Jupiter Shoes

Jupiter Shoes

Large size women's shoes in up to Euro size 44, UK size 10 or US size 12

Wide range of plus size shoes available online in India for women with big feet. Ladies' size range that we cater to is as follows:

  • UK / Indian : Size uk 6, Size uk 7, Size uk 8, Size uk 9, Size uk 10
  • US Scale : Size us 8, Size us 9, Size us 10, Size us 11, Size us 12
  • Euro Scale : Size 40, Size 41, Size 42, Size 43, Size 44, Size 45

XL sizes across categories such as Heels, Flats, Sport, Sneakers and Slippers. Women with large feet can enjoy big size collection in brands like Inc 5, Nike, Crocs, Converse etc.

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Thanks for the info. However, this site has upto EUR size 45 for women and those to flat open sandals :(
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