Height Goddess

Height Goddess

Tall women's pants and jeans with up to 40 inch inseams.

Historically, finding tall clothing for women has been a disappointing experience. Retailers typically cater to the average woman, leaving us with clothes that just aren't long enough, age appropriate or flattering. This became my story. All too many times I found myself settling for ill-fitted clothing or worse, men's clothing! Because of my own personal shopping horrors, I was convinced I wasn't the only frustrated tall woman.I created HEIGHT GODDESS, a contemporary line for women measuring over 5'9".

In 2007, with no formal fashion training I sought out to find experienced industry professionals to assist me in developing premium denim for tall women. For over two years, I continuously worked to ensure each style embodied the confidence and beauty of a tall, fashion- forward woman who is innovative and timeless. All of our garments are designed in house and proportioned for women 5'9" & taller. I am proud to say that HG garments are Made in the USA. After a few seasons the collection has grown to include dresses for tall women, tall pants for women and tops for tall women.

Through fashion, I hope to inspire women to love their height, embrace their uniqueness and spread the same confidence to others. Remember, always BE STYLISH. BE CONFIDENT. BE YOU.

Lameka Weeks

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