Long Tall Sally USA

Long Tall Sally USA

Tall women's pants and jeans with up to 38 inch inseams

Welcome to Long Tall Sally, your first stop in fashionable, flattering clothing for women 5'8" (173cms) and above. Established in England in 1976 our range is designed exclusively for tall women by tall women, and with a professional expertise in fit, cut and design we pride ourselves at being able to offer wardrobe solutions for all your tall needs. We are a multi channel company, in 2009 we partnered with Tall Girl to create the ultimate fashion destination for Tall. Together we combine over 50 years of experience in making tall women look their very best.

Throughout the year we offer a beautiful range of soft tailoring, statement dresses, essential tops and great fitting denim. Our accompanying range of footwear is also carefully designed for larger sized feet and we carry a fantastic range of accessories and fashion forward brands . Our resident LTS style expert, UK TV personality and model Lisa Butcher is also on hand to keep the LTS customers updated with her pick of key looks as well as designing a seasonal capsule collection.

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The concept of this store is awesome and they have done a awesome job with the current style and catalog options. However, they have a long way to go with Customer Service and their mail order procedures. It take FOREVER to receive a package! You have to love an item to wait that long and it take about 3 weeks to process a return if it doesn't fit and most of the shoes run small. They have had my money and return items for over 2 weeks and they are still MIA with is standard for them as told to me by the English person on the line. Here in the US, we expect better and I would be happy to pay more to UPS to get my packages in a few days.
I went to long tall sally to buy a single pair of black leggings in a long length..easy enough! Leggings were regular price $29 and there was a site wide promo 20% off... great!! Put them in my cart and the price went down to $23.50. A promo offer popped up on the screen.. ADD ANOTHER CLASSIC JERSEY LEGGING FOR ONLY $16. Great deal because it would only be $39.50 for 2 pairs of leggings plus it would put my order over $30 so it would be free shipping! I added the second pair and all of a sudden the price on BOTH pairs of leggings was $22.50. I took the 2nd pair out of my cart, the price for one pair went back to $23.50 and the same promo offer appeared again!! Tried it several times and the same thing always happened so I finally gave up and called customer service. I know the difference between $39.50 and $45 is only $5.50, but it's the point that they're using bait and switch techniques to get you to add the 2nd item then the price was not as advertised!! Customer service was of no help...just kept repeating "I cannot honor that offer, but I'll tell our web team to fix it"... well you SHOULD honor it because it was offered. I even spoke to a "team lead" and I still got the same response..no help! Her suggestion was that I should buy one pair in black for $29 and there were other colors which were discounted to $19 and I should buy one of those ! That didn't even make sense...I could get 2 black for $45 so why would I buy one pair in a color I didnt even want and pay the same price!? I just said no and I now I'm not buying ANY leggings from your website! Her response.. sorry. Whatever! This was my first ever experience trying to order from long tall Sally and now I will never order from them because they are dishonest!
Their Site is slow and tedious. Also the prices are in pounds not dollars. I tried searching for the US site but it defaults back to the UK ste. Frustrating
Maybe that is down to your cookie settings? My browsers usually remember which country was selected last.
I have been trying to get the us site as well, and it ALWAYS defaults to the US site. I even complained that I kept getting emails for the UK site, and then when I try to order from the link in the email, I am told that they won't honor the price in the email because I am in the US.

I find most items are a bit pricey anyway, usually just order some long sleeved t-shirts.
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