6 Tall Style Tips For The Whole Family

While being tall is seen as an advantage in the world of fashion and runway models, in real life, it can seem that the majority of off-the-rack clothes simply aren’t made for taller than average families. From pants and coats to dresses, finding stylish garments which flatter your figure can be a challenge whatever your age, but there are some tips and tricks which can help. The key is knowing which styles and combinations will balance your proportions and highlight your best features while still providing comfort. To help you, here are six tall style tips for the whole family.

1. Balance is key

There should always be a balance to your outfit, so if you’re wearing a flowy skirt or wide-leg pants, your top should be fitted, and if you’re wearing an oversized shirt your pants should be fitted. This enables you to play with the proportions so you can accentuate the parts of your body you want people to notice.

2. Give your waist definition

Being long-legged is a great advantage in many areas of life, even if children and teenagers may have to spend a few years towering over their friends. Eventually, however, we all learn to love our long legs, and the best way to draw attention to them is to accentuate the waist with a belt. For slim women, this can also create the impression of curves. Men and boys should opt for belts to add definition to their waist rather than suspenders which will elongate the torso.

3. Embrace layering

Wearing more layers will give you both depth and dimension, which is perfect for slim or average builds. It will also add more variety and interest to your outfit which draws the eye across and down rather than up. Buying a range of varied by coordinating garments will also give you more versatility and flexibility throughout the seasons.

4. Double-breasted coats

In terms of coat styles (for women, men or children), tall people and those with broader shoulders have enough height to be able to carry off double-breasted jackets such as duffle and peacoats from Gloverall. You will look and feel incredibly stylish wearing one, and because they are perfect for both casual and formal wear, you can wear it as often as you want.

5. Be bold with shoes

You can draw attention away from your height by wearing bold and quirky shoes which will draw the eye down. Some taller people will wear dark and simple shoes to hide the fact that they have large feet, but this can make you appear even longer. Bear in mind that your shoes should tie in with the rest of your outfit or they may look too jarring.

6. Eye-catching accessories

Accessories which draw the eye are great for tall people such as necklaces or neckties. Don’t be afraid to add some color to your outfit with accessories such as scarves and hats. Men should opt for ties with extra length so that they can still tie them in a traditional way and retain enough length. In addition, wearing long socks can be a great way to avoid showing skin when pants ride up, which will make them appear to be ill-fitting.

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