American Tall

Women’s styles are available in TALL (5’9”-6’1”) and EXTRA TALL (6’2”-6’6”)

Made specifically for height, our clothes are designed to fit men 6’ to 7’ and women up to 6’6”. Each garment is functionally built, and proportionately scaled in multiple tall lengths so you don’t have to compromise on fit. Start by choosing your size (width) and then your desired length.

Our fit is what made us. Thousands of hours spent measuring tall bodies, collecting feedback from the tall community, working with skilled manufacturers on sample after sample, all to create a perfectly fitted garment.

And we don’t simply extend the length; We engineer the garment proportionally, ensuring comfort and fit for taller bodies at every key point of measure. Gone are the days of “going up a size” to get the length you need.

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