Carina Nel, 6'2": My Tall Story

Carina Nel, 6'2": My Tall Story

My name is Carina Nel, founder of TWM. I am a tall woman, 1.87 m. I know the struggle is real.....therefore I have decided to create an awareness for the physical, emotional and fashion needs of the taller woman....thus TWM.

It has taken me a long time to truly realize I had been given a privilege. I stand out in a crowd because I am inherently unique.....tall and beautiful!

My height doesn’t need to be validated by anyone, except myself......... I stand tall, and take up my space!

TWM creates a platform for tall women (1,76 m and taller) to socialize with other tall women, share our stories and celebrate the tall and beautiful women we are! TWM events are planned across the country..........because tall women stand together!

With lots of TWMlove

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