Ford Model from Lawndale Launches Series of Confidence Chats with Chicago’s Youth

Ford Model from Lawndale Launches Series of Confidence Chats with Chicago’s Youth

5/16/2018, noon | Updated on 5/16/2018, noon 

Robin Harris, a fashion model represented by Ford Models, with an MBA in International Business has launched a series of confidence chats. Harris has been in the fashion industry for over 10 years, working as a professional model, designer, merchandiser, and creative director. She created MODEL ATELIER to fill the void and frustration that tall women have when it comes to finding stylish clothes that’s the perfect fit and length.

The mission of Confidence Chat is to empower young girls to love themselves as they are, and to know why confidence is so important to develop and have in order to face life’s challenges. The chats are a series of 4 scheduled throughout the year to be held from 10AM to NOON at the Young Women’s Leadership Charter School located at 2641 S Calumet Ave. in Chicago. The first Confidence Chat was held on May 5 and covered topics such as:

  • Confidence is a mindset
  • Health and Wellness
  • Confidence in your appearance and style
  • Paying Confidence Forward


MODEL ATELIER is a luxury design house exclusively for the tall, strong, and confident woman. It offers finely crafted ready-to-wear collections tailored for women 5’7’’and taller. Harris works together with an in-house design team to produce the finest clothing, content, and style for tall women. At MODEL ATELIER, they celebrate tall women and design modern clothing to fit the tall woman’s individual lifestyle. The company shares a common interest of being innovative, exceeding expectations, and embracing an entrepreneurial mindset. Harris is also developing a Historically Black College tour for 10 kids to visit Spellman, Morehouse College and Howard University.

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