Taller Than Your Average

Taller Than Your Average

Well-fitting staple pieces are the foundation to effortless style, whatever your height or size. That's why London-based fashion stylist Irene Agbontaen has created Taller Than Your Average: an apparel brand offering simple but high-quality pieces that are specifically cut for women who are 5'9" or taller.

Not based on trend or seasonal collections, TTYA provides tall women with a range of staple jersey pieces and key wardrobe essentials, to fit in with any woman's existing wardrobe and style.

Taller Than Your Average is not just a brand but a lifestyle for the taller woman

As the founder of TALLER THAN YOUR AVERAGE, and former fashion stylist, Irene Agbontaen knows first hand the frustration many tall females experience when looking for suitable and stylish basics.

Standing at 5'11" herself, Irene decided to start her own brand dedicated to tall women; no more would she have to roll up sleeves on her tops or wear men's sizes.

All Irene ever wanted was staple jersey pieces she could grab and thrown on quickly, as her job required her to be constantly on the move or travelling; Items she could pair up with her existing wardrobe that were light and practical - unable to find this, she decided to make her own.

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