6 Things That Only Tall Girls Understand About Fashion

6 Things That Only Tall Girls Understand About Fashion

By Sophia Chabbott

Have you ever wished there was a "long-limbed" section at your favorite store? If you're 5'7" or above, we'd be willing to bet that the thought has crossed your mind. True, some brands have embraced tall sizes for clothing categories like jeans - Topshop and ASOS, for example - the fact is that shopping for items that suit a tall frame can be a real challenge. On the other hand, it does havesomebenefits.

To all you tall girls out there: We get you. We really do.

  1. You Have Learned to Love Your Ankles: You love a cropped pair of trousers as much as the next girl, but let's face it: The majority of your pants are ankle-length. Clamdiggers? Forget about it. They're practically short shorts when you're super tall. The good news is that cropped pants look seriously cute with loafers or ballet flats. (Thanks for the inspo, Audrey!)
  2. You're a Master of Proportion Problems: Pants aren't the only items that come up short: Sleeves often look doll-size, and shirts sometimes can't even be tucked in. Then there are the midi skirts that fall at the knee, rather than midcalf. You've learned to eyeball items with the proper length and balance proportions with aplomb.
  3. You Own the Shoe Sales: While most women crowd around the size 7 and 8 racks, there's no pushing or shoving on your side of the shoe floor—near the 9, 10, 11, and sometimes size 12 racks. Plus, your racks have thebestselect left. Those limited-edition designer heels? Yep, they're still available in a European size 40. The world of discounted footwear is your oyster.
  4. You Have Boyfriend Blazers, Literally: Those boxy, oversize boyfriend blazers that everyone's wearing? Yeah, they hit too high on your hips. Instead, you shop in the men's section or even ask your boyfriend (or just guy friend!) to borrow one of his killer jackets. Sorry, no backsies.
  5. You Can Wear Flats 99 Percent of the Time: Sure, flats are for everyone, but you can even get away with a pair of flat gladiators or ankle boots for a dressy night on the town. Yes, you're also the envy of all the other women scrunching their toes into six-inch stilettos. (Ouch!)
  6. Maxidresses Are Your Jam: Eureka! No need to shorten a flowy summer maxidress. Just throw on a pair of flat sandals and you're out the door and looking chic.

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