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JJ Footwear (formerly WideWidths.com)

Large size women's boots in up to US size 13

Do you have trouble finding knee high wide calf boots with a calf size that is large enough to fit your plus-size calf or athletic calf? Do you feel frustrated and embarrassed whenever you try on boots in the store and they won’t close on your calf? Many of you have probably been extremely discouraged by companies claiming to sell “wide calf” boots only to discover that they don’t even come close to zipping on you. Well, you’ve come to the right place! At JJ Footwear, EVERY boot comes in plus calf boot sizes and we are the only company that lists the calf size for every foot size and width to ensure the best possible fit. Since we know that many women have problems finding boots for large calves or boots for athletic calves, our mission is to bring the most new and exciting fashions each season to all of you, our loyal customers.

JJ Footwear understands that every woman wants to be stylish, feel beautiful and look sexy, no matter what her size. Our designers, such as Ros Hommerson, Naturalizer, David Tate and Blondo are known for their comfort, quality, and fit and we work closely with them to create beautiful, fashionable boots with extra wide shafts that are custom made specifically for our company. Our entire collection of extra wide calf boots is geared to women who do not fit into a "standard" boot. In addition, we even carry knee high wide calf boots that can accommodate athletic calves.

We are proud to offer the largest selection of wide calf boots and wide width boots on the Internet. In 1988, we began to specialize in boots for wide calves in our original brick and mortar retail business in Tribeca, New York. We closed the store in 2006 in order to focus our efforts on our growing online Yahoo Store, which was launched in 2001. We have been providing our valued customers with beautiful, comfortable and fashionable wide calf boots in hard-to-fit sizes since then.

Note: The majority of our wide calf boots have a 14" - 15" high shaft and the heights are listed in each description. This refers to the height of the boot from the base of your bare foot NOT including any heels. Please make sure to measure the circumference of your calf about 14 - 15" up from the floor (we recommend adding one inch to it's widest part if you are petite) since that is the height of most of the shafts on the boots. If there is a portion of your calf that is wider than that measurement, then please order using the larger of the 2 measurements. Once you know that measurement, you can look at the styles that you like and each foot size has a corresponding calf size. This makes it very simple to make sure that you are getting the correct calf size and it would reduce the chance that you may need to return the boots.

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