9 Tall Girl Fashion Hacks That Highlight Your Height

Lindsay Mack

There are plenty of style guides that promise to make you look taller, but what about the women who are already tall by any standard? They face their own sets of challenges, such as tops that fit strangely in the arms and pants that are always around ankle length. Fortunately, there are tall girl fashion hacks designed to help the women who will never need to set foot in the petite department.

Fun fact: one of my best friends is almost six feet tall, and she has to try on about a million outfits before finding ones that even begin to fit. Sometimes even the “tall” sized pants at certain department stores still look like high water pants on her. And finding skirts that are close to knee length? Forget about it. However, she can rock a bold print like nobody’s business.

As with any body type, there are benefits and drawbacks to dressing a tall frame. Some items of clothing can be particularly tricky; anything sold as a miniskirt for women of average height may be borderline indecent on a very tall lady. But a tall woman can look like an elegant goddess in a flowy maxi dress that would overwhelm her shorter peers. It’s all give and take. So here are the best fashion hacks for the 5'9" and up crowd.

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