Box 2

Box 2

Nicky Allen opened the first Box 2 store in Brighton in the early 80’s, selling a wide range of ladies fashions and accessories. The shop was one of the most successful boutiques in the area, satisfying the discerning fashion needs of the local female shopping population. 

In 2000 Nicky identified a major gap in the market place when she realised that more and more customers were asking for larger sizes, and with this in mind the decision was taken to focus exclusively on this section of the market. With a proven understanding of the fashion industry and a keen sense of what the larger lady wanted in her wardrobe, Nicky and her team were perfectly positioned to develop the business in this new direction.

Box 2 quickly developed a nationwide customer base of over 80,000, with these loyal ladies travelling to visit the shop in Brighton as well as buying more and more from the new seasonal catalogues.

In 2004 the business grew further with the opening of the first new shop in Wimbledon. In 2005 the launch of the new website brought the Box 2 brand to its widest possible audience offering the full range of clothes and accessories to ladies across the world. The website now includes an easy to use and secure online payment facility to further simplify the shopping experience.

The two shops in Kings Langley and West Wimbledon and the new improved website provide the personal service, attention to detail and, of course, the highest quality collections that have become synonymous with Box 2 over the past 30 years.

Ladies of all sizes, from all over the world, are now able to enjoy the fabulous experience of shopping with Box 2.

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