21 Tall Women Wearing Heels Because Being "Too Tall" Isn't A Thing

When I see a leggy woman tear up the sidewalk in a tall pair of stilettos, it makes we want to do a double take. Tall women who wear heels are an inspiration to me. There's usually confidence, aplomb, and a little bit of courage in the way they walk, and you basically can't help but admire the self-love that exudes from someone who doesn't try to downplay the features that make them stand out.

But it's not always easy to get to the point where you highlight rather than downplay your features. I've always been a gangly, rangy kid who clocked in at 5'10" when all my girlfriends were a cute 5'5". Nicknames like "Jolly Green" and "Bean Sprout" were used affectionately when I'd be invited out. But the thing is, I never minded. I loved being tall. I liked the feeling of stepping into the doors of a restaurant or walking into a dinner party and commanding the room, knowing that my height brought an elegance and a self-possession to my look.

This is why I never, ever denied myself heels. Instead, I couldn't wait to strap them on. For any of my fellow tall babes who might be shy about their height, this is for you. Below are 21 inspiring tall women who wear heels and rock the hell out of their style, offering us all inspiration for accepting and loving ourselves just the way we are. Plus, some of the most valuable lessons they teach us along the way.

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