Clothes for Tall Women

Here's an international selection of stores that sell clothing for tall women. Most of them offer pants with at least a 34" inseam and shirts with extra long sleeves. I'm always looking to add new stores to the link list.

If you find any links here that don't satisfy you as a tall woman please let me know so I can check again. (I haven't got a clue when it comes to women's sizes so I need your help!)

By the way... I have discontinued the "Lingerie Sections". I don't think lingerie is what the tall woman is mainly looking for in this day and age. Feel free to correct me in case I'm wrong.

Please select the country of your choice from the Clothing menu above or right here:

But where is the link for Lithuanian tall women? ;)
Are there any? I have a few Lithuanian friends but they never told me about any stores.
No, we realy dont have :( It a big problem for tall women to find jeans or trousers for our long legs in Lithuania
Hi, we deliver to Lithuania :-)
Hi, Just wanted to let you know that Spain shows in the drop down list above (when you scroll over the clothing tab), but its not in the list above :-)
It's true. I added a new menu but forgot to add Spain to the list. I will do that now. Thanks!
Here at PJ Pan we offer a great collection of extra long pyjamas and pyjama bottoms for women and men with an inside leg of up to 36". We would love for you to include our site in your shopping section. All of our nightwear is made using the finest quality cotton and it is all manufactured in the UK. Fed up with pyjamas dangling around your calves? Then please have a look at our site Thanks!
Well I know I definetely need lingerie for the tall, larger woman! Trying to find anything that covers up the lumps and bumps is very difficult! I keep trying on basques to find they stop mid abdomen, which might not be a problem if I had a flat stomach, meaning all the pudge just sticks out. I find satin night dresses are either full length (unsexy) or dont even cover my bum (also unsexy). And stockings even extra tall ones at best stop mid thigh and at worst barely come over the knee accentuating my lumpy upper thighs. So it leaves me with the only option to go without and keep trying to lose weight so i can fit in nice stuff. Its all very frustrating... :sad:
Sounds like you need to try some extra long PJ Pan pyjamas Alexa! :-)
Are there any stores that cater to extra tall women? My daughter is 6'3" and still growing. She wants cute clothes like any other teen, but if JC Penney and others make their clothes for the 5'10" crowd, they still won't fit. Is there anyone who offers "tall" as well as "extra tall"?

We've found extra long inseams at Alloy, but what about tops?
My woman is 6'1, she swears by long tall Sally, inseam 38 inch shoes up to 15 also. Good luck. And tell her that as much as it might be a pain now. When she starts to work she will have a huge advantage on the rest of the world.
:D long Tall Sally is wonderful. ( 36 and longer) ( carries nice quality clothes various lengths) ( carries 34 inseam and longer) 34 and longer ( 34, some 36 inseams)
Old Navy,Gap,( up to 36 inseam on some items)
Ashley Stewart, Lane Bryant ( usually 34-35 inseam) and plus size... hope this helps
I guess this will need to be edited to say Long Tall Sally WAS wonderful, since I heard the news that they are closing down today. Luckily for me someone shared this list, so I at least feel like there might be some hope I can find pants and shoes somewhere else.
Hopefully there will be some new additions in the future. But the closing down of LTS is a big loss indeed.
I'm 6'2 with long arms and Gap has extra tall for tops and pants. I love Long Tall Sally too.
Victoria Secret has tall clothing as well. Good luck! Tell her to be proud of her height. God wanted her to be tall and stand out for a reason. :P
Long Tall Sally
Try LONG TALL SALLY. Not sure the clothes are cute fora teen, but they have up to 39 inch inseams. and clothes that fit broader shoulders!!!!!! and long torsos.
J. C. Penney & Old Navy sell pants in tall/extra tall sizes. I'm right at 6ft. and my tall pants are sometime too long.
I think tall people need broader shoulders in their tops and jackets. also proportined arm holes!! lingerie would be nice. And tall golf clothes, and also extra length through the bodice. Why bother writing this?SO your choices don't cut it. Neither do Eddie Bauer nor JC Penney nor lands end.
Oh, yeah. sure there are NOW size 12 and 13 shoes. but not much in narrow . Try finding something cute in lady 12AA shoes.
Really where is Lithuanian link? :cry:
We deliver to Lithuania :-)
Hi I'm 6ft tall and looking for a lacy shapewear type over bust body. Everything I've tried is too short in the body which means either the underneath poppers pop undone or the underwire ends up half way down to my waist. I live in the UK, can you help.
Please, I am 1.87 or 6 foot 2. Live in South Africa, land of the dwarfs!!!' here tall men can find clothes, but the ladies? No. I am looking for a company willing to send me jeans etc to South Africa. everywhere in the world tall women can get clothes on line. But South Africa? No.
Please let us know ow what you need
Hello Trudy,

I am Charlene and I am 1.78metres. I started making my own stuff for obvious reasons. If youre on Instagram, please follow Pretty.Tall.Order

Regards, Charlene

What About Us is also a trendy brand for Tall women on love with fashion.
Check out the store at

This is the Tall revolution !✊
Trying to find clothes for my 6’9” goddess of a girlfriend and have little to no luck. 40 inseam and size 17, specifically looking for jeans, pants, and cute clothes. Any resources would be appreciated!
Do you live in the US? If you do I would recommend Talltique. Check out their listing:

P.S.: I'm friends with Helen, the owner. The store comes highly recommended.
Here is a link for clothes for Tall women. Im 5'11 with an 37 inseam.
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