The Elevated Closet

The Elevated Closet (formerly RG Maternity)

Tall women's jeans and pants with up to 37 inch inseams. Tall maternity clothing.

The Elevated Closet’s mission is to provide more clothing options for TALL women. We know you have experienced all of the frustrations trying to find clothing that actually fits in the general market. Tired of waistlines hitting you at the ribs? Sleeves and pant legs that are too short? We’ve got you covered. In addition to extra length, our clothes have adjusted waists, busts, and joint-lines to fit your taller frame.

History: We started in 2007 as RG Maternity, a clothing shop for tall pregnant women. After eleven years of business and countless requests to add “regular” tall clothing, we relaunched in 2018 as The Elevated Closet and added clothing for every stage of life.

The Elevated Closet is owned and operated by two friends. Thank you for supporting a family-operated business!

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