the small and "dainty" girls get bruised, everyone rushes in concern. I really don't understand why it is assumed that because I am big and tall, that I am brutal or lumbering or used to pain. This type of behavoir over the years has had me stop several sports (particularly if they are mixed) as well as many tears - it seems the concept that someone my height might be sensitive is unthinkable - I had a male friend, 6'8" who was probably more sensitive than I, and was constantly hurt by the assumptions people would make about him based on his height - he committed suicide 4 years ago. I have no intention of going that way, I just don't understand why so often I feel that there is "them" (humanity) and me.

Also, to all my employers: Just because I am tall doesn't mean I have a natural love of moving boxes.

Eleanor wrote (December 9th 2006)

To be honest I've never thought that I was tall, average height as anyone else, just never placed so much emphasis on my height. Comming from the Caribbean no 1 pays attention to your height until I came to Taiwan to study BIG MISTAKE it has been a year and 3months and I am hearing the same comments from the first day set foot into this country " you're so tall", even bold facely being stared at from head to toe right infront of me...even the people who I me on campus it's like the first time they are seeing me and to make matters worse speaking chinese in my present about my height with the belief that I cannot understand the language good grief..., but they do have tall people here and I still donot understand what's the problem but you know about 90% of the guys are afraid of me and that's a good thing...reduce the questions being asked :), the guys here would never date taller women NEVER confidence issues... I love my height and I walk like I am on the runway when I know I am gossiped. When people asked how's the weather up there I say cleaner and 100% better :). It's great to be tall (I'm 6'3")

One more thing:

I cannot remember what illness I suffer from... it started when my mom noticed in my 3rd year in high school that I was leaning literally leaning by not standing straight. Apparantly they said that one of leg is growing faster than the other and it's causing my spine to bend which in return results of the leaning, some say that it could be treated by an operation of placing a block in the longer leg by the knee area to slow its growth for a while and let the other grow to the same lenght, but my parents was afraid to try to such, I was also told that I would experience pain in my old age. Now I am 21yrs and I off and on have pain in my left knee which is the shorter leg and I am lost in what to do, I started taking treatments from a chiropractor but stopped, they said there was nothing my mother could have done to prevent it or caused this defect. I am wondering if anyone share similar to inform me of anything they know that may better the situation.

Toshiba wrote (December 6th 2006)

Hello my name is Toshiba. I'm 6'2" and I love my height, and when i go out I love to wear 3 inch heels. For so many years when I was younger guys would come near me because I was so tall. I was the tallest woman in my graduating class. Once I was in my 20's I began to love myself and the beautiful gift God gave me. I wouldn't trade my height for nothing in the world. I always stand up with pride. I am 210lbs and I'm considerd plus size. I wear a size 14 in jeans. I am going to follow my dream to become a model. I love hair and fashion. I have a wonderful insight on fashion.

Andrea wrote (December 1st 2006)

I agree with some of the quotes about how people hate their height. But it's scientifically proven that all things being equal if a tall woman and a short woman are being considered for the same job, the taller woman will get it. The only thing that I do not like about being tall is that all the tall guys date the little short girls. It's annoying but you know what some of the shorter guys are so incredibly sweet and absolutely love the exoticness of an amazon woman. I use to hate being tall, at 13 I was nearly 6 ft. but now I'm 6'4" 21 and I wear 4" heels to the bars and have yet to need to buy myself a drink when I wear them. Men LOVE LOVE LOVE a tall woman. If they can't get over the fact that you will be taller than them that's their issue and aren't worth the trouble. But the all the younger woman out there stand up straight, I can't stand it when I see a really tall skinny gorgeous woman slouching to make herself feel more like everyone else. It looks sloppy and just makes you stick out even more than if you were standing up straight and looking radiant. I absolutely love being tall and wouldn't give it up for anything. You can get the last thing of pop in the very back of the bin and when the top shelf at the supermarket saying "Ask for assistance", screw it I'll reach up flat footed and grab what I want. There is always something on the top shelf that you want and can get beacuse the short people can't reach it. Love it don't hate it. The height was given to you for a reason all you have to do is experiment and find out why?

Suzana wrote (December 1st 2006)

Hello, I am so glad I came across this site. It is soo wonderful to know that there are so many women as tall or taller than me. I'm 14 and am 184 cm (6'0) tall. I'm soon going to be doing modeling and I used to play basketball. I never go through a day where people don't comment on how tall I am. I have learned to love it and am proud of my height, just like all you girls should be. So stand up straight and keep ur head high, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL =]

Laura wrote (November 28th 2006)

Did anyone ever tell you that you are tall?" - a recent comment by the cashier at my local Dunkin Donuts. I chose to ignore it but really I wanted to say "NO, omg are you serious, I did not know that. But thank you so much for pointing it out, now I can go on with my day!" I am 21, 6 feet 1 1/2 inches barefoot: I love flats and flip flops, and I never wear heels. Although I have come to embrace my height, I do not feel like "growing" any more. I agree with the person that said "I am tall, not deaf." - I find that children and adults of all ages find it necessary to whisper, quite loudly, that "she is tall". As if everyone else does not have eyes... Anyway, for the past two years, I have been dating (and plan to marry) a man who is 5'10" and couldn't care less about our height difference. However, I still sometimes feel uneasy and tell him to stand up straighter... not that it could add the approx. 4 inches. Haha. It has taken years for me to be at the place that I am now, on the outside I have always seemed secure with everything that I have done, but inside I still struggle w/ my insecurities. I now feel more confident with my height and all that it brings... people hardly ever forget you!! (which can be good and bad).

This site is great. It's refreshing to see we all get the same obnoxious comments and we can still laugh and share our stories. Thanks.

Isabel wrote (November 27th 2006)

I'm writing you from Spain, I'm 6'1 and I'm 36 now. I desired all my life to have a place like this, to feel that I'm not the only one with these problems. Can you imagine being that tall in... Spain? It was very hard to be tall when I was 15-18 years old (I was ALWAYS the tallest person, at school, parties, ... everywhere!), but fortunately I gained self confidence when I got older and I married a 6'6 guy who does appreciate my height. We have two little girls who are going to be tall... for sure! I'll try to teach them to be proud of their height and not to care about stupid comments of people who use their envy like a weapon you can't defend against unless you want to be considered an arrogant inconsiderate person!

DaCota wrote (November 26th 2006)

It's addicting reading all these posts, but the most disturbing ones are by the girls and women who say they are (or were) "bullied" in high school. I always used to think it was the other way around, that SHORT kids got bullied and picked on. Over my dead body would I have ever let some 5-2 pipsqueak push me around. I have only one thing to say to all the victims of bullies and ridicule: Kids didn't make fun of you BECAUSE OF YOUR HEIGHT. They made fun of your height BECAUSE OF YOU. Get it? I've noticed that not one... NOT ONE woman, who claims that she's always loved her height through school, claims to have been bullied or harassed. Hmmmm. Interesting, isn't it? Kids are the same wherever you go. So how come some really tall girls never get bullied or picked on? And others do? It's not because the kids at school are different. Kids are the same everywhere. The difference is that the girls who never get (or got) bullied were always proud of their height. Nobody picks on a proud girl. I'm 5-11 and 43, and when I was in ninth grade, I was 5-10. So take my words seriously if you're still in school and having a nightmarish time of it. YOU are the only one who has the power to change this.

Suzanne wrote (November 26th 2006)

I'm 5'10", 26 yo, and I've always loved being a tall woman! I've been this height since I was 12, and I used to wish that I was at least 6'6" like my brother. I am the tallest woman in our family by a couple of inches, but I've never been made to feel bad about my height. My weight... now that's another story! :) I used to diet and workout 5 hours a day to 'keep my figure,' but now I try to do everything in moderation. It feels good to have a full-figured body though! I met a wonderful 5'3" tall man six years ago, and we've been happy together ever since. It does help that we're both confident and well-educated (PhD candidates), but that's something that we have developed along the way. I hear you, Sherrie! Often, strangers will stop us and say that we make a lovely couple! Of course, you always have a few ignorant ones, but they tend to be few and far between. And to Adriana, honey, please don't underestimate a shorter man!:) It may be something that you come to regret. Live, laugh, love and rejoice!

"Success is loving life and daring to live it." Maya Angelou

Annie wrote (November 26th 2006)

I used to be intimidated in middle school because of my height but now I'm proud to be 6'4". Height is just height and it really shouldn't matter but it tends to anyway. I frequently wear heels in high school but the remarks I hear sometimes are really annoying and mean. For you rude commentors out there WE'RE TALL - NOT DEAF. Being this tall at 15 sometimes is a pain but I think being tall is beautiful and I am very sad when I hear about how taller people have been picked on. Some of the most beautiful women in the world are tall (i.e. MODELS hello) but people still are cruel. You're left with two options you either love yourself and your height and ignore people or you listen to everything and cry inside. I choose to ignore it.

Christian wrote (November 26th 2006)

I love my height and would be taller if I had a choice. Guys love it and though it was a struggle when I was younger being 22 and standing at 6'2'' im used to the air up here now. All I have to say is to every woman and girl embrace your height because its a wonderful thing for God to endow us with such a great characteristic!

Sarah wrote (November 24th 2006)

I am 16 and 6'1. I used to be bullied in middle school, but it kind of ended in 8th grade and now I'm in high school. I don't get bullied at all and I don't get much recognized cuz of my height, but this constant bullying in middle school made me very shy and my self-confidence is zero. Now when I went to new school, I thought things would get better, but I was too shy to communicate people and now the girls don't like me and talk behind my back. Overall I feel I'm invisible, no one really bothers to talk to me in school. I know everything gets better when I finish school, but that's 2 years away, it's really tough. I constantly feel very depressed. Oh well, but this site gives me strength, cuz I know I'm not the only one who's so tall.

Katelyn wrote (November 21st 2006)

Ha. I am sitting up straight in my chair right now. My new goal is to have great posture and be confident. This site makes me feel better about being tall.

The hardest part, for me, is the awkward feeling I get when I stand around short people. I'm 15, and I go to a lot of football games at my high school. This is dumb, but I always feel bad standing up on the seats because.. Well, I just feel tall, and in the way.

I'm sure as I get older my height will be easier to deal with. If the comments on here are any indication, I know it will. Thanks, commenters.

Joerg says: I've been in touch with a lot of tall teens over the years. A lot of them were insecure when they were your age but most of them are enjoying their height now they're older. I guess they feel empowered because successful and powerful women are not a rarity these days and height's not an obstacle for success. It's not always bad to be intimidating - especially if you have to deal with rude guys (or tiny chicks who are bitchy!) ...

Suzy wrote (November 21st 2006)

Well, I am on my first "shorter" guy experience. I met him when we were both sitting down, we connected so well but I was baffled when he stood up and I was a few inches taller. (and I was in my flats.) Anyhow... I think I intimidated him at first... but it is the beginning of something good. I am just curious about one thing.... someone tell me if it is going to be awkward during sex... I don't want to feel like Im BIG compared to him. lol

Joerg says: Erm, no comment...

Lauren wrote (November 21st 2006)

Hey yall... I'm 14 and 5'11' and sometimes it gets annoying but I guess there could be worse things. I live in the Albuquerque, NM area and it is pretty much impossible to find really long pants. I see all the websites and stuff but I have to try on stuff b4 i buy it cuz i am annoyingly thin and even some of the rare long pants don't really fit.

Selen wrote (November 20th 2006)

I've been bullied throughout high school because of my height (By the time I turned 15, I was already 5'10 - now I'm 20 yrs. old and 6'), especially by shorter boys. I was the tallest girl in the whole campus. I remember going home and crying on my mother's shoulder (She's 5'10, btw), asking her why everyone was so obsessed about my height. I always tried to disguise myself and felt like a freak or a monster. Thankfully, I slowly gained confidence after graduating and now I don't feel ashamed at all. When you're a tall woman, it's impossible to walk through a room/bar/club/etc. without being noticed. However, I'm beginning to understand the advantages of being tall. Many women tell me they'd kill to be 6', because it's easier for men to notice you. Plus, most clothes look better on tall girls. I guess we should all be proud; if tall people were unattractive, then supermodels would all be around 5'4", right? P.S: Why do shorter people always assume all tall women are basketball or volleyball players? It's such a stupid cliche - can't they think of something else?

Jenny wrote (November 19th 2006)

I never imagined myself with a shorter guy. All my life I have been known as the girl who looks for height FIRST. It used to be one of the most important features for a man to have. I have since started dating a guy who is an entire 6 inches shorter than me. He has a great sense of humor, great communication skills, and great listening skills. He has so much confidence and was the first to tell me that he has no problem with the height difference. I am still a little hesitant about it even though he treats me so well, takes care of me wonderfully, has so many goals and will be extremely successful. I also feel horrible about being ashamed about being so much taller... and bigger... cause he is small guy for sure and I am pretty average. I am still trying to get over it and just let everyone know we are dating but for some reason I feel like people will judge us prematurely. It shouldn't bother me but it does. I just wanted to say that short guys really are great. I completely agree with Monika.

Chrissy wrote (November 16th 2006)

I'm only 14 and I'm 5'10. At school no one treats me any different, as a matter of fact I have many friends. All my friends don't care that Im tall at all. But the thing is that I myself don't feel comfortable in my own skin yet, and I don't know how. When me and my mom go to look for jeans to buy, I can never find any, they always fit great at the waist area and the thighs but they always end up being to short for me and i HATE IT. When I buy my jeans I have to buy expensive jeans for like 90 bucks that don't even fit me for that long. The only places I find jeans are Express and Tellos. Do u know where I could find really long jeans because this is a real serious problem for me. Thank you very much, Joerg.


Erin wrote (November 9th 2006)

I had all these guys coming up to me asking me how tall I was and when I said 6'1'' they said nuh uh I'm 6'1'' and you're taller than me. So I went to the docs and got measured and lo and behold I had grown an inch. I was so proud that after high school I grew an inch. I love being tall. Being tall is cool, and I have a very extreme way of dressing. i tell people I dress flashy cuz people are gonna look at me anyways so I might as well entertain them. My Dad is 6'7'' and my Mom is 5'11'' and a half. They've always told me to stand up tall and proud and I have and always will!

Victoria wrote (November 6th 2006)

Hello, tall and confident ladies! I am 21 years old, and 6'3. I wouldn't have it any other way!! The best thing about being tall is being REMEMBERED! I am comfortable in my skin, and love love love my height. I am so glad to have found this site because when people are cruel (oh and you know how cruel they can be) you need to be reminded what tall women are - GODDESSES!!

Sophie wrote (November 5th 2006)

Wow, there are so many of us out there but we never really seem to be in the same place together do we? I struggled to accept my height for a really long time and actually did not manage to come to terms with standing out in the crowd until I went to University. Tall is supposed to be beautiful and glamorous but why then did all the boys at school shy away from me so much? I never truely understood the male ego over this issue until I was in my twenties. Young men I liked were even more uncomfortable with themselves than I was. Now, it takes me some confidence to walk into a room full of people but I do it. I wear high heels whenever I want to because, hey, who am I actually trying to kid? Everyone already knows I'm taller than everyone else. I'll still only be the same amount taller than before. Why should I be tall and drab? The only problem there is finding shoes to fit! So to all you tall girls - you are tall, hold your head up high, stop thinking you can hide away cos you can't. You shouldn't. Tall is every short person's dream! (P.S.: I'm 6'1")

Theresa wrote (November 3rd 2006)

I have to admit, I'm taking strength from reading some of these entries. The reason I'm here today is because I'm 5'10" tall and am finding myself very attracted to a man who is only 5'3". In the past I would have never even considered this relationship but I'm older (38) now and hopefully wiser. I've realized that the size of the man is not my "issue". What's bothering me is my own size. Not only am I tall, but I'm overweight as well. Well...that I can change! I don't know what will happen...but I do know this.... I need to start loving myself the WAY I AM!

Sherrie wrote (November 3rd 2006)

My husband is 7 inches shorter than me (I'm 5'11"). We get smiles everywhere we go. I have never in my life met a man who is as sweet, caring, and who loves me with his heart and soul like my Sweetie Pie Man. In my eyes, he's 10 feet tall.

Diane wrote (October 29th 2006)

My mother, who is 5'2", always was proud of my height, which was 6'1" when I was in high school, many years ago. She always threatened to use the belt on me if she caught me slouching, so I had perfect posture. So, when it was time to graduate, I wore 6" shoes so I stood even with the tallest boy. You should have seen the jaws drop in the audience when I walked across the stage to get my diploma! Be proud of your tall selves, you tall young women!

Melissa wrote (October 21st 2006)

Hey all! I am 6'1" and honestly, I haven't always been comfortable with my height. I am 'growing' into it (hah!) and I recently wore two inch heels out to a club *while wearing a very sexy denim skirt*. I felt fabulous :) Being tall is something that all girls and women should be proud of, especially because it makes you stand out in a crowd. Fortunately, my personality matches my height. I am loud and opinionated :) I am slowly learning to deal with the comments directed towards my height, and this feels totally empowering. In the past, I had a guy tell me that he was so attracted to my height and 'what was wrong with me?' because I didn't totally love being tall (I felt akward that he kept bringing it up... like it was the only reason he thought I was sexy). I thought this guy was a wierdo, I guess because he made me feel like a freak for not appreciating my height as much as I should. I guess my point is, don't ever let anyone make you feel strange, either for being tall or for not believing it is the only sexy quality about you! There are many beautiful qualities about every woman, and being tall should be just ONE of them!! Love what you've got and enjoy it ladies!

Elizabeth wrote (October 17th 2006)

I can empathize with you, Shannon! I used to be 6'1 and half inches. A couple of years ago, I was measured in the doctor's office and they said 6'1" even. I was upset! What happened to my "and a half inch"!? I said "I'm too young to start losing inches...aren't I?" The answer was, no, I wasn't. So, I was older and shorter! A great start to my day, rats! Just hang on to those inches!

Shannon wrote (October 16th 2006)

I've been 6'1" since I was 14 years old. I am now 57 years old and am being measured at 5"11 3/4". That made me cry, in fact, I'm now fibbing and say I'm 6'. Interesting, don't you think?

Joerg says: Shannon, that's one of the best contributions I've read in ages. I keep looking back at the time when I was in my mid to late 20s because back then I was "lean and mean". Nowadays I'm just "and" ;-)

Beth wrote (October 15th 2006)

I am 17 and 5'10. I hope I have stopped growing! During my 9th grade summer I grew like 2 inches so throughout my highschool years I have been really insecure about my height. Plus, both of my best friends are 5'3. Lol. I always wore sandals and not tennis shoes or high heels so I won't be taller. But I decided it's my senior year and I figured "you know what, you're not going to get any shorter so you might as well accept it and be happy with yourself" so now I wear tennis shoes and regular shoes. I guess 5'10 isn't that tall but I live in a city with a lot of hispanics so I feel really tall. And I am really happy mom constantly badgered me to stand up straight, because I see people slouched and it just doesn't look good. Bless all!!

Simone wrote (October 15th 2006)

I'm 17 and 5'10" and it's so annoying when people say I should be a model because I'm tall... THERE ARE OTHER PROFESSIONS IN THE WORLD YOU KNOW!!! I think people's minds are so limited to what a tall woman could do, I don't want to be a model and people are so shocked to hear this they think I'm wasting my gift... WHATEVER!!! I've never had a problem getting guys - it's just a problem of getting jeans that are long enough... When people ask you dumb questions like... "Why Are You So Tall?" Just smile and say, "God Had More Time For Me!!"

Sarah wrote (October 14th 2006)

Tall woman are fabulous, beautiful, and more evolved. We should all stand up straight and proud! Do not be afraid to wear heels if you want to. I've NEVER ONCE been ashamed of my height. I forget I'm so tall until someone points it out, and then I feel proud of it. I have never wanted to be shorter. There are MANY advantages to being tall - people respect you, fear you, ask for your help, and literally look up to you!! I hate regret, but I do wish I'd applied myself more in athletics. All tall girls should try out for sports in school... we are the natural choice for volleyball and basketball scholarships! Tall women are lovely to look at.. I love seeing other tall women when I'm out on the town! Tall ladies of the world - you make me smile!

Rikki wrote (October 13th 2006)

God! I get why women who are like 6'5" complain because it can be hard finding a man taller than you. But those of you that are my height, come on! All runway models are around 180 cm (5'11")! I love being this tall and it's not like I'm bigger than my friends, I just have longer legs! gsh! Love beeing tall! It's beautiful! So stop complaining!

Lakshmi wrote (October 12th 2006)

Hi, nice to read this site... My boyfriend is 5 ft 4 inches and I am 5 ft 11 1/2 inches which is tall for an asian woman and indeed I have been working as a model for 6 years. I must say it's been the first time a I dated a shorter man. But it's not all that exciting as everyone above makes it out to be. My man loves me but there have been many embarrassing momments incl. once where he wanted to whisper into my ears in the elevator which was full of people and he just couldn't reach up. Similarly when we go out dancing it's so difficult to match our steps. He wears a 39 size shoe and I wear 41 and sometimes it's embarrassing leaving our footwear at the door (a common practice in Asia when u enter people's homes)... and since my ears and nape are the most sensitve parts of my body I really wish he could reach up to there when he kisses me. But all I can say is inspite of all this I can never trade him for anyother man in the world - no matter what.


Jamie wrote (October 11th 2006)

When people ask me, "How tall ARE you?” -- I smile and with confidence say, "I am 5'12""...you would be surprised how many people simply nod in amazement! :)

Natalie wrote (October 11th 2006)

Hello, I'm only 15 and I'm 6ft1. Even though I love being tall I always wish I was shorter - the main reason for this is that shorter people can't get over the fact that a woman can be over 5ft5. I can't remember going to a party without hearing "how tall are you?" or "you could be a model". Anyways, thank you for a site like this. It's nice to know there are people my age who are just as tall and can understand what I'm going through.

Adrian wrote (October 10th 2006)

I'm 23 years old, and 6'4 - and I have never wanted to be an inch shorter! (although I wouldn't mind being 20 pounds lighter!) Yeah, I wish it were easier to find pant and shirts and shoes (size 14) but when it comes down to - I like my height.

People always ask me how I got so tall, so I used to tell them that when I was growing up I slept with the lights on, 'because it stimulates cell growth'

Most people believed it. Of course its genetic! I've never dated a guy taller than me - not by choice mind you! But it doesn't bother me if a guy is shorter than me as long as he's comfortable with who he is... And yes, I wear heels. As long as you're comfortable wearing them (and they aren't 5 inch heels) you can pull it off no matter your height.

Joerg says: I love your comeback. That's why I highlighted it. Great stuff, kiddo!

Elizabeth wrote (October 9th 2006)

Here is a nice way to respond when people say "Wow, you're tall!" Just smile and say "Well, you know what they say, the most beautiful roses have the longest stems." This is not an ugly response, and it takes what could make you feel bad and turns it into a lovely way to view oneself. (Remember...stand up straight!) :)

Jennifer wrote (October 9th 2006)

I've been tall all my life and I just stumbled on this site and Im mad happy about this site and everything it offers. Ever problem that some of these tall women have went thru have happened to me. Thank yall for making me feel alittle better bout myself.

Diana wrote (October 8th 2006)

Hi Joerg, this is actually a message to a girl I've seen on the RED ARROW bus bound to Edmonton from Fort Mac on Saturday night. Here it goes... "Hi, you don't me but I saw you and it was very reassuring to see you. I was watching on the bus (not like a stalker either) because you reminded me of myself so it was like looking at me only a few inches taller. I thought you looked beautiful, and wondered if people who saw me thought the same thing. Since it seemed like everyone in Fort Mac was so damn short, even the men, seeing you was good for me, since I spent the week there and felt like a freak, I am not exaggerating either... Well, thank you tall pretty stranger it was nice to know I am not the only tall girl around here." I am pretty sure she might visit this site as she herself was like six one!

Kirsty wrote (October 8th 2006)

In general, I don't mind being tall. Infact, I often thrive on the fact that it can annoy short men with attitude problems! I was recently at a gig with a friend (also 6'0) and the guys behind us were saying things like "I can't see a thing... well I can see two THINGS". My friend threw her arm back, pretending that it was an accident and he said "Oh, attack of the giants". Knowing the owner of the place I was in, I stated that I would get them thrown out if they didn't shut their mouth. They soon shut-up. Why are people like this? I never get this problem from other females, only men. This proves that men still see women as lesser beings. Tall women are seen as complete freaks because they aren't small and dainty.... like a woman "should" be. I find this offensive, idiotic and vile. I cannot believe people like this actually exist. I have nothing against shorter people at all (I must make this clear) but a lot of them come across as jealous. I fear that most men maybe jealous because they cannot reach the top shelf to purchase their pornographic magazines, lol. That's my theory anyway :). Most people tell me that I'm lucky to be tall. I sometimes can't feel lucky about this due to the fact I was seriously bullied through my teenage years. I'm 22 now and I still suffer from depression now and again. That said, I generally couldn't care what people think. I'm only human at the end of the day though. Things will take their toll on me.

Joerg says: Stay away from destructive characters who focus on the negatives. Surround yourself with people who appreciate and cherish who and what you are. Life's much easier when you're around people with a positive attitude. Virtually looking up to you, Kirsty

Olivia wrote (October 6th 2006)

Hi, I'm Olivia and I'm 5'10" at 14. I love it so much! My whole presence is stunning. Everyone who sees me thinks im 20-22 years old. I'm proud to say I'm tall or an amazon (when people make fun of me I say "thank you", or "that doesnt offend me") so hold your heads up, ladies!

Kat wrote (September 30th 2006)

Hello, it has been lovely to read everyone's quotes. I am 21, I am 6ft, possibly 6ft 1, I dont like to measure! I seem to be at that lovely age, where insecurity of height id rather hitting me and reducing my confidence a little bit. Mainly because I just had a boyfriend who was also my exact height for 3 years, but then we broke up, so now I am single and tall! Also recently I started liking someone who was 5 ft 8, but we both didn't seem very comfortable with the height difference, whereby I was less confident in myself being with him. Like all the other women's comments, I too like being tall somedays as it does get you attention, but then on other days when I look around, even at my work place, where all the men there seem to be smaller, a rare one taller, I know that I do not have half as much chance as all the smaller girls at attracting guys there, as most do seem to like to feel taller than you it is a man thing.

Us tall girls need to stick together and be proud of our height, as it is a gorgeous trait, that should be taken with pride! Instead of walking around shoulders slumped, we should stand tall and proud.

Kristen wrote (September 27th 2006)

Hi, I looove this site! It makes me feel so much better to see that there are other girls like me out there. I personally hate being tall, the only upside is playing volleyball. I get stares and comments. I try to hide it as much as possible but I always end up feeling upset later. I have even hurt myself and thought about suicide. One guy wouldn't even dance with me because I am tall. I just wish there was some way all this can go away. Help!

Elizabeth wrote (September 27th 2006)

Looking back on my quote I left on September 26, I realized that I forgot to put in my height! You could figure it out from my husband's height, but I am 6'1". I was 6 feet tall by age 13 and grew one more inch in high school. There was a time in my life when I would have gladly given away inches to shorter women, but not anymore. Afer many years of insecurity, I have embraced my height and enjoy my femininity, even though I am taller than most men. We are graceful, elegant creatures--we tall women. And remember...stand up straight! :)

Linddzie wrote (September 26th 2006)

Hey, I found this site by accident and I spent a lot of time reading these quotes. I'm six feet even and 20-something. A lot of quotes are about trouble getting dates or finding boyfriends. I have the same "problem" and had it since high school (I was six feet by age 15). But I don't see my height as a curse. It's a blessing because it's an automatic screener for all the duds out there! My shorter friends get lots of dates, but they end up breaking up sooner or later anyways. My height is a filtering device. A guy who wouldn't approach me because I'm six feet is a guy I wouldn't want to date anyways if I was 5'6" or 5'3" tall! If I was short I wouldn't want to date a man who feels insecure next to a tall woman. While my short friends have to sift through all the duds and jerks in order to find Mr. Right, I'll just sit back and wait for him to spot me across a room and if he approaches me, I know this is one secure guy. So, I'm dateless. But it means I won't have to go through a lot of heart-breaking jerks to get to Mr. Right! I thank God for my natural screening device! If I want to find out very quick who the REAL men are, I just slip on my three-inch heels and walk into the room. "Normal" height women have to find out the hard way: by dating a bunch of frogs! Look at the big picture in that what difference does it make if you have to kiss 100 frogs to get to Mr. Right or if you kissed only two frogs to find him? Well, it DOES make a difference in that I'd rather have to kiss two frogs than 100!

Elizabeth wrote (September 26th 2006)

I am 37 years old and am married to a wonderful man who is 5'8". He adores me and is my best friend. What a sad and stupid thing it would be to have missed out on this great guy because of him being only about 5 inches shorter! Also, if you are tall, or even if you are not, stand up straight!!! That is a big pet peeve of mine. Girls with postures that make them look like "S's" are not doing themselves any favors. If you are tall, having bad posture won't make you any shorter. You'll just be a tall girl with bad posture (to quote my mother) People are going to look at you, give them something beautiful to look at!

Cia wrote (September 26th 2006)

Hi everyone, I'm 5'11" and 19 years old. It's been a little hard sometimes, growing up and dealing privately with little insecurities here and there, like the fact that I was 5'10" in the 5th grade (I haven't grown since the 7th grade). Everyone thought I'd grow to about 6'2," but I love my height as it is. I have to admit, it does cut the choices on clothes down, especially in women's shoes (and pants). I've been mostly trying to avoid heels - I recently came to college and didn't even bring shoes from home that weren't flat, a choice which I kinda regret. It's crazy because I already get stares all the time (with my usual flats), so I know if I had on heels that were 3" I'd be mad at all the attention. I love being around tall people, though, so I believe it'd be easier to wear those heels around around them. With pants, though, my greatest complaint is that in those department stores, the tall sizes are usually a boring blue color folded away on the shelf at the back of the store, while the normal sizes have many beautiful designs. And I don't even go pant-shopping in the mall stores - there's almost no use. I don't think I'd change being tall if I had the choice - I've thought about how it'd be different - because this is all I know. I may not realize right now how much of an advantage I have, reaching things from the top shelf or in pursuing a modeling career, for example. I do have a preference for men, though. If there were two men of equal good looks standing side by side on the street, I'd automatically go for the taller one, hands down. I usually like my men to be 6'2" and over. I just like that notion of the man being taller and stronger and all that jazz. I want that fairy tale relationship too, but I guess so much emphasis really shouldn't be placed on height. Nevertheless, my current boyfriend is 6'6", and I couldn't be happier about it. I'm glad I found this website with those of you who understand being "out of the norm" (what or who is normal , anyways?). God Bless Y'all.

Brenda wrote (September 25th 2006)

Hi! I just happened to stumble across your wonderful website as I was looking for some good comebacks to all the bazillion 'tall' comments I've gotten all throughout life. It's so comforting to hear others stories. I'm 53 yrs old, 6'2' & 160 lbs., medium boned & not too skinny. I've always hated being tall, have spent many a moment crying over my fate, but I became a born again Christian 34 yrs. ago. When I became one, I realized God does not make mistakes, not one. I've often wondered what His purpose was in creating me this way but if nothing else, its made me a compassionate person for anyone that hurts. Thats worth it all. I've continually had all the questions in growing up & school was difficult, being tall made me extremely self-conscience because people just wont let you forget you're 'different' & often inflect that its a negative thing to be tall. My father was 6'6" 1/2 & mother is 5'9". If you're like me & basically dislike being tall, you can do a variety of things t o make yourself attractive like working on your weight - (if you want to loose some) OR - learning to wear the kind of clothes that compliment your body type - OR - wear makeup that enhances your beauty and/or discover a wonderful hair style. Any of these things will help bring your self esteem up, they have for me & has brought mine up. A beautiful smile catches people off guard too & a beautiful spirit. In a world of uncaring & rude people, it just might help change THEM. For fear of sounding conceited, which is far from the way I am, I AM thankful to God that He's given me a pretty face. I've gotten many a compliment on being beautiful with beautiful blue eyes. I wear 2 inch heels & my husband is 6'4". We get many an admiring & shocked looks but he is proud of it & somewhat amused. Our 2 sons are both 6'5". All the years of growing up my father told me to hold back my shoulders & stick out my chest & be proud. I actually got sick of hearing that, its easy for a man to say that, but now I find myself standing tall with a 'if you don't like me this way, tough! attitude'...haha

God bless all you wonderfully tall women out there. Brenda :)

Diana wrote (September 25th 2006)

You know its true right, alot of my tall male friends will treat me as less feminine than the shorter women? Why is that? Seriously I want an answer. Im already five ten and I dont need to feel any more like a man than I already do. I hate that, the short women get treated like ladies and I dont. They must think that since Im tall, I have a penis or something. Im not a dude, Im tired of feeling less womanly because of men, even men who are over six feet that i know treat me less like a women. Love that part about short women being bitchy!

Margaret wrote (September 22nd 2006)

I was inspired by some of the comments, but here in Canada I am an oddity. I grew up in England - Princess Diana was 5'10". I try not to slouch and be proud of my height, but being around so many shorter women I am constantly having to apologize for my height and find men here attribute my height to masculinity. I am contemplating moving back to England just to fit in, I never felt that different there.

Ellen wrote (September 22nd 2006)

Hi everyone... I am 6'2" and I weigh 227 lbs. I am 26 yrs. old and I am just now beginning to feel confident about my height. I grew up in the Carolinas and my uniqueness is very rare in this area. I wear heels that are 1/2 to an inch, but now I notice myself buying taller heels. I have realize that my height is different, and yes I stand out... But now I take that attention and run with it! As for dating height is really not an issue for me as long as he treats me like a lady, and respects me. I constantly receive compliments on my looks, because people say that I am beautiful, and "different looking." I have been asked have I always lived in the States (the US)?

Oh yeah, I really get aggrevated when people, men especially, treat me like I am not as feminine as smaller ladies because of my height. Just because I am tall does not mean that I am any less feminine.

Joerg says: The last part is very true... my sentiments exactly. Most of my tall lady friends are more feminine than a lot of shorter women - mainly because they're not as bitchy.

Charli wrote (September 20th 2006)

I was always tall, but when I was 13, I went from 5"8 to 6" in a year, and my parents were worried that I'd keep on going. When I was 14, I went to the doctor who predicted I was going to be in the realm of 192-194cm by the time I had finished growing. I liked being tall, but I did not want to get as tall as my dad, so we proceeded in attempting to stunt my growth. I am now 23 years old and on the greater side of 188cm tall, and although at times I wish I could just blend into a crowd, it's not all bad. I don't mind being mistaken for a model at times by the shorter people who think all models are tall, or a basketballer because I am one, and I have a great boyfriend who always makes me feel good about myself. I never really got teased in high school because I suppose I stood tall, and acted with confidence as if my height never bothered me, so people never saw it as a weakness. That's good advice to all the tall people out there acually, STAND TALL, do not hunch as it just makes you look even taller, and while you may think it doesn't draw attention, it just draws even more attention. There have been times that I have been really down about my height, and it has taken me a while to realise that life is an attitude, and most people who come up to you and comment on your height are in awe of you, I mean, if you were overweight, do you think they'd come up to you and comment on how fat you are? No, because they see that as an insult. And the ones that do mean in as an insult, who cares, it just means they are even more insecure.

Cindy wrote (September 18th 2006)

I'm 6'1", and I just want to respond to Kourtni's comment. I think it really makes sense what you said. Whether you're very tall, very short, too skinny, too fat, black, white, blond, redhead... People are people, they will unfortunately always find something to comment on. And yeah, tall girls might have problems finding shoes, pants that are long enough and whatever else, but I have friends with big boobs and a small frame that have problems finding bras that fit, and have to have that made for them too.... They feel they can't wear low cut shirts because of the fact it attracts too much attention!! Why? who knows... And tall girls feel they can't wear high heels.. Why? Who knows... I believe no one feels 100% confident about themselves, no one is perfect. The models you see on magazine covers sure as hell don't look like that when they wake up in the morning whithout their make up on and behind a special camera "perfection" glass... I find it such a shame the way society puts so much pressure on women and how they should look. Women are just people, at the end of the day, we all have our insecurities, we all ask ourselves what are we doing here, why am I the way I am, and not like somebody else... Do men like me the way I am??? Some men like tall, others like short, others like skinny, others like well built... You can't please everyone! I think the secret is to stop analyzing what men like and what people like, and whether men prefer tall women over average or short or any issue of that sort. If you like the way you are, be proud of it, wear whatever you feel like and walk tall (wether you are short or tall). It's all in the mind. And besides we will all get old some day, and the looks issue will get less and less important. Enjoy it while you have it.

God bless.

Joerg says: Interesting comments. I hope my efforts to bring you the best choice in long clothes and large size shoes help you feel more attractive...

Christy wrote (September 18th 2006)

Hey tall gurlz :-D I live in Holland, and I must say I'm quite surprised with all the comments I'm reading here on this site. Here the average woman is about 5'9' and it's really very common to be above 6' So here tall women have no reason for feeling uncomfy or insecure, especially cuz there are loads of men around 6'6!!! I'm 5'10 and I love my height, it's not extremely tall to the point I look silly wearing high heels, but it's definetly tall enough to attract attention!!! I would not date a shorter man, almost all my boyfriends have been 6'5 or over... I believe no matter how tall a woman is, next to a man she still wants to feel that he has some power over her, and how can she feel that way if he is a head shorter???

So for the gurlz that have problems in finding guyz who are taller... Maybe you should try a new country?!?! ;-)

Patti wrote (September 17th 2006)

Hi I'm 6'0 1/4" tall and I'm almost 45 years old. I'm dating a man that is shorter then me - he's only 5'8" and he receives envious looks from other men. Lol. My 4 children are also tall - 2 sons and 2 daughters - my 17 year old son is 6'6" and wears a size 18 shoe!! My youngest daughter is only 15 and she is 5'10" and growing. Sometimes it's a pain but what can you do about. Accept it and enjoy life.

Erin wrote (September 16th 2006)

Hey! I am 14, 5'10" and still growing! Yes I deal with all of those tall comments like "You should play basketball." and "How tall are you?" It can get pretty annoying answering the same questions over and over again. My aunts and uncles are always astonished to see my height even though I see a lot of them every other weekend! :P I have to really try to keep my posture up since I grew so fast. I love being tall though, I hope I get to be 5'11" at least. I just wish I could go to the shoe stores, pick up a shoe and actually have it come in my size. I found your website and I now have access to more shoes than I've ever dreamed of. Also, thank you for all of the positive comments and the Scandanavian and Russian clues. This explains a lot! Mom!!!! Thank you!

Jasmine wrote (September 15th 2006)

I'm a 36 yr old woman that's 5'10, who's attracted to a man 5'6. Yes, he finds me extremely sexy (especially in heels) and treats me like a Princess. Even though I have nothing really to complain about him, I'm slightly uncomfortable with the height difference. Is this just vanity?

Joerg says: You don't sound vain to me. I guess it's probably a lack of self-confidence. Stop worrying about what others might think. If you like the guy he's probably going to grow on you even further (no pun intended!)

Tammy wrote (September 8th 2006)

I am 6'1" and love being tall! I really believe it helps me in business. Although when I was younger I did not. My jeans were always in the "floods". Now I enjoy lots of sources for clothes. Although I still wish I had access to things like regular heightened women. I dream of finding a boot that fits me! A pair of beautiful black boots that aren't for sex show, that goes all the way to my knee and doesnt have a 6 inch heel. I would like to know what it's like to buy off the rack instead of ordering my clothing. Also, I am dying to wear those beautiful strappy shoes that are 3 inch heels. I don't wear them because I am tall but because they hurt my back. I heard you can get them cut down. Is that possible? That opens up a ton more possibilites for shoes. Although I am tall I only wear a size 9 still so size isnt a problem just finding a sexy shoe that is below 2 inches.

Charlene wrote (September 8th 2006)

I have to say that I'm 24 and I have been 6 foot for a long time and I love it!! In fact I wish I was taller. But I have to say I have never felt out of place or wished I was shorter... being taller ALWAYS has its advantages. Just remember when 1 of your short friends needs something on that top shelf you're the 1 they will come to. Keep growin girls!

Jennifer wrote (September 7th 2006)

I am a conservative 6'. In school I always felt as if stood out like a sore thumb. I excelled in sports and until I had kids, I never had to worry about weight. Clothes have always and still are the biggest headache. When I was in high school and college, they didn't make girls or jrs Tall clothes and nothing ever fit right. Now I have to wear plus sizes, but they cuts are all wrong and everything fits like a moo moo - I need the clothes to be cut like normal clothes, just everything bigger...... does that make any sense?

Carol wrote (September 6th 2006)

WOW... What a site! I came across this accidentally, but find it very interesting. I have mixed feelings about being tall... some days I love the attention... but other days I would love to be able to walk down the street and not have people always staring. At times I think they are just pointing and laughing. I am thin and people say very attractive, but self-esteem issues stemming from being teased as a child prevents me from seeing this at times. Right now my problem is I really like someone who is 5'8" but I have never felt comfortable with someone shorter than me (I was married to someone who is 5'10" for 12 years) but I so want to date someone taller now. I want to have someone as "protector" I suppose - I am very old fashioned. It was useful reading the comments from so many who are happily married to shorter men...I have never had a problem meeting shorter men, the problem has always been me! Maybe time for me to change!

Justine wrote (September 6th 2006)

Hey, I am 16 years old and 5'11 1/2-3/4". When I was younger I never liked being tall and being taller than my mom (5'7"). I still dont really like being tall but I learn to live with it. And I have a few friends that are my height or taller so it's all good. I dont let being tall stop me from doing things that I want to do like dance. Even though I am the tallest one in dance class I really dont care what other people think of me and I just think of how much fun I am having.

Baiden wrote (September 4th 2006)

Ok, I'm 12 and I'm 5'8". I know that I'm not 5'10" or anything now, but my doctor said that my expected height is around 5'10" and 6'0". Before I used to feel horrible about my height but my mom told me that all the supermodels, and alot of actresses are tall. I take pride in my height because I'm (on average) a head taller than girls my age. Just recently I was asked to be in a abercrombie ad, all my friends r soo jealous. Lol. Sure, it might be harder to get a bf in the future, but aren't tall guys hotter?

Lucy wrote (September 3rd 2006)

Hey! I am 6'2" and only 15 years old. All my friends are shorter than me - obviously - and while I do feel uncomfortable sometimes and a little self-conscious I don't see a problem with being tall. I mean, sure you can't wear heels but they're bad for your feet anyway. All the comments and attention does get annoying but you just have to take it in your stride. Girls, DO NOT let all those stupid tall jokes get to you. If your friends make fun of you  - I am sorry to tell you this - but they are not your friends. Trust me, people only ever tease when they are jealous. Hey, I am only 15 and I am the tallest in my school. Trust me, girls - take up a sport where being tall is a virtue (not that it isn't anyway): basketball, netball, golf. I am a rower and trust me, it is definetely a good thing. It is not a weird thing to be tall when you are a rower because everyone is tall. Anyway girls, be confident hold your head high and enjoy being tall.

Lynn wrote (August 29th 2006)

Hey, I'm Lynn. I'm 14 and between 5'11.5" and 6'0". Sometimes I absolutely despise being tall. I can't wear heels (I'm a shoe fanatic at heart, so this is especially hard). I have size 11 feet and I have always been taller than everyone else. I hate that everyone calls me 'the big girl'. I am very insecure about my weight anyways and this only makes it worse. But some days I am content with being tall. I have really really long legs and strangers come up to me everyday and say 'you could be a model' and 'you're very beautiful'. Sometimes statuesque is a good thing.

Rachael wrote (August 27th 2006)

I am only 23 and 5'11" - my experience is that tall is becoming quite chic. I hated being tall as a young child. My dad is only 5'11" and my mom is 5'8" so I guess I ate my wheaties. My now husband was 5'6" when we started dating in 8th grade... he is now 6'3." Just look at all the positives... you can gain a few pounds and it doesn't show, you can see from the back of a crowd, and what do men like better than legs. I only wear a size 9 shoe so that has never been a problem and most stores carry tall pants... my one complaint is that noone makes tall shirts. :)

Karen wrote (August 26th 2006)

I am 5'10" and I am 31 years old. I have struggled with my height issues my whole life. The hardest part for me is shoe shopping!!! It's awful! It's torture! I would love to be able to wear all those fabulous shoes out there - high heels, wedge shoes etc. I spend hours and hours in the shoe department "measuring my height with one shoe on and one shoe off" in front of the mirrors. Finally, I leave feeling completely overwhelmed, frustrated and sad. How do you girls deal with the shoe dilema? Thanks

Sarah wrote (August 26th 2006)

Ok, first of all I would like to say that I'm annoyed that you start your height at 5'10". I'm 5"8 1/2 and still have issues with my height, so I think its unfair to cut anyone off who isn't 5"10 +. But what I really wanna say is this whole high heels thing really annoys me. I love high heels but always feel self-conscious in them so I bought a gorgeous pair of shoes with a massive heel and after wearing them about a bit I didn't feel so tall in normal sized 2-4 inch heels. I know it may seem easier for me as I never really reach above 6ft in heels but still, as someone who is alreayd 5"8 I still feel very tall in heels!! Just wear them! Just wear them, if you want justdo it, don't worry about anyone else, theonly looks you'll be getting are lustful ones! Why do ya think Nicole Kidman is so popular?

Joerg says: There has to be a cut-off and, I'm sorry to say, 5'8" or 5'9" doesn't strike me as being tall. I've had 5'6" women writing to me complaining they were too tall but that does sound like a bit of a joke to a woman who's 6'5" or 6'6". The average height of women visiting this website is about 6'3", by the way.

Yasmin wrote (August 26th 2006)

Hey! I'm 17 (from Europe) and 6'0". I never liked being tall but now I have to say the older I get the less I care about my height (I can't change it anyway). I know it's not easy growing up being tall and always hear comments about your height (good and bad ones), but ladies just try to love yourself and be proud of what you are TALL AND BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for this website it helped me a lot. P.S.: Why do some of you complain about being 5'9" ??????? That's the perfect height!!!

Robin wrote (August 25th 2006)

I'm 48 years old and 5'10". When I grew up there was only one girl taller (or anywhere near my height). She was Scandanavian and at 13 was 6'7". I was always the tallest person, male or female, right up until the nineties, of any group I was with socially. I suffered all the 'stretch' names, and as I was very thin, I got 'match stick' and one I hate, 'lucky legs'. The worst time I had was when I was harassed by this guy (found out he was 21), a jockey, to go out with him. I was always sitting in a car when he was picked up (my height is in my legs), so when we went on this drive as a 'date' doubled with friends and I had to go to the ladies, he finally saw how tall I was and boy did he flip. He spread this gossip around and did a real number just because I was tall. Carried on as if I grew just to spite him. What I find these days, however, is that girls are taller and I am feeling quite small. I didn't realize how I liked the empowerment of being tall until I realized I was now quite small.

Sherelle wrote (August 24th 2006)

If anyone knows of a site with a pink background (not this) with shoes of different styles across the page based in the US please tell me!!! It was the best site and had the best shoes and I don't remember it.

Joerg says: If anyone knows the website send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I will forward it to Sherelle. Thanks, ladies!

Dannii wrote (August 21st 2006)

In the past I have both hated and embraced my height of 6'0". My girlfriends have always been shorter than me and told me how much they envied my legs and my height. I have always looked amazing in mini skirts and attracted alot of male attention. But comments of referal to 'looking like a model' cause me to feel as if I cant eat as its acceptable to be tall only if your thin. All the negative comments that have disempowered me have come from males, who I believe are intimidated by tall women. It is good to know that I am not alone and of late I have met other women my height and being able to have a forum to discus these issues of pain and empowerment is the best way for people to embrase their differences.

I am glad I found this website as I am currently studying women's studies and I plan to write my final essay on the empowerments and disempowerments of being a tall women and how the disempowerment comes from gender bias in our society. My brother is 6'4" and yet no one bats an eye at his height. The comments on this site have given me a lot to think about.

Karen wrote (August 16th 2006)

I'm a 39 year old woman who stands 6'0. I'm loving my life now that society (and the men) have caught up. I'm very impressed by this site to know that there are very positive, tall, even taller, way taller women then me. For the younger girls, keep your head up (smile) the clothing and over all awareness with the more blessed women as ourself is much better now than it was when I was younger. Fashion alone is geared towards us. Don't let the negative, cruel comments being made toward you in school or anywhere get to you. I feel we are a very special class of people and if all they can comment on is our lovely height I say thank you. Finally as you get a little older trust me it gets a lot better.

Abby wrote (August 15th 2006)

I'm 19 and I'm taller than everybody around me. When I was 12 i was 5'6. I was considered like a weird creature for my hispanic family. I'm mostly taller than hispanic boys which is a big deal for my race. They used to called me nicknames, specially my brothers. They told me that by the time I turned 15 I would reach the ceiling. I used to run crying because I wanted to be short. I was so depressed because of this. But now I look at it as a blessing. All of my friends are extremely short and wish they were tall like me. Why do you think short people always wear high heel shoes? Because they want to be like us....

Veronica wrote (August 12th 2006)

Hey, good site! I have been tall all my life - lol! I grew taller than my older sister by the age of two. I have had all the usual names like Stork, What's the weather like up there, asked to kneel down for prayer and I was kneeling already!!! Men seem to be afraid of tall women. I am 181cm (5'11 1/4") and my daughter is 183cm (6'0"). I don't have (or didn't have) the confidence my daughter has. Everyone loves her and she loves everyone! Well, most people anyhow. She has the confidence I wish I had. I had a marriage that lasted 22 years till he died of cancer and have just been through my first relationship. He was not a nice man at all although he accepted me for my height. He was 185cm (6'1") and a big 135 kilo's. I accept people for who they are but would like to have a man that was as tall or taller because most men are around the 5ft 11ins and below. The smaller men seem to want to get to know me. I don't see any point in it as I feel having a 5ft 3in man is quiet silly. I know they are as good as anyone else but I just want to be able to look him in the eye and have him cuddle me!!! I don't think that is too much to ask.

I have a curiosity about why people appear to be afraid of tall women. I think that it may be an inferiority complex as it is mainly men who shy away and feel that tall women 'overpower' them! You know! The man is supposed to be the protector and I think that old traditional values come in there. If a woman is tall then she is 'strong'! I have had that as well. Expected to lift things that would normaly be left up to the male. Although why did I have small men chasing me? Maybe it is their curiosity as well.

Amy wrote (August 12th 2006)

Hey, I'm impressed that you all love your height!!...But i personally don't like it at all, its really hard. The comments, the jokes, the staring (im 6'2.5 and just turned 16) and I'm a naturally very shy person, and being tall just makes it worse. I hope one day I will be confident with my height. I was also wondering if any of you could give me advice on coping with the comments and staring... thx... bye

Alexandra wrote (August 12th 2006)

I must say, when I discovered this site and read all the wonderful comments from tall girls saying all sorts of encouraging things my posture just seemed to straighten right in front of my computer! I'm 16 and the tallest girl in my school (I live in a short-people country- Peru- so it's especially hard sometimes), and I've been the tallest girl since the 8th grade. I'm one of the tallest in my family, and all those comments "Do you play basketball?" (I don't even like basketball!), "I would never date a girl that tall" and so on just gave me a complex, I must admit. But now I see that there are many other beautiful women in my position and honestly, it's given me strength. Tallness gives you a whole new view of the world and I see now that us tall girls should keep our heads high.

Arlene wrote (August 8th 2006)

To all those girls who hate their height... Don't! I'm 25 now, and though I've always been tall (my mother maintains my body just went on and on and on during labor!) I haven't always been quite "at home" with being it (due in no small part to the teasing and bullying on the playground, where, let's face it, anything different = weird!) until one day my 6'7" father said "Why should it bother you? It's just one part of what makes you, you! And you are a wonderful, smart and beautiful woman! Now stand up straight and be proud of yourself AND your height!" From that day to this I've never looked back. Being tall is a fabulous part of my life.... things are different to the school yard! I'm tall and slim and quite attractive - even if I do say so myself! Long gone are those laughing looks - they're all replaced by envy! (Fantastic!) Look at it this way - the World over people are trying to express their individuality in one way or another. WE don't have to! We're different in the most marvellous way! Also girls, I live my life by one motto: "If I'm going to be head & shoulders above everyone anyway, I may as well have nice shoes in the process!" GOD BLESS THE HIGH HEEL :-)

Sara wrote (August 7th 2006)

Hi, I'm Sara! I am 14 and 5'11'' which can suck big time because... well, you know - the insecurity deal. I feel so singled out at school but by accidentally coming to this website I don't feel alone anymore. You can't change being tall, so better get used to it and be confident, right? Thanks for writing comments, I know they make more tall people than just us feel better!!

Beverley wrote (August 6th 2006)

When I was young, I felt that my height was a social disadvantage. I was shy and hated the fact that my height made me conspicuous. I was 61 when I bought the first pait of pants that actually "puddled" on me, a pair of Gap low-rise extra-long khaki flares that, after heavy bidding, I "won" on EBay for 37 bucks. I went out and bought a couple of pairs of 3 inch heels so I could wear them, but was pleased to find after a couple of washings that I could wear my lower heels with them. Before that pair, all my tall and long slacks looked "highwater", sometimes grazing but never quite meeting the tops of my shoes. Besides discovering Gap's extra long, only this year did I discover the existence of Petite Long in a pair of knit flares from Nordstrom's Rack that fit even after washing. I now feel like replacing all my pairs of so-called "long" or "tall" slacks with ones that are actually long enough. In the past I have shopped in stores rather than catalogs, but now that I know my size is extra long, I am ready to switch. It's rather a sad commentary that before turning sixty the only pants I could find that were proportionately long enough to truly fit me were Levi's. All I can say is, better late than never.

Rhea wrote (August 4th 2006)

I just want to say appreciate your height. It makes you unique. I have been over 6 feet since grade nine... and I remember how much I used to hate it. The boys were so short, my girlfriends all came up to my shoulders. I would slouch and wear baggy clothes... anything to help hide it. I was clumsy and awkward and shy. Then one day it hit me, everyone always remembered who I was. I stood out. I have comments everywhere I go now about how well I hold my posture, how nice it must be to be my height, and ofcourse by the men about how great my legs look in that skirt. Tall women they say are more likely to get jobs due to the fact at interviews we can stand and look people in the eye, showing confidence. If someone bugs you about your height... just ignore it. You are beautiful and you will be remembered by all you meet. Show off your height, show off those legs, show off your smile and your inner beauty and you will see the results. Oh, and don't worry, the boys are ge tting taller! I swear!! Just be happy you have a reason to stand out in the crowd. Trust me on this!

Petra wrote (August 4th 2006)

I was at Payless the other day just looking around and I sow these nice 2 inch sandals (I'm 6'0"). They were a beauty! So I put them on and did the model walk through the empty isle. As I'm coming back to where I left my own shoes the short guy that was working there walked by and just looked at me with a smile on.... I laughed and said that wierd "hi" cuz I seriously had the model walk on and the isle was my runway! Well, ladies have fun with your height! Remember that height is just a number! Peace

Kathy wrote (August 3rd 2006)

Hey, I am telling you there is nothing wrong with being a tall woman. I am 35 and 6'4 - yes I got all the jokes and "you should be a model" and "do you play basketball?" and now I just grin and make a joke back at them men do not like it when you ask them back if you play putt putt golf when they are short though. But I am married to the most wonderful man and he is only 5'9 it does not bother us because we have learned to be secure with ourselves. And I am tall enough that he does not need to put me on a pedastal lol. To the tall women I salute you. You rock!

Diana wrote (August 2nd 2006)

I can honestly say that I dont like being tall. Normally I'm about five ten/eleven. But I slipped a disk in my back and now I'm five nine, it's painful as hell, but I don't want to get it fixed because I will be taller again. Plus why do shoe companies put like a 2 or 4 inch sole on their shoes?????? That pisses me off, not all women are midgets!

Adriana wrote (August 2nd 2006)

I am 20 years old and just under six feet and plus-sized. I never used to have a problem with my height, but as I grow older it is starting to bother me. Because I am tall and very shapely, I look like a giant in comparison to others. I have now met a guy who I am attracted to, and who is attracted to me... he's 5'7" with a small frame. It literally looks like I spat him out. I hate to admit it, but I am very insecure with the size difference and am afraid that it will ruin a potentially great relationship. Am I really wrong for wanting to hold out for a taller man with all the other qualities I love about this short guy?

Joerg says: A lot of cuddly (plus-size) women who are shorter than you have skinny boyfriends (I guess that's the opposites attract thingy again) so why do you worry about being taller and bigger. Some guys - including myself - prefer cuddly ladies to skinny dolls... :-)

Samantha wrote (August 1st 2006)

I was searching for something inspirational as I was just regected yet again by a short boy who is too insecure to be seen with someone my height. I am 18 and have never had a boyfriend ... lots of boy friends though. Because of my serious lack of a bf I feel unattractive and find myself wishing to be shorter like all of the other girls... then I thought this is like my weeding system ... I dont have to search through guy after guy like the short girls. I can stand tall and confident and wait for the guy that adores all of my attributes will find me. Life usually has a way of working itself out like that. We were made tall for a reason so carry it like you want it cause there are a lot of short girls that wished they had legs like yours!

Claire wrote (July 30th 2006)

I'm 17 and 6ft 4 and still growing. I live in New Zealand and it is virtually impossible to find clothes that fit. I have tried men's jeans and they are also too short!!!! I am trying to embrace my height but it's taking a while. I am taller than everybody in my family. I am extremely polite but sometimes the tall questions get to me like, "Did you know your tall?". I love this site just wish there was a tall clothing store in New Zealand!!!!!!!!

Amanda wrote (July 28th 2006)

I've always been the tallest kid in the class. I hated being tall. I never played basketball and always felt self conscious about my height. Now that I'm older I don't mind, I like standing out. I love wearing high heels, and my husband is shorter than me (he's 5'9"). I'm still frustrated that I can't always find the shoes I want when I go out shopping (I don't ALWAYS want to shop online). My advice to the young ladies not confortable being tall... you can't change it so embrace it.

Ula wrote (July 27th 2006)

First of all I love this website. Every time I go here I like my height more and more. Even though I wish I could be a tad shorter. Right now I am 17 and 6'5 and I really don't like it. The stuff that makes me even sadder is I cant find a guy because all of them that I know like that short stuff, they all want to be taller than the girl, now I don't understand why can't a guy be shorter than a girl - what is the difference? Well, like others I hate all of those stupid questions I get asked all around. If I would get a nickle for every time someone asked me how tall are you or do u play basketball man would I be rich right now!!!

Kathy wrote (July 24th 2006)

You can find it all on the Net! I was surprised and pleased to run into this site and hope I can find it again.

I have been 6'2" since I was 14 - I'm now 60. I will be an old lady but not a "little" old lady. Most of the time I hate being tall--I think how you get along with something like this depends on the people who were around you when you were growing up. I had some doozies around me when I was growing up and up. My father was the worst--and it was his fault I was so tall. I won't even repeat what he had to say about it! I suppose I should say soemthing inspirational to all those other poor slugs out there, so I'll say being different gives you a different slant on things and this can lead to a unique and sometimes very rewarding life. I've met some other different people and they are very true and interesting friends. A lot goes unspoken between us, but is always understood. I am a published poet and try to live a poet's life. Being tall can be very zen. Life isn't all getting married and reproducing, remember, and there ARE worse things than being alone. I've seen some married hells and am glad I wam not a part of them. Good luck and best wishes to all!

Alicia wrote (July 23rd 2006)

I'm 6 ft tall, and 14 yrs old. I've only been tall for about two yrs, and I'm already seeing how hard it is to live like this. I cant find a b/f tall enough; (I've always wanted a guy taller than me.) I'm guilted into playing basketball by my mom, teachers, and coaches. So much is expected of me in sports now. Plus, I wish people would quit telling me to be a model, cuz they r just giving me false hope. What's worse, I've never been a confident person. I'm extremely shy and it doesnt help when I walk into a room and stick out like a sore thumb. I hope that someday I will learn to like my height, but until then, I'm just tryin to find clothes that fit.

Priya wrote (July 23rd 2006)

Hi! I'm so glad all of you love your height, I was just going to say that I never had the same love of my height as you all have. I'm Indian, and only 16 years old, and every time one of my relatives calls up the first thing they say is "has she grown any taller? We're not going to be able to find her a husband!". It is apparently said in jest, but it hurts me very deeply, and my mum doesn't realise this and encourages the jokes. But I am determined to get on with my life regardless of this, and I am in my final year at school currently and I want to become a doctor. Thank you all so very much for inspiring me to believe that I am not ugly and undesirable because of my height. We need more people like you in the world. God bless you all :)

Joerg says: I'm well aware that tall women in the West have it a lot easier than tall ladies in other countries. Hopefully the attitude towards women like you will change (in India and elsewhere). You should still try and stand tall - you look a lot better that way. Keep your chin, up!

Julie wrote (July 22nd 2006)

I'm Julie (6ft2). Just wanted to say I have found this website tonight and what a refreshing webpage this is! Girls who actually love and enjoy their height! I have to be honest and admit that I do have a slight complex over my height. I feel less comfortable to date shorter men and I often shed a tear. But I am doing everything I can to change my mindset. It's just a slower process for me - you're the lucky ones! You can walk confidently and make the most of your wicked asset! I am fine with my height most of the time. You really can reach most things! Jobs are easier! And when I chat to men I always convince them I'm worth the climb! I like to tease! My problem is that most tall men fancy short women. Ew! But I'll have to see what I can do about that!! I really could pour my heart out and say all the negs, but from now on I really need to focus positively. I feel that your comments have made me see a light at the end of the tunnel because you have proven once and for all that being a tall girl can be enjoyable and I have something to work towards. Thank you.

Michelle wrote (July 22nd 2006)

I LOVE BEING TALL!!! I pity all short women! I am 16 and I'm 5'10", and I feel beautiful! Guys just love my super-long, lean legs and tell me that my confident stride is one of my sexiest attributes! I have just been approached to become a model and all of my short friends are so super jealous... ;) I also have very little trouble finding tall guys (I'm from South Africa) - I think height is one of the sexiest things a man can have (that and a great smile)! So come on tall girls - work it and LOVE it! xxx

Brandi wrote (July 19th 2006)

I grew up being the tallest out of everyone in my school. I was 5'9" in 5th grade... I dont think I liked it so much growing up but then I started getting older and I think it's a huge turn on for men - they love tall women! I love being tall. I'm 5'10" and 25 years old... I now wish I was taller... I think being tall is soooo beautiful. In all my family the girls are all over 6' so I'm kind of short in my family! But I'm a tall girl in the real world!

Lindsey wrote (July 14th 2006)

Hey, I'm 14 and 6'2". I was just amazed at how many girls there are that are as tall or taller then me. I love bein tall - I'm not bothered by it at all. It's great when it comes to basketball!

Megan wrote (July 8th 2006)

I often have tall days where I feel like I am a giant but normally I feel like I don't really stand out in the crowd UNTIL some rude person feels the need to say 'you're a big girl'. I am not big, I am tall. I also get sick of men telling me I am intimidating. I am the biggest softy in the world. I cry at TV commercials. Fortunately I am settled in my life so what others thinks no longer matters. Being a tall teenager was hell. The world needs to be nicer to tall girls!!! (I'm 6'1").

Renee wrote (July 8th 2006)

I am 6'4" and enjoy my height very much. I get a kick out of the question "Do you play basketball?" I return with a smile and a prompt answer: "Yes, do you play MINIATURE golf?"

Ashley wrote (July 7th 2006)

I'm 5'10 and everyday I get commented on or asked about my height. Normally cause I'm the tallest one in the room. But sometimes I get insecure about myself. I must remember you're always getting noticed, you can never be forgotten plus when you're tall people take you seriously (if a police officer pulled you over and was half your size, you would laugh).

Christina wrote (July 3rd 2006)

In general, I enjoy being tall(I'm 28 and 6'0" tall - My mum is 5'7", my father 6'1", brother 6'1,5, for those who are interested). But when I was younger I sometimes really wished to be a little shorter. I guess that was mainly because I hated the comments about my height e.g. from relatives who expressed their estonishment everytime they saw me (they still do, although I was already as tall when I was 14). It even happened that total strangers on the street asked me how tall I was, and I am always asked if I am Scandinavian or Russian... But I can honestly say I never had problems to find a guy because of my height, but I didn't mind if a man was shorter than me, if he's cute, who cares?!). However, I ended up with a tall man (he is 6'3" and he comes from a tallish family so my height was never a big deal for him and I guess I like that). The older I get the less I care about my height. I'm quite happy with myself and I think it is much better to be really tall than to be really short.

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