Chaussez En Grand

Chaussez En Grand

CHAUSSEZ EN GRAND is new Montreal-based company founded in August of 2010 by two young entrepreneurs, Myriame Taillefer and Marko Charette. 

Our approach to the difficulty of finding shoes in larger sizes is the strenght of our team. We'll help you solve footwear problems with courteous and compassionate support, as well as products that match your taste and size. in our shop, it will be possible for you to find shoes for all your different activities under a single roof. Our wide range of shoes makes it possible for you to save time and to avoid useless transportation. 

As you've probably noticed in your surroundings,more ans more people are wearing larger sizes of shoes.The Montreal footwear market has been missing out with its very few shops specializing in the sale of larger sizes. Our concept, in addition to being unique in Quebec, includes several different types of footwear. Whether you are looking for sporty, classic, fancy and fetish shoes, our store as products for all.

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