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Joerg says: I know Annemarie, the owner, personally and I am very impressed with her attitude towards her stores. The quality of the clothing range is top class and I LOVE TALL comes highly recommended.


Tall fashion for women who love being tall. Our stores in Hamburg and Zurich offer trendy fashion specially designed to fit women over 1,80 m.

"I love my height and it makes me happy when our clients find beautiful perfectly fitting pieces in the I LOVE TALL stores." Annemarie Sickeler made her statement by founding her brand I LOVE TALL. It started in 2012 in Zurich and since 2016 I LOVE TALL expanded to Hamburg to a generous space with a lot of room to browse and try the tall fashion on.

In order to give the possibility for women of the same height to wear suitably fitting and affordable fashion, newcomer Annemarie Sickeler, having left her job in logistic management, created her fashion label in 2012 and dived into an adventure by opening her first store in Zurich. This surely wouldn’t have been possible without her flair for change and a strong mind set.

"I often think back about that store in Vancouver",  says Annemarie Sickeler. "My new life and flair for fashion started there. Before I had never been interested in fashion. Why would I? All clothes were always too short for me. Whilst there I received a warm greeting, feeling that someone with my height was welcome. This feeling I wanted to bring home and give to others."

Designs for extra long fit

To be well dressed starts with the right fit. Not only the sleeves and trouser lengths should be longer but also the waist line in dresses and jackets to be at the right place. This is particularly noticeable in business collection – the suit jacket fits perfectly and the skirt has the right length down up to the knee.

However, also in the casual wear, in a shirt or a top, if the waist sits at the right place makes a big difference for a perfect fit.


We work with different manufacturers. However, in order to meet our requirements  and our customers’ expectations in terms of style and price, we started producing  blouses, tops, dresses and jackets ourselves under the label I LOVE TALL.

I LOVE TALL collections are produced in Europe and neighboring European countries. By producing our own collection, we can assure a fair production process, because we work directly with the production companies and know their local workers. This aspect is very important to us.

It is a significant milestone for us to be able to produce our own collection and fill a niche in the market for tall customers.

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