Large size women's shoes in up to South African size 10 / US size 12

My friend Claire writes: "So I live in South Africa and there is a company here that makes pretty nice shoes in large sizes. They go up to an SA 10 which is a Canadian/U.S. 12 and since our exchange rate is totally screwed at the moment, you will get really good quality leather shoes for maybe a lot less than you might pay there."

About Froggie

Froggie Shoes are made with a difference.  With so many shoes being imported from other countries…probably one of our most important differences is that our shoes are made in South Africa, by South Africans, especially for the South African Woman’s Foot! (research conducted by Froggie in conjunction with the University of Johannesburg shows that the South African woman’s foot is different in size to that of Women’s feet in other countries).

We constantly strive to bring consumers the latest in innovative shoe technology.  The following range of comfort features are another reason our shoes are such a dream to wear:

Rigid, inflexible soles have been proven to cause damage to the foot.  The Flex Technology Comfort Feature in Froggie Shoes ensures that they FLEX, MOULD and MOVE with your feet making them exceedingly comfortable to walk in.

Our under-foot foam ensures superior cushioning and support to the contours of the foot, with the added benefit of a soft and “perfect fit” experience.

Our leathers are put through tumbling processes in order to create a soft and “wear-friendly” product.  We are proud of the variety of textures and colours that we can offer.  This allows us to make an extensive range that appeals to different lifestyles.

We work closely in conjuction with a leading podiatrist who assists in ensuring the shoes we make are a great fit.

We draw on the knowledge of design innovation, material sciences, mould making, information technology and podiatry research to bring technology into engineering shoes for the ultimate in comfort.

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