Lurah Shoes

Lurah Shoes

Large size women's shoes in up to Euro Size 45

LURAH is the premium brand of women’s footwear from EU size 41 to EU size 45 strictly Made in Italy (UK Size: 7,8,9,10,11).

LURAH was created to offer all women the possibility to find hyper-feminine models capable of keeping harmony in proportions compared to a longer foot length. The dedicated design of the models, the research and use of high-quality materials and the comfort of the shoes, guaranteed by a stylistic process that considers the anatomical needs of the foot, make LURAH the only brand purely specialized in women’s footwear only in large sizes.

The LURAH collections interpret fashion trends to the maximum and translate them into fully contemporary models. Understanding fashion trends is fundamental for the LURAH world, so much so that, in parallel with the footwear collections, it is possible to find an editorial space in which major trends are described. The goal is precisely to explore the socio-cultural phenomena that determine the creation and evolution of these trends.

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