6'9" Lindsay Kay Hayward: My Giant Life

The astonishing Lindsay Kay Hayward is part of a new series on TLC. It's called "My Giant Life" and will begin airing on the U.S. cable network on July 14 at 10 p.m. EST/9 p.m. CST.


All of the cast members are well over six-feet tall. The shortest woman featured in the show - Colleen, a 36-year-old former pro-Volleyball player – stands at six feet six inches tall and the tallest - Nancy Mulkey, a Texan high school basketball player - is six feet nine inches. Lindsay is not quite 6'9" herself (she officially stands at 6'8 3/4") and the World's Tallest Actress. As you can imagine these ladies have a lot to say about themselves and what challenges they are facing in their daily lives.

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