Ellie Dickins

Ellie Dickins

Large size women's shoes in up to UK size 12

Ellie Dickins Shoes specialises in making women's feet happy!

How may times have you gone into a high street shoe shop found a pair you adore and because you have wide, small, narrow or wide feet told "sorry we don't have that in your size?" Sound familiar?

Or do you have feet that have suffered and finding a pair that fits and is comfortable a real struggle?

Ellie was 9 when she had size 11 feet and with the same frustration you have experienced, she did something about. In 1999 she set up her shoe shop in Hungerford. What you need to know is that Ellie and her team are passionate about women wearing the right shoe to keep their feet happy.

That means she sources all her shoes from European manufacturers, making sure they are made with quality, variety and style. If you can visit, not only will you Of course a very warm welcome you will have your feet measured accurately by qualified shoe fitters, advice about the best and real understanding about your feet and the problems you have.

Many of her regular customers have been coming to her for years, this website is for those of you who can't make it to her shop, or to the Tunbridge Wells or Manchester roadshows.

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