Lonia Shoes

Lonia Shoes

Large size women's shoes in up to US size 15

Because we truly believe bigger is better here at Lonia, reinventing styles for the modern women with bigger sizes comes naturally. Being a women with large feet shouldn’t mean you have to have trouble shoe shopping. That’s the spirit motivating Lonia. With our energy and invitation we serve extended sizes 10 through 15 enthusiastically providing glamorous and fashionable choices, a wide range of options, and ever helpful customer-centric service.

This is a definite break from tradition, where women with large shoe sizes had few choices and the ones that existed left a great deal to be desired.

Shadeeka Campbell, the Creative Director, states "our goal is to bring an amazing selection of high quality shoes to our valued members, shoes that will leave any woman turning their head to have a second look. When it comes to Lonia, there’s no more not your size, no more waiting in line."

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