Midheaven Denim

Midheaven Denim

Tall women's jeans with up to 38 inch inseams

After spending years in the modeling industry, Kathryn Boyd Brolin recognized a niche of women who, like her, were troubled by the lack of inseams long enough to fit their lengthy frames. Her search was accompanied by many frustrated hours spent trying on pair after pair, looking for a brand worthy of a tall girl’s loyalty.

What came next was the birth of a sexy, high end, fashion line for ladies who need a brand made specifically with the longer than average length in mind. Midheaven Denim is a line of premium denim made from the best Italian fabric, cut and sewn by experienced artists in downtown Los Angeles with a focus on detail, comfort and specificity of fit. We cater to all sizes of the longest legged women out there, and the most important thing to us is to make the jean feel personal to each person who becomes an owner of them.

The term "Midheaven" means "middle of the sky," the highest point the sun achieves in its daily traverse around the Earth. The brand represents that as a FEELING, an initiative, to evoke the confidence to live life as your best and most fearless self; to reach for your own personal midheaven. We believe height is not just a physical state, but A STATE OF MIND, and our clothes should not hamper us, but assist us in bringing our physical and emotional states together in synonymy.

Midheaven Denim uses fabric produced in the world’s greenest and most sustainable denim mill, with valuable measures taken to reduce waste and promote environmentally-healthy production tactics. All of our packaging materials are ecoconscious and each step in bringing you our quality product is taken with the Earth’s health in mind.

In its endeavor to provide a beautiful product to fit the likes of those who find themselves somewhat outside of the average sizing scale, MIDHEAVEN strives to bring confidence back to those who have lost it in the dressing room. "Take Back Your Height" is MIDHEAVEN’s mantra and intention; its goal is to focus on the importance of feeling your best and truest, most confident self, and bringing those necessities to the forefront. Sometimes all it takes is a good pair of jeans.

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