25 Things Tall Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

25 Things Tall Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

Olivia Muenter

For as long as I can remember, I've been 6 feet tall. After a solid decade of telling everyone that I was only 5'11, I eventually realized that leaving the 5-Foot-And-Change club wasn't going to destroy my life. A revelation. And thanks to years and years of dealing with people commenting on my height, being able to reach all top shelves, and transforming 90 percent of jeans into capris instantly, I've had a few other revelations as well. First of all: Being tall can be kind of great. According to The Atlantictall people even make more money overall. Plus, we're just generally better human beings who are more attractive, successful, and intelligent than everyone else. OK, I may have made that last one up.

The crazy thing about being a 6-foot-tall woman is that I'm a over half a foot taller than the average woman in America. Put me in a pair of four-inch heels and I'm about 1,239 inches taller than the entire population of the universe stacked on top of one another. Give or take a few inches on that last statistic. Like a lot of tall girls I know, I've gone through the awkward teenage years and I've had a lot of "If I was only just a few inches shorter" conversations with myself in the mirror. But now, at 22, I've mostly come to realize that being tall is part of who I am, and that I shouldn't have to apologize or feel bad about it. However, that doesn't mean that being tall isn't still a pain sometimes — especially when it seems to constantly invite comments from average-sized people that range from weird to just plain rude. Here are 25 things tall girls are tired of hearing, before you even start to bring up sports.

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