20-Year-Old With 4-Foot-Long Legs Sets Her Sights on a Tall Man

A woman whose legs measure a staggering 49.5 inches is trying to get into the record books. Holly Burt showed her very long gams to INSIDE EDITION and said she was frequently bullied as a youngster in her native Florida. She believes she has the longest legs in the United States. “They used to call me ‘Sticks,’ back in the day. Or ‘Golly, Holly the Giant,’’’ she said.

The six-foot, five inches tall woman now lives in New York City, where she feels more accepted, she says. The 20-year-old design student says does get the occasional come-on from men with leg fetishes. But her friends “call me ‘Tree’ out of love,” she says.

She would like to become a model, she says, but for now she is focused on school. And when it comes to dating, she says “I feel like I would need someone on my stature, just to, you know, balance things out.”

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