Tall Quotes 2000

Erika wrote (August 25th 2000):

Hello, I am 6'7 and my boyfriend stands about 6'1 on a good day, we are quite a couple, and wanted to tell all, it doesn't really matter on the physical appearance attitude, "...You don't judge a book on its cover..."

Michelle wrote (in another guestbook):

To be asked the same question over and over again can get to be pretty annoying. Of course I play basketball! If you were 6' 3" and 17 wouldn't you? Another question is "Do you model? You should model...", don't you think I know that. I may get called green giant or tree but hey I'm actually starting to like my height, it may be hard to find a boyfriend but some short guys like tall girls!!!

Sharon wrote (in another guestbook):

Here is a good example of 5'8" guy and a 6'1" woman. I've dated my short guy for more than 2 years and we are completely compatible and there is no issue about the height difference. I just wish more people would keep in mind that we are either going to die young or grow old and shrink anyway!!

Monika (from St. Louis) wrote (July 12th 2000):

I am 6'4" and have dated all shapes and sizes.  All I have to say is Brooke, honey, you are missing out.  Short guys learn very early on that they need to make up for the height difference and they overcompensate in soooo many wonderful ways.  Excluding little guys that want to be eaten or stepped on or those who are not secure with themselves, shorter men tend to have better senses of humour, better communication skills, and better listening skills. Short men tend to pay attention to what you want because they know they need to provide it you with whatever they can.  This is especially nice when they pick up on all those little things they need to do to show you that you made the right choice.  Give short guys a chance.  Find a guy who's secure with his height, and yours, and make sure he isn't a fetishist...then prepare yourself for the ride of your life.  You might want to try out that cute tall guy first, though...because once you've been with the short guys, girl, you won't ever wanna go back.

CA Cowgirly wrote (in another guestbook):

Ok, WAKE UP WORLD!!!! It's ok to date whomever you want to however tall or short. After you've been married for 50 years you're gonna shrink anyway!! I'm with a fabulous man who is 5'9" and I'm 6'1" with a size 13 in women's shoes. There's nothing weird or strange or abnormal about it. It's not like he's 4' and I'm 8' tall. What is the big deal between an inch difference or 2 feet difference? There really is not that much difference. It's not freakish. It's normal. Size does not matter. Character and qualities of one's personality do matter. Dating one of a certain stature is the equivalent of dating someone with the "right" or "perfect" looks and physique. It should not matter because we are all going to grow old and looks will fade into wrinkles and white hair but if compatibility and love are there that's what is important. Unless you want to go through plastic surgery a million times you're gonna get aged. That is life. I don't think there is a way to add height to one surgically so forget the shallowness and be open minded. More people in this world need to view the big picture. By the way, is there a tall club north of Sacramento, CA? Have a great one!!

Kristy wrote (February 22nd 2000):

Hi Joerg,

I happened onto your website while looking for some clothing vendors online that might cater to taller women...Although I am on the short side of "tall," being only 5ft 9in, I wanted to weigh in with my opinion on the subject of shorter men/taller women.

I feel very strongly that the shorter man who approaches the taller woman exhibits much more confidence than the taller man who approaches the shorter woman. And even MORE confidence than the very tall man who is with a very short (child-size) woman (who seems to me to exhibit the least confidence of all!!)

Something else I have noticed: shorter men I have known have tended to be much more intellectually stimulating. And also much better listeners. My theory is that the shorter man, from an early age, learns to be more verbal, (perhaps so that he can talk his way out of bad situations?) as opposed to taller men who all their lives get by  intimidating others and commanding attention by their physical presence alone (and thus, having no need to verbalize, they don't learn to talk OR listen).

I know what I say may sound like generalizations, but I feel strongly that our environments shape us, as well as our genetics and certain body types are accepted as the "ideal" and certain other types, not being the "ideal" have to compensate in some other way. And in my experience, the sexiest short guys have been more like the ones I described above...and I much prefer the way these men "compensate" for their (supposed) shortcomings. ;-)

Ultimately, though, I must say that first and foremost, I am attracted to a man's eyes and what's between his ears. What he looks like, including how tall he is, comes  second. ;-)

Briana wrote (February 14th 2000):

Hi everyone. My name is Briana, and I'm 18. I'm also 6'1, and a BBW. I've learned over the course of my short life that the most beautiful thing a woman can be is HERSELF. Not a mirror image, but herself. Smile, relax, and listen. There are men out there that are DYING to be with women as courageous, intelligent and beautiful as we are. There is no one like us - no one even close. We are united, but we are independent. We are beautiful - and we are women.

Gillian wrote (January 17th 2000):

Hi! My name is Gillian, I'm 20 years old and 6ft tall. Firstly I would like to say to all you girls who literally tower above me - I really admire your confidence and think you're great (never realised there were so many of you!!). One day I hope to be able to say that I love my height. I used to, but since I turned 17 I've become very sensitive to the remarks and reactions I receive from people on a daily basis. Often I think they just don't realise what they're saying. Complete strangers will walk up to me and say "You're sooooo BIG!!" Now I know this is daft but for me 'big = fat' The rational side of my brain tells me I'm wrong - I wear a size 5 and weigh 133 so I can't be - but when it's been drilled into your head for the 1000th time it can impair your judgement a little. I'm afraid to say I have suffered from an eating disorder but I am recovering now and I must say that you're positive comments and stories have really helped me. Where I live people are generally pretty short so its just fantastic knowing that you are out there - somewhere!!!

Patti wrote (January 16th 2000):

Like most of you, I have dated men shorter than myself, and taller.  I was just under 6' (5'11-3/4" to be exact), but have started to shrink a little.  Anyway, the men shorter than me who were confident in themselves AND love tall women were GREAT... Those whose confidence levels were lower did in fact make me self conscience of my height.  So, I guess we all have very similar experiences.  The one problem that I face and have not been able to remedy is finding dress slacks that fit.  I wear a size 7 to 9 and have very slim hips, a VERY tiny derriere, and a 38" inseam.  It seems that the manufacturers who make slacks for tall women automatically think that we all have womanly hour glass shapes.  If any of you have a long, lean, popsicle stick shape like mine and can help me, I would be forever greatful!

Liz wrote (January 13th 2000):

THANK YOU! I just found your page, and I love it!  I've been surfing the net for 3 years, and I've never found a page like this dedicated to tall women.  I am 6'1", and I absolutely love being tall!  My ideal man would probably be 1 or 2 inches shorter than me.  I'm not exactly sure why that is, but I so totally appreciate shorter men who have the confidence to pursue a tall woman. :)

Christine wrote (January 13th 2000):

I am 5'11" and a half which is not that tall in comparison with some of the other women represented here but I have been that tall since high school and it was never a problem as far as men are concerned till I came to this state which has a predominately "short" population-male and female and truthfully I am sooooooo sick and tired of the attitudes displayed toward me here. The women are jealous and the men are full of the short man's attitude and it is very pervasive yet somewhat subtle but yet I have been painfully aware of it. I have never discriminated because of height but I would sure like to see an attractive tall man in this area. I actually yearn for that. So in summing up what I am trying to say it has not been my practice to judge anyone on the basis on height and it really has not become so but boy!-would I like to see eye-to-eye with someone-no pun intended! 

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